Veteran Wounded In The Battle Of Okinawa, Beaten To Death By Teens

WWII Vet Delbert Belton

WWII Vet Delbert Belton



Our friends over at US Infantry sent us this awful story coming out of Spokane, Washington. Delbert Belton, an 88-year-old WWII Veteran that survived the Battle Of Okinawa after being wounded, was attacked and left for dead Wednesday evening.

According to,  Witnesses say Belton was in the parking lot of the Eagles Lodge at 6410 N. Lidgerwood, adjacent to the Eagles Ice-A-Rena, around 8 p.m. Wednesday when the two male suspects attacked him as he was about to head inside to play pool.

Police responded with K-9s to track the suspects’ scent but were not able to locate them.


“It does appear random. He was in the parking lot, it appears he was assaulted in the parking lot and there was no indication that he would have known these people prior to the assault,” Spokane Police Major Crimes Detective Lieutenant Mark Griffiths said.



Shorty,” as he was known by his friends at the Eagles Lodge, served in the U.S. Army in the Pacific during WWII and was shot in the leg during the Battle of Okinawa. He went on to work at Kaiser Aluminum at the company’s Trentwood plant for more than 30 years. Belton’s wife passed away several years ago.


He loved playing pool, even though he claimed he was no good at it and had been a member of the Eagles Lodge for the last four months. In addition to playing pool he loved working on cars.


Shorty was Ted Denison’s best friend of 23 years; the two played pool occasionally and worked on cars daily.

“He was always there for me when I needed him,” Denison said. “We’d joke back and forth. We were always having fun, some sort of fun.”


He was the kind of nice old man who’d become your friend in minutes.


“Probably every time I come into town, he’d have a project for me to do,” Denison said. “I thought of him more as a dad than I did a friend really.”



Mr. Belton died from his injuries Thursday morning at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

So there does not seem to be a motive as of yet, but if I had to guess, I would say robbery. I am sorry but this really pi***s me off! This man served his country, was wounded and survived, and these COWARDS attack him and beat him to death!!

He was 88 years old, and it took two of them to beat him? I want them caught and brought to justice! Lets get this story out to everyone, share it everywhere and let’s get these cowards caught and in a jail cell where they belong!

This man is a Hero, and to his family I would like to send our condolences and heart felt thanks for what he did for us and our Freedom. I am sure the PD will bring these two to justice, since this is now a Homicide investigation.


Here are the images provided from the surveillance camera of the two suspects, you can contact the Spokane PD here: Spokane Police Department Tipline (509) 242-TIPS (8477), if you have seen them or have other info.

If you have info, and do not want to contact the PD, you can email us and we will forward it on and keep you anonymous. We just want these cowards behind bars!

Homicide Suspect 1

Homicide Suspect 1

Homicide Suspect 2

Homicide Suspect 2



Here is a Video with some small updates, people are placing flowers etc at the place where he was attacked.

Spokane, North Idaho News


Also there will be a candle light vigil held tonight(8/23) at 8:30 PM, at the Ice Arena where the attack happened.


SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane police have arrested one suspect, a juvenile male, in connection with the beating death of an 88 year old man earlier this week outside Eagles Ice-A-Rena.

The suspect was booked on 1st Degree Robbery and 1st Degree Murder charges. Thursday, security photos were released by officials showing two suspects in Wednesday’s deadly beating of 88-year-old Delbert Belton.

Witnesses described the suspects as 16 to 18-year-old African American males of average build, according to authorities. The identity of the suspect arrested Friday had not been released.


Sister-In-Law states the suspects beat Mr. Belton with large black flashlights.


Police have released the name of the first suspect in the Murder/Robbery:

Spokane police have arrested one suspect, a juvenile male, in connection with the beating death of an 88 year old man earlier this week outside Eagles Ice-A-Rena.

Due to the severity of the crime, they have released the name of the juvenile arrested. Sources say Demetrius Glenn is in custody.

Glenn was booked on 1st Degree Robbery and 1st Degree Murder charges.

Sources sy Demetrius Glenn has a lenghty criminal history. He was convicted of assault and riot and was supposed to be in court on Aug 28 for another charge.

On Friday, the Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that the victim, Delbert Belton, died of blunt facial and head injuries.



Prosecutors have said 16 Year old Demetrius Glenn,  will be charged as an adult on counts of First Degree Murder and First Degree Robbery.


Here is the second suspect wanted in th Robbery and Murder of Mr. Belton.



More photos of the second suspect who is still at large, these were gathered from his facebook page.




And here is a link to his facebook page for more photos: Kenan Kinard


UPDATE: 20130824

A photo from last nights vigil honoring Shorty, this picture makes me proud!

Shorty's Vigil

Shorty’s Vigil


Police Chief Frank Straub is saying he believes an arrest of the second suspect is imminent, and that he has been deemed a threat to the community. A manhunt is underway at this time, anyone with information is asked to call the Spokane police department.

“We are asking the community’s assistance to locate him,” Straub said. “We are asking Mr. Kinard to surrender immediately.

“He displayed very aggressive and violent conduct with his assault of Mr. Belton,” Straub said/

Both teens have juvenile court records and past convictions for assault, Straub said.



A memorial fund has been established for the family of Delbert Belton.

The memorial fund has been set up through Wells Fargo Bank. Donations can be made to the Delbert Belton Memorial Fund in care of the Wells Fargo Bank Spokane Main Branch.

This is the ONLY official fund, please be wary of people that may try to take advantage of this situation and setup fake donation accounts!

UPDATE: 20130826:

BREAKING: Police say they have arrested the second suspect, Kenan Kinard, in the beating death of Mr. Belton. More on this as it comes available.



UPDATE: 20130826

Demetrius L. Glenn appeared before District Judge Richard Leland, presiding over a packed courtroom, set his bail at $2 Million, he said the brutality of the attack and vulnerability of the victim make the high bail proper.

Defense attorney Chris Phelps noted after the hearing that the case has gone viral on the Internet, with many people expressing strong opinions.

“The evidence doesn’t indicate what happened,” Phelps said, adding that eyewitnesses only reported “two kids running away.”

A second 16-year-old boy, Kenan Adams-Kinard, was arrested without incident early Monday on a warrant for first-degree murder and first-degree robbery. He has a court appearance scheduled for Tuesday and will also be tried as an adult.

“The two individuals we believe are responsible for the robbery and murder of Mr. Belton are in custody,” Police Chief Frank Straub said at a news conference.

Straub said it appeared that Belton fought back against his attackers, which may have increased the severity of his beating.

“Our information indicates the individual fought back and that may have made this a worse situation,” Straub said.

Nevertheless, “I encourage people to fight back” when attacked, Straub said.

Police received a tip early Monday about Adams-Kinard’s location, Straub said. Three other juveniles in the house with the suspect Monday were arrested for investigation of rendering criminal assistance, a felony.


UPDATE: 20130827

Kenan Kinard appeared before a judge today, he set his bail at $3 million. .

Kinard, 16, was arrested Monday morning in a North Spokane home near Montgomery and Stevens . He is one of two teenagers charged with the beating death of Delbert Belton, 88.

In court, the suspect claimed that he and Demetrius Glenn met Delbert Belton to buy crack. Kinard said Belton shorted them and that’s what initiated the attack.

Police said they have no evidence to support such a claim. Investigators called the claim “ridiculous.” Authorities are convinced this was a robbery that got out of control and there is no evidence to indicate the two suspects knew Belton.

Federal Agents, Major Crimes Detectives and undercover officers were on hand for Kinard’s court apperance to keep things under control.



Funeral Services for Mr. Belton have been announced.

Mr. Belton will be laid to rest with full military honors at Greenwood Memorial Terrace on Thursday, August 29 at 12 p.m. On August 30 at 2:00 p.m., the family will have a more intimate church service at North Hill Disciples of Christ. The public is invited to both events to show their respects.

If anyone attends either service, please send the family our condolences.

We will keep you updated here and on our Facebook page Stolen Valor

Update on this story here: Kenan Kinard Sentenced To 20 Years


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219 comments on “Veteran Wounded In The Battle Of Okinawa, Beaten To Death By Teens
    • boy do I ever agree with you….!!!! scum…. what a horrible sad death and that poor guy the other day…. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE…. ?? What is Jessie Jackson saying about these?????? maybe he’ll ask Jane Fonda to speak for him, she’s scum also…

      • Making this political only shows that you are a total moron. Why is Jackson not talking about this? Because they are looking actively to arrest and prosecute the villain behind this, nor was the veteran racial profiled. Keep your prejudice and ignorance off of this page.

        • Eustace – You are living in a dream world.You really think that Jesse Jackson is not motivated by race, He never has anything to say when a black person commits a crime but every other race he convicts them in his mind and tries to convince everyone else that it is about race. Donna is correct there is never any outrage from him or Sharpton unless it is against a black person. Anyone who pays attention to his words and action can see this clearly. Your the one who is being ignorant. As for this particular incident it may have bee a random act but I am willing to bet when all the facts come out we will find that yet again it was racially motivated.

          • Again your ignorance is blinding you. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others speck out on crime, black on black and white on black all the time. But it is not widely covered in the media. Do some research. You should be ashamed of your ignorance and prejudice.

          • hahahaha…eustace said black on black and white on black…but not what we are seeing here which is black on white…hahhaha…

          • Chris you are so right Eustace is living in a dream world . Maybe he doesn’t know how to read a news paper or understand English when JACKSON AND SHARPTON speak out on certain types of murders then they make it racial in what happened . I am 66 and ever since CIVIL RIGHTS movement has begun it is people like them that pull race cards on certain murders and the others they ignore it is all about how much trouble those two bodies can stir up, neither of them believe in what they preach both are out for what money they can get to enrich their pockets and their agenda . I have found that at least their are a few black people here that made remarks that made sense and they did such a fine job of telling it like it was . Murder and nothing more no racial remarks of any kind , which is how all murders should be . I just wish the bag of wind jerks that spout race would wake up and realize no murder is race unless the press and the rest of society make it that way.
            Old School Marm you need a hug because you see what was done as it was done , a murder of the worst type and the parents lost control of their kids. Bless you for your insight just a shame others can’t see it as it is a murder . sane BULL SHIT in your face they shove in everyone else’s . If it is good enough for them why not reverse it and right now I need to stop what I am saying because I can dish out the garbage as well as any black person . I am, not that way except I call it as I see it and I said in another post what name these to deserve because what they did they do not deserve to be called a black person because no decent black person would beat up on any elderly person and a white that does the same thing I have a name I call them. There was a time when the term white trash was used well , as I apply it to what I call a white that beats up on elderly they are lower then white trash .

        • Eustace, how do you know that he wasn’t targeted because of his race? Were you there with the little bastards when they decided to target an almost 90 year old man at random? No? Then stop acting like you know anything!

          • Eustace maybe those two do speak, not speck, out on other things . If they did it should be on National news so that people would see they are against murder of any type. If they are doing so and they know the news is not telling it they should correct it not go along with what is not being said . That shows me they only want to let the public see what they want so as to keep the problems stirred up .

        • Eustace, you truly are out of your mind!!!
          The (R)acist Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton only come out when race is involved!!! The truth is rarely relevent.

          • Old School Mom…..bless you for keeping it real !! We are dealing with white supremisists in the small town of 300 people where I am from. There are only a few black folks here, n one of them is my good friend ! We still were raised in the days of dignity , honor, n respect for the human race like you were as well. And you said it , man when we messed up, it was the belt of my father that set things straight. Theses are values that need to be handed to all generations no matter the skin color, n if we can’t instill value n respect, we then fail as a society, not a race !! Keep on keeping on sweetheart !!!

        • over a year later. What brought this to my attention was reading not hearing about a white male beat to death by hammer welded by group of black juveniles. it was on the caption at the bottom of the news.Caption said nothing of race but as i looked into it further race is the issue. these are hate crimes. black on white crime. no one talks about white on black crime until a white person defend their white ass and kills a black attacker.why are you putting the white race up agianist the wall? it will not go well for race relations until we call a spade a spade and look at the numbers. whites dont hate blacks the number show who hates who.

    • That might be the dumbest response I have read yet. Someone lost his life and two idiots did it. The race doesn’t matter. WE lost a brother at arms to foolishness. When are people going to take race out of it and see that we are all no different? SMH

        • Tell that to the sensationalist media that branded Trayvon Martin a martyr. There’s black on black crime all day every day. There have been over 500 black on black homicides in Chicago alone since the Trayvon Martin thing went down, but there is no outcry. Are black people only victims if they’re gunned down by someone of a different race? Why all the media circus and hooplah there? You can bet your bottom dollar that if two white kids beat an old black man to death, you’d be hearing about this all over the damn place rather than just passing by an article on the internet.

          • I totally agree with what you are saying. If he would of defended himself it would of been a hate crime against blacks! This just pisses me off!

          • you are so right, it would be all over everything you watched and read, but I agree, it’s so sad that it is broken down into color, just the other day the two that shot and killed the young man “just because they felt like it” sickening and very sad

          • Your total ignorance is astounding! Weather you know this or not you are probably a racist. Only a racist or a moron would think that this is anything like Martins murder. People were upset over that due to the killer confessed an was not even arrested until 45 days later. This is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. They know who this killer is and the are exhausting all efforts to catch and prosecute him.

            Funny who you morons don’t realize that the in all that black on black crime they are prosecuted quickly and convicted. So justice is served unlike with Martin’s murder.

      • Thank you Theresa. I could not agree with your statement more. Obviously that person has no understanding that hate will be implemented by dip shits and cowards who live in weakness and fear. It’s gross, it’s sad, it’s and disheartening. It never ceases to amaze me of the ignorance that continues to pass on. But THAT IS NOT US NOR OUR BEAUTIFUL NATION WHICH SO MANY OF ALL GENDERS, COLORS, SHAPES, AND SIZES HAVE SACRIFICED FOR. Sending you a far away hug Theresa. My condolences and prayers to Delbert Belton’s family. R.I.P.

      • Well when young black Americans quit doing stupid shit, the culture desensitizes them to violence hell we have white kids running around trying to be “HARD” too. However the % sways in favor of young black youth as the prevailing leaders in doing stupid shit.

        • Actually there were 3 killers. One was black, one was mixed and one was white. So was the white killing another white because of race?

          • So it was their “whiteness” that made them do it? Besides, the guy you are calling “white” has a black father. Does that mean because his skin came out lighter that he’s more filled with evil and therefore “white” than other half black folks like say, Barak Obama? Aren’t you a bit worried that Obama’s “whiteness” might break out and start killing black folks indiscriminately?

      • race does matter.. because there is an evident problem with young black males senslessly and ruthlessly killing people on a regular basis. you can deny it it, hide it, and run from these sad truths, but the fact will remain that young black men are ruthless and have no sense of wanting to grow in a normal society more so than any other race. i will not say that accounts for all black young men, but more so than any other group of peole you will look at. the sad thing is.. it starts with the parents theresa.

        • BSHAW where was all of this concern when it was and still has been white males beating and killing. I do agree that they should be brought to justice and yes death penalty but please do not act like whites are victims and completley innocent. History tellas and shows that whites have pushed their way through everywhere. I was attacked my senior year in high school by 20 young white males for no other reason than being black, also I am from a small town in East Texas called Jasper, maybe you heard of it if not hears a name to google James Byrd/Jasper. So please get off of your racial soap box and get to the real matter at hand a American Hero lost his life for nothing more than stupidity.

          • DGUY i am not speaking of 20,30,40,50, 0r even 200-300 years ago.. im talking about today and the recent trends in this country. And by all means , like i said, yes crime goes across the board… obviously. but you dont see hate crimes by the thousands, gang crimes by the thousands, and a reputation for raping murdering killing and drug dealing in any other major community other than blacks as a vast majority. they stamped they’re names on it, live by it, take pride in it, and have a whole industry of music strictly dedicated to it. dont get me wrong, im not targeting the entire black community, im targeting all the “hoods” and “thugs” thast have choosen this poor standard of living and promote it on to their next generation. it is a sickness that has been spreading through our country and is only getting worse. you have black kids killing innocent people because “they are bored” killing 88 year old american veterans for what? a couple dollars. shooting babies in the face because the mother wont caugh up a couple bucks. throwing 2 year olds out car windows. and on and on and on…. there is a breakdown in the value of life within these communities of people, and yes it is a problem with all races, but black kids again like i said, have stamped themselves with this reputation. sorry about you incident many years ago.. from the sounds of it, alot has changed since then in this country, and the tables have much so turned… is that ok for you?

          • Bshaw again you are basing things upon race and not the incident itself. Would you be so up in arms if he was black, by the sounds of your comments probably not. If he kids were white you would probably be a lil upset and see we lost a brother in arms. Bottom line things have not changed people still see color and go by judgements and stereotypes as you are showing you do with your comments. My 13 year old son gets harassed by our neighborhood watch every night while walking home from either football or basketball practice he is by no means a thug or hoodlum but a straight A student who happens to be black living Ina prodomintly white neighborhood.b the only reason they left him alone was I followed them and confronted them mothers answer was that they didn’t know his father was vet which should not even matter That’s just one incident please take off your blinders and see our country for what it really is and what this incident was n

      • I agree Theresa lets take race out of it one chooses to be a racist and lets not take away that this man was killed for no apparent reason , dont make race an issue a brave man was lost to us all ……….

        • DGUY- i wear no blinders.. its the fools who neglect to pay attention to stereo types.. its how the human natural defends itself against harmful situations. you dress like a killer, u get judged like a killer, you dress like a thug, i assume your a thug and want no part of you. that is called being aware the pattern of human behaviour. i dont judge color, i judge the pattern with the thugs, and the percent of the violent crimes they comitt. i have also noticed how you have now for the second time personalized this situation with yourself or your family.. so are you judging that all white people treat black people diff? are you stereo typing out their race as being constant judgmental about your race? i think you walk around looking at other peole assuming they are looking at you for your color. the incident i am basing my assumtions on is not the first of its kind, not even close. not even in recent events.. in just the past 2 weeks alone there have been headlines on national news broadcasts of 3 seperate crimes where black youth have senselessly beat or murdered incocent people for no reason. i cant hel but find that disturbing and see the pattern on how maybe i do not want to put myself around people who carry that reputation. its not the color, its the cultre they create for themself.. and when i say themself, i mean black teenage thugs… if you say my face, it would prob blow your mind.

          • Bshaw Iw as mearely giving you examples of things that I can personally speak of. I see that in your response you cite that there have 3 seperate crimes in the past two weeks alone. Ok that is correct but can you tell me how many crimes where whites have assaulted black, hispanics, asians or just anyone who just isn’t white in the past week? Probably not because you are blind to that situation due to the fact that it does not affect you or anyone that you care about. But i can, across the United States there has been 26 violent crimes involvong someone who is white assaulting a minority. Oh yeah you tried to say that I walk around with a certain chip on my shoulder because of my skin tone, you couldn’t be any further from the truth. My family is racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse. I have been raised to love and respect all that do the same for me and that is why I put this uniform on each day. You say if I see your face it would blow your mind, I wonder what you would do if you saw me with my family. Oh BTW jding someone by the way they look is the baseline for prejudice, look it up. One other thing is you still have yet to recognize that someone lost his life, someone we all need to tell thank you for your sacrifice

          • DGuy, I don’t judge a person by how God made him, but the “looks” being discussed are a matter of choice. Rich or poor, a person may dress and groom themselves in a way that shows they do not idolize thug culture.

  1. Why was there no mention that these two asshole were black. Oh I know the white guy attacked these two shitbirds so it was alright for them to beat him to death.Thank Al and you too Jessie.

    • Why should it matter if they are Black, White, Asian, Etc? What they did was sickening and they should receive the death penalty they served this poor man. Race is and irrelevant excuse for deviants. A crime is a crime. How about we focus on the crime instead of creating a “race issue” when race has nothing to do with what they did. A cold, calculated murder was committed and that is what needs to be the focus, not race!

        • no, cowards like this would just flip, become terroist next, looking for the lazy no good way of life, and the piece of shit wearing the American flag as a dew rag, makes me wanna puke! he has no right to that! he murdered one of the deserving men who earned those colors so his stupid black ass could be a punk ass worthless thug in a free country!

          • VI , I’d bet they’d run to the other side to escape justice here . They don’t deserve that distinction of wearing a uniform from this country they lost that right with the death of a vet they lost all other rights for the murder of a person and an elderly one at that . I say chain them to a post and let people take shots at them with whatever they wanted to use . inflict pain on them and no pain killers of any type allowed . them put them in prison after about a week of beatings . By prison I mean prison solitary nothing but bread and water for several months then put them in a cell with nothing but a place to shit and sleep no tv radio or anything else . Give them the life of the person they killed that has no life they get nothing,

        • Yea, walks like a bigot, talks like a bigot, must be a bigot. As a combat veteran I’m as outraged about this story as anyone, maybe more. But, the perpetrator’s worthless cowardice has nothing to do with their race. Ignorance needs to be fought with as much vigor as crime.

          • Come on Sgt Bob let’s be realistic here. I agree with what you are saying, but that’s just one part of the equation. How about 2 white people attacking a black person? Come on bro. This is partly racial. Blacks do most of the crimes here in the US.

          • Boy are you going to be embarrassed if it comes out that they just wanted to kill a white person. There is not enough known about the killers to say definitely that it was or wasn’t a racial issue. Talk about bigotry much ….

        • Dave, that is far from the truth!! Don’t classify all of blacks like that!! What they did has nothing to do with blacks! I am black and have never committed a crime!

          • The problem is if it was reversed 2 white people killed a black person it would have been a race issue but because its the other way around its only a murder. I’m currently down range for the 4th time. Nobody no matter what your race is has the right to take anybody’s life whether he was black or white…a veteran or not.

          • He’s specifically talking about you, but blacks in general. There is a difference.

          • Thats definately not the full statistics of people arrested. Speaking of truths but dont have the truth in here.. find the complete statistics

          • not when you consider what blacks do when they riot when something doesn’t go right or do you not read the news

      • The reason that it matters is because if he were black and the attacker were white, we would be watching this on the news and the president would be saying what an awful sick thing this was. But this man is white and the only people who cared are the American Legion and the people who posted it out on Facebook. It won’t be on the news, it won’t ever reach the presidents lips, and Rev Jesse Jackson will never come out and protest to keep the thugs in jail. The media, and the president make it about race. And people who say it isn’t about race.

        • Amen Renee, The only ones that see it will be Facebook and the American Legion would it be the other way around and your right about those to bigots and that applies to those that support them they have blinders on and only see it one way racial . The only thing that makes me mad is there is no White person out there that will speak out like the other two so that those that only see race will also realize maybe how biased they are

        • Renee Do you know how many crimes against blacks committed by whites go unreported each day. Wake up get real and realize the world you live in. The only times those crimes get reported is when someone gets hung, drug behind a car, or shot and called the “N” word.

      • It matters because the media and liberals make a big deal about one black being killed in self defense by a non-black man.
        When black people kill white people with less provocation, it doesn’t make national news.

        • You can’t be serious? That white woman who accused some black man she made up of killing her kids years ago caused a HUGE media uproar and had a man put in jail for a crime SHE committed…either way you slice it, the media reports what they feel like reporting (which the media is pretty much controlled by whites)…dont make it about race..make it about a vet who is gone because of foolishness. SMH So tragic

          • Because you’re black, that’s why you’re not thinking objectively. I think you’re being defensive. Logically speaking, what if two white people beat a black person to death? I bet you this will make a big headline. You got some points, but I know for a fact that this is partly racial. This is not just because of one white woman accusing some black person. We’re talking about this in general, not specifically.

          • Dont make it about race, but your quick to raciallly profile who controlls the media.. if you want to know who controls the media, a large part is the government, which is in alarge part ran by some homies right now. theresa you dont want race to be a part of the problem because its your skin tone thats atfault.. but like every one says, if the tables were turned, we know how this would go. yes this whole situation is sad and no matter the color it is sick. but you cannot disregard the motive behind it. nor can you disregard how sad it is when we see who did the crime, 90% of america is saying, go figure didnt need to guess’ to suspect that.. why? because it is that common for young black males to be doing such horrible things.

      • You don’t think it had anything to do with race huh. A Hispanic self defends himself after be assaulted by a Black teenager, and they immediately state that the killer is White. Now, it is OK to call Black on White crime non racists? :rolleyes:

      • I my self, put a ittle of the blame on the parents of these people, the younger generation, is not taught respect, and without respect, you get violence and crime and disrespect, and they are not taught right from wrong, I hope they catch them and punish them

        • Yes, you are totally right Willard. It is all about respect, without it people have no reason to care about a stranger. The media likes “dirty laundry”. Anything to get your attention.

      • Race shouldn’t be an issue, but it is. Our esteemed President and Attorney General set the example by emphasizing race, as did Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and created the problems surrounding the Trayvon Martin case. The point is that if this was a case of a wounded black veteran being beaten by whites, it would be all over the news and you can bet race would be brought up. As a white woman, I am sick of the hypocrisy and double standard. So is my black husband. Let’s see if Obama, Holder, Sharpton, or Jackson have a response to this, or to the murder of the Australian college student, that is as strong and vehement as that of the Martin case. I highly doubt it.

      • It matters because you see articles like this and you’re reminded yet again that the world we live in is full of shitheads. The whole race thing coincides with the fact that the Trayvon Martin case got wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much coverage for what it was: a homicide. People die every day because of that and most of the time none of it gets past local news; if it even gets that far. But for Trayvon we had community leaders, religious leaders, the God damn President of the US of A standing up and put that case in the spotlight.. and then you have situations like this where no one will ever hear about it unless they happen upon an the article on the internet. It’s hard for some people to understand why Trayvon would get so much attention and heroes like this are relatively ignored by the media. Granted, I don’t see CNN shining a light on every homicide that occurs in America, but that’s where I’m seeing the comparison.

    • Because it is a race problem. a non black kills a black then it’s all over the media. black kills black it’s ok and business as usual. black kills white and it’s media silence. Why isn’t this all over the news?? It’s HORRIBLE what they did (regardless of race) but you won’t see it on the news and you sure as hell will not see Obama say damn thing about this war hero who wasnt even allowed to have a dignified death

  2. I may be wrong, often I am, but I think you may have two different photos of the same suspect instead of one photo of two different suspects. Either that, or there is an official uniform now for strong arm robbery teams.

  3. When someone beats a man to death….especially when he’s elderly and unable to protect himself from 2 on 1…. doesn’t matter their race…they’re monsters and thats the only way they should be described.

    • Correct. However, the race issue needs to be brought up. Unless Black America is willing to label every crime as just a crime no matter the race, then White America needs a voice too. I would be shocked if they told me this was just by chance. I’d bet it all that the fact he was white was a deciding factor in being chosen as their victim. Now when they get caught we’ll have to hear of the plight of the black teenager and how they’re victims of society. pathetic!

    • you are so right and whatever names come out that these two might be called they deserve it they don’t deserve respect of any kind in cluding what names they may be called, it was two Chickenshit asshole kids that did it and will let it go at that and that applies to anyone that beats up on elderly women or any elderly people . Those that rape older women need total castration of everything so they have to squat to piss

  4. Firstly, This is just so incredibly sad and awful. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.. and .. well actually? to ALL OF US> We all have just now lost an awesome man. To those ASSHOLES who did this? KNOW that you will be found, and hopefully? By some other than the law… you deserve no mercy. You are LESS than animals. To Rose: You were way off lady… taking this to race. Not only was it inappropriate? Your comments were incorrect. I am not about to stoop here to school you because this is about the loss of an innocent victim of a terribly violent crime. But you should be ashamed of yourself for spewing your personal sick opinions.

    • Dude these sick bastards are running around killing white people for the sake of killing white people. Why should anyone be ashamed of speaking the truth?

      • Do you enjoy your bigotry? Do you have children. and are you passing your ignorance on to a new generation? Your attitude is as a much a part of the problem as anything else. Your outrage at the senselessness of the crime is very clear. Your attitude is, essentially, the same as those held by the Nazis. This man fought against that kind of thinking. Don’t try to decry his murder using the same faulty logic he was wounded trying to eradicate.

        • its not bigotry Bob, it’s being real. I would love it if there was no such thing of race provoked crimes, but that just simply is not reality. Don’t blame comments like the one above, blame bleeding heart America and the politicians who shove the victimization of the black American teen with bullshit like the Travon Martin case that is plastered on our televisions for over a year. Blame Sharpton and Jackson who are making impressionable people feel like they are under seige and in turn think they have a license to beat helpless people in the street. You can’t keep turning your head saying “Can’t we all get along?” while the other side doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Ask yourself this… How often do you see white youth running around wreaking havoc on law abiding people compared to black youth. Blacks are ten times more likely to be involved in crime then whites and hispanics combined. Chew on that!

          • Why is it that only black people can cry discrimination, but when white people do it, we are called prejudiced and bigots. It’s horrible that one of our country’s heroes has been killed in this manner, but everyone should be aware that the victim was white and his assailants were black. Fact are facts.

    • sorry but you need to open your eyes rose is right this will not be seen on the news unless it was black war vet killed by to white teens just saying the truth
      if you all let the leading party to cont. to rule well say goodbye to your America

  5. i’ve been in the army for 15yrs and been deployed 5 times.every-time i go to Vermont to see my wifes family i get pulled over because i look suspicious..people are people, theres always going to be racism, its just they way the world is and will always be. get over it.

  6. I want to keep a gun in my truck for this reason, but cant because private guns aren’t allowed on military bases if I saw some punks (black, purple, yellow don’t matter) beating an elderly man I would shoot first ask questions later. 20 years in prison is worth it besides what jury would find me guilty?

  7. and african americans still wanna know why that with rights they still get treated horribly, those two individuals no matter where they are from because of their skin color it automatically voices your community..which is pretty sad.

  8. Just like the trayvon Martin case if trayvon had shot Zimmerman no one would of cared . Just like this it won’t be on CNN Obama won’t make a speech about it . And people aren’t gonna rally this …

  9. this pisses me off, why would ScumBags pick a harmless War Vet? My grandpa fought in WWII and he is 90 years old, and at no point if he were to get attacked would he stand a chance of fending for himself. this is just wrong. I hope they catch these two and they Rot in prison.

  10. If it was two non blacks beating some elderly black guy to death, the whole black community and media from coast to coast would be all over this. As it is, the white community can’t say a damn word! This county is severely goin to hell!

  11. My god people, and what evidence do you have that he “targeted” a white man. These guys are trash and need to be held accountable. Zimmerman while I dont think he went out to kill a black kid should have had some sort of punishment for his dumb decisions that night. I’d be pissed if I was Trayvons family.

  12. This is so messed up no matter the color of the victim or the suspects. I’m bi-racial (white/black) and its sad that everu time there is a crime now people get racial and talk about the trayvon/zimmerman crap. The reason that got so much media coverage is bc he was never arrested and even still he walked. This is a crime where when caught these two will be punished, same with the rest of the people who have killed people black or white! Truth is… white on white murder is way more common than black to white murder and same for black on black crime. So please have some class and not make EVERY THING a racial issue. God bless this man and his family and hopefully these two will be caught soon and punished fully! That’s my two cents and I’m not going to go back and forth with anyone about the issue bc it is a never ending battle when it comes to racial issues.

    • The Zimmerman/Martin case was said to be racial due to the fact they said Zimmerman only stopped him because he was black. Racial profiling can go both ways, older white males are stereotypically rich not sure if this was a robbery gone bad but if it was who is to say they didn’t say lets rob the old rich white guy? Where is that in the news, where is the ACLU and the rest of the losers?

    • The Zimmerman case got so much media coverage bc he was never arrested???? and still he walked. He was definitely arrested, pressured from DOJ and the White House. He walked bc the jury found him not guilty-meaning the state couldn’t prove a case for murder even if the jurors wanted it to be murder. The evidence just wasn’t there. Truth is….Z acted in self defense no matter how much the Prez wanted to adopt Trevon after he died. You notice he hasn’t wanted to adopt this victim-a true war hero for our country. Oh, but that’s the thing- the Prez doesn’t admire people like Mr. Belton. And Michelle wasn’t proud to be an American until her husband was elected President. PLEEEEASE. Who is making this about race-the African Americans. I guess it’s time to free my slaves.

  13. Prove that it was racial. Initially he didn’t know until he started following TM. Only after speaking to the dispatcher did he know he was black. If he was so racial, why did he help black children, why was one of his best friends black. YOU only want it to be a racial thing. Facts are that if TM was afraid he would have called 911 himself, after reaching his house he would have went inside instead of circling back to jump GZ. You look at TM’s record and you can see a wanna be thug who messed with the wrong and his final victim. selling drugs at school, punching a bus driver, stealing jewlrey, suspended from school and being forced to leave his moms house to live with his dad. Next time someone is bashing your head into the ground just remember to NOT FIGHT for your life. GZ is innocent but you race baiters won’t let it go.

  14. Catch Them And Turn Them Over To The Veterans Groups In The Area. So Veterans Of ALL Colors Can Take Care of Them Plus Save The People Money Of Housing Them. Maggots

  15. As of current their has been no evidence that this was racial. Is it possible that it was yes and no. These two obviously had a mindset to go out and beat someone. Even though this story may not hit mainstream media is not a problem in my eyes. The less attention these two have the better. I despise the fact that criminals get their 15 minutes of fame. Everyone should take a minute of your time to think about what this man did for our country. Be thankful of that. Let the court decide these two fates. Their judgment day will come in this world or the next. That’s my two cents

  16. You all need to kill it with all this racial talk sounding ignorant as hell… RIP to that man, he should not have left life like that, and yes the cowardly fools who did that act to them needs to be found and punished. Im currently serving in the Navy, been for over 13 years now (and yes i’m black), yawl make me sick reading these comments with the racial crap… Face it…. Whites kill Whites, Blacks kill Blacks, Whites kill Blacks, Blacks kill Whites and vice versa for other races… So let the ignorant racial comments go..

    • Well Face It Jeff,! The majority of young black men being killed in America is being killed by other young black men. Matter of fact 78% of all young black men being killed are by the hand of another black young man. Another thing. Look on city population data and you’ll find that the cities with the highest crime contain a population which is mostly black. I can’t say what causes this but I know that there are very good black people out there. But I find that most are aggressive for no reason at all. They have all the benefit to get a good education and go to college yet they refuse to get one.

    • I agree Jeffrey this has nothing at all to do with Race, Colour ,Religion this has to do with 2 Psychotic … “Cowardly” ” InHumane Individuals ” I hope they are indeed found & brought to due Justice~! May the Punishment they are brought to fit the Crime they have committed~! God Bless ~! this Veterans Family
      May He Delbert Belton Rest in Peace & Thankyou Sir Veteran Belton for Your Service~ For Fighting for Our Freedom ! God Bless

  17. We get a lot of this in Britain, usually its drug related i.e. money to buy drugs, They target old people and beat them into telling them where their money is hidden. These people are the lowest of the low and should receive a special prison sentence which includes BOOT CAMP PLUS!

  18. i am sorry for his family and friends loss. I would like to say thank you to him and all that have served before me and after me. may he rest in peace and those responsible be brought to justice under the same system he risked his life for to defend. Raymond Penyak USN Submarine Service 14 years.

  19. That’s just down right senseless and violence like this just keeps climbing. Poor man doing nothing to provoke anyone dies. If they catch the 2 that did it they need to make it a slow public execution!

  20. If this is true than yes, they should be executed. Do not waste my tax dollars on life in prison. But what proof do we have these kids killed this veteran? There’s 2 pictures of young men not even together. Just two young men apparently walking into a store. Is there video footage of these two kids attacking the veteran? If there is, do we have a motive? Were they provoked or threatened? In no way shape or form am I taking up for them but ever since the Sherry West incident where 2 black kids were accused of shooting her 1 year old son in the face but she was caught with gun powder residue on her hands and has a video of her trying to get life insurance checks the same week. This country is working backwards. It use to be innocent until proven guilty now its guilty until proven innocent.

  21. God every time I read the newspaper or listen to the news or go on the computer ,there are people getting killed and murdered for no ,reason .Just thugs ,no education ,bored or stoned out of their minds on drugs They will be like that for the rest of their lives.So they have nothing going for them selves.only to end up in jail .Me I would give them the electric chair .And before the electric chair ,I would let them hear the sound of bacon and sausages sizzling on the stove before the electric chair .To do this to an old gentleman ,who has served his country ,and end up murdered by two thugs is something else .The same thing applies to the youn Australian fella in Duncan who lost his life by two thugs ,.

  22. There will never be a end to theses sorts of crimes ,I wish there would be .Kids brought in to this world the parents have no direction ,on well fare ,so the kid ends up the same route as the parents .It is like a merry go round trip..So they have no money and they go out and kill innocent people and rob them of their money. They all should get the electric chair .Then we as tax payers don’t have to pay for their up keep in jail.

  23. ya’ll kill me with the race card we just lost a true freaking here WWII Vet there arent many of those left if you havent noticed regardless if there black or freaking with justice needs to be served stop acting like females and litte freaking kids playing the race car….. the fact of the matter is we just lost a brother a true war hero if you really gave one crap or one damn about it you would realize that aholes

  24. Trying to use a combo of Google Maps, with Facebook places, to see if they checked in anywhere in the area even in the past to put a name with the faces. Didn’t seem like they got out of a car and there are a few bus stops in the area hopefully police are checking that too, both jackets one a pull over the other a zipper seem to have a similar logo, socks are pulled way high on one of em and the extreme red shoes could be some sort of sports shoe.

  25. There is no such thing as complete objectivity. In these instances all we really can expect is truthfulness. I am saddened by the ease with which many of you have used the horrible death of Mr. Belton as means of feeling patriotic in your bigotry. Many of you are among the real cowards. If your a bigot, then be a bigot. But, dont sully the name and honor of this patriot in doing so.

  26. Some of your little half working brains are embarrassing, it’s not a white or black issue. It’s horrible and doesn’t not help to incite race into it. Everyone involved were Americans that means there is a problem here in America and we all need to work together to fix the problem otherwise it will never be fixed.

    • Americans, for all we know they could be some extremist wack jobs. Spokane, WA Law Enforcement should have taken some notes from Boston shut the city down and hunt them like dogs, once found shoot first ask questions later dzhokhar got hit in the face couple inches to the left his brains would have been splattered what a shame.

  27. These dead beats are the reason that there are stereo types and racist comments made. As I am a black male so I can say this right and it is not racist that dumb! All of us in the black community need to get off our asses and make sure these kinds of people do not exist and then the racist comments s and stereo types will stop. These two idiots need to be beat to death themselves along with the morons that shot the runner. Our world is a very messed up place when you have people that think its ok to beat an 88 year old man up for no reason also just to shoot a person for running and they are white. I mean come on people we are all Americans this race bs and having issues with black people or white people should be nonexistent none of us where alive when there was slavery we all have an equal chance you just have to go after it. Black people quit using the inequality crutch we are all equal and have the same chance just go for it and make these kinds of dead beats nonexistent. It’s the person that done it that should be punish but come on the lazy ass parent needs to do a better job these kids are not just a government check they are people that need to be raised with values and morals and these kinds of things would not happen anymore get off you lazy asses people we don’t need this kind of stuff happening. The only way to be better is starting to make it better doing nothing we will still have this trash running around out there.

  28. Public linching….you wanna behave like an animal you die like an animal, string um up by the neck in a public setting and I guarantee the next would be bunch of punks will think long and hard before they do anything.

  29. Are we sure it’s two suspects? I mean they literally almost look exactly the same. Notice picture one, there is a slight tint to make it part of his shirt and logo on the right to appear yellow, Now i’m not sure if in picture one actually has a zipper on it to make it more obvious that their one in the same but i’ll move on. The shorts. You can barely see off of his right leg (your left) from where he was taking a step, it almost appears as those are shorts.

    It just seems to me that there is only man instead of two, my speculation.

  30. For all of you people out there making this issue a “race” issue need to keep that to your self. The fact is that two “teens” brutally murdered a “veteran”. My heart goes out to the family of that vet. This is not a what if it had been two whites beating a black man. the fact of the matter is that a man died, and its disrespectful for people to make his death about race.

  31. To the individual who said its not a race thing…..It is a race thing, it was two negros that beat a white man to death…. they didn’t choose another black man to beat on….they chose an 88 year old defenceless white man. These are racist cowards and they need to be treated as such, you people wanna act out like animals then you need to be treated as such. You wanna piss and moan about how the whole Zimmerman thing was racist and stereo typing and yak yak yak, its because you earned that stereo type as a group of people and this is a perfect example of why you as blacks are treated and looked down upon in this society.

  32. What you should bee doing is getting ALL the facs, such as there is a White Kid and Asian kid involved in this as well! It is people like yourselves who go out without facts and on “What They Said ” that are part of the Problem! The death of any citizen, especially one who has served this country (Black or White) an Outrage!

  33. It is those such as yourself who are the problem….. It was racist white cowards who took a 14 year old Boy who was Black (Emett Till ) beat him beyond reconigition and hung him yet we should be looked down upon?

  34. Every time I hear a black person claim they were slaves, “they” went through a lot of discrimination I think of the posers who claim “they” suffer from PTSD when “they” were in combat.

  35. I believe that people who would go out of their way to hurt another deserves to spend the rest of their lives in prison. I don’t care what color or religion you are. When we deal with people who kill and Mame others they deserve to be put to death. look once they get the idea to kill they will continue to do so. I dont believe we should be paying for people in prison just for them to live out their lives when the person they killed will never be able to live out theirs. O and the other thing is yes black people have more numbers being in prison then any other race in the world. look at the statistics. you keep denying the fact that black people do cause more crimes then any other race, and the only thing your doing is fooling yourselves.

    • Jack is the white stereotype that perpetuates racism towards white people like the murderers in this case are the black stereotype that perpetuate racism towards black people. It goes both ways.

      • if you follow news at least around here it is what Jack said is right is a white kills a black it is done as racially motivated but if a black kills a white it is just murder . Please pay attention to my words he just came across stronger but I’d bet if you or any other black was at home it would not be the white guy it would come out some whitey or some cracker killed the brother the other day. The words are different but the truth of the matter and the meaning are real around were I come from

  36. God Bless Delbert Belton”s Family & Loved Ones …. Our Hearts & Prayers are with you All ~! Just Unbeluevable this Dear Man went to War to give Animals such as these Thier Freedom He was A Valiant & Brave soldier… He was 88 years old & Why would… anyone want to Harrm such a person ~! Oh I hope that these 2 are indeed Caught & dealt with to the highest extent of the Law ~! They are Animals ..Inhumane beings… Cowards to say the Least ~! Just absolutely disgusting~!

  37. Wow Jack, that is completely uncalled for!! Horrible, hateful, murderous people come in ALL races. These kids are punks and deserve everything they get, but this is NOT a race thing. Please need your narrow-minded HATEFUL thoughts to yourself and grieve for the victim and the community that lost him. Your hate brings absolutely nothing worthy into this world and you should be ashamed.

  38. They committed a horrendous crime and our system is doing what it can to find those responsible and punish them… so what is there to rally?

  39. My daughter has a saying there are peacemakers and there are trouble makers , when I read what is here and some of the comments about racism II was wondering were some of you really fit in to which word look at yourselves in a mirror . Some of you may not like what I am about say and the words I will use but get passed the words and read what it is about and you will understand why I wrote the words the only person that won’t understand and read passed what words are used is a black person that wants no peace . I want to know where the two loud mouthed colored, BLACK ASHOLES SHARPTON and JACKSON at . Why are they out there protesting this in a way that say we really do want to live together in peace , saying something like this to all the black kids out there murdering white people especially the elderly that can’t fight back. You the black youth of our communities don’t you realize you are dragging down any type of peace that could be attained by murdering a white person do you not wonder why white people think of us the way they do . As long as a white kills a black it is racial and that is a fact in just about every community but if a black kills a white person it is just murder and nothing more . Why is it there are no white people out there protesting these murders . If it is racially motivated for one it is racially for the other . Black on white is no different then white on black if you call one racial so is the other me I see it murderer is murder no matter what the color . This guy was 88 what makes this real nasty as far as I am concerned is these two chickenshit niggers had to beat up on an old white guy they don’t deserve the distinction of being called black. How low can you get to find some one older then you to beat up on, and what hole did they climb out of . Call me racist but read and be sure you understand what racial is racial no matter what your color is and if any of you don’t like what word I called them two oh well you are a part of the problem because you don’t like what I called them but in private among your own color I’d bet you’d call these guys that and then some which is why I said you are a part of the problem as well. Those of you that say it’s wrong to call someone the N word well guess what it is no worse then you calling a white , WHITWEY or CRACKER or any other slang term you want . There I go again with those that use words and say racial the loudest are part of the problem and you want no change and darn I wish this could be seen by those two bigmouths.. By the way anyone pay attention to the news what Jack said is right and I to want to know why Judges are so scared that if I want to take some guy to court for racial insults he’d never let me win but if a black took me to court he’d win

  40. Thank you Mr. Belton for your bravery, your service, your faith in your country. It saddens me to hear how your life was disregarded, and the freedoms of the young men that took yours. I am sending prayers for his family. In regards to the posts above: The truth of the matter is, we are all human, we naturally look for differences in people, it is human nature – it is encoded in our brains to see differences. It is our choice to act upon or speak upon those differences. Its the choices that we make as individuals that is breaking our country apart. Where do we start how about in our living rooms by turning off the TV, in parenting of our children, and in doing the right thing in our everyday lives. Remember what Mr. Belton, and thousands of others have fought for or are fighting for,, and for heavens sake people, read the Constitution of America. I am praying that one day, the people of America will wake up, find peace in their hearts. Its not race until one chooses to make it that way.

  41. This person may get out of prison in 30 years, God forbid! When is the U.S. going to start serializing people like this? All they do is breed more hatred and it’s just getting worse!

  42. Old School Mom hit the nail on the head. These are worthless punk thugs that need to be made an example of. This has nothing to do with race. It’s a matter of crappy upbringing. What do the parents of these 2 pukes have to say?

  43. Old School Mom says it right. This is about 2 punkass kids that needed ther asses kicked along time ago. Where in the hell are the parents of these two turds and what do they have to say about this. I cant even fathom what went on here.This was a very elderly man , unfriggin’ believable!
    Condolences to Mr. Belton’s family and friends.
    Punish them swiftly and very harshly!

  44. I am crying and sick to my stomach over this story.
    I have no words for the sorrow I feel for this man
    how could he be dealt such a cruel hand

  45. I am tired of the race card being raised every time a crime like this is brought to our attention.

    I was not raised to be racist…my parents taught me to respect people for who they were. My heritage is Polish/English. My Dad was a three war veteran.

    I believe he saw men will die in battle fighting for one another regardless of race.

    I don’t want my children growing up with a racist viewpoint. I will teach them the same values I was taught.

    To those parents who neglect to teach your children good values and fail to instill in them a sense of morality, I say you are at the heart of the problem we have with juvenile crime today.

    It’s not about race…it’s about right and wrong.

    It appears a good man, a veteran, who risked his life for the good of all, could not go safely to the pool hall to have a game with friends.

    If the victim were of any other race, I’d be no less outraged.

    To all those who have commented and said this is not about race…I applaud you.

    This is about crime and punishment.

    My prayers are with the victim and his family.

  46. If you look beyond the end of your noses……..You will see, the Lord says “Thou Shalt Not Kill” If anybody realizes that no matter who it is, or how it was done….killing is never acceptable!!! I wish this gentlemans family my best, may God bless them all, along with this poor man’s family! And remember the veterans always, because of them..there still is freedom……………although freedom seems sometimes, less than perfect, we are still free!!

  47. Katheleen on August 23rd post I think said it so elegantly that a black can call it racist but if a white says anything we are bigots and a few other words as well I for one know she is right and so does everyone that read what she wrote . Murder is murder no matter what color . Funny thing is if any other race would murder a black person nothing is said not even race brought up . Let a white man and then if they can use it racism is used. So when you consider that only the black twins SHARPTON and JACKSON always use race as the factor who is really practicing and using race as the issue , who is being Racist them or me . I see it as murder no matter what color those two don’t see it that way as it doesn’t benefit them to help keep racism alive .

  48. They targeted this man the same way a pack of wolves looks for the weakest elk in the herd. Predators won’t attack prey even if there is a small chance they will be injured (a broken jaw from a strong kick is a death sentence in the wild). Enough dishonoring this veteran by trashing his page with politacal BS. If you want your voice heard call a radio talk show. I am only 22 and believe I was raised properly in the “old fashion”, respect for elders, and thank a veteran everytime you see one and in every prayer you send out..

  49. Google “black mob violence”. This is a problem that is epedemic in this country. You’ll never hear about this problem in the MSM our even be warned about it by your own government, which is complicit in this ,(as well as funding the terrorist who are killing Americans but that’s another subject) As if this weren’t bad enough the president of the United States just gave every black thug in the country the green light to “kill whitey” with his “Trayon would be my son” crack. There’s an article that suggests it’s already happened.

    Ever heard of “Beat Whitey Night”? Read Colin Flaherty’s “White Girl Bleed a Lot”

  50. In response to Chris who responded to Eustace:

    I don’t think the attack was racially motivated; I think it was seen as an opportunity to “score” because it was motivated by the age/size of the victim.

    The fact that the victim was white and the attackers were black played no role in the boys’ choice to commit this outrageously horrendous crime.

    Many of the public do see this as racially motivated. That’s just the way people think based on past history.

    Kids today have no role models that appeal to them; that they look up to.

    Society’s morals and definition of lifestyles practiced have drastically changed in the last 50 years.

    These two boys need to, and will, pay the price for their cowardice. They will go to prison and rub shoulders with the most hardened criminals and will learn even more. Our laws have become quite lenient and they will probably get out early.

    These atrocities are not going to end until the ADULTS in the lives of all of our children clean up their acts, set good examples for their children and actually TEACH their children how to behave. They need to stop setting the examples by being adicted to drugs, alcohol and promiscuity. They need to actually CARE what happens to their children and take measures to STOP being idiots themselves.

    There’s something terribly wrong with this race that allows and sets the stage for the children to do what they do. I’m talking about the HUMAN race, regardless of skin color. Until we change our own ways, things like this will continue to happen over and over again. The prisons are full to overflowing with the proof of what I am saying here.

    • Marilyn,
      I think you said what happened and why very elegantly put . It goes back to how much society has changed and what the parents let their children do. Laws are such that children put fear into their parents that if they touch them they’d report them to welfare so parents became afraid to correct or punish the way it should be. This talking to them like now Johnny or Susie you know what you did is wrong don’t do it again.
      My grandson is one of those that put fear into his mother until I saw what he was about to do to her when he balled his fist up then tried to lie to me and say he didn’t but he also knew I was right there and I y=told him flat out you see the window behind you? You ever do that or put a hand on your mother I will knock you through the window then I’ll call welfare and the sheriff and we shall see who goes to jail . Well it worked .
      She, his mother got the courage to send him to a mental health place and 3 days later they wee going to release him send him home. well by the time I got done with the [hone conversation he didn’t come home because everything he would have said I told them the same words. They taught him how to channel his anger well it worked until she sent him to the sperm donor that by the time weekend was up he was right back to were he started and as long as she keeps him from the donor it works.
      Both parents need to work together and just because a child is from broken home it isn’t the home that is the problem it has to be a parent that is as a much the problem as they are the solution to it . you can’t have one putting the other down and you need a court system that also helps with the custodial parent that they have the knowledge to fix the problem. the donor is an alcoholic that let his 13 year old child have jello shooters and white lightning to drink when he was there one time and then you have to have stronger laws at the parents hands to stop this. He teaches this to him and the son hears how e talks to his mom but it was not until he turned 14 and was sent to a place in Tennessee for 4 months did he realize his biological donor parent was lying to him from the time he was 5 .and now I have to work on changing what he has learned all those years because she still can’t handle him . He knows I will be strict yet fair the one disorder that he was correctly diagnosed for makes a difference if it the right one. to much is put on ADHD that it is used all the time .Society needs to change from what we see and like these killings in schools and movies , when you put them on national TV I think it gives some other borderline problem the idea hey I’m going to go better and do more get my name out there in the news . This stuff needs to be done but not several days running .
      Sorry this was so long but you made so many good points that all of it was true and what needs to bee done now to get the public to do something is another matter.

  51. Really people? I just read through some of these comments and wow. Ignorance? Your stupid. Who gives a shit about Jesse Jackson. Who cares about trevon martin?? Do there opinions affect your life?? And another thing. Scroll up and read what these posts are for. As a combat veteran and this is beyond outrage. If the law can’t find this kid I hope somebodys rifle scope does. The way soldiers from any era are treated is disgusting. Yeah sure he risks his life…to come home and one day get beat down by some little coward. Justice?? No. Send His punk ass to Leavenworth. 50 years in there ought to be somewhat fair. If not. Kill him. I have no regard for them. ~(NO MERCY)~

    • Chris,
      Kind of forgot that one but Leavenworth would be a good place and 50 years would be the right time for what they did . Since the man is a veteran , then justice for him should be served there, not in some easy civilian prison . Matter of fact if any person murderess a veteran and they aren’t executed then they should all go to Leavenworth . For sure one would get no mercy in there for murder of a veteran not a bad idea

  52. One thing for sure one can put race into anything this murder or any murder that involves white and black but in this case doubt race was an issue as much as the fact this 88 year old was an easy target for these two chickenshit assholes . The fact he was white was secondary to the fact he was an old man that would be an easy takedown and no struggle if it would have been a younger person . Cowards is to god a word for them as is saying they are black , that is disgracing there own race by calling them that they don’t even deserve that distinction . There are other words of color better suited for them that seem more befitting of them . Let your minds figure out what names I have in mind.
    I do believe had two young white boys killed an elderly black man it and the other racist people in this country would have stood up and the media with them and said this was a racially motivated murder . By racist people in the country I mean the two loudest assholes that spew forth their hatred agenda .

  53. To those that don’t think this attack was race based. Would you think the same thing if the race of the victim and suspects were reversed ? I highly doubt it.

  54. So Ridiculous on how everyone can turn anything into race. I am a black male and a Army vet. I think that it is a damn shame that kids can just beat on an elderly man. They need to find them and punish them to the full extent of the law!! This has nothing to do with the Travon Murder, everyone needs to just relax and think about how this man’s family must feel. Some litttle kid just lost a grandparent, and someone lost a father. So sad how all we can think about is going to race. i don’t care what color these teens are black,white,green, or purple. They need the same beating along with there parents!!!

    • I could give a shit about race, I myself find it disturbing that the media likes to fuel racism. I think a thug is a thug no matter what color. And anyone disgusting enough to do harm on his fellow man/woman deserves an ass beating and cast into the desert without food and water and left to perish. Kid’s today are so cowardly that they have to prey on the weak and helpless, it’s a damn disgrace.

  55. A quote from the article, “Straub said it appeared that Belton fought back against his attackers, which may have increased the severity of his beating.”

    So…because Mr Straub fought back, it’s his own fault he died?

  56. Question to all of these claiming this was racism. Would any of you all care if Mr. Belton had been black, or the two young men had been white. I am sure we would all be upset for losing a brother in arms, but I highly doubt it would go any further. I am personally deeply saddened by the loss of life, and was not there to be able to say if it was racilly motivated. I do know this some of you calling these young men “NIGGERS” and wanting to lynch them are the same ones who smile in people of all ethnic backgrounds but say things like you are saying behind closed doors. So really how can you expect people of different races to forget when you all are still keeping the same agenda, only now it’s behind closed doors? It sickens me to death that I put my life on the line in service to this country that I love and people like you all live here but judge myself and others like me on the color of my skin.

    Hate ME, Love Me, I will still defend you to my death for the love of this country!!!

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