World Premiere of Stolen Valor Music Video by Soldier Hard with Guest Boone Cutler

Here is the music video to the song Stolen Valor by SoldierHard. Boone Cutler, from Tipping Point with Boone Cutler makes a guest appearance in the video. This sends the message to the posers out their LOUD and CLEAR! Very well done, send props to them for it! POSERS BE WARNED! Everyone in this video is either currently Active Duty, or are Veterans of the military.

This song was a collaboration between us and his group, the words speak volumes on how we feel about those the steal valor.

To get your copy of the song “Stolen Valor” it is available on Itunes, here….SoldierHard Stolen Valor on Itunes



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21 comments on “World Premiere of Stolen Valor Music Video by Soldier Hard with Guest Boone Cutler
  1. This is not my typical genre of music but the song has such a powerful message that I can’t help but love it! If we all stand together against posers the way we stand together on the battlefield they have no chance. We will rid our country of this epidemic. Stand tall stand proud soldiers!

  2. I love it, if someone wants to wear an Armed Services uniform then she should enlist… What gives these jerks the right to think they can do that?

  3. Fucking Awesome! Had a local trying that shit one night at a local club. One of the bouncers was active duty and let me know. We hauled his ass out the front door and told him if we ever saw him wearing a uniform again we would show him what the “suck” was all about!

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