Widow Of Fallen Soldier Has Package Of Her Husbands Items Stolen, Police Asking For Public’s Help



Polk County Florida(Courtesy WTSP.COM)- The Polk County Sheriff’s Department has asked for the public’s help in the return of a package stolen on July 15th after it was delivered to the Gold Star Wife’s home.

Although the package itself is valued at less than $200.00, the sentimental value far exceeds that. It contained a handmade quilt made from mementos, photos and pieces of material taken from the clothing of a Soldier who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009.

The items used to create the quilt were collected by the soldier’s widow. The couple was married seven months when the young bride learned of her husband’s death. She collected wedding photos and pieces of his uniform and sent them to Wisconsin where someone worked for months to create the quilt.


“Our deputies have canvassed the area and used K-9s in an effort to locate this priceless treasure,” said Sheriff Grady Judd. “Handmade items are truly special, and this item represented a hero’s happiest time with his new bride, and his ultimate sacrifice to America. Please contact us immediately if you know anything about this investigation. Help us get this treasure back home where it belongs.”


The suspect who took the package must have realized the contents would only be of value to the person it was delivered to and deputies believe the quilt may have been discarded.


Anyone with information about this crime is urged to contact the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at 863.298.6200.


Also, if the person who took these items see’s this, you can also contact us if you do not feel comfortable contacting the Sheriff’s department. This woman does not need to endure ,more pain and suffering by not having these items, which belonged to her Fallen husband. We assure you that we in no way will turn you into the authorities.

We just want to make sure these items get back to her undamaged. They are worth nothing to you, but these items to her mean everything. You can email us at militarystolenvalor@gmail.com if you want to make arrangements to return the items.

And if anyone else has any info on this, please contact someone!




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  1. I hope the quilt is returned soon. This is an example of why you should have CCTV for your home, especially at the entrances. It is inexpensive now and does much better than a simple house alarm. A few years back I had a couple of packages delivered to my apartment and this moron who was delivering fliers for a restaurant decided to take those packages. He didn’t see the camera that was looking right at him. By the time the police arrived, I had the guy’s name, phone number, place of employment, etc. Within a few hours, he was arrested and I had my stuff back.

  2. If maybe you can send me a description of the items or a picture idea we might be able to locate these items. Criminals are not smart and only do one of two things with things like this.

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