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Pennsylvania –  A few days ago we were contacted by Ryan Berk, a Veteran from the 2/506th 101st Airborne about a fake Ranger he ran into in the Oxford Valley mall in Pennsylvania. Once we watched the video it was obvious that the person in the video, later found out to be Sean Yetman, was no Ranger.

Ryan asked Yetman a series of questions about his uniform and his service that any Soldier should have been able to answer. He then called out Yetman on his three CIB’s, Yetman claimed he got all of them for Iraq and Afghanistan, which is impossible. According to Army Regulations you can only earn one CIB for Iraq or Afghanistan no matter how many times you deploy to each theater.

The initial award of the CIB is authorized for award for the following qualifying wars, conflicts, and operations:

  • World War II: 7 December 1941 – 3 September 1945
  • Korean Conflict: 27 June 1950 – 27 July 1953
  • Republic of Vietnam Conflict (qualifying service in Laos): 2 March 1961 – 10 March 1995 (19 April 1961 to 6 October 1962)
  • Dominican Republic: 28 April 1965 to 1 September 1966
  • Korea on the DMZ: 4 January 1969 to 31 March 1994
  • El Salvador: 1 January 1981 to 1 February 1992
  • Grenada: 23 October to 21 November 1983
  • Joint Security Area, Panmunjom, Korea: 23 November 1984
  • Panama: 20 December 1989 to 31 January 1990
  • Southwest Asia Conflict: 17 January to 11 April 1991
  • Somalia: 5 June 1992 to 31 March 1994
  • Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom): 5 December 2001 to a date to be determined.
  • Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn): 19 March 2003 to 31 December 2011

Subsequent awards of the CIB may be awarded provided the Soldier had met eligibility criteria in two or more of the following four periods:

  • World War II: 7 December 1941 – 3 September 1945
  • Korean Conflict: 27 June 1950 – 27 July 1953
  • The Republic of Vietnam Conflict: Service in the Republic of Vietnam conflict (2 March 1961 to 28 March 1973) combined with qualifying service in Laos; Dominican Republic; Korea on the DMZ; El Salvador; Grenada; Joint Security Area, Panmunjom, Korea; Panama; Southwest Asia Conflict; and Somalia, regardless of whether a Soldier has served one or multiple tours in any or all of these areas. The Republic of Vietnam Conflict Era officially terminated on 10 March 1995: 2 March 1961 – 10 March 1995
  • Global War on Terrorism (Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom) and (Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn): 18 September 2001 to a date to be determined.

A third award of a CIB is so rare that the Infantry Museum in Fort Benning keeps a list of those who have earned them.

Berk also called him out on his flag being to low on his right shoulder, a mistake a PVT wouldn’t make much less a SSG. Yetman, knowing he was busted, then began to pretend to talk to someone on the phone. Once Berk began to get loud and call him out for Stolen Valor, Yetman claimed he was going to meet his SGM.  Berk responded “You shop with your SGM on Black Friday?”


Below is the video we posted to our YouTube account several days ago, it went viral, gaining more than two million views in two days and grabbing the attention of the nation. U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvannia also saw the video, and has ordered the U.S. Attorney’s office to look into the situation for possible prosecution under the Stolen Valor act of 2013, which is possible if Yetman gained anything of value while wearing the unearned badges.


We will keep you updated as to if any charges are filed against Yetman.


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  1. I was happy when I saw this vet calling this phoney out I live no more than 45-60 mins from the area and know there are more. But am happy to see these low lifes getting busted. I was a metals technition (2A751) in the USAF and was not a combat airman. But will always have nothing but respect for all true Rangers. Thanks for busting this guy.

  2. I am glad that this scumbag got caught. I am a veteran and I am appalled at this crap. Send these dumbshits to Afghanistan and let them see what it is really all about. Every time I see video’s like this i share them everywhere I can. These game console warriors don’t know the first thing about patriotism and respect.. He is lucky that to be living in modern times because 200 years ago they would have strung them up.

  3. I’m just shocked at this. I can’t imagine pretending to be in the service just to get recognition, or any reason at all. I’m not in nor have ever been in any branch of the military. In eighth grade I was in JROTC!!!! and I was horrible at it I promise. I dont always agree with everything our country does but I have a tremendous amount of respect for the people who stand ready to do violence on our behalf. You service members and veterans are why I feel safe from threats to our country. I feel ashamed to be the same class of citizen because of these people impersonating the Brave Men and Women of our Military.
    There are plenty of reasons for a person to be proud of themselves without having to pretend to be an Army Ranger, Marine, Navy SeAL, or any service member. I dont protect our country from threat of terrorism but I am proud to be a musician who plays for multiple benefits including Cancer Sucks and Habitat for Humanity. I know its not as prestigious as being in the military but it is something I can be proud of and contribute within my range of knowledge ( very little I promise) and capabilities.
    Im just shocked there are morons out there disrespecting fallen soldiers ,veterans, and active military who put their lifes on the line everyday for our country. Thats another thing I hate, people who say the military shouldn’t be there doing this and that, and Im thinking ” Regardless of what I think they are there serving our country because thats what they are told to do.” Thats very honorable in my opinion, you all joined because you believe in something bigger than ourselves, and when something happens and the masses see we are in imminent danger the ney-sayers be singing a different tune I promise. Proofs in the pudding and all of you answer when your country calls you. How can some people not understand that? Its beyond me.
    Sorry for the long response but I do have a question regarding a person who claims to be a Navy SeAL. Its the father of one of my best friends. He claims he served 3 tours in Vietnam and has told us all kinds of stories. Hes told us about not wearing camos and that Seals use to wear muddied up Levi’s instead for some reason escaping my memory. Hes also told us about doing missions months at a time and actually coming across CIA operatives and vice Versace while they were in the jungle. Ive never thought about it until recently I learned that he was just 60 years old born in 1954. I dont know how long it takes before you’re even allowed to start Seal training. My dad passed away in Dec.1986 and was born in March 1947, he served in the Navy in Vietnam and retired a Petty Officer 2nd Class,Enso hes considerably older than my friends dad. Also another thing im ignorant to is he said he was drafted to the Army so he joined the Navy to serve a shorter time… This guy is just one of those anything you know I know more, I can do anything better than you type of people. Is it safe to assume hes full of crap????
    Once again thank you all for your service and giving me peace of mind when I lay my head to sleep at night, and sorry for the long comment, but any answer to my question would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kill, so we can put US involvement in Vietnam from 1961- 1973. The youngest you can join the military is 17, but he says he was drafted so that would be 18 at the earliest. So if he was born in 1954, he is most likely full of you know what. The training is 18 months and then some, so even if this guy was a SEAL, it wasn’t during Vietnam. The math just doesn’t add up! He would have graduated training after US involvement, unless he went over after official US involvement, which is probably what he will say. I am a 20 year Army veteran and was a recruiter for 3 1/2 years and worked with Navy recruiters as well and that is the timeline info I remember about the SEAL training, I had to know a little about to compare it to Special Forces, Ranger and Delta when the kids would ask. I would call him out on it. These people that make stuff up just to get attention upset me to no end! Would be interested if you confront with the math and what his real poo and is!

      • Mr. Charles, auto correct will not let me put your name, it keeps changing it to kill. Sorry about that! Also that last sentence, not sure what is going on there either! Didn’t proof it, and it wrote whatever it wanted! I’m using as tablet so it is just has a mind of its own. However, I would be interested in the outcome if you do confront this possible story teller with the mathematical discrepancies!

    • I always ask someone about their MOS because I want to know what they did while they were in. Correct me if I am wrong, but Navy Seal is not a primary MOS. They have to have an occupational specialty the unit needs. They are not all 11 Bravo (I now nothing about Navy specialties).

      Army 1982-1985 05H

  4. Not to highjack this thread, but the Vietnam Era ended in 1995? Or was it 1975? Or are the extra 20 years to allow for the POW/MIAs to be accounted for?

    • Except from AR 600-8-22

      The Republic of Vietnam Conflict. Service in the Republic of Vietnam conflict (2 March 1961 to 28 March 1973) combined with qualifying service in Laos; Dominican Republic; Korea on the DMZ; El Salvador; Grenada; Joint Security Area, Panmunjom, Korea; Panama; Southwest Asia Conflict; and Somalia, regardless of whether a Soldier has served one or multiple tours in any or all of these areas. The Republic of Vietnam Conflict Era officially terminated on 10 March 1995.

      Gary Mintz

  5. As a former Marine who fully understands the “meaning” of our uniform, I know every square inch of my uniform and the meaning, traditions and placement of all items on my uniform down to the buttons and how they must be “squared-away”!! I cannot stand scumbags like this! Too coward to fight for our country and too slimy to pretend they did!! Send this looser to a military prison where he may learn the true ways of the military life!! Semper Fi my Ranger Bros!

    • Ike:

      My husband was “O” Company, 75th Infantry, Ranger Battalion, attached to the 82nd ABN in Vietnam (1968). He was heavily exposed to Agent Orange and is suffering for that to this day. Even though he is ill, he says he would do it again. It makes me sick that these frauds run around perfectly healthy pretending to be a Ranger when my husband did the duty and came home sick. How dare they do this to our real Rangers.

      Stars and Stripes wrote a large article about my husband and his team along with two other teams who took out a vicious Vietcong who was killing our Marines faster than we could send them in. My husband and his team were involved with tracking this little creep and one shot, one kill took him out! All of our very brave Vets were brothers and protected each other.

      Ike, thank you for your service. Thanks to all of our very brave, real American Veterans and Soldiers. God Bless you all!

  6. It amuses me that these fools give themselves awards; that just increases the probability they will get caught.

    I am in a state defense force and I only wear my uniform when authorized.

  7. It’s so funny that these assholes can give themselves every award, that they didn’t work their butt’s off for. Which I am glad that he got caught and I hope they shove his FAT POS in the deepest hole the US Federal Prison has for him.

    Even as a US Coast Guard Auxiliary Member, I only wear my uniform when I am authorized and under US Coast Guard Orders.

  8. Can you imagine this guy on a forced march? Or even average pt day in a Ranger BN? Amazing he thinks anyone would believe that. I wonder what other fantasies he has…

  9. My father lost his dad at age 5 to a sniper on the island of Saipan, and was the recipient of the 1st Marine scholarship for a child of a soldier lost in battle. That scholarship changed the course of my family, and I am grateful and indebted to those who serve. To have this guy disrespect and pose as a soldier to get a few % points off on mall goods is disgusting. I hope he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and made an example. Too bad we do not allow Stocks anymore, because this guy should be locked in them at that mall throughout the holiday shopping season.
    Thank you to those that serve and the families who sacrifice.

    • Jim, we owe your grandpa the freedoms we have today. Thanks for sharing that with us. My dad was a veteran of the Korean War as a US Army Combat engineer. He operated heavy equipment, built bridges, roads, and buildings, and drove trucks.

  10. I think his punishment should be community service on a Federal Installation….Maybe one that house a real Ranger Battalion….that would be karma….

  11. Congrats on making national news, just saw your site on CBS Morning News. About time these phonies are outed on a national stage…what a scumbag.

  12. Having retired from the Army in 1994, after 21 years of service and graduating from RANGER school, 9-84, and having my grandson currently serving in a RANGER bat, that RANGER scroll on his uniform would have been in my hand!

  13. Unbelievable. I had no idea this was a thing. Do some people actually get away with this?! Seems like there should be some online resource that anybody can check to at least confirm SOME level of service.

  14. Army field artillery 1991 to 1995. MP from 2002 to 204. i know a guy who is just as full of shit. he clams to have gone to boot camp at camp roberts california in 2007 and that he did ait for MP at camp bob. I called him out on it and he wanted to fight.

  15. This guy is very lucky….. Lucky to still have his teeth!!!! Its awesome to see a REAL soldier bust him out like that. Good job guys, this guy needs to be put away for a long time. I am tire of seeing these people disrespect the military. I saw to many of my brothers not come home and they are the ones that deserve all the respect. Again, good job guys.

  16. I have always been fascinated that someone of his um…….portly size (DOUGHY!) believes that he can pull off being a Ranger. How many unsuspecting civilians have looked at him (and some of the others in the Hall of Shame) and thought, “jeezus……the military HAS lowered the bar!” It’s like a second type of psychiatric disorder; 1st disorder – Someone poses as a military member, and 2nd disorder – Someone bloated and obese poses as a military member.

    • Mark, according to the list of psychiatric disorder, you are spot-on to it. He has blown past so many healthy ‘boundaries’ here. The biggest red flag
      for sociopath is he is an adult and when caught at something uses self pity, and thru the fiance yet. The malls around the area need to alert security. If this guy was having a conversation with a child, another big red flag. He was using the uniform like a ‘puppy’ to get past the child’s
      boundary of protection of not talking to a stranger. This stranger is stranger than others and could be investigated. He answers every question
      with another lie, again, manipulative, a sociopath. The vet that confronted him should be awarded a community service award. He could have saved that child from abduction and worse. I’m a family member of NG.
      The feelings of revulsion expressed in this forum are a healthy reaction to the insult to integrity of the lies and deception. There certainly would be likely to be more charges if an investigation followed up. The name escapes me, the gentleman who started the Missing Children networks across the country, would be very very interested to see and follow up on this video. Walsh, he started the networks after his small son was abducted
      from a shopping mall. Someone who would just ‘blow by’ so many boundaries with no remorse, no contrition, self-justification, etc. is just a big
      red flag. But, he counts on human nature. Pediphiles are so hard to catch because people are not trained to look for the characteristics, the red
      flags. If there is an adult, using self-pity, especially after getting caught and called on something, it is 90% you are looking at a sociopath.

  17. I am so loving Ryan Berk for calling this wannabe out, wish I was there! Lately I have noticed people around in uniform, but with insignia looking misplaced or somehow inappropriate. I was thinking that alas the military is not what it used to be, but now I realize what might really be going on, these are imposters trying to cash in on military honor. I’m Vietnam Era and still not used to being honored for my service, but lately being a veteran or active duty is being regarded as a positive thing. I had no idea how widespread the problem is of people trying to cash in on that. Thanks so much for providing this site, but it sickens me to see all of these people dishonoring the rest of us who put our lives on the line or paid the ultimate price for, ironically, their freedom to do this.

  18. As an old worn out S/Sgt from the Herd in Vietnam and the recipient of the Bronze Star (for meritorious service) and the Army Commendation with “V”, I am extremely offended by stupid assholes like this. I try to recognize as many awards I see on uniforms I see. Unfortunately, uniforms have changed drastically since the ’60s. You are doing a wonderful service and we old vets sincerely appreciate it.

  19. This guy is a total piece of human feces. There is no way a slob like that becomes a Ranger. It really pisses me off that guys like this pull this stuff.

    Thank you very much Mr. Berk for busting this loser. More importantly thank you for your service to this great nation.

  20. I had a young man dating my Daughter for a short period of time stating he just got back from Iraq and that he would jump out of planes and the packs where heavy and that he was adjusting to the temp change . I’m a cold war Veteran , and he had holes in his jive. After I told him That I love my Daughter Very much, and you know where the Desert is I can take you there if I had to. Later my Daughter said He takes Vets Stories and convinces Himself That he lived it. Habitual Liar . I heard he got Mental help later and is no Longer in My Daughters life. God Bless my Brothers and Sisters In the Armed Forces.

  21. I saw Ryan on Fox a day ago and today heard of this site. I’m touched on many levels. I live in Columbus GA near Fort Benning and see soldiers all the time, but I have not yet seen the emotion and brotherhood expressed by Ryan at any time. I’m a bit older than Ryan but I am so proud of not only his service, but the way in which he acted on the video. What many may not have noticed from the video is what an amazing role model and hero he was during this incident to his son. His actions and his emotions were palpable. I only wish I were so brave as to confront someone as he did. I wish I could have been there to at least tell him good job and tell his son how proud he should be of his dad.

    I don’t know how I would have reacted during this this situation. I watched as much as I could see of the crowd around him during the incident. There was so much bystander apathy. It is not that I wanted the imposter harmed, but I would have liked to have seen more of a reaction and support from anyone who saw this happen. Ryans wife was understandably disturbed by his actions and right she was as she feared his reaction could land him in trouble (I assume). In my opinion Ryan’s action would have made his fallen brethren proud.

    This incident was a life changing lesson to me. First Amendment or not, we need to follow Ryan’s example and do a better job of doing the right thing in our country. There are certain things that are sacrosanct and impersonating a service person is one of them. I’m not sure if I learned it in school or how I learned it, but I do know that you shouldn’t burn the flag and you shouldn’t impersonate someone in the military. I hope this is a seed for discussion and we take time to teach our children such important lessons.

    Thank you Ryan.

    The impersonator in the video obviously has a psychiatric problem or worse as was talked about in earlier posts. He needs treatment and or to be removed from the general public. It is sad that given his history he is still out there committing crimes.

  22. Im so sickened when I see this, he claims to be stationed at FT. Lewis which is where my Husband and I live on and have been stationed at for almost 7 years. its known now as Joint-Base Lewis-Mcchord because Mcchord Air Force Base is now connected to Ft. Lewis. One of the things that struck me as odd is his ovious weight issue which will imediatly flag a soldier if they can’t meet weight requirements also they can be flagged if there to thin. But the point is that a true military member doesn’t go around in there uniform or try to draw attention to themselfs because of thoes people out there who like to call them baby killers and other such names that is just so discusting that our members don’t need the unwelcome opionins from such ignorant civillians who no nothing of what our men and women have done for this country. Not to mention there really not suppose to be wearing there ACU’s or uniforms out in public unless authorized, but I have to say my Husband has had to stop off at the store for me on his way home after work and has had to go into the store in his ACU’s but not because he wanted to but because thats what they wear every day they go into there Companies. But I will say one thing they don’t willingly put it on to go shopping, thats all they wear all day everyday even overseas, so im sorry thats the last thing they want to put on to go out shopping,lol thats what a military I.D. is for if the store does offer a military discount. It breaks my heart to see how frequent this type of thing happens and I think they should be CHARGED!!!!! BUT THEY SHOULDN’T GET OFF EASY AS GOING TO JAIL, IF THEY WANT TO POSE AS A COMBAT VET THEN THATS WHAT THEY SHOULD GET, THERE PUNISHMENT SHOULD BE TO DROP EM OFF RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF AFGHANISTAN SO THEY UNDERSTAND WHY ITS ANGERS THE REAL SOLDIERS, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL THINK TWICE BEFORE POSING AS A SOLDIER AGAIN!!! WE WILL SEE HOW LONG THEY WANT TO WEAR THE UNIFORM AND BADGES THEN!!!!

  23. In all fairness, David Rosenberg, when someone begins yelling in a crowd, people tend to focus less on what he is saying and more on the fact he is yelling. Yelling often indicates a private argument, or, less often but not uncommon, someone with mental issues. In this case, it’s not necessarily apathy towards stolen valor.

  24. Impersonating service members is bad enough, but you’d think the least these piles of douche could do is get in shape. Nobody’s going to believe you’re active duty if you’re a bumbling tub of lard.

    Then again, it does make spotting the posers a lot easier.

  25. I cant believe this fat guy didnt think someone would realize that he was full of shit! Mr Berk, my hats off to you sir, your interview of him was simply awesome! I saw on the news that Sean Yetman was arrested previously for pretending to be a police officer. This POS needs to go to Jail

    • The now 30-year-old Sean Yetman was arrested while wearing the coat of a Philadelphia officer who died in the line of duty. He pleaded guilty in Bucks County Court in May of that year to impersonating a public servant, a second-degree misdemeanor. He was sentenced to three months of probation for that crime along with a summary offense of driving with a suspended or revoked license, according to online court records.

      Yetman was arrested after being stopped on North Main Street in Doylestown during a routine traffic safety checkpoint while wearing the coat and displaying a Philadelphia police badge, according to court records obtained by Calkins Media. Both items belonged to the late Robert Hays, who was killed in the line of duty in 1995, the Philadelphia Police Department confirmed.

      Yetman told the Doylestown officers that he worked out of the city’s 26th District in Fishtown, but then added that he was in the police academy and working in the 26th as a drive-along, court documents show. The police coat, he said, belonged to his uncle.

      Apparently, the widow of the police officer had given the coat and badge to her son who knew Yetman, but didn’t know how Yetman came to possess the coat. But, we can probably guess.

      This guy Yetman, needs to sit in a Jail in a bright orange Jumpsuit…and he can pretend whatever he wants..POS

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