Vandals Urinate On A Veterans Memorial, Caught By Authorities











Zachary Royce

Zachary Royce

Bradley Crosslin

Bradley Crosslin





Florence AL (WAFF)

There is almost nothing worse than Stolen Valor, stealing the honor of those who have served is pretty despicable. However in the case of Bradley Crosslin, and his friend Zachary Royce, they proved there is something worse.

On October 24th 2015, Crosslin, and Royce entered the Memorial Park after hours and under the cover of darkness, yet not from the camera, And climbed atop an F-4 Phantom fighter jet. The video shows these two clowns trying to gain access to the cockpit. When they could not gain access they decided it would be an awesome idea to urinate on the plane’s wing. Crosslin and Royce then jump from the wing, walked to the rear of the memorial and tried to gain access to the building by beating in a door with a trash can.

They were arrested a mile from the memorial after police responded to a citizen complaint of a disturbance in the roadway.

Bradley Wayne Crosslin, Of Florence is 24, and a local. Zachary Royce is from Collinwood TN and is 18. Both were arrested and charged with criminal trespass and desecration of a memorial.

The Phantom Fighter Jet had cosmetic damage, and in all there was $500.00 in damage. Locals were angered over the act.


According to WAFF:

Officers were able to connect the two men stopped in the roadway to the incident at the memorial by reviewing security camera footage.

24-year-old Bradley Wayne Crosslin of Florence and 18-year-old Zachary Royce of Collinwood, TN were arrested last week and charged with criminal mischief, criminal trespass and desecration of a memorial.

News of the disrespectful treatment of a solemn area angered many.

“I don’t even understand how someone could do that,” said Darius Tae Freeman. “These people fought for us. I just find it pretty despicable, actually.”

A caretaker for the memorial, who asked not to be named, didn’t know whether to call the act “a bad decision, poor judgement, or just stupid on their part.”

The plane had mostly cosmetic damage, the caretaker said, and in all, about $500 in damage was caused.

Still, the caretaker said he hopes the two men have to pay for the costs to clean and repair the damage to the memorial. He added they should be banned from the park and me made to issue a public apology to the city for their actions.


Boys, you have earned a place in the scum bag Hall Of Fame. Here is the video courtesy of WAFF:






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