WWII Veterans “Breach” The Barriers At The WWII Memorial In DC, After Park Service Closes Due To Shutdown


(PHOTO: WWII Veteran’s were met with this sign early Tuesday morning)


WWII Veterans who made an Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. to visit the WWII Memorial, were told Tuesday morning that they could not visit due to the Government shutdown. Since the Government shutdown at midnight last night, National Park Service employee’s were put on furlough, so they had no one to work at the memorial. Park service workers showed up early Tuesday morning and erected orange barricades around the memorial and blocked the entrances.

According to a CNN Report:

Busloads of World War II veterans, many in wheelchairs, broke past a barricade Tuesday to cross into the World War II Memorial, as onlookers applauded and a man playing the bagpipes led the way.


Moments earlier, Republican members of Congress had removed a section of the black gates that surrounded the site, allowing a line of veterans to roll past security officers, who willingly stood aside.


A spokeswoman from the Park Service said efforts were no longer being made to hold anyone back, and security officers could easily be seen standing aside.

“These are important visitors,” she told reporters, adding that they’re seeking guidance from the director’s office on “where we go next.”


Some Republican members of Congress and a Democratic senator were on site, blasting the federal government for fencing off the memorial. Outraged and baffled, Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, crossed through an opening in the fenced-off area earlier in the morning-before the breach–and got on the phone to try and reach the secretary of the Department of Interior.


“I don’t get it. I’m furious. I’m trying to get a hold of people,” he said, standing on the other side of the barricade and looking around for help. “But I can’t seem to get a hold of anybody.”


Some of these guys may be older, but do not stand in their way!!! These are the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy, raised the flag on Iwo Jima,  and dug into the sand on Guadalcanal!!!! These men are not to be messed with, and surely a couple of orange barriers will not hold these great men back!!

Let these men visit the site that shows homage to what they have done for us!

Witnesses said that the Park workers that were on duty had at first tried to stop the Veterans from entering the memorial. Until several Veterans marched forward, with a bag pipe player leading the way and pushed the barricades aside.


Once this happened everyone else followed, the Park employees no longer tried stopping them!


People started tweeting pictures of the Veterans breaching the barricades:







A large crowd began to gather prior to the Veterans breaching the barriers, and once they did the crowd erupted into applause!








These guys are the greatest generation, they fought evil incarnate, who are we to tell them they can not visit their memorial? They won the second World War, they don’t need your supervision to visit the memorial, as you can see by the breach, they can handle themselves!!!





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