Timothy Dale Brown, AWOL, Fake SF With Tours From Somalia To Afghanistan








Timothy Dale Brown


Sumiton, Alabama –  A few months ago a friend of mine reached out to me about one Timothy Dale Brown. Tim, is a member of the PGR(Patriot Guard Riders) and American Legion Riders Post 171 out of Birmingham, Alabama.

Tim claims he was in the Army for 33 years, retired as Warrant Officer, served in 7th and 5th Special Forces Group, and was deployed to six different countries. Among those he claims to have deployed too are: Panama, Bosnia, Beirut, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tim also wears the Special Forces patches on his vest, and we have several photos of him in the Green Beret with Chief Rank and One Star(Brigadier General)Rank. He did an interview for a newspaper where he also made these claims, all while transporting wreaths for Wreaths Across America to the Alabama National Veteran’s Cemetery.

Here is the photo of him with the Warrant Officer Rank:





Below is one article in which he made the claims:

Capture Capture1


Here is the link to the original article: Groups Come Together To Honor Veterans”.

He says in the article, ” I served in Panama, Bosnia, Somalia, Beirut, Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess you could say I was a human target”. I for one have never heard a Green Beret say he was a human target.


We also found out that Tim reached out to the 7th Groups page requesting access, one of our brothers sent us this screenshot after they knew we were looking into him.





After doing some research we found more photos of Brown, who also goes by “Graywolf”, wearing the un-earned tabs and patches. I can just imagine all the stories he has told other members of the PGR, he is currently a ride Captain with PGR.



Load One truck driver Ken Johnson standing next to Patriot I truck with Patriot Guard Ride Captain Tim Brown  standing next to his Harley motorcycle after delivering and escorting 2,400 wreaths for veterans buried at the Alabama National Cemetery as part of Wreaths Across America.

Tim “Gray Wolf” Brown, right, with unearned patches and tabs.

We found the below on one of his other Facebook profiles:






We acquired his records, and he was far from a Green Beret with 33 years of service, in fact he went AWOL and was subsequently discharged from the Army soon after. Below are his military records, and nothing he claimed is in his official records.









According to his records the only place he did serve that he claims was at Fort Clayton. Fort Clayton was a United States Army base in the former Panama Canal Zone. He served there, from 26 October 1978 thru August 1980,as an MP(Military Police), he then returned to the U.S. From 19 December 1989 to 31 January 1990, elements of the 7th Special Forces Group participated in Operation Just Cause, but Tim wasn’t a member of 7th, he wasn’t even in the Army during Just Cause.

He then went AWOL(Absent Without Leave) while at Fort Stewart, Georgia, his records show he returned(or was brought back) and was then discharged about four months later. Kind of hard for him to have been to those other five counties when he wasn’t even a member of the military during those campaigns.

He also never made it past PFC(Private First Class), far from a Chief Warrant Officer.

We reached out to Tim via email to see if he could explain his reasonings for embellishing his military service, we will update the article if he responds.

He did respond this morning to one of our Special Forces investigators, in response to his request to join the 7th Group room. They responded to his request and told him they knew the truth, his response is below.



We spoke to the Director for the Legion Riders of Post 171 and Alabama Legion Riders State Sgt At Arms this morning. He told us he had his suspicions about Timothy for a while. I forwarded him Tim’s records and he was also forwarding the info to the state PGR Captain.
I still don’t understand how these people think they will get away with walking around flashing awards/tabs they didn’t earn, and telling these war stories. Veterans pick up on this, especially those that earned those accolades, and that is what happened in this case. His stories and flashing of his tabs made other Veterans suspicious of his claims and they turned it over to us.

UPDATE:  We heard from the President of the PGR, we notified them before this story went public so they would have time to take action.

We do not typically notify the public when a PGR member is removed for misconduct, but in this case Mr. Brown resigned both his PGR ride captain status, and his membership in our organization. He did this voluntarily, as internal actions were being taken against him. As he admitted his deception and ended his association with PGR, I can relay this information to you.

I would be appreciative if you would pass that on to any other groups who may associate him with PGR. We do not tolerate stolen valor within our organization.


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