The Scurge Of Stolen Valor: Warfighters Respond to Posers, Fakers and Lawsuits

We have just had the Honor and the privilege to have been introduced to Boone Cutler. SoldierHard recently released a new single called “Stolen Valor”, and with the help of Boone, has recently began filming a music video for the song. Boone recently did a radio show entitled “The Scurge of Stolen Valor: Warfighters Respond to Posers, Fakers and Lawsuits. It is an eye-opening show for those who have wondered why Stolen Valor matters. And hear responses from real Warfighters to Stolen Valor, and to John Giduck, who recently filed a frivoulous lawsuit against our friends and fellow Soldiers over at

Here is more about Boone:

Warfighter Boone Cutler is an author and Veterans’ Rights leader that has become the first nationally recognized on-air personality who is also a Warfighter from the current war. ‘Tipping Point with Boone Cutler’ airs Saturday afternoon on Fox News Radio.
August 2012 Boone Cutler was tapped Veterans In Politics International- Vice President of the Nevada Chapter.

Boone approached Fox News Radio 99.1 FM Talk ( ) with the concept of a new show that focuses on national and international events based on the Warfighter’s perspective. Boone’s raw Paratrooper, no-holds-barred style has become a hit over the air waves and online

with ‘Soccer Moms’ and his fellow Warfighters that are still deployed in combat zones worldwide.

Boone’s message is simple, “America has lost faith in what they used to believe were the heroes of Hollywood, America has become disgusted with the political climate of today so the only place to turn to and trust for leadership is the Warfighter”.

His book ‘Voodoo in Sadr City’ was written during his tour in Iraq in 2005 – 2006 with boots-on-the-ground and later through his recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, during the Neglect Scandal of 2007, where he was treated for injuries that resulted from a blast injury sustained in Iraq.

In 2010, Boone founded the National Warfighter Symposium to bring attention to Warfighter issues like the alarming Warfighter Suicide and homeless rate. America currently loses eighteen veteran Warfighters to suicide everyday. On active-duty a Warfighter commits suicide every 36 hours. His signature charity is, founded by Ranger Karl Monger, because it’s where Warfighters link-up with Warfighter mentors that have successfully transitioned from a military lifestyle into the civilian world. “A Warfighter without a mission is a dead Warfighter; however, a Warfighter with a mission is a deadly Warfighter and is a place where Warfighters can locate a new mission in the civilian world” ~ Boone Cutler

TIPPING POINT WITH BOONE CUTLER, KKFT Fox News Radio, August 14, 2012:

Boone hosts the show to educate America about the fraud and lies committed by those that commit Stolen Valor. In part, the show is in response to the recent repeal of the Stolen Valor Act. Representative from SOCNET.COM discusses being sued for ‘outing a faker’ named John Giduck that reportedly is teaching anti-terrorist tactics and has no real credentials. GallantFew, a Warfighter charity that focuses on Special Operations Warfighters is also fraudulently listed as a Defendant in the lawsuit by John Giduck and charity President, Karl Monger, sets the record straight.

Redcon1 Music Group, an all military recording group, responds to fakers and posers with their latest hip-hip hit single “Stolen Valor” as a warning shot to make fakers stop lying.



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