WWII Veteran Known As America’s Grandpa, “Grandpa Jack”, In Hospice After Fall

Grandpa Jack and Grand Daughter Jaclyn

Grandpa Jack and Grand Daughter Jaclyn


It is with a heavy heart that I bring the news that WWII Veteran, and America’s Grandpa,”Grandpa Jack” took a fall before New Years and is now in a Hospice.

Some of you may remember the story of Grandpa Jack, his grand-daughter, Jaclyn, came to us for help as his daughter was trying to have him evicted from the home that he built after coming home from World War II.

After we ran the story, which can be seen here –Decorated WWII Veteran Faces Eviction From Daughter, and Jaclyn working to have news agencies pick up the story, they were able to raise more than enough money through donations to buy the home back from the daughter.

Jaclyn tells me that Grandpa took a fall on the 29th of December, and he was not able to recover from it. She asked me to tell all of you the following:

“Just tell everyone thank you from us. The love from everyone was truly felt everyday. Also tell everyone, if they want to do something for Grandpa, to go to GoFundMe find a story that touches their heart and donate. Even if it is only $5….they could change a persons life. Because once upon a time thousands of people made a very small donation and made an old hero’s dreams come true.”

The outpouring of support for Grandpa was overwhelming, in a matter of days enough funding was raised to make sure Grandpa would not be forced from the place he had called home for so many years.

Jaclyn started a Facebook page for Grandpa Jack because of the outpouring of support from the nation. He has monitored this page over the last several months along with Jaclyn, interacting with everyone, and just being a Grandpa.

Jaclyn posted the following about an hour ago via Grandpa Jacks fan page:
I am sitting with Grandpa John J Potter reading him his Facebook posts. Grandpa doesn’t respond, but I know deep down he can hear me. He always loved reading what was being written on his Facebook. All of you have given us hope, love and touched our hearts. I want you all to know you are here with me as I sit with Grandpa, holding his hand, sharing our love for him and making one last memory.
I am asking that everyone go share your support for him on their Facebook page, as Jaclyn tells me they are not expecting him to make it through the night.
Here is the link to Grandpa’s page, go over and give this hero some love. – Grandpa John J Potter
UPDATE: 6 January 2014
Grandpa Jack passed away tonight around 6:40 PM.  Jaclyn was at his side as he passed. We will let you know of the arrangements as soon as we find out.  Another one of our “Greatest Generation” has left us, they gave us the freedom we so much enjoy today. Thank you Grandpa for your service and your sacrifice, and thank you Jaclyn for sharing him with all of us.




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