Westboro Baptist Church To Protest Fallen Soldiers Funeral In Raeford North Carolina Today

SGT Donna Johnson Died October 1, 2012 Serving During Operation Enduring Freedom 29,  of Raeford, N.C.; assigned to 514th Military Police Company, 60th Troop  Command, Winterville, N.C.; died Oct.1, in Khost, Afghanistan, of  injuries caused by a suicide bomber.

Her funeral is planned for this morning at 10am, according to the guys over at RangerUp, who will be  helping to form a human wall to protect the family, Westboro Baptist Church has claimed to have more than 1000 people present for the protest. I for one, highly doubt they have that many people in their whole little clan. But either way the family should be protected. If you would like to help with the human wall, the funeral will be held  at the Raeford Presbyterian Church, 128  Edinborough Ave in Raeford.

The 29-year-old soldier was killed October 1 with two other members of the Winterville-based 514th Military Police Company. They died when a Taliban suicide bomber rammed a motorcycle packed with explosives into a joint U.S.-Afghan patrol in Khost, Afghanistan.


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  1. Our hearts and prayers are for the family of SGT Donna Johnson. Having adult children her age, is like looking your best friend. Sending you condolences and hugs.

  2. That Church and it’s member should be ashamed of themselves. Sgt.Donna Johnson should be allowed to be put to rest in peace. Her family and Friends have the right to mourn her without having to worry about a bunch of head cases.

  3. What a tragic situation, not only has this hero’s family lost a loved one they must endure the bigotry of this hateful group. Let us pray not only for healing for her family but for a strong show of support to prevent this group of hate mongers too close to the proceedings.

  4. They shouldn’t take their hatred out on the soldiers. They were protecting us. Just how sick can people be. The family is grieving and they are showing their stupid a$$es. How soon will it be when the good people of America stand up and not put up with this crap. God bless American. We have forces at work in this country who want to destroy our great nation.

  5. That’s the way you do it Baby!!!! Kick their asses!! You guys are great!! To the Hoke County Sheriff Deputy that would not relinquish the flag….suck ass!!! Damn tired of this!
    To the Brave Soldiers that retrieved the flag…..THANK YOU!!!!!

  6. this pretended church who calls our beloved who gave her life a pretender is not worthy of enjoying a tax exempt status as a religious organization. while the taxes we pay, including our warriors who pay such, is not even enough to support our efforts while the madmen who profit from war are getting richer by the second.

    the human wall should not be around our fallen heroes funeral but around this so-called “church” to prevent its occupants from disgracing our nation and to prevent anyone from entering such a den of hatred.

    the members of this false church of hatred should have their citizenship revoked and be escorted to the Mexican border at El Paso TX. where they will be exiled… or sent to Guantanamo bay Cuba as TRAITORS to the US Constitution.

    My only child held this beloved hero in her arms at the point of her demise, crying, trying everything she could to save her life… MY LITTLE GIRL is there RIGHT NOW … show some respect.


  7. this “church” is nothing more than a law firm with tax exempt status these ambulance chasers make their living by suing the people that they protest when the people that they protest try and fight back against these whack jobs. I dont want to say i would get violent with them but if they showed up at my fathers funeral im not sure i could keep from killing one of these terrorists. i would like to think that i have the discipline and poise to to keep my composure and just ignore them but i seriously doubt it. and i know my dads friends at least some of them definatly would not. and if it were my funeral i know my dad wouldnt care not one bit what happened as long as he could get his hands on them.

    these people need to have their children taken from them as they are constantly exposing them to danger by bringing them to these “protests” in which they have an obvious intent to incite a riot like reaction which endangers their children and they do this knowingly and on purpose. I have seen child protective services remove a child from parents for far less reasons.

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