Tipping Point with Boone Cutler Interviews Female Warfighters

Radio Talk Show host and Warfighter Boone Cutler talks about issues that affect our Soldiers and Veterans. Here is the latest show:

The music in the show is for entertainment purposes and is not owned by me. TIPPING POINT WITH BOONE CUTLER, KKFT Fox News Radio,  August 29, 2012:  Female Warfighters sound off.  Special Guest Host, LTC Charley Smith gives an AUSA update and chimes in with Genevieve Chase about the strength of our “Warfighter Bitches’ and why they have every right to be proud. Genevieve Chase, American Women Veterans, has a few surprises every Warfighter should hear and she is a fantastic guest and Wendy Dorsey from Final Salute, Inc tells everyone about the Ms. Veteran America pageant.  There’s too much top list so just listen to the show.
This weeks Shame on America segment brought to us by Tiffany Gibson.  We call out the VA for not paying the students using the GI Bill because therefore, Warfighters can’t pay tuition, books or rent.
Stole Valor Segment brought to us by www.guardianofvalor.com   Who do we expose THIS week? Listen and find out.



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