Update On Chelle Lynne Anderson-Tesla From Thisainthell



So our friend John Lilyea from Thisainthell contacted the reporter that had been duped by Chelle’s lies about a Purple Heart and being shot down in Iraq. Needless to say the reporter, Surae Chinn, was furious and wanted to set the record straight.

The reporter then interviewed Lilyea and gets the truth out about this embellish-er  Here is the story by WUSA9.

You can also read the full story by Jonn over at his blog here Chelle Lynne Anderson-Tesla Civil Air Patrol Liar


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2 comments on “Update On Chelle Lynne Anderson-Tesla From Thisainthell
  1. My son was KIA 09 March 2010. I served in the US Navy for 20 years and I am retired. These people who lie and embellish dishonor my child’s sacrifice. They slap me in the face as well. I am proud of my service… I was a simple Sailor who did his job to the best of his ability. Every medal, every ribbon I have I earned. My son received the Purple Heart on his death… for her to claim this award is an insult to all who have shed blood for this nation. She should be made to make a public apology and own up to her lies. She owe everyone she lied to an apology and she owes every family who has lost a loved one to war an apology as well.

  2. I would say that she, and others like her should be publicly flogged. I am talking corporal punishment. It should be nationally televised and shown in schools and all government funded institutions.

    We need to stop allowing people to get off scott free for doing things like this. To be honest, no matter what the offence is, until the punishment is severe enough, there is no deterrent to stop people from trying.

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