Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot Dhahran Saudi Arabia Scud Attack “Hero”

Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot

Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot


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A few people shot us emails about this soon after they saw it posted in a local news paper in Texas, as well as several members of the VFW she joined. Meet Tina Marie Kersten, she claims a Silver Star, not sure when she could have earned it. Because judging by the uniform she has on, she was in during the early 1990’s. And during the Gulf War no females were awarded a Silver Star, in fact the first female since WWII to earn a Silver Star was Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester for actions in Iraq in 2005. You can see her story here SGT Leigh Ann Hester

And even though Mrs. Kerstens claims she was an MP, this was not her. And there was only one other female since then to earn it, and that was Spc. Monica Lin Brown who is a medic. Here is her story SPC. Monica Lin Brown

So is there some super secret mission that I am unaware of? She also claims a Purple Heart for being wounded on the evening of Feb. 25, 1991 when an Iraqi Scud missile broke apart while flying over Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and the warhead fell on the temporary barracks there. The blast killed 29 American soldiers and injured 99 others. According to Mrs. Kerstens,   She and her commanding officer, Captain Richard Walker, had just parked about 60 feet from the front door of the ill-fated building and exited the vehicle when they heard a whistling sound. The missile crashed into the roof and exploded, demolishing the building and knocking them both to the ground. To Tina’s horror, she saw that Captain Walker had been cut in two by flying shrapnel; he died in her arms. Tina herself had been wounded, but she rushed into the ruined building three times to help wounded survivors escape before she lost consciousness and was medevac’d away from the carnage.

She says this is the incident that earned her the Silver Star and the Purple Heart. Well guess what, we know the Silver Star is a lie, and their was no Cpt. Richard Walker killed that day. In fact, no Officers at all were killed in that attack, they were all enlisted Soldiers. Most from the 14th Quarter Master Detachment, which is an Army Reserve unit out of Greensburg. Pennsylvania. Here is the list of Soldiers killed that day in Saudi Arabia:

14th Quartermaster Detachment

  • Specialist Steven E. Atherton, age 26,NurMine,Pennsylvania
  • Specialist John A. Boliver, Jr., age 27,Monongahela,Pennsylvania
  • Sergeant Joseph P. Bongiorni III, age 20,Hickory,Pennsylvania
  • Sergeant John T. Boxler, age 44,Johnstown,Pennsylvania
  • Specialist Beverly S. Clark, age 23,Armagh,Pennsylvania
  • Sergeant Alan B. Craver, age 32,Penn Hills,Pennsylvania
  • Specialist Frank S. Keough, age 22,North Huntington,Pennsylvania
  • Specialist Anthony E. Madison, age 27,Monessen,Pennsylvania
  • Specialist Christine L. Mayes, age 22, Rochester Mills,Pennsylvania
  • Specialist Steven J. Siko, age 24, Unity,Pennsylvania
  • Specialist Thomas G. Stone, age 20, Falconer,New York
  • Sergeant Frank J. Walls, age 20,Hawthorne,Pennsylvania
  • Specialist Richard V. Wolverton, 22,Latrobe,Pennsylvania

Other Units

  • Corporal Stanley Bartusiak, age 34, 475th QM Group, USAR
  • Corporal Rolando A. Delagneau, 30, 477th Trans Co.,USAR
  • Specialist Steven P. Farnen, age 22, 477th Trans Co.,USAR
  • Specialist Glen D. Jones, age 21,Grand Rapids,Minn., 477th Trans Co.,USAR
  • Specialist Duane W. Hollen, Jr., age 24, 477th Trans Co.,USAR
  • Specialist Steven G. Mason, 23, 477th Trans Co.,USAR
  • Specialist Michael W. Mills, age 23, Jefferson, 477th Trans Co.,USAR
  • Specialist Adrienne L. Mitchell, age 20,Moreno Valley,Calif., 475th QM Group, USAR
  • Specialist Ronald D. Rennison, age 21,Dubuque,Iowa, 477th Trans Co.,USAR
  • Private First Class Timothy A. Shaw, age 21,Suitland,Md., 475th QM Group, USAR
  • Corporal Brian K. Simpson, age 22, HHC, 475th QM Group, 475th QM Group, USAR
  • Specialist James D. Tatum, age 22, 23rd Repl Det, 475th QM Group, USAR
  • Private First Class Robert C. Wade, age 31, 23rd Repl Det, 475th QM Group, USAR
  • Corporal Jonathan M. Williams, age 23, 23rd Repl Det, 475th QM Group, USAR
  • Specialist James E. Worthy, age 22, 477th Trans Co.,USAR
Here is the Story where she made all the claims, the reporter actually printed an apology once he found out it was false.

Tinas Heroic Story

Here it is in PDF Format for better viewing – Newspaper Story
So Mrs. Kersten, not only are you degrading yourself with these claims, but you are also degrading the memory of the Soldiers that were there and sacrificed their lives!


Here is another picture and here she is claiming a totally different Cpt’s name.



Here is one of the articles were she made the claims…4th Of July in Burnet, Texas

So from what we have seen she has claimed a Silver Star, Purple Heart, Airborne, Air Assault, MP and claims something to do with K9’s, according to her business website.  Also she is wearing the 1st Cav Patch and the 82nd Combat patch, and she was never attached to either.



Don’t get me wrong, helping Veterans is a good thing…but if you have lied so much and embellished your record in the way you have, it also calls into question the authenticity of your business.

Here is a picture of her being interviewed.


She also claims to have been on no less than 9 deployments according to this article including  Panama, Grenada, Desert Shield, Desert Storm and in Afghanistan. A Booming Fourth Of July in Highland Lakes. She is in the 6th picture in this article.

In case the article disappears once we break this story, here is the pic with the caption. It at one time also said Silver Star but they have since removed that.


Photo In 4th of July Photo Story

Here is the caption, we have blacked out the other Veterans names as they have nothing to do with this story


Here is a link to a video and story where she was helping deliver the Vietnam traveling memorial, and claims to have spent NINE years in Iraq! Yes you read that correctly, Nine years!

Video – Motorcycles deliver traveling Vietnam memorial

Here is an excerpt from the story –


Motorcycles deliver traveling Vietnam memorial

Thu, Apr 19, 2012 7:41 PM EDT – KVUE-TV Austin 1:36 | 706 views

AUSTIN — Tina Kersten spent nine years in Iraq with the Army’s military police and often wondered whether anyone at home really cared. On Thursday she had her answer. For the first time, she joined more than 100 motorcycle riders on a trip from North Austin to Camp Mabry. They included a number of veterans who escorted a truck carrying the traveling Vietnam memorial. “It’s better than getting the gold medal,” Kersten said. “I’m shaking right now even talking about it.” The roar of their engines was their “


Here is the complete write-up:

Motorcycles deliver traveling Vietnam memorial


Here is something we found on the web where she is advertising her company, and claiming to be a Veteran of Afghanistan.




Below is a snapshot we got of her with the medals, and the caption is where she stated her many deployments! But according to her Official records, the only time she was OCONUS(Overseas) was while she was stationed in Germany.

You can also see at the top a caption about a service dog, she claims the dog she has is one, which we can not verify, people in the area have told us it is not a service dog.




Here is the service dog mentioned above.

Service Dog?


And not to mention if you went to Airborne School, they teach you how to properly wear the beret! This beret has never been formed properly, nor is it being worn properly!



We have had many conversations with current members, and members who decided to leave the local VFW because of her. Seems she became a member of the VFW, and told the commander at the time that all her paperwork had been destroyed in a Hurricane, so he took her word and allowed her to join.  These members were highly upset, as they also did not buy into her claims. We were told she started a lot of drama within the VFW, causing several Verified members to leave the post.

So we had a local Vet in that area make contact with the new Commander, and he said he was looking into it, but would never respond to any of our emails. So we contacted the State commander with the information. He was already aware of her claims, and we have corresponded with him and the District Commander since. But since someone allowed her in, they have to conduct a proper investigation, within their by-laws to remove her.

We were also told that the District Commander has personally confronted her about her claims and she basically admitted to lying about the awards. And they have informed us that the State Commander has officially challenged the eligibility of Tina Kersten to the National Commander, but this can take anywhere from 60-120 days for processing. They have also launched an official investigation as to how she was allowed to join the VFW.

We ask that you do not contact the VFW in Texas, as they are doing what they can at the moment to deal with this situation.  They have launched a full-scale investigation as to how she was allowed to join without providing the proper paperwork.

Here are her Official records, as you can see none of the awards she claimed are listed. She is also not listed as an MP, but a Food Service Specialist. We spent four months investigating this, along with our friends from fakewarriors.org. These are the only records the NPRC has on her, and they searched by several different last names due to marriages. But we also had her DOB as well as other information and this is the ONLY records of her military service! If she has presented something different to the VA, it will be found out in a matter of time. The VA has been duped on more than one occasion by false claims etc.






She served honorably, on Active Duty, not sure why she decided to embellish her record like she has. She was then transferred to the IRR for the remainder of her service, that is what   USAR CON GP(ANLTNG) means.  Control Group — Annual Training. Ready Reserve soldiers with a training obligation who do not belong to a USAR unit. They must perform AT when so directed. This explains why she also does not have a National Defense Service Ribbon, as she was not activated during the Gulf War. And she most certainly has not served in either of the recent conflicts.

I can only hope she is not receiving benefits from the VA for her claims, as we have seen with our other case, the Feds are no longer playing with this kind of thing. We had one that did that, faked a DD214 to receive benefits. He is now awaiting trial for several federal offenses.

We would like to thank our friends at Fakewarriors.org for helping us with this investigation. It took about four months from initial notification, until we felt we had enough information to post this article.

I sometimes wonder why people feel the need to embellish their service records. If you served in whatever capacity be proud of it, you are the 1%! No need to tell lies to look like you are more, it is to easy now for someone to verify your service and your records. All records are available to the public, nothing in a Military service record is classified. Yes, some missions may be classified, but service records are not.

We would also like to thank the Texas State and District level VFW leaders who have worked with us since first being notified about this. The VFW is an Honorable organization, and there is a reason you must have fought in a foreign war to be a member.


We will update this story as more details become available. The VFW will notify us when their investigation is complete, and action taken as necessary.


One of our fans received this text message from Mrs. Kerstens after trying to ask her why she lied. So Mr. Banks, do you still stand behind her even though she admitted it? The number I deleted off the text is hers.

She says she apologized???? So she has admitted her lies.




So one of our fans had a conversation with Mrs Kersten’s, and here is her excuse for the Silver Star medal. Even though in the newspaper article she claimed to have been awarded it for Heroic actions in the SCUD attack. So now Doctors at the VA give you Silver Stars!

James Currington Wrote:

I know you dont know me, but Im from the local area and it has been brought to my attention that you are a Silver Star recipient. I am a recently medically retired vet at Ft Hood, and I ride with a lot of the PGR both from the CenTex group and have done a mission with the Austin group. I would very much like to speak with you, if at all possible, as to the circumstances that you received your SS under? Since my medical retirement from the Army, I have become a bit of a military history nut, and am thinking of trying to put together a book about local heroes. Thank you for your time, and God Bless.

Tina Kersten Wrote:




So it would seem Mrs. Kerstens has an extensive criminal record, including of course FRAUD and Forged Checks. Seems when she claims to have been overseas she was actually forging checks in Harris County Texas. Not only that but her bond was revoked several times, causing some family members to lose a lot of money.  While she was on probation for forged checks, she did it again, and was sentenced to four years in the Texas Dept Of Corrections. Seems she got out before the full term was served we are still looking  into all of that. So she commits fraud, forgery and jumps bail during the time of the SCUD Attacks. While she sure is one superhero being in two places at once! Here are the public documents we found on these cases.







Here is a PDF list of the cases and dispositions. (PDF Viewer Required)List Of Charges and Dispositions

And this is from just one county in Texas, as she has moved around quite a bit. Not sure placing her as the treasurer of the VFW was such a good idea.  We also have records of her bonds being revoked several times for failure to appear.


UPDATE 20121129:

After a thorough investigation by the State VFW of Texas, Tina Marie Kersten’s membership has been officially terminated as she was not eligible to be a member according to membership requirements. You can not be a member if you do not meet these requirements.

VFW Requirements – “If you have received a campaign medal for overseas service; have served 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days in Korea; or have ever received hostile fire or imminent danger pay, then you’re eligible to join our ranks.”

Thanks to the Texas VFW for all the hard work and diligence they used in this case, we salute you!




News 4 out of San Antonio contacted us and said they were going to confront Tina about her lies. You can view her confrontation in the below video, to see the full story from News 4 go here. Stolen Valor Confronted



UPDATE 20130821

Well it seems Mrs. Kersten’s continues her life of lies, even after being confronted by News 4 out of San Antonio. Today we received a link to another news story, featuring her and the web of lies she has told to everyone. We have emailed the author and provided him the link to this story.

According to the article, again she claims to be a Gulf War Veteran, and of course we know she never served in combat. If she had, then our friends at the VFW in Texas would not have booted her out for non-eligibility!

Here are the snapshots we took of the article:

Capture Capture1 Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture5


To see the story as posted you can go here, page 8: The Picayune


We have been contacted by the reporter who published the above story, he apologized for being duped by Tina when writing this story. He is working on a new story that will set the record straight concerning the lies she told in the story. We will add the new story here once it is published.


After the reporter was contacted by several Veterans, and the admins of this site, he posted a retraction and apologized for being duped by Tina.




UPDATE: 20150225

We received an email from Tina on our Facebook page today, she wanted to send an apology out to all she offended. We told her we couldn’t take her off the website, as we’ve tried that before and once we do they continue the same actions. She said she was tired of hiding and tired of the lies and wanted us to post her apology for all to see. We have posted the conversation below.











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What are your thoughts?
614 comments on “Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot Dhahran Saudi Arabia Scud Attack “Hero”
    • Dont be fooled this happens all the time at VFW’s nation wide anyone can join if they go on line and lie about there service. The only time the VFW actually asks for your 214 is if are elected as a officer.
      I think it is really sad that someone like this is not in jail. I think that the VFW needs to require all vets to provide a 214 inorder to join. When I join the MOPH and most other groups they required a copy.

      • I know when I joined the VFW I was required to show my DD214. I definitely believe that ALL VFW posts should require the same standard. As we can see, people can and do lie about veteran status and accolades in order to accrue benefits and services.

      • It is called impersonating a service member. It is both punishable by civilian/military authority. Although in her case she WAS a service member. She COULD be recalled and set to active duty by the a convening authority….Would love to send her to gitmo……But the active service and ribbons and medals she lied about – geez. She gives all of us a bad name.

        • This is no longer punishable by law. Impersonating an officer or senior NCO is punishable if you’re still active duty, but as a civilian you can tell someone you’re a three star general and stormed Normandy armed only with a floor buffer and it’s not a crime anymore. The supreme court ruled that the Stolen Valor act was unconstitutional, so these frauds will continue to get away with it. Although it is a common misconception that these things are still a crime.

          • Not true
            They just recently upheld the old ruling and if money is made by you claiming to be something that you are not,you can get fined and go to prison.

      • When I joined my VFW I was asked for and provided one of my original four DD214s I was out for over 6yrs before I went but I still have 3 originals. One in the safe in my home, one in a safety deposit box, and one I keep with my “love me” records. The problem with fake DD214s showing and being accepted at VFWs is sort of a twofold problem in my opinion, 1. A lot of posts were hurting for funds for many years until soldiers started coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq. 2. Because of this problem you have people who are already sometimes in Officer roles who have been spinning their own web of bullshit and thus can’t even spot their own kind. I recently read either here or somewhere else about a VFW’s entire leadership being found out and it damaged the post so badly that it was shut down.

      • Actually you are suppose to show proof of record in a combat zone to qualify for the VFW. Just because you served during war doesn’t mean you can become a member. This is if the rules haven’t changed.

    • It is a damn shame when these people do this to our true vets and I dont understand why thy always have to lie big it is always i won a silver start or I am a medal of honor winner dont these people understand that these awards are not freely given and that they know that their lies are going to uncovered. She did an honorable thing by serving her country but she ruined that forever with these lives. Just so you know you would have been respected just for doing that.

  1. WOW, Never seen a female that was awarded the spurs in my 17 years.
    Do people truly not research things before they try and pawn it off on people?
    Hopefully the VFW has since cancelled her admission and also filed a restraining order that keeps her from from at least 500yards from any event or location they are at.

          • I was in 1st Cav and I can tell you, just because you didn’t see them, doesn’t mean no one had them. Pretty much we only wear the spurs with class As, but really really we hang them from our rearviews.

            The “cool” thing to wear is the Stedson which can be worn with class As or when specifically authorized by comman (usually Fridays)

            The only time I’ve seen real troop type troops is when they do a spur ride. Females almost never do spur rides because the Cav Scouts always do them, and generally the females and the Scouts are in different Battalions. Usually the Cav Scouts are in the infantry bat, sometimes armor, and the females are in the Brigade Support Battalion

          • I was in D co 2/124 Infantry and we had over ten females attached to our unit and we were attached to 3/4 Calvary and we all got our Combat order of the Spurs. And actually two of the females recieved Purple hearts for being wounded in action. so please dont make this about females in combat, this story is about a dirt bag giving other female member of the service a bad name.

        • lets go ahead and qualtify that statement……”JUST” deployed to “COMBAT ZONE” with a calvary unit…..i.e. deploying with a cav unit to Bosnia or somesuch is not the same (and didnt rate you shit).

    • I know a female soldier I served with received her gold spurs just like I did…..attached to 3rd acr back in ’03 AO West…….EOD Team Member back then…..EOD Team Leader now…… a bad bitch! Her nuts are bigger than most.

    • As a nine year vet of 1CD I assure you….females have been awarded Spurs. There are combat spurs as well and a lot of females deployed with Cav units

  2. Ive got spurs and am female. Lots of females have them. This freaking colostomy bag just needs to give it up already. Shes been confronted by a friend of mine and told him that her DRs gave her that silver star because of all the trauma shes suffered. Its sad that someone who did serve would feel the need to embellish their service record to this degree.

  3. Jeff, female Kiowa or Apache pilots in air cav squadrons would have been the first, then you have some females in the forward support companies of the RSTA squadrons (all Cavalry lineage) since 2004. Of course its easier for females in the 82nd or 101st RSTAs where jump boots are worn, since the spurs don’t go well on Class A or B female footwear otherwise.

    • Thank God females are being allowed to be in COMBAT units. Now the old fashioned good-ole boys can quit saying the women didn’t earn anything.

      • Thanks to these women bleeding all over the U.S. Army and other branches all of a sudden, being in the military just isn’t as impressive as it used to be. We don’t have enough males in America with the nuts to sign up so the government is forced to stick females in their spots. Even further we have to lower standards and turn boot camp into a carnival just to come close to meeting recruiting quotas.

  4. so this would fall under stolen valor because technically she is using her story to gain profit! putting it on her website boasting about being a fake to get people to feel sorry for her!

  5. I have never known anyone who has earned thier spurs, to not wear their Stetson while wearing the spurs in uniform. Maybe I am missing those that do…but still…
    not to mention all the other awards and made up deaths that this oxygen thief is claiming.

    • A long, long, VERY long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I wore spurs on my boots without wearing a stetson.

      I was a scout (MOS 11 D 20) in the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas.

      Our distinctive uniform included spurs, a “US” belt buckle, and a black beret.

      The ONLY soldiers permitted to wear spurs were the scouts, and females couldn’t be scouts.

        • Spurs can be earned by women now. I see it all the time here with 1BCT 1 CD and it’s great. Of course, one can just add up all the things wrong. One thing alone, no big deal, but multiple things equate a red flag. Speaking of red, her maroon beret all jacked up is a give away. Not sure about the flash if it corresponds to the 82nd… The bootlaces were a slap in the face as was all the nice new patches. Back in the Gulf war, only a hand full of tan badges were produced, so most people wore OD green articles on their desert uniforms. Even 3rd ID deployed with OD green insignia in OIF III with new DCUs. Again, desert items were in short supply and not everyone in the 11 ACR had them, so we opted for “Haji” produced ones in Baghdad. Anywho, back to bubblebutt, someone said it, she is using this to further her business thus Stolen Valor and I do believe there was a recent ruling following the original repeal by the supreme court… She needs to do waaaay more than send a text. OMFG SRY. LOL… Yeah, right lady.

      • My father retired from the Army as a MSG. He was both a Korean War veteran and Vietnam War veteran. He was in 1st CAV as well. He was 11D. Scouts were at one time part of the 11 CMF series. It changed at some point in the Vietnam War.

      • I was in 2AD 1976 to 1978. All 1CAV soldiers wore black beret and leather belt with 1870s type US Cavalry belt buckle regardless of MOS. We, in 2AD, that had MG George S. Patton III as Division CO, wore regular uniforms and ball caps as per the CG – even though many (like me) felt that the black beret was invented for tankers and should be for tankers (even though the Rangers heisted it during WWII). But, I do remember those days. These days, even a cook can wear the black beret.

      • I just searched her name and she has pictures as recently as September 6th with the Local VFW hat, vest with Treaseur, 82nd patch, etc on a bike rally. Talking about doing a fund raiser for the local VFW post the 2nd weekend in November. Click on the pics to read what she has posted. Tina Kersten

        • I take it back it was updated 10 HOURS ago. She also states on her page in the “about” section she is a “combat veteran”.

  6. When I went through OSUT at Benning in 07′ my senior drill came in with an Army times that had an article about some Specialist stationed in Korea claiming to be long tabbed, and a bunch of awards he’d never earned, along with deployments he’d never been on. SFC. Kohler said to all of us,

    “Listen up fags, after you leave sand hill and get to your units, don’t lie about where you’ve been and what you’ve done. They’re going to find out. Wear what you’ve earned and only what you’ve earned, be proud of it. When you fake the funk like this cat, you piss on the graves of ever hero who’s ever served honorably, or died for these United States.”

    That stuck with me ever since. Interesting how many posers actually served honorably, and still lie about what they’ve done. I don’t understand it.

  7. I don’t know about spurs but she definitely qualifies for a saddle and a snoot ring. If anyone else didn’t catch it in front of “her” silver star are a pair of distinguished marksmen badges. Unless she competed and placed in a intra-service or inter-service or national match she doesn’t rate them. you have to be a shit hot shooter to get those,

  8. What a lying scumbag! Other wrong things about her uniform: The belt… I’ve never seen that kind of belt issued with “Chocolate Chips”. I was in Desert Storm in 1991 and her boots are “wrong”, too. She isn’t wearing the original desert boots we had. The tread is different. Whatever she’s wearing was issued LONG after 1991. I still have a couple pairs of boots from ’91 and the tread on them is similar to what they used in Vietnam and afterwards. Ours also didn’t have the “soft collar” at the top,.. They were nylon web.

  9. that nasty beret is the first problem. the web belt is the second. not to mention the fact she put no effort into coming up with a believable story. but we’ve all seen worse i guess.

  10. I guess I should have paid MORE attention to the awards table… Those ARE Distinguished Rifle and Pistol badges there. I tried to blow them up to see which service they were from, but the pic quality isn’t good enough. I DO have the Distinguished Pistol badge and EVERYONE that has earned ANY of the Distinguished badges are listed in the database: I can be looked up quite easily, too…

    If you know someone that is wearing either of THESE Badges, you can look them up, too. I thought they were hard to get hold of, but maybe you can find them on the ‘net, too…


  11. the beret flash is for Special Troops Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division and wasn’t approved until 23 February 2006. she claimed service in Grenada? she graduated from high school in 1986, Urgent Fury was in 1983. i wonder if she knows that?

    • She married her husband in 2005, she is a Lutheran and a Republican. Evidently she was born in Malaysia, according to her information. Born in 1967. No mention anywhere of her being a veteran. She changed her profile picture yesterday, to her kissing a horse. By the way, you can’t read anything on her facebook page unless she friends you. Hmm…verry interesting, as Artie would say.

  12. If this is the same Tina Marie Kersten I am thinking of, she was married at one time to the son of a friend, and had two daughters. In 1990, she was caught emptying out the belongings of the house, and Anthony told her pack her shit and get out-He was awarded sole custody of the girls, and remarried-she is an absolute nutcase!!!

    Sure does look like the person I am thinking of!!

  13. As of right now her FB page still claims she is a “Combat vet” with PTSD. I read back on Sept 19 where she apologized for “past embelishments” But she is the “real me” now…… REALLY??!! Liars never know when to quit do they?

  14. I was the commander of Post 6974 Burnet I stand behind Mrs kersten. You mention members who provided
    the information then why hide behind others identity

    • I hope you stand WAY behind her because the Horsecrap she is slinging goes a long way in tarnishing the reputation of anyone who is naive enough to believe such a story with the evidence that is presented by this site as well as her own apologies…And if you are talking about the moderators hiding behind other identities it’s because of people like you who believe the lies and then decide to harass the individuals who VOLUNTEER to track these individuals down. Everyone of them a Veteran or an Active Duty Soldier…You are more than welcome to contact me if you feel a need to voice your opinion because I am one of these moderators and being retired, I have no problem if you call my employer because I dont have one….Thank you for your service….Carl T. Dykes, 1SG USA Retired…No VFW Affiliation…

      • 1SGT I have no quarrel with you. The info you printed was info provided to you from the
        Vfw which is against our by-laws An was being handled internally. I am also retired from the army 1st Cad Division. Those that provided the pictures an service records were on a close the post mission. They fired the wrong commander the commander was myself and the recruiter was the person who started this campaign. Thank you for your service.

          • Sir read your posting. You claim info from the vfw command and members.

          • Yes, we gathered initial info from them as they were the ones who brought it to our attention. But I assure you your VFW nor the State and National directors did not give us any info. ALL of the info you see above was gathered through our own channels and resources. Four months of our own research, along with the help of fakewarriors.org, is what you see above. They came to us asking for help and confirmation, none of them released any info the VFW may have had, of this I assure you. And I would like to say, thank you for your service!

    • Mr. Banks, just wondering how you can stand behind someone who has admitted to grossly embellishing their record? She claimed to be somewhere she was not, and claimed deaths of Soldiers who do not exist? And members of your post contacted us concerning her, quite a few to be honest. She stood in your post and claimed awards that some Soldiers have laid their lives down for. I do not understand your way of thinking. Yes she served, and deserves respect for that, but she has taken Honor and Valor from those who earned it.

      • mr banks, you are going to stand behind her? this area has WAY too many fake heros in this area (central texas). as long as people keep “standing behind” fakers more and more vets will get hurt due to it. if you were in the military you are part of the 1% and spent time defending the country great!!!!! when you lie over and over and steal from others or your word is called in to question you degrade other vets.

        • just a question, the 82nd MP co was nearly 450 miles from the site of the site of the scud impact. what was a 82nd MP doing at the port months after the unit had left and was getting ready to kick off the battle? that alone is just one issue. im sure people have allready contacted the PA NG and USAR and once they find out that she is claiming “hero” status over the deaths of there soldiers this will spin up like a stinger going after a mig.

          good luck standing behind her, get ready for the HEAT rounds from the press.

          • I have always stood behind anyone who supports me. When I was at the hospital with my wife and needed a friend and help. My commander and his wife, Tina and her husband were the only ones who were there for me. Yes I stand behind her and I never betrayed plurality and trust.

          • qgain i ask how is it that she was 450 miles out of sector for her co durring the attack? 82nd MP was on the other side of KKMC then along tap line, not at the port.

          • Mr Banks: First let me tell you, thank you for your service. I want you to know that as a friend to you and your wife, she and her husband did what a true friend should do, and in that respect I understand 100% you standing behind your friend; but the issue at hand isn’t if she is a loyal friend or even a good friend, the real issue is that she has been lying, on several ocassions, about her military service, combat events, awards, etc. Now as a loyal friend you should help her to first stop telling all them lies, then for her to get some help as she so desesperately needs it. Some of her claims, depending when, where, how, and why she used them could land her in jail (again) and I’m sure you don’t want to see your friend in jail. That’s just one way you can help her. Good luck with that.

        • Right outside Ft Hood. Like I said, about 45 mins up the road from you. I ride through there at least twice a month headed out to San Antone. Id love to come talk with you guys, and go over this stuff face to face. While I agree with not turning your back on her, I disagree with her being allowed to keep her VFW membership (with you being a former commander, this falls on your shoulders just as much as the present commander). You want to allow her into your Ladies Aux ok. You want to allow her to continue in positions of responsibility like Treasurer of the Moto group there? I think you are making a foolish choice.

    • Mr. Banks, I applaud those who wish to stand behind her as a Veteran. But, my husband and 3 other’s actually pulled soldiers from a burning Humvee when it hit a pressure det IED> They saved 3 soldiers and an interpreter. They weren’t even thanked. They took small arms fire and had another IED go off causing2 to get blown into a ditch, head first in full gear. Yet, none of them go around and claim any awards for that night. None have recv’d any awards for that night. They have no articles written about them. She has done a huge disservice to those who have saved lives. My husband is now medically retired due to injuries he sustained that night. He lost the only dream he had, all to save men he didn’t know. So, while I understand her service, and thank her for it; her actions since have tarnished all she’s done. One must now wonder if it was done to gain accolades or bc she’s a good person? Every good deed she does will be held in question for a very long time. She owes everyone involved that night a written/formal apology. I’m sure this will open wounds for the families who lost someone. It doesn’t matter who turned her in or gave the information – the facts regarding the lies fall on her, not on anyone else. I find it funny that a soldier would be so quick to call out others – why? They aren’t in the news claiming to be something aren’t or claiming to have done things they didn’t do. She is. She alone is at fault for her actions. You’ll do good to remember who the guilty party is here. She is insulting those who are true heroes. Seeing as how one of those Heroes is my husband, I take serious offense to that. I watched him save lives, numerous times. I watched him disregard his own safety for others. How dare she or anyone, try to diminish that by lying. How dare she put other’s integrity into question? Let’s not forget who the real victims are when people behave this way.

      • Opps, **I find it funny that soldiers would be so quick to call out others who have integrity – why?** Not to self – stop typing when fussing at the kids 😉

  15. i read that. in the same “apology” she claimed hardships when she returned from Iraq. as i recall, her ONLY overseas duty was in Germany.

    • Here’s a hardship for her – I was sued for custody of my during my deployment. She has no clue what it’s like to come home and have to not only put your 5yr in therapy but to come home a fight a judge for violating your civil rights and blatantly breaking the law. She has no clue about hardship.

  16. Her ‘Service Dog” is a nice Border Collie mix, but anyone can go to the internet and purchase a service dog vest or cape. As someone with non-combat PTSD and many friends who are Veterans with PTSD, anyone that fakes a service dog pisses me off royally. I just hope that the dog is well behaved and doesn’t reflect poorly on those who have well trained service dogs. As for the rest of her story, may I please throw up in disgust now?

    • she fell off the pick nick table at Oktoberfest And smashed that so called brain in the cement I think I’ll help her again I have no pity or mercy for lairs or any one that stands up for lairs maybe bouncing her head off the cement a few more times will straiten her back out and for you dumb ass commander that supports this trailer trash you ought to have your head examined . You were a commander wannabe I ate and spit you dumb asses out like candy when I was in you must not have any morals or integrity I’d piss on your military grave’

    • First of all Mr. Banks, thank you for your service to our country. But as a combat veteran who served for 23 plus years and has had soldiers die and have seen REAL heroes I think I have the right….No I have the DUTY to protect the honor of those that have actually put themselves in harms way and not returned. I just pray that someday you realize that as a past commander of that VFW post that you realize that you had and continue to have that same obligation to protect those that cannot protect themselves. And while you may use bible quotes to try to guilt myself and others into not expressing our opinions, We FOUGHT for that Right and we will CONTINUE to Exercise it until all that commit these SINS against those that have gone before us are exposed to the light…..Carl T. Dykes, 1SG, United States Army Retired….NOT a past commander of anything…..

    • I am a member of that post (6974, 6975 is a typo). In George’s defense I have known him to be a dedicated, compassionate, hardworking man, caring man who did an admirable job pulling this post from the mess it was in several years ago. There would be no post at all had it not been for him – it had deteriorated into a family run bingo hall. But, like all of us are prone to do, I believe he has made an error in judgement.

      I fail to understand his defense of Tina’s behavior. It is like equating a vehicular homicide with a speeding ticket and it has split the post asunder. Dealing with this when it first arose as suggested by several members of the post would have nipped it in the bud and with proper encouragement, enabled Ms Kersten to seek out help before things got out of hand. You haven’t done her any favors, Bro, and, in fact, have made things far worse by enabling her inappropriate behavior.

      An apology to the membership and acknowledgement that errors injudgement were made would let the post get on with the healing process rather than prolonging this mess and turning a divided membership into enemies. .

      I am casting stones and I stand by my combat record of 279 combat missions in Vietnam in the F-4 Phantom jet, 18 Air Medals and two Distinguished ;Flying Crosses. The post has my DD214 on file for verification.

    • As a member of VFW Post 10796, I have to ask, what right do you have allowing someone to join on their word with no validation? We have bylaws set up for a reason.

    • While some of the comments listed may be judgments and ‘casting stones’ as you put it, Mr. Banks (interesting name…wasn’t that the name of the father in Mary Poppins? Just wondering), the facts in the actual article are just that – facts. Verified, proven facts. No stones cast there. Have you read Matthew 7:1-5? You might want to take the log out of your own eye before going after the speck in the eyes of the people who have posted here.

  17. This fat slob is disgusting and an embarrassment to the people who have served honorably and receieved medals. I just went to her facebook and I couldn’t locate her. Maybe she got wise and decided to take it down.

    • her facebook page is under “Tina Kersten” she is still on here plus look under the pictures on her page of VFW Unit 30 in her photo album

  18. I agree. She served honorably, so why embellish? Most of these knob slobberers are kicked out or only served a week in basic, but she was honorably discharged. What do these people think they are accomplishing by lying this way. Hey, I say she got a free spaghetti dinner. So she received something of monetary value by lying. Charge her ass!

  19. I agree with 1SG Dykes this person is a disgrace to every Soldier who has died wearing a uniform protecting our rights and this country. And if she is a SSG which I doubt she is then she brings discredit upon the corps of Noncommissoned Officers. She personally told me she was crazy but you stand behind Mr. Banks you brought shame upon your post by letting in this scum

  20. Calling a spade a spade is judging? Convicting a criminal punishing your child is judging? What about a police officer issuing a speeding ticket..is he judging?

  21. Well, wearing the beret like that is completely in line with a chef serving sh** on a shingle. She even disrespects food service specialists…who I have much respect for. I have no respect for her however….

    • Coincidentally, her 201 file does not list Airborne School anywhere. Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t even see a “Stopped at Ft Benning to take pictures” or Air Assault for that matter. I’m picky about badges… especially unearned badges!!! And don’t let me get started on THAT what she calls a “beret” It looks like she beat up both Mario Bros. and stole Mario’s hat to wear on those pictures!!! What a tard!! SMH…

    • I believe that any person who served honorably is entitled to receive services from VA. Though there are priority groups. for example: Service Connected 100% disabled veteran falls under Priority 1. With all this stuff on her I hope she is Priority 999919999!!!

  22. Sent her husband Don a link just in case she keeps him in the dark. Also sent her a messege if she is getting help and one more thing I seen on her business site is that she has posted a pictue of her dog and she says:: “This is my REMI…a wounded warriors dog herself.. we took her in and she is doing wonderful 🙂


  23. Wow, She sends an apology and puts “Airborne” as her nickname? How can she be sincere when she signs off with a lie. By the way one of the saddest moments to me of watching the coverage of the Gulf War was a career Air Force Sergeant breaking down in tears as he saluted the casket of his daughter, who was in the Army and Killed in the Attack.That this woman would use that attack to weave her bullshit story into is a slap in the face to those service members who died.

      • And you gave that to her because? She supposedly jumped out of planes? Oh wait, no, Im sure she got her trike ‘airborne’ over a cattle guard, right? You were fooled, you have egg on your face, and whether you gave her the road name, the fact it appears next to an 82nd Airborne patch on her vest would make people believe (as I am sure you did) that she was claiming Airborne status. Wipe the egg off, support her, get her the help she needs (not at a VA facility, as there is no reason for her to go to one by looking at her records) and help your post get rid of this new black eye.

      • Why would anyone EVER nickname someone else “Airborne.” Any Airborne qualified person can tell you they would NEVER nickname a leg “Airborne.”

        Suspicious suspicious.

  24. WTF with that text message? “Tina “AIRBORNE” Lightfoot”? LMFAO please…u aint “AIRBORNE” lady, any more than you’re a combat veteran…I’m surprised u can even spell it. Just one look at that jacked-up maroon beret you can’t wear properly and its obvious you were never “AIRBORNE”…

  25. I think some of you folks have the right idea, i.e. that George Banks is an alter ego. I studied that record, and there s nothing in there which would qualify her for free VA PTSD treatment. Besides, I know the Modern Volunteer Army is politically correct, but having served almost three decades as an NCO and getting commissioned in the process and being a commander, I would have drummed out someone who cut a fine figure like that in a uniform. Okay, we did have some cooks that looked like that, but they were REMFs. I’m amused. She should be brought up on charges, because she did seek financial gain. Now, if we are wrong on George Banks,and he really is (a) the person who wrote the above notes and (b) really the past commander of that VFW post, he owes this forum an apology — in writing — because he’s not fit to be a representative of the VFW either. I don’t suspect that’s the case. I have no problems admitting who I am: Werner Saemmler Hindrichs, MAJ (ret), a disabled and decorated retiree who does, unlike many of these chuckleheads, have a DD214 which confirms every one of my decorations and even my tours and jobs. Funny thing about that. Oh, and it’s four pages long. . . Good work guys, keep it up. I’m working on one right now myself, a real E-9 with a fake record.

    • Sir I am real, look up my record. I entered the army in 1964 at 17 years of age. I served in the 5/7 Cave in Viet Nam. I have nothing to hide. I respect your rights respect mind. You can check with the vfw I have a 214 mater fact several.

      • I don’t know, but the more you write, the more you prove that theory right… Facebook accounts are way too easy to make, so having a fb account doesn’t prove anything. And you’re listing info that any “good friend” would know. Plus, you misspelled CAV once again!!!

        • Sir, your name has not been slandered I assure you. I for one respect you for your service and what you have done for this country. I just feel you have been duped by someone and that should not have happened to you. She has admitted to her lies on several occasions since this story broke, but I for one respect you and your Honor. I can understand why you would stand by her, being in the situation you were in. But please look it everything “outside the box” as I like to say, and you will see where everyone is coming from.

  26. I wouldn’t call that an apology to say the least. More of a “I just got caught, and need to get people off my back for a bit”. She should be shameful for her acts. God will have fun with her on the final judgement day..

  27. I do not think that the person posting as her VFW past Commander is legit. What goes around, comes around. Like vampires, people like this dread the exposure to the light(of truth).

  28. Oh, she’s a tweaker blaming it on the meth? Great example you set for others… kersten Tina
    September 19
    THOUGHT OF THE DAY…”EMBELISHMENTS, LIES,AND UNTRUTHS”…Dear facebook friends and Comrades,,,recently I have had my past catch up with me once more so please bear with me as I try to once again explain myself for my past actions. You all already know through my self medicating of Meth that I usede as a tool for my nightmares, that I lied and told untruths due to a lack of SELF ESTEEM. This has happened since I returned from Iraq due to the hardships I have endured while serving. Why did I do these things people ask? Well..it was a great fear of not being good enough here at home for anyone or anything. All I knew is that the life I once knew was no more and a very troubled “Tina” appeared. All my untruths, lies, or embelishments were due to a fear of people knowing who I really am and trusting them with that person. I now know, through recovery and constant on going therapy with my combat PTSD, that I actually like the person I have become… with the help of you all on Facebook, that to include my school friends, biker buds, and especially my Comrades. You all have been through hell and back with me but still stand behind me. I am not perfect, but today I can say ” I am wrong and I am sorry”…So now I will say it just one more time for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE AND READ…If I have ever lied or embelished or told you an untruth, or ever represented myself as something else other than the “REAL” me, I do apologize from the bottom of my heart for all my past sins against you and the world, but even more importantly..I apologize to myself. My past is my past and needs to stay there. You guys remember when I came out of recovery and I came clean then right? Well others that didnt get that chance to recieve it from me …may they know now. My life here, being involved with helping Veterans has been my Mission. That will never stop! I believe right , wrong , or indifferent we support each other. Yes we may slip and fall from time to time, but I am here to tell you..I will stand back up, admit my mistakes, learn from them, then pass on past learned experiences to the Veteran who still suffers so they wont feel like they are alone. Be ashamed of my past..well yes indeed I am..even more so than all can ever imagine. Work through it? You bet! Quit? NEVER!!! I Love my different families as they all have played a positive part in my healing..but I am especially greatful to my Comrades for standing behind me in all I do. There are many Veterans out there that need my help. “It takes one to know one” to help them. This is my calling! This is my mission! So, from today on, no more will I look at the bad and the past..I must look ahead and help the ones now before they go through the things I went through..to get them help sooner..to help them be..ALL THEY CAN BE!!! “HOOAH”

  29. I emailed her and this is exactly what she said to me, ”

    post commamner is behimd me..its the district..anyway i have made a public apoloy 3 times..paper..facebook..written to vfw..im still in the vfw..i am eligible..sorry i pissed the world of..i am a sick person..but going to treatment to help me now..thatnkyou for your concerns as i desreve it…have a great day

  30. When did they start including wear of the beret as a part of Airborne school? They mocked the cherries that bought the 507th beret, and a lot of grads are going to and fro leg units. I didn’t learn how to shave and shape my beret until two years after jump school, when I left 101st for the 501st in Alaska.
    That said, she puts the “special” in special troops battalion…that flash is the 82nd STB.

    • The wearing and appearance of the beret block of instruction you get it from your first line supervisor at your “*AIRBORNE*” unit. She never got that piece of info because she was never in an Airborne unit.
      A soldier can be attached to an airborne unit without ever even being ABN qualified. He or She would wear the ABN combat patch once they get back their regular (leg) unit without ever jumping out a plane, or even wearing a beret for that matter.
      I’m not saying this is her case because she didn’t even deployed anywhere according to her files.

  31. By the way, she is also displaying a distinguished rifleman and distinguished pistol shot badge (the two gold badges in the right front of the photo). The CMP lists ALL personnel who have earned either (and both) of these prestigious awards–less than 400 people have earned both of these awards IN THE LAST HUNDRED YEARS). Needless to say, her name is not on any of these lists. Why do these morons embellish their career? Just be proud of whatever service you have performed!!!

  32. I remember we had this soldier during Operation New Dawn in Kuwait/Iraq (We were stationed in Kuwait, but CLP’s into Iraq) where he would tell these exaggerated stories to people at home. Like how his best friend died in his arms on the side of the road in Baghdad, or all the times he had been mortared and was shell shocked. He even bought a CAB to wear when he went home on leave. He lost the respect of the entire company because we knew he never served in any capacity in Iraq because he was stuck in the TOC in Kuwait, and his friend never died, by the grace of God we had 0% KIA rate and the only people we had sent home were due to personal on the job injuries.

    I post this because these people embellish their records because they hear all these heroic stories of fellow soldiers laying down their lives for their brothers and sisters and they feel like they didn’t do enough because they served a support capacity, or never had the opportunity to serve in a time of war. These people don’t realize that just b serving you do your country a great honor, and you deserve all the respect in the world just for the fact that the served.

    • Amen my husband is support been 20 yps now and I have had ppl literally say to me “o he is just a supply puke he doesn’t do anything when he deploys” crazy asses but I know he is a proud soldier even without all the medals…he’s just damn proud to serve dammit

  33. all her VFW and other current military pictures are now missing from her FB account, yea that screams inocence…

    again the 450 mile question, how could she earn a SS when her unit was on the other side of KKMC on tap line? so now she is getting VA treatment for duty in iraq…. again when was she there???????

    mr banks, still standing behind her?

  34. Ok so for the past 3 hours I have sent the link http://guardianofvalor.com/tina-marie-kersten-lightfoot-dhahran-saudi-arabia-scud-attack-hero/ Hall of shame to every person that made any comments/Likes on any of her pictures so that they ALL know what CON she really is!

    Now having looked through all them pictures makes me wonder hard…Did she scam people of their money to have all these horses, hot tub, Trikes, motorcycles and all them toys? Does she work? Well I hope her friends and family are proud of her now.
    She is in denial and just says enough to try to shut us up and it ain’t gonna work sista!
    She made a comment asking her friend “Hey you see my basic training picture with the letters MP?” she has lied for YEARS and I think she has got to the point she believes them now. Her husband Donny is just as bad since he had to have known about all her BS but this is not about him but that skank. I’m worn out now from passing the link around so get ready for the firestorm 🙂

    • Her facebook page has everything removed that references veteran status. You can only view her “about” information. Everything else is locked unless she friends you.

  35. George Banks,
    As a combat veteran myself (specifically Desert Storm), I don’t feel the need, and I’ve earned to right to choose who and what to respect. You have freedom of speech. Those people that are disagreeing with you aren’t taking that away from you, they’re exercising theirs.

    You are an enabler. As such, you’re as guilty as she is of this fraud. You helped her start it, and you’re trying to continue to help her by excusing it. I’ve read her “apology”. She still claims to be a combat veteran suffering from PTSD, which she is using as a reason for perpetuating this fraud…that you helped, and continue to help her continue

    In my mind, it’s worse because you should know better.

    You don’t have my respect, regardless of your service.

    • Its interesting that she says she apologized for lying about all her medals she said she had on the table, but they still allow her to remain in the VFW, to include allow her to be an officer in VFW Post 6974. At what point once she admitted to lying didn’t they investigate her numerous claims of being in many conflicts. A news channel out of Austin Tx interviewed her on TV to which she said she just returned from Iraq. How many times does she have to LIE to the same people that are standing behind her to realize they have been taken advantage of??? Stolen Valor has ALL information on her and you still stand behind her LIES, when will people see she is nothing more than a pathological liar. Im pretty sure her claims of being a Meth Addict is also a LIE. Hopefully the VA picks up on this story and they investigate her also to see if she really does qualify for benefits, because if she does not she should be prosecuted to the FULLEST Extent of the LAW.

      As for VFW Post 6974 they themselves should be investigated for allowing this to happen and people should be REMOVED of their position for allowing this to get to this point. I guess HONOR and INTEGRITY were left out in the parking lot of this VFW, because it seems NO honor or integrity were present the entire time this was allowed to go on. I for one will be retiring in the next 90 days and yes I will have a DD214 that shows what i did and who I am, not like some people in this world at the moment. As for respect for those involved, I have none for them, they LOST their values somewhere down the road and forgot what HONOR and INTEGRITY really mean. They allowed this to happen under their watch and did nothing to prevent this from going as far as it has.

      SCOUT OUT!!!

      • I did some research into eligibility for someone to join the VFW, and to recover LOST separation documents was as easy as submitting GSA Standard Form 180. This sounds like it is VERY EASY to get these documents. Why Mr Banks did not do this makes you wonder, also to be part of the VFW Motorcycle Club you must also be in GOOD Standing with the VFW and that verification of VFW application was APPROVED. AS we can see Mr Banks FAILED to do either of these, if he was the Commander of Post 6974 at the time she was admitted into the VFW just goes to show he has DEFRAUDED the VFW by allowing a person to JOIN without doing an easy task as to submitting a GSA Standard Form 180 to receive her DD214 to confirm she did in FACT was eligible to be inducted into Post 6974. As for Mr Banks saying you can verify who he is by going to his Facebook page is also in question. He writes on here, but I have yet to see him defend this person on Facebook, but he will defend her here There are over 100 or more George Banks on Facebook so take your pick on which one he is. If only a simple GSA Standard Form 180 was done, maybe this would have not gotten to where it is now. People in the near future will have to answer questions on why this was allowed to go on as long as it has. I have included the VFW Eligibility Information and also Mr Banks it does say in there that “A careful check of eligibility at the time a person joins will save a great deal of trouble and embarrassment later” Looks like someone has A LOT of explaining to do in the NEAR FUTURE.


        SCOUTS OUT!!!!!

        • Funny how it cannot be FOUND?? Oh well your not worth my TIME anymore, like I said BEFORE you allowed this to continue on, named someone “AIRBORNE” and about ready to FACE the MUSIC. Hope it was WORTH allowing your INTEGRITY and HONOR to be FLUSHED down the DRAIN for LIES. Oh I did check you out and yes you did serve with 5-7CAV (Not CAVE as you wrote before) in Vietnam in 1969. I am also part of the 7th US Cavalry, 3rd Squadron at Fort Stewart and 4th Squadron in South Korea. Interesting how information can BE accessed just by looking up little bits of information people say, just like Stolen Valor, if you knew anything about what Stolen Valor is all ABOUT you would know that all the information they got was under the “Freedom of Information Act”. Check out the documents at the top of the page, you will see its as easy as knowing ones name. Just like it was as easy as submitting a GAS Standard Form 180, but you wouldn’t know that because look where we are TODAY.

          At least I will NOT allow my Honor or Integrity to be influenced by someone wishing to LIE their way into an organization for VETERANS.

          Garry Owen
          SCOUT OUT!!!!!

  36. Wanted to post a conversation I had with Mrs Lightfoot when this story first started breaking……

    James Currington Wrote:

    I know you dont know me, but Im from the local area and it has been brought to my attention that you are a Silver Star recipient. I am a recently medically retired vet at Ft Hood, and I ride with a lot of the PGR both from the CenTex group and have done a mission with the Austin group. I would very much like to speak with you, if at all possible, as to the circumstances that you received your SS under? Since my medical retirement from the Army, I have become a bit of a military history nut, and am thinking of trying to put together a book about local heroes. Thank you for your time, and God Bless.

    Tina Kersten
    August 12
    Tina Kersten Wrote:


    • All VFW’s do according to the NATIONAL BI-LAWS! The Commander that allowed her to join without the proper documents should be stripped of his post and possibly brought up under Article 9!

  37. May have taken taken most everything off her facebook page (it is still there with claim of combat PTSD), but still claims most of it on her business website. This has to be stopped.

  38. Listen George, you just said that WE STARTED IT? Are you fucking kidding me? She started all this shit all by herself LONG AGO! way before any of us were here and if you don’t respect us then leave!
    You also have a screw loose if you think for one minute that it is OK to what she she did and keeps doing. Yes she has PTSD but her form means SHIT STAIN

    Funny how this pond dweller is so important to you. Hmmmmm

    • My apologies George, I read one of the posts the wrong way and seen that it was someone else that was talking to you and I had thought it was you that wrote it.

  39. Here’s what pisses me off regarding George. I didn’t even have to see this travesty of a human being nor see her stolen medals, nor require the evidence that she can’t even wear the uniform properly. The story is pure bull-shite of the highest degree and should have been obvious to the most gullible of noobs. Panama before she went to High School? Nine years in Iraq? Just where in Iraq were we after Desert Storm and before Operation Iraqi Freedom? A Silver Star given to her by “3 Nurses and 2 Doctors” as a consolation prize for “Trama”? An apology signed “Airborne”?

    Here’s a smack with a clue-bat for you, George. You gave her a nickname based upon a lie. She threw that lie back into your face when she continued to use it. I know chumps never know they’re chumps, bud, but you take the cake. How many women EVER have been awarded a Silver Star?

    She dishonored my brothers. She dishonored me. When you continue to cover her YOU dishonor my brothers and YOU dishonor me. You can take that “thanks for your service” and stick it up your ass because it’s just lip music.

    Honor earned from service can be rescinded by subsequent acts. Don’t think so? Benedict Arnold, by all accounts, was a war hero before he was a traitor. Some more contemporary names that come to mind are Murtha and Cunningham come to mind.

    George’s actions don’t only reflect badly on us. They reflect far worse of him.

  40. What a scumbag. Love the facebook excuse. Worst part of it all, is how these reporters are oblivious to facts and do NO fact-checking. How f**king hard is it to ask a veteran to vette her story? This is one of the best stolen valor investigations I have seen yet.

      • James,
        I contacted uShip about their vetting policies regarding their carriers. They list on their website: “* Profile information provided by member. Please verify all credentials.”, so I sent them a message asking if their terms of service agreement allowed fraudulent advertising. Especially considering the company name is ‘Veteran Farms’ with the tag of ‘horseveteran’.

        Not trying to troll and I’m serious about visiting Burnet and Mr Banks.

        • Heard back from uShip. It’s the company that maintains the page above where TMKL lists her company ‘Veteran Farms Transport”. Part of their terms and conditions is that user profiles be accurate. Specifically section 17: **17. Account Flagging System. The uShip site is self-policed by the uShip community via a flagging system…uShip members are able to ‘flag’ certain texts that do not comply with this Agreement..including: user profiles” In the email I got from uShip’s “Community, Trust & Safety Department” representative, he highlighted “user profiles” in red. So, it looks like they don’t like their folks who advertise on their website to be lying any more than the rest of us do…

          • Here’s from her ‘uship’ page.

  41. Just looking at that picture of her with the dog is just disgusting…the beret, the spurs, the uniform, the patch, and I’m sure we can all be certain that ain’t no wounded warrior service dog…even exploited the dog. The beret is a dead give away and the rest of her mess is probably obvious to those who really did earn them.
    As a female veteran, I feel its such a betrayal to her sisters in service as well. It has taken us years upon years to find a place in the military. We have to fight and train twice as hard to not only earn the respect we deserve but to keep it as well. Then this female claims all she can…for what?!?!?! If you are apologizing for your ‘mistakes’, why the hell are you STILL trying to fake it??
    She better go back to treatment…maybe actually work on herself a little bit longer, maybe she relapsed, or is she even a meth head?? lol…9 years in Iraq…returned from Afghanistan…but discharged forever ago…smdh…she is one disgusting mess of an individual!

    • Preach on, sister! I’m a female veteran & a Lifetime VFW member because of my service in Korea (KDSM) & my time in OEF/OIF I. She needs to be true to herself & stop looking like a soup sandwich. I just can’t believe her audacity in thinking she wasn’t going to get caught. Every time I see someone looking ate up in uniform, it’s usually a poser. Seriously, how many vets wear their uniforms & bring undue attention upon themselves unless they are looking for something they couldn’t get on active duty? We all had a job, & we all couldn’t be Infantry, Cav, SF, or the other MOSs that were involved in combat. Be proud that you served, & don’t claim shit you don’t have. Simple,

    • Hey baby it’s okay…why don’t we go back to my place and you can tell me all about it.

      PS- Bring your uniform- maybe you can even show me how to wear a beret just in case I need to ever wear one.

  42. I also forgot to ask in my last post if anyone contacted the Highland Lakes Weekly to let the reporter know he was duped too?? Even the media didn’t bother to check any facts or confirm the validity of her story!

    • The editorof the paper stated later that he had misgivings about her story but went ahead with it because he was assured by the then present andpast post commanders that her story was correct. He later printed a retraction and finally the post acknowledged the Silver Star was never awarded.

  43. Someone please enlighten me… How does George Banks and this bag of ass who gives cooks of the military (yours truly was a CS in the Navy and has NO SHAME) a bad name both have IDENTICAL piss poor sentence structor, bad grammar that isn’t being used intentionally to make a point, and speech patterns with the SAME misspellings of words and acronyms?? I couldn’t possibly have been the only one to see that..?!

    • I’m thinking the same thing, if nothing else how could someone who can’t string a coherent sentence together aspire to the position of a VFW Post Commander?

        • I stumbled on to this site while reading of CSM Plumbley’s crossing the bar, an expression used in Naval Services for a sailor, seaman, or a Coast Guardsman coming from sea and entering shallow water for the last time. i feel your need to sanctify an Army who has had the pride of knowing that CSM Plumbley was not only an outstanding soldier, but not an anomoly, you all served with men he reminds you of. All of you want the records and accomplishments of soldiers like the CSM totally free of any tainting brought on by those who did not deserve to call themselves US soldiers in the first place.

          The responsibility you feel to keep your ranks free of anything that would detract, either from those that went before you, their missions from protecting flegling countries until they can fly on their own to saving the world from pure evil. I fortunately have had the pleasure of watching the world famous north american blue jackets draw the awe of citizens around the world as they proudly represented our flag to people who could smell the freedom exuding from these men and women. Soldiers know this sense of honor and the responsibility that comes with it. Soldiers seek these tasks and forever cherish that time in their lives that was black and white, no second best, 100 MPH or nothing.

          Finish this, do not waver.

          No appologies, those of you who also served. When you raised your right hand you wrote a check that you knew you’d have to cash with your life. You were all in, you stand with your shipmates, tall as any SEAL That’s what most of us cannot understand. Regardless of your mentions in dispatches, you were with us. It WAS enough. You served as your service wished. You took a thank you from your country and torched it because your self esteem didn’t get fixed in the company of warriors

          My cooks helped me so much. Their hospitality to those not in the ship’s party showed a generosity that I could not display properly without their example. Weeks at battle stations would have been impossible for me to manage without the never waining sense of responsibility CS’ felt to have the best meals possible for their shipmates whenever they got time off to eat. How they came up with ice cream 15 days from the last FFV (fresh food and vegtables) unrep, with the COB (chief of the boat) and XO as amazed as I was sure slowed down the personnel problems. No one who’s been there looks down on the men that make sure Mama gets the checks, the folks that always have the ammo ready to draw, or know just as well as you do how many days you have before it’s down to a wake up.

          Although you don’t need another example to prove your points, let me throw this your way. If Kersten earned those distinguished marksmanship badges in more than one weapon, surely she would have been included in “President’s 100”. That used to rate a tab, worn junior to “airborne”, over your present outfit patch. I’d be surprised if that tab was put out to pasture. I’ve only seen a couple of soldiers with the tab, but really I’ve only seen a couple of men in uniform that rated any distinguished marksmanship badges.

          My last comment….don’t people on METH have enough PR problems?

          CAPT sends


          • I EARNED the Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge in 1993. You can look it up online. IF she EARNED the Distinguished Pistol or Rifle Badges , it would be listed on the website.

            BIG SURPRISE…. She isn’t listed for either one!!! If she actually wears the badges on her uniform, she is guilty of violating the Stolen Valor Act.

    • I thought the exact same thing when reading GB’s comments and hers. Is it possible she may have stolen his identity? At least on this thread and/or FB?


  44. It is possible for her to be treated at the VA simply because she is a vetran. She may have to pay for her visits since she has no service connected disability. I agree she is disgusting and needs a good old fashioned blanket party, I actually earned my wings and my beret and I am livid at the way she has that beret on her head. Now to all of the other warriors that earned thee medals and honors she is claiming I for one knower how disgusted you must feel that she has taken something so sacred and cheapened it just because she wanted to look important. Thank you Stolen Valor for all of your hard work put into outing these living abortions. I am disabled and would love to help with the effort in the future. My disability is not service connected but I am proud of all of my acknowledgements and awards presented to me during my service. I was a proud member of the 82nd Airborne Division before receiving orders to report to NATO site 111 whet we stored a large amount of special weapons at the 545th Ordinance Co. Although I never served in combat I am still very proud of my military record. After going through a divorce and finding my dd214 missing I immediately sent for a replacement which took press than two weeks. Thanks for everyone’s service and thanks for reading my those on this stupid piece of trash. A public flogging would do her well. I live in Austin Tx if anyone is interested in grabbing a beret sometime send me an email. I am also looking for an old buddy from the Killeen area by the name of Easier Bodine. We were in Germany together and I would love to catch back up with him. Barry Branham out.

    • I served 21 years as a tanker and endured most of the injuries tankers get – bad back, effed up knees, loss of hearing and skin problemes relating to petro chemicals necessary for proper tank maintenance touching the skin, entering the blood stream through skin pores etc. I am not a rich man by any means, but I am US Army Retired – and I was turned down by the local Dallas VA Hospital for service-connected injuries because “I did not pass the Means Test.”

  45. Please excuse my spelling mistake. My old buddy’s name is Eddie Wayne Bodine and he was originally from Killeen Tx. Out would be great to see him again. Thanks again and lets not let up on the posers whofeel the need to lie just to try to make themselves seem better than they are. My hats off to the men and women at stolen valor and I will gladly offer my services to out future scum. Therefore feel free to contact me and let me know how I can help. Until then keep up the good fight.

  46. she has changed here website http://www.veteranfarmsoftexas.com/ …. no longer lists airborne, airasslt, combat vet… thats standard for fakers, of the 3 that i have found out they all follow the same pattern..
    1. say you are mistaken
    2. bring friends , and fake friends to speak for you
    3. change the story
    4. blame the outters
    5. say i was mistaken, sort of
    6. clean up the web and say it never happened
    7. vanish

    8. start it all over again in 4-6 months

  47. The “old guard” members of VFW Post 6974 feel Mr Banks can do no harm and focused the blame for all this on a retired female Command Sgt Maj based on a smear campaign seemingly being conducted by Mr Banks and supporters of Ms Kersten. Members who would like to see the post reformed believe it ought to be temporarily closed for a cooling off period then reformed. A District rep
    has stated they are unwilling to do so because this would interfere with their ability to recieve an All American District rating. Nor is State interested in doing so. It has also come to my attention that the two past commanders have a financial stake in the post remaining open because they are in the process of obtaining a liquor license to allow them to operate a private canteen within the post itself.

    • So in your eyes it is ok to lie about Soldiers dying, and possibly fraud as long as shes helped someone monetarily? That sir is no excuse for what she has done.

    • Spending personal money (which part of is coming from her VA benefit claims, I can only assume) does not excuse one’s behavior. If you were military, Im sure you heard the old addage ‘one aw shit screws up 10 atta boys”. This is a HUGE aw shit, one you are also directly responsible for. I hold you, the post, her husband and, most importantly, her, responsible for the actions that have been allowed to transpire. My suggestion to you, is to go away. Get off this forum. Defending her is just drawing more attention, negative attention. Attention your post neither wants, or needs at this time. Go help her get help, help her clean up her mess. She is gonna need support when her VFW membership is revoked. God help her if I ever stumble across her at any of the motorcycle rallies, or Patriot Guard Riders missions I attend, which being medically retired are basically all of them.

    • In defense of George Banks, whom I consider a friend still, though maybe misguided, Ms Kersten has indeed made overtures to help some younger vets but with some very checkered results, especially with the ones who do not buy into her outlandish claims. It is all about setting a standard and an example. All this talk about an unverifiable combat tour and PTSD certainly block out any accomplishments. I have pleaded with George to be a real friend, help her to see what she is doing to herself with the enormity of her inappropriate behavior, to understand and accept the the consequences, how it is affecting those around her, and get her some real help. I saw the two of them at the VA in Temple a few days ago so maybe that is taking place. The challenge now is to repair the damage to the VFW, correct its internal procedures, and restore a level of trust and integrity so that its membership can be proud. I am still pretty skeptical it will happen but maybe the State VFW Adjutant/Quartermaster can pull it off.with his resources.

      • Here in Lake Wales Florida we had a commander 6 months ago who was the commander for 3 years. Claimed to be a 27 year man with 3 purple hearts,and he retired as a Major. We found out that he was in for 4 months. He had no Purple Hearts.We went thru District,and then state who ok ed his membership.We had to go to National to finally have him removed as Commander. The officers of the Post still supported this man. I resigned as Senior Vice because of this ,so it happens a lot. We now have a senior Vice that is not even qualifyed to be a member…

    • Hey George Banks, Im calling you out, again! You seem to want to post that Stolen Valor only wants to ruin Veterans lives, I say, the only reason this is still even an issue is because your mama kersten (gotta be your mama for you to continue to support her jackassery) continues to spew her lies. She has had multiple opportunities to bring her proof forward, she has not, She RAN from a news reporter. Be a man! Get out from behind her skirt tails and stand up for once. Do you owe her money? Are you two screwing each other? Maybe drug partners? I don’t know what she has on you, but I am challenging you again. Come forward with the proof, or stop the lies.

  48. Steve, I have to correct you on your comment. There is no such action as “reforming” a VFW Post. Nothing that happens to VFW Post 6974 has any influence on the District All American standing and the State will only take action in accordance with the by laws. If the by laws would have been followed, this mess would never have occurred. We, the VFW and it’s members, cannot “pick and choose” the by laws we wish to follow as members and as a VFW Post. To lay any blame on either the District or the State is incorrect as both of those entities are acting in accordance with the by laws. The two Past Commanders cannot operate a private canteen inside of the VFW. The VFW can, as a Post, apply to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, for a private license. The members of the Post must approve that action.

    • I and corrected for the misstatements and I certainly didn’t mean to imply any misconduct. My intent was to address installing new officers OR to later form a new post in Burnet so the community could put all this behind it As you know totally agree that not following bylaws created this situation but I am not comfortable the process will allow for it tobe rectified and have appealed to your office for help. Relative to the District comments, those were made yesterday to two past officers of 6974 by a district rep at a meeting in Burnet at the Highllander Cafe and you have explained to me they were incorrect. With respect to the liquor license, the post voted in an open meeting a few months back to shelve the motion for six months but the two individuals mentioned elected to proceed unilaterally.

        • I’m calling bullshit too, there’s either more than one fox in the hen house or that VFW is a ruse in disguise. The lead dumb rock in that box is the shadiest color of grey I’ve ever see. Somebody needs to go back to the chain gang. Writing words from a dictionary does not give you an education, culture or class. Then all of a sudden it’s the Dentist fault? I don’t think Ms, Stupid gets it, this is not going to go away nor is anybody going to let it rest. BTW Genius, this is how you properly use satire as a way to make a point using comparison and contrast. Either that or they have the dumbest VFW west of the Mississippi….

  49. The ‘about me’ section of her facebook, copied at 11 am CST 1 OCT 2012. Seems she is still perpetrating the lie.


  50. Hey George! What happened to your FaceBook account? You said to check you out, and then it disappeared. I don’t believe you are George. I believe you’re the alterego of the cookie lardass. If you are the best the VFW can offer in Burnet, TX, remind me to resign from the VFW. I cannot believe that anyone who has the temerity to see even the most miniscule good in the lardass would be tolerated in an organization which ostensibly promotes the welfare of real veterans. What were you on active duty, “Past Commander,” a Spec 4? I’m disgusted. By enabling and justifying, you are as bad if not worse than Tina Marie. Another side point which does not appear to have been addressed yet: did she really make E-6 as an obese REMF cook in Germany in one tour? No wonder our Army is turning to shit. Or is that fake too?

  51. Good work again. Coming from an old Cav Scout, the pic of her with the Gold Spurs on really bothers me the most. Their for combat service- unofficial awards long before the CAB. Spurs mean a lot to Cav and Armor guys, I’ve laid a few Gold ones on graves of friends who never got to put them on. Our version of the CIB. Keep up the good work.

  52. Visited her facebook page the sent the following to 3 of her VFW friends and well as emailed the same to the National office of the VFW


    First allow me to send you a heart felt “Thank you” for yoru service to our country.

    I have attempted to email Dennis “Mike” Barber but I’m unable to locate an address for him that is why I have reached out to all of you.

    As a Veteran myself I feel it is my duty to inform your my brothers of a POSER in the VFW Ranks.

    She claims to have been part of operation Urgent Fury in Granda in October – December 1983,
    also in Operation Just Cause, in Panama December 1989. January 1990.

    As you can see from the active service dates this is Impossible.
    Dates of Service:
    December 2, 1986 – December 6 1994
    Active duty: December 2, 1986 – January 11 1989

    She was never an MP and was stationed in Germany after her AIT for Food Service Specialist at Ft Jackson SC


    She has never been anywhere near a war and needs removed from the VFW ASAP.

    Gary Mintz
    Patriot Guard Rider (Q-Master) – California
    US Army Veteran 1981 – 1993

    • We are already in talks with the State commanders, they were aware before we posted the story. They have launched an investigation as to how she was allowed in without proper documents, and also have challenged her membership.

          • Got a reply
            Mr. Mintz,

            We thank you for bringing this to our attention. However, we are very much aware of the issue surrounding this member and the Department/State to which she is currently a member, has initiated the appropriate action as outlined in our national by-laws.

            Thank you for your service and again for bringing this to our attention.

            Kevin Jones
            Director, Administrative Operations

  53. Alright folks, after looking harder at her 2-1 (the one with the hand written entries about her graduating AIT as a cook) I noticed it said OSUT at FT McClellan. OSUT is One Station Unit Training and A CO 40th BN, was in fact, a MP training unit. HOWEVER, it would appear she did NOT graduate the MP training portion, and had to reclass to Food Service Specialist. You old fogies (well, the few of you who are older than I am) take a look at it, see what you think? IF she attempted the AIT, I can see where she might say she TRIED to be an MP. Of course, with only the listing of Food Serv Spec as her only MOS….. what do ya’ll think?

    Now back to Mr G Banks, you stated that VFW business was to be handled by members only, point in fact I am a member, and definitely am entitled to be a member, unlike your crony Tina. Since she is NOT authorized to be a member of the VFW, (which we have verified, have you?) this is in fact NOT VFW business. I still want to meet with you and discuss this, especially since as of the evening of 1 OCT 2012, Ms Kersten has changed her profile pictures to display that she is, in fact, at the VFW there in Burnet. There by slapping all these people in the face yet AGAIN.

    If you were in any leadership role in the Army during your time of service, and handled your troops the way you are handling this, I have to feel less than thrilled for the units you had yourself in. I do hope you were more thorough as an Army Leader than you were as a VFW Commander?

    You tell us to check you out, and I would love to correspond with you via facebook about this, in fact, Ms Kersten gave me your telephone number a month or so back to ‘verify’ her story with. I never utilized it, simply because I already knew that she was full o’ the poo. Since we cant verify if this is you, by contacting you on your face book account (as you have messages turned off from people who are not on your friends list) would you mind me giving you a call instead?

    Now I have to wonder, will G Banks disappear since these questions have been asked (Ms Kersten may have forgotten she passed that number on to me, until now)? Will you allow me to contact you via facebook? Meet with me in person? No threats, no craziness, just two adults discussing how you could have been duped so badly?

    As I have stated in the past, I do hope Ms Kersten does not ‘darken the doorstep’ of any of the PGR missions I will be on in the future. For I will not bite my tongue, and I will make sure every Rider there knows who, and what she really is. I will not ride with someone who misrepresents the Military Service that I call my own and I am sure that the other Veteran members of the PGR will feel this same way.

  54. Got an email back from KVUE. They have assigned this “follow up” story to a reporter already. I am a veteran, and my wife and I currently support quite a few organizations that offer support to veterans. In addition to her fraudulent claims, I encouraged them to look into how many people may have donated money to her or her organization, in hopes that people are made aware of all of this. In addition, I have also encouraged them to look into the VFW unit there, to include George Banks. We’ll hang back and see how it all unfolds.

  55. How sincere is an apology for lying that continues the lie?
    “This has happened since I returned from Iraq due to the hardships I have endured while serving…
    I now know, through recovery and constant on going therapy with my combat PTSD”
    Never in combat, never in Iraq.

    BTW, her Rank/Rate on the FOIA is listed as PAR-R(N1)… what is that?

      • So if I read that correctly, what she did was upgraded her discharge in 1995 to Honorable but with E3 Rank, which means this Dingle berry was most likely either a OTH or Admin Sep, to begin with, and she had it upgraded while on IRR status. I’ve know several people who were given the boot and able to upgrade their separation so they can receive full Veterans status… That would make a lot of sense with this twitburger.

  56. There is no NCO Professional Development Ribbon with Numeral 2 listed on the FOIA Record… No SSG in the Army during the time frame during which she served could have been promoted to Staff Sergeant/E6 without completing BNCOC (Basic Noncommisioned Officers’ Course.)

  57. I cannot UNDERSTAND how other vets can stand beside her and not smell the stench of blatant lies and defamation…She is wearing Spurs, which indicates she went to war with a Cav unit? (That alone pisses me off enough to spit on her) She is wearing a Beret that is obviously not ever been worn or formed, she is now claiming she is being treated at the VA and that she lied becasue she was sick?
    Despicable, she needs to be called out and the vets who ALLOWED her to join the VFW should be put out, horse shit!

    • 1st Cavalry Division has been an armor division for about 40 years now. Not sure when or if she served with 1st Cav, but women were in most of the division with the exception of the armor, infantry, combat engineer and artillery battalions. I noticed most every non-divisional unit that happened to stroll by a 1st Cav AO somehow declared themselves eligible to wear the 1st Cav patch. I guess it was a source of pride for Guard and Reserve to come back with that historic patch as opposed to wearing their state or reserve unit patch.

      Spurs are earned from the cavalry named units. Generally a rights of passage thing. Each unit probably has their own set of criteria.

      I’ve been a lifetime member of the Texas VFW since 1992. My old warrant officer convinced me to join his post in Copperas Cove outside of Ft. Hood. It was the only time I ever set foot in that place. I still belong to them; I know I get a Texas VFW magazine in the mail every so often.

      I didn’t require a DD Form 214 to join since I was active duty and didn’t have a 214 until last year when I retired. I’m not sure what documentation I provided, probably my deployment orders or the award certificate we got when we returned from Southwest Asia. I remember not being able to get Veteran’s plates in my home state of Vermont because I didn’t have a 214, but I could get VFW plates because I had the lifetime card. I still have my VT VFW plates, but I had to take them off when I retired and stayed in Kentucky.

  58. All….. As most of us have seen and known… I was also fooled heavily by her and her willingness to help me out through her “recovery and therapy”. I was set up there and a “ranch manager” by her which I didn’t notice any faults during the first part of meeting her in May this year.

    Bear in mind as well, she has applied for a concealed handgun permit, but will more than likely be denied to her. Main reason causing the denial process of her supposed CHL permit she applied for……. The criminal record that she bears…… Ooops……

  59. IF she really has applied for the CCW it will come out in the wash. And lying on that application is a criminal offense. Ive had a TX CCW, if something is even remotely sketchy it wont be issued until they clear up whatever it is that has them wondering. With all the crap she claims as far as her suicide attempts (if any of it is true and the PD was involved) she wont be granted a permit just based on that.

    • With her being a bad check writer of 25 bad checks you know damn well she is taking money from whomever she can…..OK I’m going to get totally potty mouthed here cause I’ve been holding it in for too long…… close your eyes….STUPID FAT CUNT COW!!!
      OMG that felt better. (Open eyes now 😉

      • not 25 bad checks, 25 reports came up on what i saw, some may be mult counts on the same charge…. its not all bad checks, some are from having a little too much to drink and not calling a cab. again do your own search and you may find more.

  60. So this VFW post elected a known “bad check writer” and admitted meth user to the position of Post Treasurer?????? This is a big black eye on a particular VFW post.

  61. Looks like she has taken the ‘about me’ section off her fb profile (or at the very least hid it from the public). So at least she isnt advertising that she is a combat vet with PTSD. We are headed in the right direction. I wrote Mr Roy Grona who is one of the higher ups in the TX VFW to see if Mr Banks was, in fact, the Commander at the time of Ms Kersten acceptance into the VFW, and if so, why in the heck has he been allowed to be re-elected to the post as Commander (happened last night)?

  62. Her beret makes my Airborne heart cry.

    About the spurs: they can be awarded as a unit award, so any Cav unit can award anyone in or attached gold spurs for deployment overseas. Basically, the spurs are treated in a similar manner to the RSSI, aka “combat patch.” Note that like an RSSI, the spurs without proper spur certificate signed by the CO of the issuing unit, are meaningless. Some units issue spurs for combat action, similar to the CAB or CIB before the CAB was created. Again, as a unit award, it can be left to the discretion of the unit commander, and is difficult to dispute. 19D Cavalry Scouts, 19K Tankers, and most people that serve in named cavalry units take spurs and Stetson as a source of pride, to be earned (similar to how the maroon beret is viewed in airborne units). Although some soft skill, do nothing people sometimes get covered in the unit-blanket awards, these are viewed like a leg wearing a maroon beret.

  63. and that suprises you why????
    she is saying FU to everyone cus she has rights, and she can do what ever she wants…. so FU.

    thats what happened to others i have seen, you have no proof, my records are (a. classafied, b. lost, c. none of your beeswax) so FO

    • Mine are classified to, I was a CIA Operative deep inside Iran. Once I returned, they recruited me to the Navy SEALS because of my experience. I have done a total of 75 missions in 2 years. Now I am working on getting my Space Shuttle Door Gunner Badge on a Top Secret manned mission to mars. Seems they found life their and we need to make contact.

    • James, I’m guessing you are member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. I think their VFW stands for Verified F#$#$#$ Wackjobs so you might not be able to get in.

      Abraham Lincoln
      Revolutionary War Pilot
      Inventor of the Internet

  64. I just noticed in one picture of her with the “service dog” she is even wearing combat spurs. Unless she was actually in a cav unit they tend not to give them out to just anyone. It’s one of those proud to be different things. Add one more to the list.

  65. I think what bothers me the most about this story is her audacity of continuing the charade after having been outed. The gall is gut\wrenching in its gall. To George Banks, if you are indeed really him, you shame me as you shame all vets for your cowardice in refusing to confront her and do your duty to oust her from the VFW.

  66. this is sad that ANYONE would steal valor. On another note.. the investigative style for this article was par none. I would love to see serial military rapists gone after with the same zeal and diligence that this stolen valor veteran was.. I think with this type of diligence more legitimate military convictions and civilian lists as a sexual predator.

    • Same, never got a DD214, yet. Just used my ERB and 638.

      Abraham Lincoln
      Revolutionary War Pilot
      Inventor of the Internet
      Life Member VFW (Civil War, we considered the South “foreign”)

  67. From what I’ve read it doesn’t look like she was ever in Iraq to begin with. what a jerk to many of these embelishers the army should really do something about this like dock their benefits.

  68. This is what it is all about friends. This epidemic is growing worse. And while it seems to be small in comparison, it hits home to us very hard when someone like this uses the uniform for gain that they do not deserve. Keep vigilant. At some point people are going to realize that doing things like this will expose a whole lot more than Tina here probably though was possible. Now all of her skeletons are falling out of the proverbial closet.

    Strike Hold!

    Spc. M. Robison

    3/319th AFAR 82nd (Abn)

  69. Maybe StolenValor should report her facebook page as fraudulent with their story link. Not sure if they’ll take it down but it’s worth a shot.

  70. Hi – I am not a vet, no military service, no nothing – just someone who appreciates those who have served, and try to do my part with care packages, support and anything else I can do. I found your site from an Army buddy of mine and it just makes my blood boil to see these fakers! It bugs those of us with NO service record too! Makes fools of us who would bend over backwards to assist and support real Vets.

    I started doing some digging, and I think I found George’s FB profile. There is a picture on the albums that looks like GB and that horrid fake. (I didnt see a link to an active GB profile for him)


    I am sorry that you were duped George (hell I can even see that and thats saying something!). Is that link your profile?

    Thanks for all you guys do – Civi’s like me really appreciate it!

  71. I´ve been following this case since she has been outed, Fantastig work Bulldog,
    This Woman is wrong on so many levels it is beyond the point of being a simple tragedy.
    Websters and Wikipedia need to change thier definitions of `Ate the Fuck Up ´ by posting this womans picture and entire history..
    Someone needs to LAPES her fat ass into Luzon DZ with nothing to eat and only feed her when she finds the keys to AREA J. ( going to be a long hump )

    Forget the embelishment, the claims of PTSD, the supposed trama and hardship, the bullshit war stories and the leadership of the VFW Post ( all bells and whistles should have gone off when she started flapping her cock cave ).

    In a time when all Veterans struggle for the assistance that they are entitled to, it´s soup sandwiches like her that make it that much harder. We have troopes living on the streets, under bridges in homeless shelters, many begging and hopeing that passer bys will have a heart and give up a little spare change so maybe the can buy a bit of nourishment, then along comes a perfect example for the legalization of after birth abortion and puts everybody off, hardens hearts and put the stamp of `Fake ´ on any vet that needs help.

    I hope and pray that this woman, her organization and all that assisted her in the spreading of her lies and further develpment of her career in fraud are investigated, charged and sentenced to the full extent of the law, she already has a few strikes against her, now it is time to throw away the key.

    • Well said, and I assure you we are using every resource available to ensure everything is looked in to. Making false statements to the VA to obtain any type of help is against federal law.

      • You all Lead the Way in seeing that action is taken Bulldog1, I salute you and all your staff, keep up the great work.

        Just an off the wall thought, it´s election time, and if I remember correctly, some of the Top VFW positions are up for election in TX. ( State President/Vice ), could be feather in someones cap if they were to show real leadership and care for the VFW community by being an active hunter of those that wish to betray the trust and respect of everybody that served.

        ( just a bit of brain diarrhea leaking out )

  72. Seriously Bulldog if there is one example that needs to be made it is her. Everything this woman has running from her vet service or what have you to whatever else she has in the works needs to be completely shut down. She clearly has gained off her lies long enough. Time to earn a life honestly if she can even do that.

  73. Appears she flunked out of MP(95B) school. Her record of assignments shows OSUT with A Co 40th MP Bn. That was One Station Unit Training (Basic and AIT) for MP’s. The next entry is for a QM unit at Ft. Jackson for Food Service training. Which explains why she was only in Germany for ~18 months.

  74. something that floors me right away….look at her display table. she has all her shit on the American FLAG!!! we really need some education in America about our flag.

    The flag should not be used as “wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery”,[5] or for covering a speaker’s desk, draping a platform, or for any decoration in general (exception for coffins). Bunting of blue, white and red stripes is available for these purposes. The blue stripe of the bunting should be on the top.

    • Good catch…what the hell is up with that VFW post anyway? They should be policing up that type of crap. You mean to tell me there wasn’t some retired CSM/SGM/1SG there who didn’t see that?

  75. I served in both Desert Storm/Shield and two tours in Iraq. All I can say is people like this disgust me, and really need to be exposed in the media. I really think that the newspaper should expose her and apologize to all the service members and their family’s that she has disgraced.

  76. I actually EARNED the Distinguished Pistol Badge in 1994, 3 years after servng in Desert Storm. I started shooting competitively in 1987 and FINALLY EARNED the Badge in ’94… It took me 7 YEARS to get it. It takes some people a LIFETIME of trying, and some never get there. I know someone that EARNED the Distinguished Rifleman Badge in 1937. I shot with him in some Pistol matches in the late 80’s. He was still trying to get his last few “points” for the Pistol Badge when he died a few years later. There are a very few EXCEPTIONAL shooters that actually earn the Badge in one year (the least amount of time possible as a shooter is only authorized to shoot in 3 EIC matches per year and if you score in the top 1%, you get 10 points; 30 points required to be Distinguished…)

    I find it absolutely insulting that this scumbag claims to be “Double Distinguished” (have BOTH Rifle and Pistol Distinguished Badges) among other things… The Silver Star? Yeah, RIGHT. The rest of those medals on top of the American Flag… This pot of Horse Piss is a complete disgrace to the uniform. if i was still living in Texas, I would find her in person and publically humiliate her every time I saw her in public. She would become my new favorite HOBBY!!!


    • I would have to say I agree with pretty much everything you said Mike. It’s gotten to the point I cant even stand to see this stupid twat’s face anymore because when I do the urge to punch something is overwhelming.

  77. As an actual MP, I find this extremely offensive that she would sully the name of the MP. The most offensive thing though is the fact that she really thought she wouldn’t get figured out. You can find anything out about anyone on the internet and her stories were so outlandish that someone was bound to become suspicious of her eventually. Complete slap in the face to all those that have died protecting her freedom to be a poece of shit.

    PV2 Terry James Domroski, MP, New York Army National Guard

  78. My husband has served in the Army for 16 years and is currently awaiting his promotion to E7 finally now that a lot has opened in his unit. He is an MP and has deployed 3 times to Iraq. For this so called woman to claim to have served in a war is so disgraceful to not only the soldiers who have served but also for the families of these soldiers. Deployments not only affect and take a toll on the soldiers but also for their families. I love my soldier, my husband, my best friend and high school sweetheart more than anything in this world. I selfishly share my everything so that he may fight to keep your right to freedom alive just to have trash like this bring digrace and shame to everything he risks his life for. I may not be putting this in proper terms but as a wife of a soldier I hurt and feel that I am part of the family of every soldier that serves our country.Being part of a military family we share a connection with one another whether we have ever met each other or not. If you have never been nor been close to someone that has been to a combat area you have no idea what it is to deal with. Yet to claim you have been when you have never been near or included is like spitting on those that have. While everyone that has served deserves to be recognized for their service stealing recognition you don’t deserve is just down right sick. I don’t care if you have had a METH problem or not, that is no excuse for blatently lying. I have had to deal with the return of my loving caring husband three times coming home from Iraq with nightmares and flashbacks from what he had to do and see. It’s not pretty nor for those who are weak. For months sometimes years after these men return, the family and the men have to deal with readjusting to being safe and in loving arms. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of this woman claiming to have been involved in a scud attack and watching people die around her and it all being made up. This is not something to fake, because unless you have been there you have no idea what it is like or what it does to a person. So many people think that PTSD is just a fancy name for being weak or crazy, until you have to look at the face of an 8 year old strapped with a bomb and the only choice you have is to shoot, you have no clue what you are talking about. So many lives are changed when our soldiers deploy, while some do come home others don’t. For this woman to claim she has been there and seen men dying just to get a pat on the back just makes me so sick. I just can’t put into words how I feel because I have so much anger and hurt going through me right now. I do want to say to all of our brave selfless soldiers who are currently serving and to those who have served in the past ( my grandfather retired from the Navy) Thank You for everytime you thought of others and not yourself. To those who have not yet had a chance to serve but plan to ( my son is a senior this year and has been in ROTC since his Freshman Year and will be going to the Naval Academy after graduation) always remember that you are loved and missed. No matter if you have served in combat or not, you are appreciated. Be proud of what you do and don’t try to be something your not. Everyone has a role to play and as long as you give it your all then be proud of what you do. Sorry if I got off topic, I just wanted to say Thank You to all that serve our country and don’t lie about it and Thank You to those of you who make it a point to bust those that try to claim being something they are not.The military is not something for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Tina Pfeiffer
    Army Wife
    Navy Mom

  79. You have expressed how all of us here in the best way possible. Bless you and your family and Thank You and your husband for your selfless service. You are awesom!

  80. Tina, the sad thing is veterans in her (George’s) VFW post, apparently don’t care-it’s unbelievable that she is able to get away with this in an organization simply because she is liked by the members.

    • That is what I see as well from a few messeges that I have received from a few of her ‘friends” is that she is liked. But that doesn’t excuse her behavior of embellishment out the ass and the fact she is scamming people for money and has blown so much smoke of the VWF’s asses that I can see the smoke signals all the way over here in New Mexico. We must not forget about what she has done.

      • Lissen up gang. Don’t get the idea that all VFW Post 6974 agreed with this behavior. It really came to a head not too long after she joined im May of this year. Since then many if not all the newer members pulled away from post activity. Ms Kersten has a real gift of gab and be quite believeable at first. She is also very good at cozying up with the “bosses”. The stuff hit the fan after the Jul 4 events and publicity in the local papers. For reasons I don’t understand, Post leadership and therefore, some older membrs stood behind her possibly because with her convincing manner, she actually is a good fund raiser. Shortly afterward VFW District and State officials got involved and began a very thorough investigation. Once the investigation was complete, the results were released to Stolen Valor among other places. The disciplinary action phase is in progress at the VFW National level and once that is done final VFW action will be taken. State has recommended shebe removed from VFW roles and I am told she will be blackballed from other vet organizations. Possible criminal investigations will follow.

        Meanwhile, with the help of some very talented and dedicated people from District and State, the post is considering whether to shut down or try to reorganize itself and move forward. At themoment,most Officer positions are open from resignations and disciplinary action and if they aren’t filled in less than three months, the post will close.

  81. Someone who would forge checks is the exact type of person who would forge military services records.. you guys bring up the dd214 mess and how they didn’t sort it out…SHE PROB FORGED HER dd214 she turned in to the post.

      • What kicked off thewhole thing at the post was that she was allowed to join because she said she was a member of another post. Then she got elected to an office and was required to have a DD214 at that post. Turned out she never submitted one and n one followed up. That is what got the commander fired.

  82. She will get what she deserves. I’m still a little puzzled about the maroon Airborne beret, though. From what I’ve read so far, she claims to be Airborne qualified, but not serving either in the 82nd or 101st Airborne Divisions. As a member of those Divisions, you can wear the beret. Once you leave and are assigned to a non-Airborne unit, you cannot. I mean, it’s obvious that her beret is all effed up anyway, but didn’t anybody know her story (as she told it) and not begin asking questions about her uniform wear right off the bat?

    • As far as the Maroon Beret is concerned, one doesn’t actually have to be Airborne qualified to wear it… merely one as to be assigned to an Airborne unit on jump status. Having been Airborne myself (Served in the 4/25th Ft Richardson, AK) I have seen plenty of legs with Maroon Berets. And that is completely correct that once a person is reassigned to a non-Airborne unit they are no long authorized to wear the Maroon Beret.

      That said, generally speaking, most who are actually qualified Paratroopers who choose not to drop their jump status usually bounce around from the 82nd, 4/25th, and 173rd…. at least from what I’ve always seen….

      This particularly filthy nasty leg though has NEVER obviously been even remotely close to and Airborne unit let alone the 82nd. The high standard to which a Paratrooper holds themselves to would never allow this disgusting mockery of a chef boyardee beret wearing bitch to survive…. I mean it’s a whole ‘nother world down at Bragg…. if she ever showed up to a formation of even the most self-degradating Paratroopers I would imagine she would be immensely physically fit and not the disgusting ham beast that I see in these pictures… But I mean her whole uniform is a mess so it’s no surprise that she probably just took the beret out of the plastic and just put it on as is….

      I guess securing your boot laces really isn’t a big deal for her though. I mean hell she doesn’t have to worry about them being a jump hazard, the only way her lard ass is making out the bird is on a heavy drop pallet anyways… I am certain that she weighs more than two fully equipped combat jumpers….

      As for faking combat related PTSD….or any kind of PTSD…. Well that just makes you one of the lowest forms of human filth ever. I mean these posers and embellishers are human filth, but really she takes it to a whole new level of disgusting for that. How a person can even live with themselves while there are others out there who truly suffer from those demon is just too much to even fathom…

  83. The uniform was a surprize to most if not all. She set up a spaghetti lunch at the post and showed up in that gear. A local reporter, not familiar with the military uniforms, decided to interview her and she related the Silver Star story which was published some time later. That started all the fireworks. She had told the Silver Star story in the post facebook page which began to get people curious. She had previously told another member she got the Purple Heart for s minor scratch from shrapnel which evolved into the story of her being wounded and eventually passing out in the Scud attack, then being evac’d to a Colorado military hospital. The constantly changing and more elaborate stories have been a part of the landscape with her.

  84. Any public updates? I have heard some things thru other sources but was wondering if there was any more to the stories. I havent seen any News (TV, or print) on her since this story broke, and was wondering if any of the local news stations were going to carry the story? Is she, in fact, still a member of the post? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • She is still technically a member of the post and the VFW. The decision to remove a member is made at the national level and that is where her case is. National takes 60 – 90 days to make a decision as I understand and the individual has that period of time to provide proof of eligibility, i.e proof of involvement in a conflict on foreign soil. So far, the only proof provided that I am aware of is that she is being treated at the VA for combat stress related conditions – not allowable proof. Possible there may be something in the local media but that is just a guess. Not much will happen until National issues a decision. State does consider her ineligible.

  85. Looks like she has changed her name AGAIN on facebook. I think she is tired of being contacted. Still the same page, but you have to search ‘Tina Lightfoot’. Just makin sure we are kept up to date on her info. If she shows at a PGR mission locally, I wlll ensure I have this article printed out…. and quietly, ask her to leave.

    • Facebook only allows one name change unless there are compelling reasons. So, either she convinced them of ‘compelling reasons’ or she closed down the other profile and opened a new one. Her profile pictures and wall photos are quite interesting. Lots are veteran-focused pictures.

      • Shes changed it now twice that I know of since this has all started. The pictures and all the rest are a part of her scheme. I would imagine that she will likely continue to perpetuate this fraud and will probably use the photos on her page to convince others of her Combat Veteran status. The good thing though is that with places like this website keeping track of it she will have a very difficult time passing herself off using her legal name as this site is right up there at the top of the list when you do a google search on her name.

    • I guess the VFW is doing something, Thanks for the update Steve Mellanthin! I hope the post can reconcile and get back to business soon.

  86. So I messaged Ms Kersten/Lightfoot whatever her name is this week on her phone number (got it from public domain) 281-475-3085 and asked her if she was ok after the whole Stolen Valor thing. I truly dont want someone killing themselves, that would be….. bad? I honestly believes she needs help, anyway, this was her response back.

    “I thank ya’ll for all the throwed off publicity… as it has helped me help veterans even more effectively… just this last week I and fellow officers carried 9 veterans to the VA and got them started with seeing doctors for their needs… ruin my life??? Nah.. not a bit.. in fact.. you guys so improved my life with all the negativity…and I have always told people all they gotta do or come see me… and they did and they know… the real true story.. the rest of the story supported by paperwork…I so LOVE my life!!! It don’t get any better than this 🙂


    According to other posts Ive seen by her she got her CCW permit and is now a ‘Life Member of the VFW’. What a sad sad little person. She is still maintained she was an MP, and her awards, and 9 years in Iraq.

    Wow, just wow. Remember, dont message her with threats and name calling. State facts. Respond in kind. We can be the better people, and still get our point across.


  87. The process to determine her eligibility to continue as a VFW member has yet to be decided on at VFW National though the TX VFW has determined she is not eligible. She still believes she will be determined to be eligible though no new proof has been provided beyond her VA records. I wouldn’t believe any of her claims about how many vets she has helped based on first hand experience with her definition of helped. The whole situation is actually pretty pathetic but I think she really enjoys all the attention in a perverse sort of way as evidenced by how she keeps stirring the pot.

    • Well we should hear in a week or so what National rules. But what I see happening is her being stripped of membership and banned from the VFW for life.

      I think the VA needs to review her record a little more thoroughly.

  88. I can almost 100% guarantee you that she doesnt have a CCW. The check charge appears to be a felony charge and unless Texas restored her rights she cant be in possession of a firearm. Even if her rights were restored by the state of Texas she cant be in possession of a firearm outside of her residence per state law. If shes caught outside of her home with a firearm shes committing a 3rd degree felony.

    As for the rest, shes going to keep this charade up until she dies or its no longer feasible. Thank the gods this page will always be up on the internet so should someone google her name the truth will come out.

  89. I just spoke, at great length, with Mr Banks. Nice fellow. Was very passionate about his thoughts. I can appreciate that. Let me preface this by saying this. DO NOT CALL, EMAIL, OR ANY OTHER FORM OF COMMUNICATION TO MAKE THREATS. Apparently there have been quite a few physical threats made to many of the members of that Post and their family. That needs to stop, you are not helping the cause. You are further hindering what (in my opinion) the SV site is about. Having said that,

    Mr Banks admitted to me that “What Tina did was wrong.” He still maintains that she graduated from MP school, says he has seen ‘proof’. I mentioned the documents on SV and then we started down a different direction. He asked what would it take for this to go away. I explained that I had conversations from as recent as the 24th of OCT stating by her that she was in fact an MP, was in Iraq, did earn the medals etc. He told me that someone had to have ‘made up’ those conversations.

    Mr Banks, and various other folks from that VFW post have now started a new venture with Ms Kersten/Lightfoot as the ‘Commander’. Their mission is to help Vets in the area get to appointments, get to the market etc. I completely agree with this mission. What I dont agree with is making Ms Kersten the head. That would be like hiring the Enron CEO to run a different company. Would you do that?

    Mr Banks stated that he stands behind her because she is a Veteran, and because she stood with him when his wife was life-threateningly ill. I can understand that. He has not publicly admonished her actions however, which gives the appearance that he believes what she has (still to this day) been pretending to be. In my opinion, Mr Banks is trying to do the right thing. However, how many times does this have to come back and bite him before he realizes she needs real, professional help. He is running for City Council there in Burnet…. I told him this “You are who you surround yourself with.” If you stand with liars, thiefs, and crooks, you are guilty (in people’s minds) of the same crime. If you are there while they are continuing that crime (for example her continued displaying of her lies and unearned items) then you are an accessory and an enabler.

    Mr Banks expressed that he wants this to go away. I told him to get her to stop ‘slapping people in the face with her lies’. An example of this is her facebook background photo of her wearing the 82nd Airborne hat. She changed it yesterday to a photo of her wearing a Pinhead mask, then, after my discussion with Mr Banks, promptly changed it back to the hat photo. I also mentioned that Ms Kersten needs to make a public apology detailing her lies, or provide proof that there are more documents out there that vindicate her. I will not hold my breath for either thing to happen.

    I did agree that if she showed up to somewhere I was at, and did not have any of her falsely earned items on, I would not make a stink. I am better than that. However, if she is wearing even one piece of it, I will promptly start alerting others to the relevant information on this website. I believe by doing so I am protecting the other folks from being swindled further.

    So I challenge you Mr Banks, and Ms Kersten/Lightfoot (we will wait for her to change it again) do what is right. Stop slapping the lies in the public’s face. Continue the good work that you are trying to do, but stop continuing to perpetrate the lies. That or prove the information here is incorrect. If it is I will be the first (may have to race the Admins for this) to apologize.


  90. Here’s the real deal…. She IS NOT the commander of 6974 in Burnet. She has been saying this to a few people who have brought it to my attention. I can confirm this. There is an on-going investigation currently due to her actions and behavior. If she is seen anywhere on the grounds outside or inside the VFW, she is trespassing and the law enforcement authorities are to be notified. There are no VFW officers backing her. The only officer position being occupied is the chaplain position. Three resignations were handed in, on Thursday October 18th. George Banks was one of them resigning. Also, there is no chance of her being a VFW life-member as she is also claiming. As some of you know, I have mentioned she applied for a Texas CHL permit. She has been in TDCJ confinement for 4 years due to fraud in her past. So, she is now saying her license was approved, per governor’s pardon…. There is a red flag right there. She also claims to help veteran’s out with health-care benefits. Her real way of helping veteran’s is through gateway paraphernalia and having other’s obtain paraphernalia for her so she doesn’t get into trouble while her “mules” do the dirty work. I know George watches this site and I’m sure she does too but chooses to stay idle on here. So George, you say you want all of this to go away….. Why don’t you reach deep and find a handful of HONOR and INTEGRITY. Go ahead and comment away gang. A few people on here know how to contact me. If anyone else would like to, Feel free….

  91. If I were any of those veterans being helped by this criminal and her gang, I would definitely be looking over my shoulder and watching my back. I wonder if these veterans are aware they are being transported and assisted by a felon and fraud. I would bet, just like the rest of us, they would be appalled if they knew she falsely claimed she was in a combat zone and wore medals and insignia she isn’t authorized to wear. They would probably cease contact immediately. I think Fort Hood needs to put out an alert to the troops about spurious offers of assistance. These disabled or injured veterans could be vulnerable to criminal activity by this former felon. I wouldn’t want anyone I know to unknowingly associate with this person.

    • Ill say this, if I were looking for help from a VFW or anything else they sponsored and the rep was a shit sandwich like this POS is, I would no longer be looking for help from the VFW or anything affiliated with them. Im a member of my VFW post and were trying to figure out why younger Vets arent joining, I can tell you this, I wouldnt join any post that had an obvious POS poser like this amongst their ranks. This is not going to help this post to attract the younger members that its going to need to survive. I really and truly hope they can fix this issue.

      • From what I hear Tina ghosts this thread.


        I needed to get that off my chest, carry on.

  92. Tina is in denial and will not stop unless she is forced to stop because she is that mentaly ill. She keeps the company of Vets to help her gain documents/money and whatever else she needs to keep this charade going and she is hoping she can bullshit her story to whomever listens….Your time is just about up Tina, you are the BIGGEST liar that I have ever seen and your pathetic little twisted world will be no more soon enough. You are a miserable, ugly person inside and out! YOU WILL LOOSE EVERYTHING!!!!!!

  93. Here is a recent example of her BULLSHIT and it only proves how dilusional she really is and at this point I think she could be dangerous!!

    **I have taken out the person’s conversation to Tina**

    2 hours agoTina Lightfoot
    Now that I have permission from my commander to speak..YOU ARE WRONG!!! Call him George banks…512-xxx-xxxx.. yes o was raped. Yes I am military police and a cook and much more.. you should have asked me..ive shown proof to the ones who believed in me.. and I just got my conceled handgun license.duh.. governors pardon.. I’m so glad you enjoyed all that copy and paste craps… Gi od ridence..BTW I just made commander and all officers of the VFW have joined me.I have just received my life time membership… and you call yourself a Christian..I owe no apologies… I never even signed on uship or any place where those lies are printed… everyone was taken off fb per VFW orders to contain these lies.. now I am back on.

    2 hours agoTina Lightfoot
    It’s a shame..I really cared a lot for you.. but as my real friends say.. you were never a friend in the first place.
    Spred this!!!!!!!

    2 hours agoTina Lightfoot
    You want this truth.. call him or are you afraid of is you that is wrong… he is awaiting your call. Just saying



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  94. I just read something interesting . If someone fraudulently claims war time service to receive treatment or benefits from the VA for PTSD they can be arrested and prosecuted for fraud. Several cases are now open and being prosecuted and some have been completed already.

  95. Her new venture is Veterans Helping Veterans. They even have a ‘motorcycle vest” that shows who they are. I have to literally laugh. It takes more than making a new patch to clear your name Tina Lightfoot (that is what she is going by now). Give it a couple days, I am sure it will change again. Hey George Banks, I challenged you and Kersten…. guess you can’t handle the truth?


    • Congress Takes Aim at Phony Vets in New Stolen Valor Act

      September 14, 2012

      The U.S. government got a step closer to punishing those who lie about military service for profit when the House of Representatives passed a revamped version of the Stolen Valor Act Thursday.

      The legislation, which will go on to a similar vote in the Senate, would make it illegal for anyone to “knowingly” misrepresent their service “with the intent to obtain anything of value.” Under the Stolen Valor Act of 2011, offenders would be subject to fines and short prison sentences, some of which can be lengthened if the guilty party lied about serving in a combat zone, serving with a special operations contingent or winning the Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military honor.

  96. Hahah. Her grammar is terrible, and she constantly uses caps lock like an obnoxious unprofessional person. Terrible, terrible. I agree, it’s quite sad they don’t lock em up.

  97. i dont understand how she could meet with actual veterans and they didnt question her ridiculouly inaccurate uniform and war stories…i think i would have smelled a rat immediately…regardless, what a scum bag…being an iraq vet/purple heart recipient…im embarrassed that morons like her actually pass themselves off as real veterans and that is the impression civilians are left with…

  98. As the mother of an Army Combat Medic, the daughter of a Marine (deceased) and someone wo watched the burial of the man my daughter and granddaughter loved more than anyone in the world at Arlington (a SSG from 3rd Reg Old Guard who was to be married to my daughter upon his return from Iraq within weeks of his death), I thank Ms. Kersten for her service, but am appalled by her behavior now! We are so used to hearing of deaths all over the wrld, that many people don’t even pay attention anymore! It’s just a number! On Thanksgiving Night, I ill watch as. Our Jake’s Mother receives and Honor and Remember Flag at the Kansas City Plaza Lighting Ceremony, a event that is known worldwide! I will not even think of Ms. Kersten andher lies! I will remember a real hero, and the many heroes like him, some who came home and some who didn’t! I will think about their families, and the sacrifices they make trying o survive with some kind of normalcy, and the children who will never know their fathers or remember their mothers! I’m trying to be forgiving and understanding of people like her, but honestly…It just pisses me off!

  99. I am sickened by this fraud of a human waste. Thomas G. Stone died that night and my Mom marched in a parade in his honor as my brother was a marine in Saudi that night as well. I remember hearing a local soldier had died and word’s can’t explain the torment. I’m sorry to the Stone family that people like this are taking up air. I hope you know God’s watching and taking notes and it’s never too late to swallow your pride and make it right, volunteer to help real heroes not false hopes like yourself.

  100. If you guys want to help one thing you could do for us here in Burnet, Tx VFW Post 6974 is to send emails (lots of them) to the local rag, The Burnet Bulletin http://www.burnetbulletin.com/content.php?content_id=5

    We are looking for a way to get the word out that the post was put into suspension over Ms Kersten’s behavior and that of the former commander, George Banks. We would like to let the community know that we are trying to get the post going again but the Bulletin is refusing to run the story of what happened. The reporter taking the story thought it needed to be said but the editor killed the story, quite likely because Banks and he are both in the minority political party. Filling their inbox up might make them aware of the injustice they are doing to the community. Also it would give the Post a real boost and let people know it will be open for business under new management. Thanks in advance……..Steve

    • Well, I did my part and sent a lengthy letter to the editor encouraging him to honor our true heroes and set this story and VFW post straight. We as Free Americans owe it to them. I hope to hear good new’s soon.

    • Hmmm. Maybe you should do a flyer up and place it in everyone’s mailbox, place it on all the bulletin boards like at the post office and stores, post it on the community website if there is one, go around parking lots and put it under windshield wipers:

      Local Paper Refuses to Run Story, but the truth needs to be told:

      (Copy and paste the entire Stolen Valor Case they have here)

  101. Maybe the Bullitin needs a story on their ass as to why they wont run a story on Tina and what connections they have with Banks. Just a thought.

    Tina has a MAJOR attitude of “You can’t touch me”…. Well let’s show her that she is not above the law

  102. Don’t go “barking up the tree” of the newspaper listed above. I sent an e-mail to the Editor in Chief, HMFIC or the first guy on the list of contacts… Same guy. Looks like his wife is the 2nd in Command. Small towm stuff. I chewed on him for putting up with her crap and not doing a story on her current criminal activity. Here’s what he sent me back…
    (Copy and Pasted with no changes) and my e-mail to him below that.

    Dear Mr. Connelly,

    Thanks for writing me about the case of Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot.

    We have not published anything on Ms. Lightfoot’s military claims. That story was published by a small and inconsequential competitor in our market. Had we printed the story, we certainly would be obligated to correct the record.

    Should any charges be lodged in this case, we will report them.


    Roy Bode

    Roy E. Bode

    President & Publisher

    Highland Lakes Newspapers

    830-693-4367 Office

    830-693-3650 FAX

    830-265-1000 (Mobile ANYTIME)

    The (Marble Falls) Highlander * Burnet Bulletin * The Llano County Journal *

    Lake Country Life * Lake Country Newcomers Community & Realty Guide *

    http://www.highlandernews.com * http://www.burnetbulletin.com * http://www.llanocj.com *

    http://www.lakecountrylife.com * http://www.TheLakeCountryGuide.com

    From: MSConnelly@aol.com [mailto:MSConnelly@aol.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 12:39 PM
    To: roy.bode@highlandernews.com
    Subject: Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot

    I am utterly amazed your organization refuses to take note of a local resident’s CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. I know many people have sent you e-mail about Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot and her fraudulent behavior, but you refuse to do a story about it.

    Have you already published something about her “accomplishments” in the military? How about something about her many military awards and honors? Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot served on Active Duty in the Army from 2 DEC 89 to 11 JAN 89. She completed a 9-week basic school to be an ARMY COOK in JUN 87. She has not attended ANY other schools while in the military, nor did she serve during wartime in any theater.

    I was in the military from 5 SEP 83 until I retired on 25 SEP 05. I was in Desert Storm in 1991. Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot was NOT.

    Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot is a convicted FELON and has served time for some of her crimes. Possibly her greatest criminal act continues to perpetrated in your own backyard. I have seen a photo of her standing behind a flag-draped table (against the U. S. Flag Code) and her “awards” scattered on top of it. I have read the “story” of her being awarded the Silver Star. It never happened. There were NO SILVER STARS awarded to female soldiers when she claims to have earn hers.

    I was pretty upset to read about her story of STOLEN VALOR. I was personally disturbed to find a BADGE that I earned in the very front of that table. At the very front of the photo, there are Distinguished Rifleman and Distinguished Pistol Shot Badges. They are VERY difficult to earn. It took me 4 years to get the Distinguished Pistol Badge. According to a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) her REAL RECORDS are shown on this web site,
    along with a LONG list of evidence about her escapades. On the FOIA records, she only shot SHARPSHOOTER with a .38 cal pistol. The Dist. Pistol Badge is ONLY earned with a .45 cal or 9mm Pistol.

    Here is a database of REAL Distinguished Shooters…


    YOU can do your OWN search with whatever name or alias she used when she claims to have gotten her Badges and you will NOT find her there…

    There are MANY other databases you can use to find (or NOT find) her records. Please show the public that you can be a RESPONSIBLE Journalist and EXPOSE this fraud…


    Michael S. Connelly

    Gunners Mate First Class,
    U. S. Coast Guard (Ret)

    • Well then who in the hell is this so-called small and inconsequential competitor??
      Maybe they need a torch up their bazooka? I’m sick and tired of calls not being returned, emails not being returned and everyone back there ignoring what she has done and is still doing! As ugly as she is she can’t be blowing the whole town can she?
      Dr. Phil might be interested LMAO maybe Fox News/CNN/ and all the others.

  103. The small ans inconsequential newsper is the Highland Lakes Weekly. You can find it on Facebook. It is essentially a one man operation intended to be a newsy, upbeat paper about events and people in this area. Its distribution is about 10% of the county. One thing Ihave noticed about the Burnet paper is that the editor, a Democrat, likes to play in local politics but rarely does much on local veteran activities, unlike the editor of the HLW.

  104. I’ll be happy if she just apologizes for everything she lied about and stops claiming war time service. What’s so hard about apologizing to all the veterans and active duty Soldiers for claiming honors and awards you never received? Don’t make any excuses about PTSD. PTSD doesn’t have “lies and embellishments” as one of it’s symptoms. Also, you never had PTSD from war because you were never in war. So just apologize, no excuses, just say: I lied. I’m sorry. I was wrong. I was never in a war zone. Do it.

    • You should also direct the apology to all the family members and loved ones of those who have sacrificed their lives and those that have sustained bodily injury in service to our nation. They may or may not accept your apology but it’s a start.

  105. The editor Mr. Bode is very interested in pursuing the angle of how her actions affected the VFW Post. Please contact himl with provable information. I am writing an article covering the situation from the angle of female imposters. Please contact me if you have verifiable information about any females who have lied about their military record. I will follow up on it. Thanks for your service and your time! Literary_maglight@yahoo.com Jo O’Rourke

  106. It fucking kills me that she is rocking the 82nd STB Flash (without DUI) on her (Unearned) Maroon Beret or in her case the Chef-boyarde hat. I just retired from the 82nd Sust Bde and 82nd STB fell under us. There is no way in hell she could have earned that flash since the unit wasn’t activated until 2006. And they changed the flash in 2007 to the XVIII ABN Corps flash.

    Also I was in Afghanistan in 2007-2008 with the 4th Sqd, 73rd Cav, 4th BCT, 82nd Abn. Monica Brown was attached to our C Trp from C Med 4th BSTB when she earned her Silver star by saving my friends. I am sure she would punch this chick in the face.

    I was Active from Dec 1988 to Sep 2012. I spent 6 Months in Saudi Arabia/Kuwait I can promise you this faker was NOT there. They army did a mass issue of the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi) (The light green box on the table) in 1992 and everyone got one.

  107. The Highlander newspaper in Marble Falls has contacted me and has informed me they are doing an investigative story. Will probably not be published until early Jan.

  108. Looking at her record it seems she attended basic and AIT at Ft McClellan, Alabama for OSUT(one station unit training). There was only one OSUT course
    There at that time and it was Military Police School. However, it looks like she either washed out or had to change her MOS to food service a few months later
    according to the record shown. She may have held the 95B MOS but didn’t serve in that capacity.

  109. Ok…. 6th picture down… is it just me or does anyone think SV should investigate all the other “veterans” in that picture? Just a thought.. ha ha

  110. Actually three of those guys in the picture are recent returnees from Iraq/Afghanistan, basically my son and two of his friends and I can vouch for all three. You can believe me because I have a hat that says Vietnam veteran LOL! (Actually I have two documented combat tours flying the F-4 Phantom in Vietnam, 72-73). The one on the right is a Vietnam vet and Post Commander at the time.

    • Awesome.. thanks for your service.. those are some awesome airplanes.. I made that assumption based simply upon the fact that i believe if i were standing next to that thing… i would be able to call her out immediately.. not pose for pictures with it..

      • Thank you. Flying the F-4 was my life’s ambition when I was young. The whole sequence of events with TK was a story in itself and that Fourth of July spaghetti lunch at the Post was the culmination. She came in like a hurricane in April with seemingly lots of great ideas and lost of energy to help the Post in its mission to support vets in Burnet county. In short order her relations with others in the post became contentious and she kept saying it was because others were preventing her from getting the things done she wanted to do. At the same time she took over the post Facebook page and it became TKs I love me page along with stories of her “combat” experience. Around that time people began resigning their officer positions and myself and a few others stopped attending post meetings. I did attend the 4th lunch and noticed but paid little attention to her display table; insteda Ijust chatted with friends their in the other side of the post. She had previously asked my son to wear his uniform along with two of his friends; the previous post commander also showed up in fatigues basically to ad a sense of ambience to the Post and its role in supporting Veterans. The fact that it all got the attention of a reporter of a weekly area journal was pretty much serendipity for TK, I suppose. Shenever seemed to overlook an opportunity to embellish her tales of military adventures, such as the time a local TV station interviewed her and she said she had six tours in Iraq and had just gotten back from Afghanistan. Things hit the fan here though, when the 4th of Jul story was printed got a number of people up in arms.The journey since then something I wouldnever have believed save that I know it really happened. On the other hand I have gained a real sense of how the VFW operates and the good things it does so something positive has definitely come out of all this. It is just a real shame that certain people continue to downplay the seriousness of her bahavior and continue to support her. She has actually done some good things for a few folks but she really needs to set the record straight with somethingmore than her flippant and insincere “apologies” and to accept responsibility for the damage she has caused.

  111. I noticed a lot of anger, but she did serve 3 years active duty and reserve the other 6 years. She did go oversea’s according to your sources. Your report doesn’t say where she was, and in her mos she could have been in a combat area, where as you know bad things can happen. This behavior sounds like a mental illness to me. Yes I’m appalled by the lies and disrespect to those who actually earned those awards. what if she became this due to a defect or damage of some sort you are not aware? what if it isn’t just malicious greed? I served in the Army in Transportation Armor D so I’m not just a civilian, I understand the anger but wonder where the compassion is. Just sayin

    • Cherly, plesae re-read as we said in the article she was stationed in Germany. She NEVER saw combat nor did she see a Combat Zone, and if you look she has had a long criminal career. Which she still continues now, even though she has been busted. Compassion you ask, no theres not when you continue the same criminal behavior.

      • Was going to write exactly what Bulldog1 did, so there is no need for me to parrot it. I will be in her neck of the woods this Saturday for a Toy Run, I will have the link to this story saved to my phone so I can show anyone there that knows her (if she even has the gall to show her face). Ill be wearing my EARNED stetson and spurs (yes, you could actually earn your stetson years ago, by going to a board with DISCOM 1st Cav, also your saber from a board, and spurs from a spur ride, silver spurs, gold spurs meant you went to combat with the Cav, so honestly silver spurs weren’t really difficult to earn, just painful) and wearing my Patriot Guard Riders gear. I plan on confronting her and George Banks (you know, this guy flies Patriot Guard Riders banner on his bike, haven’t seen him at any events since at least the end of July, it’s my opinion that if you want to wear the patch, and flash the banner, you need to earn it. If you are no longer active, then put a “support the” title on your stuff. Dont flaunt something you are no longer a part of.

        Riding With Respect,
        Daddy James

    • There is no compassion when a disrespectful person such as this decides to pose with medals she never earned as well as claims to be in places she has never been. Grenada? She was still in school when that conflict happened! She is an ass and deserves nothing but disgust and disrespect. Period!

  112. God news. VFW Post 6974 in Burnet was able to elect officers to posts and has the suspension lifted. The new officers are, in the main, new blood not caught up in the recent drama. Hopefully this will be a new start with leadership that is well aware of theneed to adhere to VFW Bylaws and prevent such situations from happening again. Ms K’s membership in the VFW is now permanently revoked and presumably word of her misadventures will reach other service organizations. Her “Veterans Helping Veterans” organization has been told the must get permission from the VFW to use the word Veteran so I imagine she and her fellow officers are feeling a little heat. My fervent hope is that the community wises up to what is going on and doesn’t allow itself to be taken advantage of. Hopefully the newspaper article will help that.

    • ‘ve been concerned that real veterans may be getting scammed or taken advantage of by these type of con artists, so this is definitely good news indeed, Steve.

  113. Adam Troxtel, adam@highlandernews.com is the reporter working the story. He wants to try to do as balanced a story as possible and is trying to contact GB and TKL to get their side of the story as well as others. He told me yesterday it will be published shortly and that it will put all this to rest here in Central TX.

    • I can see it now…They want to get a hold of Tina to get her side of the story but she will hide out until the publication then come out upset saying “They didn’t get MY side of the story!” and then she will claim that everyone is trying to ruin her life and that all she has claimed is true.

      Tina will then continue with her BS stories and the crap will never end.

      She won’t let herself be confronted with the truth.

  114. Don’t underestimate her need for attention. My guess is that she will probably play off her rape story, and resulting alcohol/drug abuse stories to try to manipulate the reporter into being sympathetic with her andhow she is trying to work through it to help others. She rarely overlooks an opportunity to bring attention to herself and to brag about all her “good” works. She will try to portray herself as a victim, mark my words. At least the story will be out for people judge for themselves. If they get sucked into her little web, at least they were forewarned and decide for themselves whether the VFW National Headquarters and Stolen Valor were lying about her. I willalso expect that she will come out and tell pople how all the publicity has her little group is booming because of all the free publicity. Her patterns have become pretty predictable.

  115. Damn. I can’t take any more. This woman is a disgrace. I hope she finds the courage to be honest. Besides all that…thanks to all you REAL warriors and heroes and Welcome Home!

    SSG Joseph Beasley
    Bosnia (SFOR 13)

  116. I would like to ask some questions about February 25, 1991, from Kirsten.
    I was there, in the building of the 14th Quastermaster Detachment that night.
    I would also like to have the creater of this article about Kirsten there too.

  117. I know Tina for over 30 years. The person who is telling you these lies is only out to hurt her and destroy everything she trying to do to help others. These posts omit the truth. Not all of her service records are listed.

      • I have seen all the records. Not all are listed here. Continue your lies. The truth will come out. The posts do not tell the whole story and have been twisted to suit someone’s sick need to destroy anything good.
        I know this person better than any of you on this site. You are attacking Tina with lies.

        • All that is posted is black and white and the truth, sorry you are so blinded you can not see it. She was kicked out of the VFW because of her lies, and if their where any other records they would have surfaced by now. She lied about having a Silver Star among other things, but thanks for coming.

          • She was not kicked out of the VFW. You have lied again for what cause, I have no idea. Really you should be investigated on all these half truths you claim. I know the truth and you are too afriad that someone will stop believing you and see what you really are. Are you going to treaten me as well and have people harrass me too?

          • She WAS kicked out, I spoke to the State Adjutant himself and she was removed because she was not eligible. If you seem to know everything, we are all waiting to hear it. Because you can not even get one lie straight, much less have any truth to whatever else you say. So before you come here and accuse me of lies, bring proof, otherwise take your lies elsewhere. She was asked to provide proof of eligibility and could not, and they also requested her records, and got the same result. So again, thanks for trying to protect her, but its not working. Everyone knows the truth, no use in trying to tell more lies…lol

    • Why are you trying to protect a blatant liar and fraud? Only one of two reasons I can think of. Everything here is in black and white as the other person said, and she was kicked out of the VFW, as I am also in her area and have been told that by one of the officers. So go back to her farm and tell her you tried. Buh Bye now

  118. George Banks got mad at me for calling Kersten out as a liar on the Mad Dawgs Fitness site on FB.. Awwwwww….. “George Banks This is a business site, WARNING. Entering this site with out authority will be a violation. If you are not conducting Mad Dawg Fitness business and was not invited or fridges. P lease leave now or you will be reported as a stalked. Thank you for you business.”

    You cannot tell me I’m not doing business, and then in the same breath thank me for my business. LMFAO He and Kersten deserve each other.

  119. Wow looks like Cude got quiet. Bring ur proof or we will continue to believe what the FACTS prove. I have been in contact as recent as yesterday with some of her cronies. I invited them to meet me in person with the papers she has as proof. They said name the time and place. I did. They backed down. Go figure eh? I would love to see the papers. Forging govt documents? Add another felony.

  120. Good Gawd, she’s STILL claiming Iraq service. She posted on the mad dawg fitness site that she went to the VA to get treated for her PTSD that she got while in combat in Iraq. Unbelievable.

  121. Make sure you guys are keeping the pressure up over on this business’s page. Here is a recent post from Lightfoot on their page. http://www.facebook.com/maddawgfitness

    Today was an EXCELLANT day 🙂 I woke up this morning feeling a little sick and lazy because of the cold I wanted to do what people already thought to do “because it was too cold.” Instead…I got up cut firewood with an ax, cleaned and Organized the shop, then polished and waxed my bicycle and helmet so I can ride faster (slick so the wind doesnt slow me down) brahahaha…then went to Mad Dawg Fitness and cardio boxed a little. man was it cold in there…then proceeded to workout with my buddies ..and now I cant move…AHHHHH Hurts so Dang good…lol. Change any of it? Not a chance. Life is GREAT and BEAUTIFUL as I take another day and Conquer it. To the VA in the morning for my Combat PTSD Therapy appointment and Pool therapy for my back. Thank You Sonny Wilson, Caryn Boettcher, Kimberly Dykowski, Max Cardenas, Greg Lopez, Derick Escamilla for helping stay motivated and pumped to be a better athelete and a better person. Love you guys.

    As you can see she is still at it. The usual strategies of threats of stalking etc (sorry, public domain…. ) are there from Banks. Go figure. Also, it does appear Cude IS a different person from Lightfoot, one has to wonder what type of sexual hold Lightfoot has on all these folks. That or blackmail with drugs etc. I really cant honestly believe they believe her.

    Go leave a comment, make sure you are respectful to the business, but inform the people whom she is lying to what she is!!!


    • Pool therapy? What VA is she going to – the one in Temple doesn’t have this nor the outpatient clinic in Austin. And, she needs pool therapy for her back but she can cut wood with an axe and go boxing?? If she REALLY had a back problem, she should be investigated for disability fraud. Also, you don’t need to specify “Combat PTSD” – combat is where those that are HONESTLY diagnosed with PTSD earned their disability rating. What a tool.

      • Alright easy there. I agree that Tina is a piece of garbage but people with service connected back injuries aren’t allowed to work out or try to regain a semblance of their former self?

        This sickens me how many veterans attack other veterans for disabilities, its like if you are rated for something through service connection you expect for people to just stay at home and do nothing for the rest of their life.

        Keep the attacks directed towards Tina and be careful of what you say because I hate this Tina character, but I was very offended of what you said and how you said it.

        • I did not mean any offense, and I did not mean that anyone with a service connected injury should just sit at home. Pool therapy appointments are hard to come by, so if she was truly referred there by the VA for a back injury, it was because she cannot tolerate weight-bearing therapy – such as “cardio boxing”. It’s a huge red-flag that her story is false.

          • You are fine. There will always be people that find fault with what you write. I didnt see anything offensive at all and generally if people are finding reasons to be upset, they would find them regardless of what you wrote. You are just fine.

        • If you can cut wood with an axe and box, you definitely have a back that is well. That’s all I read out of Ashley’s post. My wife works as a Worker’s Compensation Adjustor. I’ve seen Private Eye videos of people with all sorts of ailments (medical claims) that could probably outrun me or lift heavier than me – even though the claimed ailments say they can barely walk or can’t even lift so much as a pencil.

          • I agree. For her to be splitting wood like a lumberjack that she is then she can get her ass to work! Why does she always have to say “Combat PTSD” when she was not in combat? I think the customer (friends) provides the brown paper bag and she falls to her knees, throws around money that she didn’t earn and scams others and Vets out of what little they do have. Just my personal opinion.

    • Her hold on the people who hang around her may be money. She has offered to buy things for people, pay off their bills, and at least on one occaision,has gone chumming for friendship with $50 bills at a birthday party. She brags her husband makes a $10k/month retirement from Shell Oil. One of her friends in the past was having a “cash flow” problem and had to borrow money from a service organization as a veteran in need a while back. I could be wrong but there is a common thread here that goes beyond generosity.

  122. I see some comments from a few people, keep it up. I have been contacted by the company heads that they like Lightfoot and stand by her and all her claims! While I am not Bulldog1 I would hope he wouldn’t mind me calling in a fire mission on his net!! Get em! Let’s show em what mad dawgs we can be when it comes to Stolen Valor!

  123. She probably invested in their fitness center. If so, they choose money over truth. They disrespect every veteran by supporting a liar. This person continues to say she is a combat veteran when her military records substantiate NO COMBAT SERVICE AT ALL. Shame shame shame @ maddawg fitness center !!


  124. Yea, Mad Dawg fitness will block any one that gets on their site. George Banks is defending her (again) and is making claims on their sight that you will be prosecuted for posting on a “business” face book page. What a joke…

  125. She took a pic with some other woman and Her Sock Monkey, On December 29th She was wearing the white shirt with logo Veterans Helping Veterans. UGGGGGGGGG She needs to get on them spurs and Drive off in her new White BMW that her Hubby Donnie brought her……

    • According to the vote by the Texas VFW, that little band of houligans is not even allowed to use the word, “veteran” at all. There was a 100% vote against her being able to use that in their title. Also, the last article in the Burnet Bulletin at Christmas time was shared with the local VA big wigs.

  126. The one thing that that made me stop and want to take a longer look at this story was the way the US Flag was used as a table cloth to hold her medals. I know true heros that would never let the Flag be used that way.

    • What the hell is it going to take for this bitch to knock off her twisted schemes?
      I think maybe the news needs to do a follow-up. Did sheever answer to the last stories the news did on her or did the bitch hide?
      Any ideas as to what we can do, besides beating the ever loving shit outta her?
      Seriously, any ideas??

  127. That red beret with a Cav patch should’ve sent all kinds of red flags….maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that Cav is NOT an airborne unit. Jus saying.

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  129. @ Cora, of course there are female combat veterans. There is a real female silver star recipient (her name isn’t Tina Kersten Lightfoot lol). SGT Leigh Ann Hester received it and she engaged in direct combat. There are also female Military Police that have engaged in actual combat on the battlefield. That phrase “female combat veteran” shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone that has watched the news at all during the past 12 years.

  130. Interesting here as well.

    Tina Kersten

    Commander Veterans Helping Veterans

    Burnet, Texas (Austin, Texas Area)

    Join LinkedIn and access Tina Kersten’s full profile.

  131. Let me know if I can help in any way. I was friends with her for a long time mainly because she gave me so much. Let’s hammer her. I’m done hearing alp this combat pats stuff. BTW she is using.math again

    • so is she claiming to be a Paramedic in the State of Texas? Because if she is, I can easily find out, since I am an EMT in Texas….if she is not a Texas certified Paramedic and is claiming to be, criminal charges can be filed against her.

  132. She is doing things to fraud the government She claims she is collecting disability social security for her back. Then she goes out and lifts all these weights. There pics on facebook. She gets claims she gets $700 month worth of food stamps which i cant prove. But I’ve seen the card. There are lots of others that could use that money. She has plenty. She has disabled veteran plates on her car. We have to stop her.

  133. Oh shit, really. I knew her since we were little at church. She has been my Facebook friend and she counters all these attacks with a explanation . I would like to believe she is honest. When she went through bad times after her service was the time of the arrest. But that was a long time ago. I go back and forth on this one. I know she gave a lot to you guys that were healing. I think I will make make my decision when and if the law steps in. Thanks to all you have served . You make a difference.

    • Nothing against you MAC but your comments are precisely those of apologists. There is no judgement to be withheld and her only explanation is likely to spin more yarn about how she is just “misunderstood”. There is no misunderstanding the sheer volume of high quality pasture pie she has slung. I assure you, in spite of her attempts at portraying these as “attacks” and other victimization language, she is at fault. There is not amount of fake PTSD she can claim to make her lies go away.

    • Mac, I’m sure she did go through bad times. But over 22 years have passed since she left the Army yet less than four months ago she was still claiming a purple heart. The only reason she stopped claiming purple hearts and silver stars was because Stolen Valor exposed her ass.

  134. I saw on her list of current and past assignments that she was a food service specialist. A “man” that I knew who claimed to be a Patriot Missile Systems Technician (he failed MATH 141 in community college after discharge) also turned out to have been a food service type. Has anyone kept a record of what percentage of people like this jackass are/were mess hall jockeys?

    • First…. let me state that a Food Service Specialist is a respectable trade and MOS in the Army, during my time in a light infantry unit we had spoons assigned to our Regiment, several of them were former Infantry Soldiers that re-classed after sustaining injuries in Panama so that they could finish their contact as members of the Ranger Regiments. That being said, I believe Cooks (Spoons) have the lowest requirements necessary. Fail any other AIT…. they can always use a cook, apparently dumping a bag of taters in the automatic peeler don’t take much IQ.

  135. The real issue and problem here is the absolute gullibility of many otherwise diligent decent folks who cover local news. So few of them have ever served in the armed forces. They would not know how to verify anyone’s service record if they could And yes, these fraudster fakers know it. So the fraud can spew forth all his or her voluminous “No sh*t, there I was when all of a sudden..” as the rapt reporter eagerly and breathlessly jots it all down or films it.
    Journalism today suffers because we simply lack reporters, editors videographers with even a few years time in service. I think ABC news once had a “Pentagon correspondent” named John McWethy and he had the sense enough to question and call out anything with even a whiff of bullshit about it.

  136. The present (at that time) commander and past commander of the VFW post assured the reporter she was legit. The commander was later relieved of his position for not properly dealing with her lack of qualifications to be a member, and the past commander is no longer involved with the post.

    • Interesting. It makes one wonder what would cause otherwise good people to aide and abet a pathological liar. They should have revoked her membership and referred her to psychiatrist instead of allowing her to destroy the post. On the other hand, perhaps they were paid off or given some type of monetary assistance that induced them to keep their mouth shut and back her up even to the detriment of an entire VFW post. Just shows you what greed and avarice can do.

  137. I have spent a few hours reading everything here about Tina and her issues. I have been in the Army now for 26 years and have seen/heard my fair share of stories from many Soldiers. Some are just the “PX” type and others live their life in others past experiences. Most others are real. I have served both active and National Guard. Most in the Guard and have done so with great pride. With that much time in, smelling Bull is very easy.

    Now, a Active DD214 has been found and produced depicting her active career which does not show any glamour what so ever. Nor does it show anything she had on the table during that time frame (draped flag to boot). One thing that has already been mentioned previously “WEAR WHAT YOU EARN AND WEAR WITH PRIDE AND NO MORE” has been instilled in me as well.

    Tina does not recognize her part in life anymore since she has been telling someone else’s story for so long. I agree with everyone, produce the documents and we will leave you alone if your accounts are true. So Tina has made peace within her self and is moving on trying to help others, that’s all well and good, just don’t twist their life into yours which you have done for so long.

    Here is another problem which I have seen more of lately, fakers using the system to gain financial goals and willingly shares the knowledge with others to scam the system. This is in no doubt what she is doing as well and helping others accomplish with her little project. Just know that each story she tells, it’s a PX story that she got from someone else. I do not discredit her time and what she did in that time, just everything before/after.

    One thing no one mentioned and I spotted when this first came out, the uniform she is wearing, has never been worn officially by any American force. Come on you Iraqi/Kuwait eagle eyes, you guys spotted the rest. What Middle Eastern force wore that same pattern in both Desert Storm and until recently? We wore Desert Fatigues and ACU in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan until recently.

    I take much displeasure in anyone disrespecting our great servicemen and servicewoman. Even more when that person is or was a Soldier. Yes, some have a less than glamorous job while serving our country and may never see battle but, only hear of the tales of gallantry and bravery whilst wanting to be part of that. That is all she is doing. Living a dream and milking the system.

    Tina, show us the DA 638’s and certificates will you?


    “Can smell and spot a PX Warrior a mile away”

      • Yes she is but, that was worn by very few units and if she was there as she claims during the scud attack, she would have been wearing the desert fatigues which can be gotten at just about any surplus store. I highly doubt she was SF or anything remote to that.

        • Uh huh. Yet you claimed in your post and I quote here:

          “One thing no one mentioned and I spotted when this first came out, the uniform she is wearing, has never been worn officially by any American force. Come on you Iraqi/Kuwait eagle eyes, you guys spotted the rest.”

          So you’ve been in the Army 26 years yet didn’t recognize that uniform from Desert Storm…interesting…

          • KJ, I stand corrected on one thing, Desert Camo was not the pattern used during Desert Storm, what I will not correct is what I said above about not all units having the uniform during the Scud attack. Not every unit went into Iraq during Desert storm wearing the “Chocolate Chip”. It was not the official uniform for that time of operation since not every Soldier wore it due to shortness of the war and could not be produced quick enough for all. It was a trial pattern for desert ops and was not the only one used. It is a pattern however used by a different country in the middle east.


          • Also…the DBDU (the Chocolate Chip) is still in use by many countries, including Middle Eastern ones. The US retired it in favor of the DCU after the Persian Gulf War in the 90s. But again, many countries STILL use it. The US used it from 1981 until they discovered the pattern wasn’t compatible with what was required…

  138. She claims on her Veterans Farms page to be a paramedic. That is public information that can be checked by anyone.
    Nothing by either name is registered for her.
    Just saying.

  139. The very first thing that set off my spidy senses, was right there in the very first photo, in front of the Purple Heart and Silver Star, are 2 marksmenship badges. Most will go throught their entire military career without even knowing that these badges exist, much less seeing one or both. These are the Distinguished Rifleman Badge and the Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge. These two distinguished badges are the highest marksmanship badges the US Army can award and they have to be earned. To her credit, she at least got the US Army branch correct on those distinguished badges. I am surprised that she doesn’t have the Presidents Hundred Tab to go along with those distinguished badges.

    Last itme I checked a couple years ago, only about 3,275 Soldiers have earned the Distinguished rifleman’s badge (created in 1887) and only about 1,740 Soldiers have earned the Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge (created in 1903). Also less than 400 Soldiers have ever earned both badges. So that would put her into another highly elite class, in itself, but would also make her just one of the maybe two or three females to have ever been awarded both the Distinguished Rifleman Badge and the Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge.

  140. BULDOG1

    Can we get a “THUMBS DOWN” button next to her name and see how many hits she would get? I am sure this would be a great feature to add to all of the scumbags as well.

    • We all need to write letters to the Burnet City and County Commissioners and let them know. I doubt if the Rodeo organizers knew anything more than she rode in last year’s rodeo.

  141. Checking in from Ecuador! Anything new with TMKL other than flying the US flag for military night at the rodeo (in my opinion, simply since she is a Veteran, I have no issue with it)?

  142. So I have contacted the “Dave Stevenson” that is the “fellow paratrooper” that TKL mentions in the above comment. We shall see what he has to say. I of course forwarded him the link to this page. Turns out, the guy is a Canadian Soldier. Hopefully he gets the message, as he and I are not friends on FB and the message will probably go to his “other” folder.

    Here is his FB page link https://www.facebook.com/dave.stevenson.5 you are all welcome to speak with him as well.,

  143. She is still proclaiming PTSD and says she is traveling hundreds of miles to attend sessions in PTSD group. Anyone know how we can get in touch with the VA because if she is in fact doing this, then she is defrauding the VA, still. Anyone?

  144. She is currently getting social security disability. Another thing interesting is she is collecting food stamps, which would be why she and Don Lightfoot have never gotten married. Don Lightfoot also did a straw purchase for her on a firearm she wanted to have last year, with her criminal status. George Banks is still claiming to be with their “organization” veterans helping veterans.

    • She has a Facebook community called “the “cougar” mad dawg journey” she just posted the link to here on it and George banks commented that stolen valor is aimed at ruining veterans lives

      • Dear George Banks–the only thing Guardian of Valor ruins is the schemes poseurs engage in to defraud innocent American citizens. If Tina Kersten is currently receiving food stamps and Social Security disability she is a bigger fraud than she was when Guardian of Valor stopped her lies about being a war hero. Anyone that can do the things she can do fitness wise (according to her cougar page) is not disabled. Anyone that drives a brand new BMW 2 seater SHOULD NOT be collecting public assistance. GRRRRRR I cannot stand people who defraud others.

    • Good god, how can someone that drives that BMW be eligible to collect food stamps? Why would she want to collect food stamps? Sounds like pure fraud to me.

  145. Her recent post about this stolen valor link

    “HEY my friends I wanted to share with you My Journey! This is some of my past that follows me till this day. But with God on my side and my mad Dawgs..I have learned self esteem to be the person I am today. You might see this link pasted on your wall. Some is true and a lot isnt true. You guys know if youve been keeping up with me that I believe in Positivity! So when you think your life SUCKED..hahahha check out mine….But it is all called adversity and how we learn to overcome past mistakes. I love you all and didnt want to hide this. As I said…Everything I have been through was because I was ashamed of who and what had happened to me . I wanted to be something people would be proud of..and all along all I had to do was have faith in the person I always was…A WARRIOR AND A MAD DAWG AND A CHAMPION…and so my Journey continues.. You all make your decisions on me..unfriend me if you must. Its all good! God Bless…Here is the Link that follows…….James Currington” Yet she won’t allow me to respond to her.

    What a typical chicken shit.

    • Check out her life? What exactly am I checking out because nothing she claims is true. The only reason she has to see a therapist is for her compulsive lying.

  146. It is one thing to say “Hey I screwed up and I’m sorry and it won’t happen again” BUT it’s another thing to KEEP LYING!! She wants the best of both worlds and we are not going to have it!….STOP claiming all the bullshit and it will be done and over with. Simple. She never stops with the lies and that is what is keeping us on her ass. She claims that “A lot of it is lies” is utter bullshit! What part is lies Tina huh? SHOW US THE PROOF!
    As far as George Burns is concern, I think he is boinking her but that is my opinion.

  147. hmmmm, Tina’s Cougar page has her claiming “Combat PTSD Therapy.” If in fact, she claimed PTSD from incidents that occurred in a combat zone, that is fraud and is punishable under the new SV law. However, I doubt seriously that the VA is treating her for Combat related PTSD. I suspect she is being treated for her Sexual Assault PTSD and is lying about the “Combat PTSD Therapy.” But, just in case, her statement on her Facebook Page should be copied and shown to the VA along with the FOIA information received from DOD. That way, the VA can stop treating fake issues and free up their therapists to treat Real live combat vets. Also, the Felony conviction that will ensue if she’s receiving compensation/treatment based on false claims will effectively shut down her lies FINALLY!

  148. It appears TKL has shut down her celebratory fitness page with more of her braggart claims. The guys who made the other page have decided to keep it up and keep watch directly over that area to see if she surfaces again. Keep Vigilant!

  149. shes wearing cav spurs only in a cav unit can those be awarded gold for combat and silver for a spur ride witch is very much like a E.I.B. test for inf soldiers

  150. Local paper, the Picayune, has printed an article about TKL and her Mad Dawg Fitness activities. She claims to have served in Operation Desert Storm 1990-1991 and that she was in the service until 2000. The article quotes her as saying, “It was tough. I am a PTSD certified veteran.” The article goes on to say that, “PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.” Author is daniel@thepicayune.com.

    • Just called and left my number on the editors voicemail, then called again and spoke to a very polite female about how I just wanted to make sure they knew what the deal was with someone they quoted in their paper. Left my name and number with her also….really don’t expect a call back but I am hoping 🙂

      • Just called Mad Dawg Fitness and left a message with Greg Lopez. He is co-owner of the facility and one of their trainers. He was identified and interviewed at the same time as Ms. Lightfoot for the article in the Picyune…. she even has a testimonial. on Mad Dawg Fitness’s website, about how she hated herself and was not the type of person she wanted to be when she got out of the Army…she says she found what she needed at their fitness center… well good for her, I just want her to stop telling her lies….she has nothing to be ashamed of other than her lies and felony convictions. Why cant she say she was a food service specialist and did her 4 then ets’ed? If she has PTSD it is from her time in prison.

  151. I knew that she was never in our armed serves when i saw the first pictrue. She might as well told every one that ” After I got out of WW2, I was sent to Vietnam! After nam with over the sent me to Mars for my 150 tours there! Then another 90 tours on the moon fighting Big Foot’s army of UFOs! But my greatest achievement was toping out at the rank of Major Super Admiral!” She might as well said that

    • Um, did you actually read the information or just look at the pics? She WAS in the service, as a cook….. she served honorably (according to her records) however, no time in Iraq, or any other war zone.

      Some people’s kids,

  152. eeeek, Tina, I’m glad you got over your suicidal thoughts. Everyone deserves a chance to live and love and fight the good fight to enjoy what life has to offer. However, PLEASE STOP lying about serving in the Gulf War. You DIDNT serve there. Your records prove you didn’t. Enough is enough already.

  153. Boo!!! this woman. She probably confused the silver star with a toy sheriff badge. Its easily done. And someone probably super glued a quarter to a purple ribbon and told her it was a purple heart. Maybe, she’s not to blame?

  154. I would never say I was a hero but i did spend 6 tours in Vietnam. The whole thing about this is I lost a lot of friends over there and am very frustrated over why we have not disposed of this problem as of yet. Any one who does perpetrate a hero should be given at least three years and no less….. Still trying to forget….

  155. A friend and fellow service member. Steven Atherton was killed on the fateful day with members of the 14th Quartermaster’s. He was 26 at the time. Married a year and a half and had a 6 month old baby boy. We laid him to rest on a cold wintery day 1991. Just how can someone fathom doing this ? Not only for fame. But for profit.

  156. I sent an email to the editor of the article, Daniel. He knows now that he was duped/lied to and has been in comms with other people about her (and possibly this site) and will be working on article for next week (possibly the paper is just a weekly publication). It would be a kick to get a hold of the people in charge of the event she is partaking in this weekend and let them know what a scumbag she is.

  157. From what I’ve read and seen on here she has defrauded the VA, these people clog the VA system and take away precious resources that are intended for others. Also what I would like to know is, where is she getting the money for the nice truck and top of the line bicycle?

  158. Does the First Cav have an airborne unit? If not why is she wearing a maroon beret? I see 3 AAM and 2 ARCOM. back in my day (been retired 10 years)we got oak leaf clusters for 2nd and subsequent awards

  159. Just stumbled on this post and I’m blown away by this skank’s claims. It’s been 47 years since my SF multiple tours in ‘Nam and 42 since my ETS. Now and then I run across guys my age who claim to have been in the ‘Nam and I can tell just by talking to them a few minutes if they’re legit. Each conflict has had its own vernacular and I’m sure that the combat veterans who, according to Tina, were her contemporaries can tell she’s full of it. The pictures, even to this old vet, tell quite a story of her web of lies. The feds should file charges against her If in fact she’s in the VA health care system and priority 4 or higher. Her claims of having been awarded the Silver Star by the doctors and nurses who treated her “combat” injuries are an insult to anyone who has ever been in uniform. It looks to me like she went shopping at the PX and whatever they currently call the clothing issue point. As we RVN vets used to say: “it don’t mean nothin’ ” In other words, screw her and the horse she rode in on……..

  160. I did not know they awarded Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medals back in the Persian War (1991). This reminds me of one guy that came in one day to my Recruiting Station claiming he was a Medal of Honor recipient, I called BS on his story so I took his full name to check the database for medals of honor, and of course his name was not there

    • GWOT was NOT awarded for the’91 Gulf War. Only the SW Asia Service Medals from Kuwait (the tacky green ribbon with the gold&silver “starburst”) and Saudi Arabia (Desert tan with some colors). GWOT was only entered into the system after the attacks of 9/11/01.

      As mentioned above about the difficulty of earning the Distinguished Pistol and Rifle Badges: I earned the Pistol Badge in 1993. Its possible to get one in a year (if you’re an amazing shooter). Some shooters go their whole career trying and don’t succeed. According to Tina’ s DD 214, she barely qualified with a revolver. I seriously doubt she could shoot a .45 at 50 yards.

      I looked at the list of Distinguished shooters online. Is it any surprise that she isn’t listed? You can count the number of Distinguished female shooters in each of the five services with one weapon without taking your shoes off.

      The number of double distinguished females in all the services put together can be counted on one hand.

      This is very easy to find and proove (or disprove) with a quick online search. It’s too bad these aren’t covered by the Stolen Valor Act. They are rather pricy to replace, though. She must have gotten then from a surplus store, because you can’t find them in the uniform shop.

  161. I don’t understand why you would want to lie about your service. I served, I didn’t deploy, it was during peace time and I’m happy I served. All three of my sons have gone into the Army, two active and one reserve. See no need to embellish upon their or my service time. We did and do what we have to do. People like this have no place in the military. They just are wannabe’s. They never amount to anything because they can not believe in what and who they really are.

  162. While looking at her pictures, I noticed that she’s wearing spurs. Since she has lied about her entire career, I’m sure she never went on an actual spur ride or even went to combat attached to a CAV unit to get combat spurs. I say get a whole Brigade of CAV soldiers that have “earned” their spurs to show her what it means to earn her spurs that they so proudly wear. I’m a veteran that has been out of the Army for only 5 months now, but I would never embellish my record to try to make myself out to look better than my brothers and sisters in arms that did so much more than I did.

  163. I didn’t know you had to be a certified PTSD veteran…. All this time I thought the “D” in PTSD was disorder but nope… I guess I was wrong it is “syndrome” I bet she was watching the moving “Incredibles” and was a fan of the villain names Syndrome. LOL stupid biatch.

  164. From the paper: “I had written a retraction but the publisher and owner read it and decided to hold off at this point. They feel the only thing I did wrong was take somebody at her word and got burned for it.”

    I pointed out to the writer that 2 other locals papers had fallen for her lies already and wondered if there were any others that might want a heads up.

    • So in other words….That stupid cunning BITCH is getting away with again all while laughing her ass off….Really??????

      It will NEVER stop until she sucks the ever-loving life out of everyone.

    • Maybe a good report to KXAN or 7 on your side? That might open it all up again. Keep on with the publisher and request Why . I agree she should not be allowed to keep doing this. Why has the VA not put a STOP to this? What about that New Law on people claiming military and such? Got to STOP This piece of lower than chicken crap.

  165. My unit, the 94th MP company (USAR from New Hampshire) responded to that SCUD attack. We were under the 89th MP Bd. and we were responsible for the Dharhan, Khobar and Dammam areas. Her claims are an insult to the soldiers who died in that attack and their families.

  166. Hey John T
    They did just change the ruling on impersonating any soldier and it is punishable. There are several guys that have been fined and jailed in recent months for this crap. This chick needs her butt kicked (keeping it clean). I don’t understand how this chick keeps fooling people – she’s been called out several times – Burnet Texas is a small tight knit community so you would think everyone would know her story and her lies. She’ll pay soon I am sure.

  167. As a Space Shuttle Door Gunner with 18 years of service in WWII I am ashamed for this women to even be once part of the armed services. She has brought shame to all in the SOF community of cook, and ninja MPs everywhere.

  168. I will say without a doubt, that with George Banks being a stupid liberal, he also
    knows the owners of the Picayune, and the Burnet Bulletin. They are liberals as well. With George being a minority in this area, he passes false info to others. One thing he does is tell people how to rip off the federal government by telling people ways they can get 65K a year tax free with “loopholes”.

    There’s no doubt that his is still enabling others and trying to rip them off with their stupid non-charitable group.

    So, who wants to contact George L. Banks about this fraud?

    • hmmm, I can tell you that being liberal has NOTHING to do with the support of posers. Most of the posers in the hall of shame are card carrying conservatives so don’t go there.

  169. There was a retraction but it was a small blurb that could have easily been overlooked. They needed to put her picture up there so it would be seen and then put the retraction under it.

  170. In the picture of just her and Chewy: If she did indeed serve, how in the hell did she not know to tuck in here damn boot laces? Geez, that’s almost as bad as the soup sandwich beret.

  171. It is a shame that people have to call the police department on Currington for harassment. I say this to all those who are trying to contact me. You are not to contact me through any means or have anyone contact me.

    • Look everyone it’s Jen Cude showing her face here again. Poor thing. She is upset that her trolling attempts are not working. Hey, if you dont like the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Shouldn’t have defended this wackadoo when you did I suppose.

      See how she changes her name so others dont know its her?

      • Don’t know what the exact reason is why it’s listed for sale. It’s obvious she is the one that posted the ad……

        “Hoover Valley Horse Farm”
        “4/2 on 2.9 AC perfect for horses! Minutes from town, perimeter fenced, 2 car carport, hot tub, storage bldg w/water & elec, 2 stall horse barn, oversized paddock with round pen.”

        Nothing on the property is anything near a real farm… hahaha

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  177. Interesting, it appears Tina is spamming this page lol. Tina, the only thing that will mitigate the damage to your reputation is to come completely clean!!

  178. This one is close to home. My dad actually received a Purple Heart from this exact blast that was his unit . Still suffers from the wounds today . This lady should be absolutely ashamed of herself



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