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Darien CT – Cynthia Tanner

What is honor worth? How do you settle it with yourself when you sell out not only our nation’s cadre of honorable, but their disabled children as well? What is the price? What would it take for you to sit back for 5 years and let veterans starve, go without their basic services? Or to punish, torture, and possible have a hand in the deaths of these Veterans and children?

For Cynthia Tanner, 54 of Darien CT it only took $800,000.00. Less than a million. Cynthia was the Bookkeeper for the National Veterans Service Fund, given stewardship over seeing that Vietnam, and gulf war veterans received access to various social services, handled monthly payments, and limited medical assistance for their families, with a focus on those families with disabled children. She was entrusted to take care of these veterans. Instead, she chose to embezzle, lie, and steal. According to the U.S. Attorney’s office from 2009 to 2014, Cynthia Tanner chose not to do her job, and instead stole the money to pay for personal expenses, luxuries, Family expenses, vacations, and even gave the money to family members. Basically she decided veterans didn’t deserve that money, SHE did, and she did as she pleased.

She also altered records to conceal her scheme and by falsely claiming that the stolen monies were being paid to veterans in need.

The indictment further alleges that TANNER failed to report $794,768.47 in embezzled income on her 2009 through 2013 federal tax returns, resulting in a tax loss of $270,026.

The indictment charges TANNER with five counts of wire fraud, an offense that carries a maximum term of imprisonment of 20 years on each count, and five counts of tax evasion, an offense that carries a maximum term of imprisonment of five years on each count.

We must stop this. We must ensure these people NEVER endanger veterans for personal gain ever again.



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