Urban Outfitters Decides The Ranger Scroll Is A Fashion Accessory

Ranger Scroll On Urban Outfitters

Ranger Scroll On Urban Outfitters



Mike sent us a link to some new items available from Urban Outfitters, it seems they are trying to turn the Ranger Scroll into a fashion accessory.  Once Mike hit us up, we got several more emails from some very p****d of Rangers!

Guess what Urban Outfitter’s this is NOT a fashion accessory, to include all the other patches you have adorned your clothing with. These insignia are not worn as fashion, Soldiers have died while wearing these patches and scrolls!!!

I am sure some will say “no big deal”, but I beg to differ! It is opening the door for posers to claim this crap. Oh you have a Ranger Scroll on your vest, must be a Ranger!! So don’t tell us it won’t hurt anyone, or someone wont get scammed, because it will happen eventually! Not to mention it is degrading the Scroll and the other patches!


We do ask if you contact them, or post on their FB page, keep it polite and professional! We have emailed them and explained our point of view, and why it should not be sold as some accessory.


Here is a link to Urban Outfitters FB page;Urban Outfitters

This is the link to the items for sale with these patches on their website:Urban Outfitters Ranger Scroll. (Contact Us link is at the bottom of their page)

We did not look through the whole collection, just two were enough for us. I guess posing is becoming a fashion trend.


Someone has posted a petition on Change.org using the name of our website, we have not setup, nor authorized anyone to setup a petition in our name.


Thanks to everyones professionalism in contacting Urban Outfitters and making them aware of the item in question, they responded this morning and informed us they will be removing at least one item from their website.

“Thank you for your comments and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention. It is never Urban Outfitters’ intention to offend our customers. We respect the military and value our nation’s veterans and those in active duty. Although the use of military insignias is common practice within fashion industry trends, we understand your concerns and will remove the Standard Cloth Patches Blue Vest from our website.”



What are your thoughts?
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    • the Rangers scroll is earned it should not be thought of as a fashion statement if they think so they should give all the proceeds to the families of the Fallen Rangers that gave their lives for the country that they love and if you’re reading this and you’re wondering if I earned mine yes I did Rangers lead the way

      • Obviously reason is not something this group considers, so i am going to stop following, and lead my own social media campaign. If you can’t respect the liberties that the men who wore the patches fought and died for, than this group does not stand for valor and honor, it is as disgraceful as the westboro Baptist church.

        • Hmmm, isn’t one of those liberties the freedom to express oneself in an opposing opinion? Your analogy with the Westboro Baptist Church shows you need more work in the area of critical thinking.

        • Nikolaus, two totally different universes going on there….
          There are 2 reasons that military insignia should not be used as a fashion statement in my opinion. First, Like the others on the site said, Rangers go through hell to earn that scroll. If you are curious as to just a taste of what they have to do to earn it, look up a show on Netflix called Surviving the Cut. The Ranger course trains our U.S. Army soldiers to be the very best at what they do, no matter what the mission is. They are by far the best at surviving and combat. The equivalent in the civilian world would maybe be someone wearing a police or FBI badge around in public that didn’t earn it.
          In the military it’s a punishable offense to wear things you didn’t earn like rank, ribbons, and patches. It’s called Stolen Valor. It’s shameful.

          The other reason, far less likely of a problem, but something to think about, is there are crazy people out there that target military, even here in the states. I was on a convoy from one base to another and my unit stopped at a gas station to get food and a customer, an older man, came up and hugged me randomly. When we left the gas station my First Sergeant warned me to be careful of that sort of thing, “that’s a good way to get your liver split”, he said. I’ve heard stories of people getting their cars keyed for having military bumper stickers.
          Just saying.

          • Rangers are the best at survival? Do you know how long Ranger missions are? Do you know who runs the SERE Course?

          • Bob, let me rephrase. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone feeling/ego. I am aware they are quick in and out missions but they are trained to survive if something happens and they are captured or separated. Why split hairs when a more obvious issue is going on here. I know the SERE course is tough, but it’s a course, not a title, if you can call Ranger a title. Not sure what you would call it but not the same thing. Glad we’re all supporting the same cause.

          • I can’t reply to your reply, Ben, so I’ll do it here. My ego isn’t damaged. I was simply trying to set the record straight.

            The Special Forces UW mission is to work with the local population (in Vietnam, it was the CIDG). Those are long, long missions. Sf also has DA missions, which is the total mission of Rangers. They are strike, then get out.

            The US Army developed the SERE course after Nick Rowe escaped in 1968, then retired. He wrote the book “Five Years To Freedom”, which is a very good read if yo haven’t done so.

            The US Army recalled him to active duty to put together a SERE Course, which is at the Special Forces training compound at Camp MacKall. Almost all of the instructors are either active duty or retired Special Forces veterans. I know a number of them.

            There are other SERE Courses, as well. One is for aviation assets at Fort Rucker. The Navy/Marines have one and the Air Forces has had one at Fairchild AFB for many years. They are not all the same and there are different levels.

            As for being on the same page, actually, I’m not. I think this is overblown and we’ve seen teenagers wearing these clothes for decades. My own son wore my Vietnam and later era fatigue pants. I wear a Special Operations Combat Medic sweatshirt and a T-shirt that he got when he was a Ranger at the SF Combat Medic Course (Rangers have an abbreviated course …they don’t get the dental and the veterinary portions of the course, not do the Navy SEALs).

            You can purchase this stuff online, find it at second hand stores or go to a military surplus store. One thing I do agree on is that a business that runs a website entitled Guardians of Valor probably shouldn’t be trying to make money off of this stuff. I am on two SF pages where we investigate and “out” Posers.

            That was long but I tried to be thorough.

            Now I just have to find a way to stop getting these notifications.

    • As of now its not up, I’m sure it wont “clear their moderators”. But this is flat out terrible, this is far beyond 1A. If I put on blue dickies pants/top with a badge I go to jail for “impersonating a police officer” should be the same for “impersonating a soldier” esp since its much easier to get thru the police academy.

      • Hot topic did this using the Marine Corps dress blues, every Marine orginazation gave them some nice messages, but this unacceptable, these men die to wear the uniform, its not fashion.

      • Police Academy is easier than what? I’ve been through Army Boot Camp, Infantry School, US Navy Basic Training, FC A School, Tomahawk C School and Police Academy (Alabama Min Standards.) Physically Police Academy was the easiest but other than that it depends on the person I think.

        • Definitely depends on your MOS in that case. I’d imagine it’s much easier mentally going through infantry school than the police academy but something like EOD school would be a whole different story.

      • Actually, if you were arrested simply for wearing a “uniform” that appeared to be consistent with what police wear, it would be bad arrest and you would have a clear lawsuit.

        In order for criminal impersonation to be successfully prosecuted, the actor has to do something consistent with the duties of the person he is impersonating.

        Lacking those two elements, there is no case.

    • Amen, Jim. I was just a huey driver, but, I’ll be damned if I’ll let wannabees act like heros. I dearly wish I could qualify for a CIB. I can’t.
      It’s the mark of a true man.

  1. I’m sure i’ll catch the ire of some pissed off veterans, but as a vet myself, I don’t see a huge issue here. Nowadays less and less people are enlisting but the popularity serving is hitting an all time high. The people who wear this kind of stuff are typically pre-pubescent teens, not vet-wannabes. Whether the wannabes wear it or not they’ll still lie about it. Might as well shut down every military surplus store. This is symptomatic of the growing popularity of special forces. If kids can wear this, i feel like it may increase their curiousity in the service thus making it more likely for them to enlist.

    • I wholly agree with you. They’ve been wearing fatigues for a long time. They’ve worn SF patches for a long time and I didn’t get heated up over it. The next big thing should be SEAL wear.

      We have better things to deal with than what high school and junior high school kids wear.

      Spend you time communicating with your elected officials about what’s going on in the world instead.

      • civilians wearing fatigues came from the counter-culture movement in the 60s-70s to mock the military and the newly adopted guerrilla tactics that SF started using at the time. way to carry the torch and profit off ignorance. then again, you gotta be a dipshit if you’re spending $300+ on a pair of jeans, so if any clothing line were to release something so blatantly disrespectful, it would be urban outfitters. classy move. also, posting pictures of peoples’ graves to advertise your product as about as low as you can possibly go. i hope all of you get some rare disease there is no cure for. seriously.

        • Well, thought out post. I already got some serious disease back in the day when I was jumping off of Huey’s in rice paddies Vietnam, thank you..

        • I wore a fatigue jacket back in the 70’s but it wasn’t to mock anyone but to show support and respect for my family members that were serving at that time. I was young and sincerely hope that it wasn’t taken out of context back then. I have always been proud of those that served and those that serve today. Thank you for your service!

        • I wore fatigues in the 60’s because my boyfriend left me 2 pair of his when he went to “nam in ’68. I wore fatigues in the 70’s because I enlisted and was entitled to. I own a “Ranger” scroll t-shirt as does my husband because my son “earned” it and gave it to us. My husband served over 20 years on submarines, one son a Ranger, one son a “Gunney”, two sons Navy. I am ex-USAF and my dad, brothers (2) cousins, uncles and in-laws have served and earned. I don’t see there is a lot of difference in wearing a “scroll” as a teen-ager as opposed to girls wearing flag bikinis on the fourth. We can take it as mocking or as patriotism and pride. I will choose to accept that over flag burning.

          • I wore US Navy jackets in the 50s and 60s because my dad brought them home when he was in the military and a leather bomber jacket. I wore fatigues in the 70s, 80s and 90s because I was in the military.

            I wear a T-shirt and a sweatshirt that say “Special Operations Combat Medic” because my son, a Ranger, gave them to me. I am not a combat medic. I was just a shooter. I wear them with pride for what he has done for his country.

            He wore my Vietnam era and later fatigue trousers and now wears Special Forces gear because I gave them to him. I am not offended that he wears Special Forces gear and was not in Special Forces like me.

            Where is the outrage when our runner in the Olympics wear a US flag across their butts?

            Gee, whiz…

    • I used to fully support stolen valor and guardian of valor pages, but any more, I seriously question these pages. If they sold complete uniforms, then sure have an issue, but these are patches, many of which can be bought at surplus stores, flea markets, even ebay. The massive over reactions I see here and the overt hostile attitudes really piss me off. This site is becoming as bad as the posers they call out.

        • so you can flame them individually and claim they are posers for having the patches? Seriously, think about what you are saying the freedom of speech that the men who died wearing those patches is what you are attacking. If it isnt on a uniform, it is far form stealing valor.

      • Sounds like you have not earned any of the Patches we’re talking about …… scumbags that wear awards they never earned need to be taught what they mean …. no matter the age, ….. no matter the demeanor, …. no matter who they are.

    • Even more hilarious is the fact that people can get this angry over army garb and yet no one will make a peep over the fact that Urban Oufitters continually steals from artists, and appropriates Native culture.

    • seriously?? were you a cook or something? there will always be posers as there will always be the people that call them on it. urban outfitters has just become the poster brand for fake pieces of shit that use the achievements of other people’s sacrifices to turn a profit. if they aren’t donating 100% of PROFIT from sales to military bonds or families of fallen service men/women, i say boycott these opportunists. like seriously, i hope your business tanks. the images of dead civil war soldiers on the side bars along with your mockery of the armed forces makes me sick. go fuck yourself. gets aids.

      • Seriously, djroychoudhurydj? Open mouth and insert foot.
        All service men and women respect their cooks; because unlike the air force who deliver death from above, cooks have the ability to deliver death from within, so watch your mouth if you want to talk flak about cooks!

  2. This is disgraceful of urban outfitters. You must earn to wear that patch. The fashion industry should not use military patches in its design layout.

  3. I don’t like seeing those things. But, on the other hand, I could go to any of the military oriented website stores like Ranger Joes, etc and order Ranger tagged clothes without anyone asking for credentials either.

  4. I sent my message to Urban Outfitters expressing (politely) my distaste.. My father served in WW!! and lived not to talk about it after he came home. My husband’s father served and sacrificed his life in Dieppe, France and (obviously) never came home. .

  5. Long comment here but work with me here…

    I tweeted at them here (feel free to retweet if on twitter) – https://twitter.com/ChuckReynolds/status/374707850875920385

    Also email Consumerist.com – tips@consumerist.com

    Customer Service – 800-282-2200
    Philadelphia office: 215-454-5500
    5000 South Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19112-1495

    Board of Directors & Executive officers emails and phone numbers:

    Glen A. Bodzy
    General Counsel and Secretary

    Frank J. Conforti
    Chief Financial Officer

    Margaret A. Hayne
    President, Free People

    Richard A. Hayne
    Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

    Tedford Marlow
    Chief Executive Officer, Urban Outfitters Group

    David W. McCreight
    Chief Executive Officer, Anthropologie Group

    Wendy B. McDevitt
    President, Terrain

    Calvin Hollinger
    Chief Administrative Officer

    Edward N. Antoian
    Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Chartwell Investment Partners
    Founder, Zeke Capital Advisors

    Scott A. Belair
    Principal, The ZAC Group

    Harry S. Cherken, Jr.
    Partner, Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

    Richard A. Hayne
    Chairman of the Board

    Joel S. Lawson III
    Independent Consultant

    Robert H. Strouse
    President, Wind River Holdings, L.P.

  6. Below is the email I sent to Urban Outfitters.

    SKU # 28736007

    This new product is absolutely appalling. The 3rd Ranger Battalion scroll featured on the left breast is a sacred symbol. A symbol that represents an elite group of men that have served, fought and died for this great nation. A group of men that are sons, husbands, and fathers to many Americans. These sons, husbands, and fathers are the reason your company is aloud to exist, these men have fought and died for our freedoms and rights since the French and Indian war. This scroll is reserved for that group of men to where as recognition of there dedication. These men have not just volunteered to serve in the armed forces they have volunteered three times and earned the right to be apart the most elite light infantry airborne unit in the world. To see this scroll on the chest of a snott nosed prepubescent punk is not only a disgrace to the previous mentioned men, but the many that have have lost their lives wearing that scroll. This is a dishorner to the brotherhood, but also just as much to the families of these men. You all may think its cool and rebellious to rock fatigues and unit patches, but you have crossed the line with this one. I personally hold you responsible for the well being of any of your customers that get caught wearing this vest on the street by a real Ranger. It is with utmost respect that I ask that you remove this product from your clothing lines, if not for any other reason then to respect the men that earned this scroll.

    Thank You,

    Paul A. Mylnar

  7. Many years ago after I’d graduated from AIT at Fort Lee, we went on a shopping trip in D.C. I had several hundred dollars worth of clothing, until I saw the clerks outfit. His shirt had an upside down US flag on it. Needless to say, they didn’t make a sale, and he knew why. I won’t even put a Ranger sticker or license plate on my vehicles, because I’m not a Ranger.

    • I gladly served my county and I personally own a shirt with an upside down flag on it. Do you honestly understand what it means or do you only see it as disrespect? Not knocking the rest of your post, just always love the conversations my shirt starts with people and 1 of the reasons I got it. Political activist/rapper Immortal Technique sells them for $25 online easy to obtain. If anyone took the time to research what it actually means under section 8a of the United States Flag Code it means DISTRESS not disrespect :). Carry on

  8. I think I speak for all 1st Batt personnel when I say that I look forward to seeing just one SCAD student downtown wearing one of these purchased from the local Urban Outfitters. As if we weren’t strangling enough of these losers with their own skinny jeans on a regular basis, now we have to deal with this.

  9. With all due respect, it is not a fashion accessory just like stepping on the flag isnt art. It is downright DISRESPECTFUL. Consider the men who have worn & died to protect this great country, they & others wore that scroll with dignity on their left patches. I am sincerely saddened to see people who are motivated by greed & think it is nothing, while that scroll means a whole lot more to service members & veterans.

  10. I may wear a RANGER or SCREAMING EAGLE logo on my paintball uniform but just wear it NOT!!! I do have a 101 Air Borne shirt I bought at Normandy I wear it to Honor those who paid the ultimate price for freedom and to honor those who jump from my Hercs!

    • Your own unit doesn’t have a logo you could wear? Tabs, Scrolls and Wings should be worn only by those that earned them or their next of kin- just my opinion. Also, 101st doesn’t jump from Hercs.

      PS. I did jump from your birds and you should be proud.

    • I would personally never wear something like that as I would feel like I was trying to pretend like I was part of that group. I think the 101st patch, the 1 ID patch, the ranger scrolls, the SEAL tridents, Electric butter knife all of that stuff looks too cool, but why does it look so cool to us? Because we know what it represents. I just wouldn’t feel right wearing any of it on my body or stickers on my car or anything.

  11. this is the letter i fired off to the company, lets see if i get a reply

    To whom ever it may concern,
    It was recently brought to my attention by a friend of mine that Urban Outfitters was selling clothing with US military unit patches on it. I personally dont mind the new styles all the young kids are wearing these days but thisis where i draw the line and your companys roll has run a ground. You see I served in the 3rd Ranger Battalion and had a lot of friends fight and die under that scroll. I personally would have no problem walking over to a young punk who thinks “its stylish” to wear a scroll I earned, and tearing it off his pretty blue sku# 28736007 “standard cloth patches blue vest”.
    No different than wearing a badge of a police officer on your clothing, im sure youll get plenty of unwanted attention doing that too. Please by all means, set your company up for failure, I’m sure there’ll be lawsuits to follow from guys like me snotting young punk kids, and them in turn placing blame on urban outfitters because of what the company had sewn on its clothing. It might also be a trigger for a returning vets PTSD, and that wont be fun for anyone! My suggestion is to remove the scroll and other units patches from your clothing and find a new approach to sell clothing without using what my brothers and I earned. This also goes for the ;100th infantry, 1st cav division, 1st infantry, 92nd support group, 52nd ordinance, 72nd field artillary and any other unit patch your designers think is “cool”. It isnt cool holding whats left of your friend together to get him on an outbound medivac, and these young kids have NO idea what thats about.. but hey the patch is cool right??
    This is not a threat, it’s merely a gentle reminder that VETERANS of the US military dont take kindly to stunts like this. Thank you for your careful consideration on this matter. Sincerly G.R. Giboski RLTW!!!

    • If something as minor as a patch commonly available through thousands of online vendors is a trigger for ptsd than that soldier has no business being in public. Service and sacrafce while appreciated, is not a license to fly off the handle at something as minor as this. If you are truly so outraged, and threatening physical harm to “snot nosed kids” then you sir are a disgrace to the uniform. You hold such reverence for the symbol of the patch, perhaps you should hold yourself ablve the fray, and respect the rights that the mem wearing the patch died to protect

    • Sorry man, you are a nut job. Is it too late to get the email back? Here are a few quotes from your letter I find strange or disturbing or just plain funny.

      “I personally dont mind the new styles all the young kids are wearing these days…” This one falls under funny.

      The fact that you would tear someone else’s clothes up because you dont like it. Disturbing

      ” I’m sure there’ll be lawsuits to follow from guys like me snotting young punk kids, and them in turn placing blame on urban outfitters because of what the company had sewn on its clothing” Very disturbing. I’m not 100% sure what snotting means but it sounds like you are threatening violence to someone you state is a young punk. If you know they are a young punk you should know that young punk kids dont think like adults but yet you are going to do something (violence?) that would cause a law suit. Sounds to me like you need to get back in the military and get some of that discipline back, if you ever had any.

      “It might also be a trigger for a returning vets PTSD, and that wont be fun for anyone!” Huh? If the patches are triggers for someones PTSD than so would seeing authorized persons in uniform. Get real.

      I think people, me for sure, would take it much more seriously if you didnt include all the over the top tough guy drama. Just say in so many words that the patch is earned and should be reserved for those who earned it. Not all this drama about putting dead buddies on helo’s. So cliche.

      And yes, I served. US Army (11B and 95B), United States Navy (Tomahawk Tech) and as a Police Officer (Alabama).

  12. anybody else Notice The Big Red One as well?
    next they’ll just throw navy seals and JTF2 on everything.
    oh wait, they already do,
    what is this world coming too

  13. Just sent this to them. I doubt it will make a difference, but who knows..

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I understand that you want to be edgy and on the cutting edge of fashion, etc., but I detest and strongly protest your use of military rank, unit patches, and any other material related to the US Military. These things are not fashion statements. They are official insignia used by the men and women who stand guard and protect this country.

    Thousands of service members have bled, died, and become disabled wearing several of the patches you now put on your clothing line. Many more have had to watch their friends and comrades in arms die wearing those insignia. Families have endured loss, heartache, and many difficulties in service to this great country and you believe that it is alright to belittle their sacrifice into something that anyone can buy for only $84.00 and wear?

    I guess I should thank you for letting me know that the numerous holidays and special occasions my friends and I have spent away from our families are worth $84.00 plus shipping and handling. I am shocked and appalled by this blatant disrespect shown to us. I consider this a slap in the face on par with the level of people who pretend to be Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, or Marines for personal gain. Your clothing will help enable those unscrupulous people to defraud innocent people trying to help real veterans. I am very disappointed at your marketing choices and will advise everyone I know to avoid purchasing any of your products.


    Timothy Robinson

  14. I sent a professional, strongly worded letter to their PR department. I let them know this item has been showcased as a sign of their blatant disrespect for those who have earned the honor to wear the ranger scroll, and stated that a removal of the item and a public apology was in order to make it right. I should have copied it, like Mr. Robinson did!

  15. The United States Codes and Code of Federal Regulations having statutory authority, as discussed in Army Regulation 672-8, identify the following articles not authorized to be manufactured for public sale: articles that incorporate designs or likenesses of designs of insignia (rank and unit); combat, special skill, and qualification badges and bars; identification badges; Fourrageres; lapel buttons; and articles that incorporate designs or likenesses of decorations, service medals, and service ribbons.

    • So what recourse do you have when the Dept of the Army set a precedence by selling the Big Red 1 to sears clothing in 2008? While the sale caused controversy, it still went through. The Big Red 1 became one of sears most popular clothing lines. A similar e-mail campaign ensued, along with a push in congress that was unsuccessful. While we should express our displeasure, and feelings on the matter as is our right. We should not expect any real results. We should continue to focus on the things we can do, such as routing out those who have pretending to be something they are not, for whatever personal gain or profit they could get. You can buy a complete current army uniform at most surplus stores without id. If we want to push for something how about pushing for laws that state if you want to buy current uniform tops/bottoms, badges, and medals you have to provide proof of service or that the medals were earned. Every soldier should have a copy of their DD214’s. This would be a more effective and productive use of letter writing, than to a clothing company which most likely won’t change it’s mind.

  16. Comer on folks,
    like Urban Outfitters READs this stuff posted here…….? Or cares?

    You are all spending all this wind here, for no sense of purpose.

    Who cares?

  17. I wrote them respectfully. But if I’m met with resistance then ill escalate my answer. Here’s what i got.
    (I’m writing to inform you that I’ve been made aware of some new clothing line sporting some military insignia’s. I assume you meant no disrespect and as a Veteran i can appreciate the show of respect. However as many Vets, I hold these insignia’s very sacred. In the Army as well as the other Branches symbols such as these, Rank, Unit patches and forms of insignia’s are earned. When Veterans wear them we do it as a sign of pride to what we have earned and those who have given their life as part of these units. I and many other Vets would gladly appreciate if you did not continue this line of clothing. If its Military style design you seek there are many fictional rank and patches that can be worn in place. If you need any designs i would gladly help you out)
    Even if no one does try to pull a stolen valor with these, it still disrespectful, its a slap to the face to all who earned it.

  18. it seems there is more than just the ranger tab urban outfitters has put the staff sergeant rank and even gone as far as putting a bdu jacket out there with usarmy on the breast and a patch on the shoulder though im not clear on what the patch is even so putting a ranger tab on a vest is disrepectful to rangers.

  19. FYI –
    For anyone having issues with sending a message through the Urban Outfitters Website, here is the direct email address for Richard Hayne who is UO’s Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer; richard.hayne@urbanout.com

    Sometimes going directly to the Top is most effective. I agree that we should keep it “Civil” (my comment is below) but I’m wondering if any members / supporters of “Stolen Valor” knows to what extent “Armed Forces Unit Patches and Scrolls” have Copyright Protection? As some here have already mentioned… the use or display of Police, Federal Agency Patches and even embroidered badges is a criminal offense. Granted they are not presenting it properly… the use is nonetheless offensive!

    While I believe at some level your “Intention” of using “Military Designation Patches” (Such as the Ranger Scroll) on your Urban Renewal Patches Ghost Trucker Jacket” and other “Urban Apparel” was in your eyes respectful and without malice, however I must strongly object.

    We are a Nation at War and unfortunately the Patches you decided to use as a Fashion Statement are representative of what is being worn by our Military Personnel, and they are paying for their “right / honor” to wear these scrolls with extensive training, hardships and in too many cases… their Lives!

    I would assume that your designers are aware that using a NYPD (or any other Law Enforcement Shoulder Patch) or Badge (even a “significantly similar” design) would be considered a criminal offense. While the Civilian Laws regarding the display of these patches is rather dubious, I believe you can understand the implications.

    Please discontinue the use of these patches on the grounds of good taste and respect for the price paid by those who have earned the privilege to display them. I’m certain I’m not the only consumer who’s brought this to your attention and I believe I can speak for many when I sincerely request your swift attention to the matter thus allowing us to return our focus to more urgent issues.

  20. I had a student ask me about cultural appropriation the other day, and the entire class seemed confused when I explained why certain earned symbols of various cultures, like the feathers worn in the headdress of certain Native American tribes, should not be worn by people outside that culture as mere fashion accessories. They had a hard time understanding until I used the example, “Let’s say you went into a thrift store and bought army medals and patches you didn’t earn and started wearing them,” and they all seemed to get pretty clearly why that would be a BAD idea. So how is it that a group of 17-year-olds all understand that this is offensive, but designers who are theoretically adults don’t?

    Urban outfitters has a history of stealing original art and selling it until they get caught, but did they not think an army ranger would see this?

  21. Here is what I sent via facebook:

    As a member of our proud military I ask that you stop selling the clothing that adorns the Ranger tab and or ribbon. These patches while only a piece of cloth to some, are earned with blood, sweat, and tears by others. The sacrifice that comes with them is also felt by the family and loved ones that have earned to wear those patches proudly. Thank you for your considerations.

  22. The whole thing is offensive not just the part about a ranger scroll. The fact that this company thinks it’s going to decorate itself with the accomplishments of others and have their non hacker customers wearing this is bad enough.

  23. It seems you are not looking at the bigger picture here, these patches are EARNED, not bought and sported around like some fashionable item. So whats next if we allow this?? Purple Hearts, CIB’s?? I have to question if you ever served, because if you did, especially in Ranger Batt, you would know the reason behind this.

  24. It seems you are not looking at the bigger picture here, these patches are EARNED, not bought and sported around like some fashionable item. So whats next if we allow this?? Purple Hearts, CIB’s?? I have to question if you ever served, because if you did, especially in Ranger Batt, you would know the reason behind this.

  25. And just in case Nik was wondering, it is against the law to wear these. According to United States Code 10 771, which reads as follows:

    Sec. 771. – Unauthorized wearing prohibited

    Except as otherwise provided by law, no person except a member of the
    Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, as the case may be, may wear –

    the uniform, or a distinctive part of the uniform, of the Army, Navy,
    Air Force, or Marine Corps; or

    a uniform any part of which is similar to a distinctive part of the
    uniform of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps.

  26. What an absolute show of disrespect for those whose risk their lives to fight & protect our country!! Hate companies who do this kind of thing for a dollar more…If you want to wear it…EARN IT!! Will never support a company like this!! Pathetic!!

  27. No, you sir(Nikolaus) seem to be the disgraceful one. I assume you have no clue what Valor or Honor even means. I served under the Batt, and for someone like you to come up with a nonsense remark like that, show me what is wrong with America. You are a disgrace to us all for even saying crap like that, and it would not surprise me if you were a WBC member trolling this site.

    I have alwaays been a follower of this page, never seen you here before now. So take your meaningless retoric elsewhere, as the true Veterans do not need your nonsense.

    If you even understood what those patches mean, you would know why so many are pissed off!!! You are the only disgraceful person I have seen on this page thus far! So don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    • You are so right there, no way i could understand. After trying to enlist but medically disqualified, my father serving 20 years in the army, my cousin at 17 years in the airforce, growing up with C battery 314 FA, no way i could understand. Even with my grandfather in Korea, and WWII, my family has proudly served in the military for over 200 years no way i could ever know. I just hope my son who is at basic training now never ends up as bitter as all of you.

  28. Thank you for your quick actions. By helping to get the word out others have been able to get it removed. And at last check a few moments ago is no longer available for purchase. Thank you and please remain vigilant.

  29. Urban Outfitters, it would be much more respect to those who earned that patch with their blood and sweat and fought for this nation by giving up their lives. Rangers patches are earned, not given. Please, I’m asking you guys to show up courtesy to our men and women who served and serving for our country.

  30. Left a comment this morning on their website. also scrolled throw their vest and i found 3 more items with rank and other unit patches on the articale of clothing.

  31. They actually put the “Leaning Shithouse” COSCOM patch on there LOL! Who does that? They have absolutely NO idea what they sewn on there. It was just done for pure profit. I’d be interested to see if they back down from this.

  32. I hear they have listened and pulled this from their inventory. A lot of other companies would have told us to go pound sand. O.k.. I still wouldlike a woodline adjustment with the d-bag who thought this stupid stuff up.

  33. Oh look, my Beloved Big Red One is there.
    I don’t know. Military fashion is military fashion. It’s like how people in America wear chinese characters on their shirt or Chinese people have random english words on their shirts. They don’t know what it means, they just thought it looked cool. If you’re a BRO, or a Bat, then walk up and *politely* tell them about it. Maybe it’ll spark some interest, some respect, or maybe they will be a dickwad and give you a chance to punch them in the face and feel better. It’s a unit patch. all 3 of them are. Not a CIB, not a Purple Heart (I saw that one). It’s a patch on a jacket in some obviously civilian thought out place on a laughably stupid piece of clothing. Chill, Brothers.

    Stay Classy,


  34. i was not a ranger, or airborne—just a remf in the nam. no medals except the ones everyone got for showing up. that being said, just as i supported the marines here recently when their jacket was copied, i also sent emails that were professionally and clearly stated, without resorting to threats and hyperbole. now that the ranger scroll is gone, maybe UO will expand that idea, and remove the other military insignia.

  35. Look, I’m a veteran and I think this is pretty ridiculous. Correction, f***ing stupid! First of all… it’s a scroll not a tab. All you have to do to get a scroll is get assigned to regiment or a battalion. That’s it! Show up and it’s your’s. I’ve seen tabless fat asses wearing a combat scroll but never went to Ranger School.
    Second of all, who gives a flying f*** what a 13 y/o boy wears to school!?! No one! No one, except the ass bags and whining REMF’s here truly give a s***. I promise you that this doesn’t even come up as a blip on any ranger’s radar because it’s really, really, really…. stupid. Should we tear the Superman PJ’s off all those little six year old bastards posing as the man of steel too?

    • Something tells me you are not a Veteran of Regiment or Battalion, and who the fuck said anything about kids? No one gives a shit about a kid wearing it. What we are talking about is a grown ass man sporting this shit, NO.

      And yes, I earned my Tab aaron, and I served in a Batt. So before you come back with some I am better than thou nonsense, think about it. Not to mention it was Rangers who first brought this to peoples attention. So go back to what you know, and let the big boys handle this. Since you seem to not have any true idea as to what that Scroll really means!!!

  36. I’m sure you “served in a Batt” Jason. Who the f*** says that anyway? “I served in a Batt.” You jackass. Nope, never was assingned to 75th or any Ranger Battalion.
    I was 3rd BDE 101st. The good old 187th. I did however work along side Rangers every day and none of them were whiny little cunts that cried about what the other kids wore to school.
    Annnnd what “Batt did you serve”? Nevermind, I don’t give a flying f*** to hear any more of your verbal incontinence. So STFU and put your “wannabe Hooah Binky” back in your mouth before I holster something else to shut that oxygen vaccum.

    • Then you probably would not get the anger behind it aaron. What does a comic book have to do with people who served with honor. Apparently you did not or you would not be talking like this. You sound like you never should of worn the uniform in the first place.

      I do believe no one mentioned anything about a 13 year old boy. Maybe you have some deep issues that need working on. You may not care but you seem to be outnumbered and alone on your pedestal.

      No one should be wearing military insignias, patches or anything else they have not earned as some kind of fashion statement. The uniform is about honor. Yes there are fat asses, as you call it, that might be rear detachment or doing something else in the unit besides being tabbed.

      Why would you confuse rangers with whiny kids? Sounds like you have the problem.

      Some of us find it offensive. I can tell by your picture the only time you were near a ranger was in the park.

      • OK, Ranger5171. I’d love to address your points but unfortunately you haven’t made one. You’ve taken snippets of my reply and put your distorted interpretive twist on them. So you’re either an idiot or… well, you’re just an idiot. So I’ll just support your status as such

        First, I applaud the Guardian of Valor for the author’s intentions. The problem here specifically is that this is not an issue of ‘impostors’ perpetrating a fraud for the sake of malicious or self seeking gain. This is a shirt that is sold as a line of clothing for kids (or 100 pound men.)

        It’s funny that we (you included I assume) signed up to protect the rights and freedoms of Americans. We defend the abortionists, the flag burners and any other crazy ass-hat so long as he has a birth certificate from the USA. We don’t have to agree but we have to defend their right to choose, speak out and act as they see fit for themselves. Correct? So what’s got your vagina on fire here?

        God forbid a kid wear a shirt with a Ranger Scroll, or a Big Red One, All American, Tropic Lightning or anything else that would reflect that he is an American. Whether he’s a young hipster, wannabe soldier, or a just a dumb kid wearing the shirt… where is the crime?

        Is the shirt anything close to any resemblance of a uniform? Is there malevolence, anti-American sentiment or anything that could be mistaken for ill intent? Or is it just a God damn kids shirt with some pretty cool army patches? In any other country this would be applauded as young patriot.

        Correct me if I’m wrong but I didn’t see anything derogatory surrounding any of those patches. There was no, “fuck the” or “sucks”. In fact there were no other insignia aside from the patches. It was just a shirt.

        I appreciate that along with “patch police” you have some kind of Dr. Phil credential as well. Somehow you have derived that I have some kind of deep or troubling issues. Spoiler alert coming Ranger Phil. Not the case. We’ve already established you’re an idiot so that is as far as that needs to be addressed. I’m just an American that loathes fucking whales vaginas like yourself. In any other country a kid that wore something that identified his support for God, country or military would be hailed as a young patriot.

        The PX sells Ranger, Airborne, Sniper and all different unit affiliated shirts in sizes from newborn through adult. What’s the difference Ranger Phil? The problem is, that you by affiliation, as a veteran are somehow entitled to stomp your feet as some self entitled narcissistic fuck-wit that no one has the right to have any affiliation to your military unless they’ve “been there, done that”? Then and only then they can have the T-shirt? I think it’s pretty cool that the military would get an opportunity at an audience that is inundated by liberals with anti-war, anti-soldier rhetoric. Not on your watch though huh? Way to show ’em who’s boss Ranger Phil.

        Go fuck yourself and your self righteous ego.

        • You are such a pathetic dwweb, not only did I not read that wall of crap but most of your drivel sounds like some wannabe idiot. The reverse hat look just screams douchebag.

          So when you are done in mommy’s basement on mommys computer, get upstairs and wash for dinner.

          Other than that, get a clue, and common sense you are the classic douchebag that never should of worn a uniform.

        • Almost forgot the point I was trying to make, shirts are different than patches and if you had any clue other than your childish rant that shows us you are probably some preteen that is enjoying using big boy words for the first time you would know that.

          Big words from another internet wannabe tough guy.

  37. I haven’t read all the comments, but that note from UO seems a bit weasel worded to me…”we will remove it from our WEBSITE” isn’t the same as “we will stop selling that item.” They do have brick and mortar stores.

  38. Wow americans are truly obsessed with their army and “honor” and stuff like that.
    It’s a freaking piece of cloth with a design on it…. how does that exactly affect you? If you went to war and earned the real thing, well, you’ll always know you did and that should be more than enough.
    Seriously, i can’t imagine something like this happening in my country because of some fake military symbol on clothing…..it’s just retarded.

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