William J “Everything Is Backwards” Westbay, Ranger/SF Poser Running A Charity







Lake Grove, New York  – Meet William J Westbay, he was brought to our attention after pictures were posted on his Facebook profile of him in uniform pushing his new charity “Wounded Veterans Working”.  We got emails, and contact from a friend “Fadnet”, who coined the name for this guy “Everything Is Backwards”.

We worked this case for about a week, and luckily we grabbed most of the evidence we needed before others found him and started posting his pictures all over their Facebook pages. Doing this actually hurts our cases, and our chances of getting the evidence we need. Because people start commenting and sending them messages, they realize people are on to them and they start removing evidence, deleting photos etc. Like one of our fans posted, “A premature ambush, isn’t an ambush at all”. Because now if it was a prosecute-able case, the evidence is gone because everyone jumped the gun.

We reached out to Mr. Westbay but he wouldn’t return our emails or our calls, so we continued to gather evidence and see if he ever served. On his uniform he is wearing a Special Forces Tab, Ranger Tab, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Air Assault Badge and Master Jump Wings. Depends on which day he was taking the picture, as to which side the badges, patches would show up on. Most of the time he had them backwards or on the wrong sleeves, more photos for reference below.







As you can see in the above photo, all of his stuff is on backwards, and yes he “popped” his collar.






In the two photos above he is standing behind his table for his charity, he claims it’s a Non-profit (501c), and that all money collected is going to buy housing for homeless female Veterans.




He loves posing for photos, at least most of his stuff is in the right place in this photo.





I think he just adds new patches as he finds them, I am not sure he even knows what they all mean.






From his Facebook page, a closer look at his “Badges”.  The original name of the page was “Wounded Veterans Working Page”, but once everyone started attacking him, he deleted all the pictures and changed it to “Nogo Page”. Don’t ask what that means, because I have no idea.





If you look at his neck in this photo, you will see it, yes he has “Ranger” tattooed on his neck, with some other wording. Now I know some Rangers to get the tab tattooed on their arms, but never saw one with “Ranger” across his neck.






Here is a closer look at the tattoo, thanks to several fans that brought it to our attention that it seems to say “Ranger One Shot, One Kill.”  I am just at a loss for words on this one.







Above is what the page originally looked like before he got spooked and started taking everything down. He had another one as well, but it didn’t look like he used it. He also has a website setup for his charity, once people started attacking him, he posted photos of what he said was his charity paperwork, those photos follow.




IMG_1115 IMG_1116 IMG_1117



So we reached out to our contacts to see if this guy earned anything he is rocking, and if he ever served at all, turns out he did actually serve, but very briefly.

He enlisted in April of 1998 and reported to Fort Jackson, South Carolina and was discharged in May of 1998 with a medical condition that excluded him from serving. He was discharged as a Private (E1) with no awards, so he had a total of one month of service. I don’t believe that’s long enough to have earned all that bling!


Soon after he realized we were on to him, the new page “Nogo Page” started making new posts, apologizing and claiming that he as the founder had stepped down and that he was only wearing that stuff to honor someone. Yea, I believe that, don’t you? I mean the writing is the exact same as it was on the other page.






















Below is more info he posted to prove his charity was legit, he may have some of his paperwork in order, but after all of this I for one wouldn’t be donating a penny to them.





He also has a website setup for his charity, I would be very interested in knowing if anyone had donated and if so, where that money actually went. We viewed his personal Facebook page as well, and some of the stuff on it didn’t give us a warm and fuzzy.



From his personal Facebook page, claims Army Ranger, works at Plumbers Pizza and Ball Bags Anonomisous(No Pun Intended)






Some of the posts from his personal page, wonder what kind of pills he has for sale?






Below is a snapshot from his website:



We will investigate this more, as it seems he is trying to cover up his lies by saying he stepped down. I don’t believe that, and if he had then the new owner wouldn’t have ignored our multiple attempts at contact. So William just know, Veterans are watching you and your charity.


UPDATE: 20140924

We have been in contact  with an anonymous source concerning Mr. Westbay, and he is still making his claims. He is reported as having said the following over the past week:

“SF Ranger deployed with 3rd Battalion. Was a sniper and got back to Fort Jackson doing receptionist work. Did 6 weeks of helo training. Reason his “charity” is targeted for females is that there are no other groups advocating for female vets. Says he founded it, thought your site said he stepped down, and it’s going strong for 2 years. Also Said he did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and did 16 years. Said he was E-7 Sgt 1st Class.”

So it seems he didn’t step down as his charity has been claiming! We are watching you William, and your charity!



What are your thoughts?
41 comments on “William J “Everything Is Backwards” Westbay, Ranger/SF Poser Running A Charity
  1. If you look through ‘Will Westbay’s’ Facebook profile, he is a sad, odd man who plays video games. Perhaps his mental illness made him believe that the video game achievements were real?? He posts some seriously weird personal stuff…he’s running scared now though. Good job, Guardian of Valor on outing his evil doing!!

  2. It’s truly creepy, this whole “Female Soldier” Thing and I’m sorry to say that, but maybe there need to be a very close Eye on this matter too. Not just the “I’m pretending what I’m not” BS….. I really hope, that his mind is still working somewhat normal. Otherwise this whole Case might turn worse, cuz we all should not forget, what happens if you push a Dog in the Corner….eventually he’ll go forward and bite…. By Goood I’m NOT defending this Scumbag, but who knows what’s really behind this and his “intentions”… 🙁

  3. Under his Ranger neck tat, it looks like “ONE SHO” in the first pic. I’m assuming it’s the start of “one shot one kill”. Which he clearly has only accomplished in Call of Duty. What a chode.

  4. I’ve had a “run in” with “Fadnet.” It was a few years ago and he assured me of his legitimacy. What could possibly go wrong with such a well respected member of the community who sells pills, works at a pizza joint, and was former S.F. & Ranger? I’m guessing all the bad ass shit he did while in service for the MONTH, crippled him so much, he got hooked on candy.

  5. I’m getting creeped out like the rest of you with this clown. His eagerness to help find homes for female veterans just seems strange. He seems like the type of guy to renovate homes for female veterans so he can install hidden cameras. He reminds me of that fake Navy SEAL who got busted posing a modeling agent to make girls take their clothes off. The authorities need to take a look at this guy.

  6. I’ve said it once-I’ll say it again. If I want to be a Navy SEAL or Army SF dude, all I got to do is turn on my PS2…yup, my PS2 still works.

  7. I served with the 1st ID…… 4th bn 37th armor. Fort Riley Kansas………. during DS/DS, then with the 298th maint company form Altoona , Pa with a new MOS……. this kind of stuff hurts those with valid sites, and really needs to stop, ps……… i also play a “few”video games………:-)

    • It’s part of the accelerated training incentives in new contracts. First two weeks of basic is a condensed infantry school and airborne. Next two weeks is air assault and language training. It’s TRADOC’s new stab at appealing to the short-attention-span generation.

  8. If you want the majority of what you give to a charity to actually go for charitable purposes, not to advertising, bloated wages and perquisites, give to the Green Beret Foundation. It’s not one of the high-profile charities because money simply isn’t spent on advertising, it goes to wounded Special Forces soldiers and helping families of those wounded or killed.

  9. Bet American cold hard cash he used his “charity” as his way of picking up women. Yes some charities focus specifically on women’s needs and that is awesome. With scumbags like this that dishonor past and present vets and my well tuned bs meter I smell something in the nature of him targeting female veterans more than suspect. I know GoV does a great service but honestly I feel that someone needs to look into that area of NY state to 1) see where/where his little events were set up 2) asking people to come forward that donated money etc and 3) any female vets that have had contact with this scumbag. Numbers 2 and 3 could possibly produce enough evidence to lock this asshole up.

  10. Okay so as a Veteran who works with several charities, when I see something like this, I dig a little deeper.

    The paperwork that was shown does not make his organization a non-profit. All he did was file for an Incorporation with the State of New York. This is the first step needed to gain 501(C)(3) status but then you must file a 1023 (or now a 1023EZ) form with the IRS. In return, you will get a determination letter from the IRS stating that your request has been approved.

    I’ve looked for a Form 990 under the name Wounded Veterans Working, INC and haven’t found one. The picture of the letter that he got back from the State of New York with his EIN is too blurry but I did a search trying to use what I think the numbers say (47-1200384 and 47-1299384) and can’t find a 990 through that as well.

    A Google search for his website results in hits for the Wounded Warrior Project but the only link to anything about the charity in question is a Yelp review stating that this guy has been found out and exposed for Stolen Valor.

    I sort of was hoping to find something but I guess not.

  11. Just because he has a tax id number does not mean he is a non-profit. Does he have any idea the work involved in getting 503(c)? It’s not an easy process, nor is it an inexpensive one. This guys a toolbag!

  12. Scam artists like this dirtbag not only degrade the uniform and integrity of our military and Nation, but also mess things up for legit charities that work hard to help veterans.

  13. I’ve never served, so I don’t really know how the uniform is supposed to look nor know how easy or difficult it would be to find a situation. As a citizen, I like it that way and hope no one, in lieu of ambushing these fakers, inadvertently informs them what they’re doing wrong. I’d hate for the con-artists, especially the lazy, stupid ones, to be able to find that information more easily or get “tips” on how better to improve their con, especially from people who aim to publicize the fakers. The work you guys do to ensure that these people don’t game the system and steal resources from the real soldiers and veterans is important.

  14. I know guys a pretty busy with all the first posing as combat gurus, but I have a question: how can LTG Mayville sport a CIB with a Star when he never served in the Gulf War? I earned my first CIB in DS my second in OUR does that mean I get another Star for OFF? I mean I did deploy to both so instead of just the one Star on my CIB I should have two. Just figured I’d ask as I understand it generals are not eligible to receive one unless it’s changed.

  15. I have never served, but I want to thank you guys for uncovering idiots like these. As a LEO and an American, we need to respect and protect the real heroes and make sure morons like these don’t ruin it for oethers.

  16. Haha this is a great site! While on active duty I even stopped a major for having his name tapes on the wrong side (I guess the hange from bdu to acu was that tough), but have never seen a turd burgler with the flag on his left arm.

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