Veterans Daughter, Megan Knight 15, Missing, Asking For Help In Locating Her

******UPDATE: 20120106 Megan Knight has been found and is now safe at home with her family**************


One of our fans daughter, Megan Louise Knight, 15, has been missing since 26 December from the Woodbridge, Va area. Here is the flyer they sent to us, if anyone has any information on her whereabouts please use the contact information in the flyer below.




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  1. I live in Fayetteville, NC right out of Ft Bragg, NC. If u would like to send me a box of posters I will poster then every where. I have lived here my whole life so would like to help If I can. Thank you Thr family and friends are in my prayers.

    Cynthia Smith

  2. Heather & Jerry, Do you think there is any chance she is in the old neighborhood here? If you think there is a chance she came here, we will place flyers out tomorrow for you. I asked Anthony to be on the look out for her here. I hope you are able to locate Megan soon. Sending prayers your direction. Your old neighbor, Susi

  3. Funny how no one will say where she was or how she was found. Methinks a young lady was craving attention. Thanks for wasting everyone’s time when there are REAL missing children out there.

    • As a Mother of 8 children, I don’t care WHAT the reason is whenever a child, especially one of my own, is missing.

      It’s heart-breaking no matter the circumstance.

      Let’s offer prayers, not criticism, to this family in need…..whatever the reasons may be.

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