Vietnam Veteran Pleads For Return Of Stolen Flag He Captured In Vietnam





A fan sent us the link to a story out of EatonVille, Washington about a Vietnam Veteran who had his home broken into.  The thieves stole six firearms from Jim Blaine’s home when they broke in almost two months ago.

But Jim is not worried too much about the weapons, as he says, those can be replaced. What has really upset this Vietnam Veteran, is that they stole something money can not replace, a Viet Cong flag he captured during a firefight in Vietnam.

According to the story posted by, Jim said the gun case was secured to the wall right there,” he said. “They just pulled it off the wall.”

“Pictures of me and pictures of the VC flag that was in the gun case,” Blaine said.

In Vietnam in 1966, Blaine snapped photos as he and his unit walked across a bridge. On the other side, in the distance, he saw a Viet Cong flag.


“I saw that flag hoisted up in the air on a flag pole, and it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck,” he said.

In the battle that ensued, Blaine himself captured the flag. It meant something to him then, and it still does. He posed with it, brought it home and kept it in a sack in his gun locker.


The burglars not only took the flag, but they also got a glass horse that Blaine’s mother-in-law gave to his wife nearly 50 years ago.



These are the items he wants back, they mean more to this Veteran than the items money can replace.

“If those items could just be put in a sack and thrown over the fence, back onto my property, no questions asked,” he said.

The flag isn’t worth much to anyone else, but for Blaine it’s priceless. He is, after all, the man who went and took it.

The Pierce County sheriff’s department is working on the case, but Blaine hopes the thieves will see this story and feel compelled to return the items, no questions asked.


We also would like to see these items returned to this Veteran, they have no monetary value, only sentimental value to this Veteran. So to the person’s that took these items, we would also keep your anonymity if you would just return the items he is asking for.

You can email us at the contact us button at the top of the page, and we can assure you we will not contact any LE agency. We only want to see him get these items returned, do the right thing for once!


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5 comments on “Vietnam Veteran Pleads For Return Of Stolen Flag He Captured In Vietnam
  1. this country is apparently raising a lot of individuals that think our veterans are there property to steal from them with no respect for what they went through Their parents must have taught them to steal from veterans and you can get more money by doing it . They have no respect , no honor , and not the least bit of dignity by doing this . I think that it is time that the laws regarding theft from veterans is an automatic 10 years added to their sentence when found guilty . I also think these same thieves need to be sent overseas and put on the front lines whatever they may be but right out front looking for IED’s and maybe they will all have a better regard for what all veterans go through . Much as I may not agree with the draft maybe it should be restarted for this reason to get this type person a lesson or the judge make it mandatory service or prison and 10 years for theft from veterans

  2. Keep your eyes peeled to that areas Craigslist and eBay never know what you might find, also might want to check pawn shops and people who barter in historical/ military items.

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