WWII Veteran Gets Attacked And Beaten For His Wallet But Never Gives It Up



86yo Paul Browning(Courtesy WLWT)

86yo Paul Browning(Courtesy WLWT)




Cincinnati – (Courtesy WLWT)

I have always said that Veterans of WWII are some of the hardest, toughest Vets I know, and 86-year-old Paul Browning proves my point. He was visiting his ailing wife at a local hospital when he was attacked by Craig Phelps, beaten and thrown to the ground while Craig attempted to steal his wallet. One thing Craig didn’t realize, is this man fought in WWII and he wasn’t going to allow some scum to take his wallet!

Here is a photo of the perp:


Craig Phelps


Here is the complete story courtesy of WLWT:

A World War II veteran is hospitalized after he was attacked in the parking lot of Good Samaritan Hospital.

Craig Phelps tried to steal 86-year-old veteran Paul Browning’s wallet, according to an arrest report.

Members of Browning’s family told WLWT he refused to give Phelps, 30, his wallet.

Browning was then punched and pushed to the ground, family members said.

“After he beat him down to the ground and tried to take his wallet, my dad let him know he wasn’t going to get his wallet. Then he reached down and helped lift him up and told him he was sorry and that he thought he was somebody else,” his son Marvin Browning said.

Paul Browning had been visiting his 89-year-old wife Ilda in the hospital and was walking out to his car when he was attacked, family members told WLWT. Marvin said his dad had been visiting Ilda, his wife of 65 years, every day.

Ilda and Paul Browning’s grandson, Jimmy Browning Jr., said after his grandfather was attacked, instead of going back into the hospital, he drove home.

“He’s just so tough, I wouldn’t expect a little old man like that to take a punch the way he did,” Jimmy Browning Jr. said.

“He’s like Dad always is, he’ll be OK, that’s just what he says, ‘Everything’s OK,'” Marvin Browning said.

Marvin Browning said his dad has been admitted as a patient because when doctors were treating his injuries they were concerned about an irregular heartbeat.

Paul Browning is scheduled for surgery Wednesday morning but the family said doctors are unclear if the attack caused the heart issue.

“He’s sore. His face is sore. It’s still swollen. He had stitches on the inside of his gums, so (he’s) got a little soreness there,” Marvin Browning said.

Phelps has been arrested and is charged with attempted robbery and possession of cocaine and drug-abuse instruments.

Phelps is currently in jail at the Hamilton County Justice Center, being held on $25,000 bond. He is scheduled for arraignment Tuesday.



Here are more photos of Paul’s injuries:

86yo-attacked-good-samaritan-3-jpg 86yo-attacked-good-samaritan-jpg 86-yo-attack-victim3-jpg



Here is a link to a video interview done by Emily Wood of WLWT: VIDEO BY WLWT

Paul was also found to have an irregular heartbeat after being admitted to the hospital, he was scheduled for surgery early this morning.


Some of you emailed us and asked about sending cards to this Vet. Thanks to Emily from WLWT for reaching out to the family and asking their permission. Letters and cards can be sent to the following:

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Browning
C/O Marvin Browning
256 Clareknoll Ct.
Cincinnati, OH 45238

Please spread this around and let’s show this Vet his brothers and sisters have his back!


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  1. Despicable! This is what Human Scum Bags do. They pray on the elderly! Wish that Mr Browning just had a little more to Beat this guy’s Ass and the. Make a citizen’s arrest! I am glad he was able 2 survive and the perp was apprehended. Penalties should be stiffer for these types of Scum Bags that assault anyone let alone the elderly. He has the audacity to say he made a mistake and thought it was someone else. We should make a mistake and hand him over to the general public and see what happens! Mr Browning, I am glad you are doing as best as possible and pray the same for your wife and your undying love for her. Thank you for your service and your continued Courage!! May God Bless you and your family each and every day of your lives. Retired GySgt Marquise Santiago

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