UPDATE: Kelsey Hoover, Uses Fake Persona “Michael Cipriani” At Baltimore Washington Airport For Stolen Valor



Kelsie Hoover, AKA Michael Cipriani when first busted at the airport






By: Kittyhawk.

Our readers may perhaps remember Kelsie Hoover, AKA: Michael Cipriani, AKA: Washoe County Nevada’s newest convict.

To recap, in February of 2015, Hoover was spotted by a veteran at the Baltimore National Airport in Washington DC wearing ACUs, and posing as a male Army 2LT named, Michael Cipriani. The vet recorded a civilized conversation between himself and “Cipriani”, where he questioned him about his uniform discrepancies. Cipriani’s answers indicated quite clearly he was misrepresenting himself as an officer of the Army.



Shortly after the video was published on Guardian of Valor, Hoover began to weave an intricate web of deceit—boldly reaching out directly to Guardian of Valor—and posing as herself, as well as Michael Cipriani and his wife. “Michael”, (who identified himself as “Kelsie’s brother”), claimed that his sister borrowed his ID card for a film project at Baylor University. His “wife” confirmed as well via e-mail. The story grew in intricacy—and was almost believable–but an anonymous tip soon led Guardian of Valor to the conclusion that Michael, Michael’s wife, and Kelsie were the same person attempting to cover Hoover’s impersonation of a 2LT. You can see these emails in our original story.

Further diligent investigation unearthed felony warrants for Kelsie Hoover in Hewitt, Texas, and we reached out to their Chief of Police.

As evidence was being compiled and processed, Hoover, who had moved to Nevada, began volunteering at a Reno high school—under the guise of being a severely wounded combat vet, even donning a wheel-chair and inexplicably attaining Nevada’s heralded Purple Heart license plates. Hoover (“Cipriani”) explained to coworkers that “he” had been in an unspecified “crash in Italy”, resulting in the need for the wheelchair.

On 26 January, Hoover’s repugnant actions finally caught up to her. She plead guilty to several charges of fraud, burglary, and Stolen Valor, and was sentenced to 7-20 years in prison for her actions, ineligible for parole until she’s served at least seven. Hoover’s struggles with body dysmorphia, and a failed transition to the male gender, were used by her defense as mitigating factors for her crimes. They had Brooke Maylath, the President of Transgender Allies Group testify on her behalf, however, Maylath stated very clearly that,

“Nothing about being transgender would cause someone to falsify military service records.”


After the sentencing we were called by the DA’s office to tell us that she had in fact been charged and sentenced, with the video and our evidence used at trial. She was charged with Burglary, because she entered the DMV with the intent to defraud by getting the Purple Heart license plates with fake documents.


Here is the DA’s news release on the case:



AMN link about the case – Woman Caught Posing as a U.S. Soldier Sentenced with up to twenty years

In this link  you can see video of the sentencing, including her response to the Judge and his response to her and his sentence. Kelsey Hoover Sentencing

More local coverage of her trial and sentencing: Former Baylor Student at center if bizarre Stolen Valor incident






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