Vietnam Veteran Who Lost Medals In Storage Has Them Returned



Courtesy Of Fox13 Cordova, Tenn:

Vietnam Veteran Don Williams, was awarded a Bronze Star with V device, and a Purple Heart for his actions on 11 April 1966. Don was shot six times while under heavy fire, but refused to stop bandaging ad trying to save the lives of his fellow Soldiers.

“What happened to us, they killed all the medics,” he said. “I ran out of  bandages. They hit me in my foot, they hit me in my hip twice. I was crawling  and doing what I could do to patch guys up. They hit me (in the ankle). (The)  bullet is still in. Finally I felt something like a broom handle being pushed  into my back. There are two bullets lodged in my spine (like a wedge).” Don said.

Thirty-two years after being injured in the Vietnam War, in 1998 he put the two  medals in a storage unit in Memphis. Soon after his mother passed away and he  slipped into depression.”I became homeless, and I thought I could  sustain the rentals,” Williams said. “I did for a while, but it became  burdensome when you have limited income.


“Ultimately Williams got  help from the VA Hospital and got off the streets and back with his family. He  never thought he would see his Purple Heart or his Bronze Star again.He  will soon be reunited with his two combat medals.”I am sitting here  trying not to tear up,” Williams said. “But those medals are who I am. They are  my history.


The amazing thing, Williams says he would do it all again for  his country if he had to.”Like I keep telling my kids, I left flesh and  blood over there and I came back with some medals,” he said. “Some metal in  here. But I am getting my babies back. Life is good.”


Here is the video courtesy of FOX13:

A true American Hero, I am glad the auctioneer and the Mayor saw that these medals meant something to someone and ensured they got back to the rightful owner. Thanks go out to the Mayor and the auctioneer.

And a salute to you Mr. Williams for your service and sacrifice for this country!


Here is the original story: Vietnam War Medals Returned To Cordova Soldier


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  1. Oh, I am SO glad Mr. Williams got his medals back. Much thanks go to those who made sure he did get them back. Mr. Williams, I can’t thank you enough for your brave service. It’s heroes like yourself that make our country the great country that it is today. You are an inspiration to all. My sons (two Sheriff’s deputies and a former Marine who served in Iraq) would also thank you and salute you.

  2. Guys like this should never end up on the street, fucken bullshit pisses me off. I thought AFRH that gets taken out of active duty pay works to prevent this, maybe that’s only for older vets, either way pisses me off.

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