The Truth Behind Jordan Matson’s Military Career, The American Fighting ISIS With YPG



He is the American fighting alongside the YPG against ISIS, Jordan Matson, his story has been all over the news for the past couple of weeks. The 28-year-old Racine, Wis., man is recovering in a hospital  in northeastern Syria from a shrapnel wound in his foot, the result of a mortar attack by Islāmic State fighters in Jazaa, along the Iraqi border.

Jordan started making the news several weeks ago, news agencies cited him as being a former Marine, some a former Army reservist. So with all the questions, we decided to set the story straight on what was true and what was not.

From what we have seen Jordan himself has not made any outlandish claims, not sure where some of these agencies got their info that he was a Marine, because he wasn’t. He does say in one interview that he “retired” from the Army, but he didn’t retire. Here are some of the headlines that are going around the internet about Jordan:











We reached out to our contacts to find out his true service record, the Marine Corps had no record of him ever serving, but he did serve a short stint in the U.S. Army.

Here is his service record:




So as you can see, he left the Army early for reasons we can’t discuss, this is just to set the record straight  since Main Stream Media likes to publish stories before verifying facts. Once again, this is just to verify Jordan’s military service, as far as we have seen he has not made any claims contrary to his record.


Below is one of the first interviews he did concerning his fighting alongside the YPG:



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19 comments on “The Truth Behind Jordan Matson’s Military Career, The American Fighting ISIS With YPG
  1. I mean he may not have served too long but he definitely put his money where his mouth is. I mean I know a lot of us who’d go back in a heartbeat who lost friends and family there. But he is actually there.

    • There’s administrative and punitive separation. The difference is administrative can be anything from a medical issue to a minor disiplinary infractions. Administrative dischargee are characterized as honorable, general under honorable, and other than honorable. Punitive discharges require a courts martial and typically end with prison time and discharge characterized as dishonorable. All that being said its highly unlikely he received a dishonorable.

  2. If he’s getting money from the VA after such a short time in service, it’s pretty clear why he’s out, right? I mean isn’t the minimum enlistment 2 years?

  3. I don’t think it matters why he left the military early. He’s definitely a combat veteran now, except he is doing this for free, and he won’t get any medals for this. I honestly wish I had met more people in the Army that were as dedicated as him, and I’m an OEF Vet.

    • Is he in fact ‘doing this for free?” Jordan apparently made a facebook post approximately 2 weeks before leaving for Syria telling his friends that he was being ‘hired by a private militia’ overseas. Perhaps he didn’t literally mean hired, I’m not sure.

  4. He should just have our support and prayers! Why are you beating him up? He said “when we were in Iraq” meaning us as in in the US. That is clear enough. I love this site and what it does but this guy is out there killing bad guys and we should be supporting him. He hasn’t told lied, stolen any valor, asked any of us for anything. I applaud him and only wish that I was in a situation where I could be there beside him!

  5. No matter what he deserves everyones respect now. He paid his own way over there, made his own arrangements to get there, and is fighting an enemy that he knows wants nothing more then to put him on display while they cut his head off for his home country to see. All this not even knowing for sure if he has the backing of that country. Hell of a guy, many more like him!

  6. I heard he hid corn dogs in his bunker and when asked about it he claimed it was someone elses. They conducted an investigation secretely and found out he liked porno magazines of really bad taste. When they did find a dildo hidden under his bed, they sayd they had enogh. Really sad. True story tough

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