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  1. So i can use stuff from here as long as it links or is noted where it comes from cause then that would technically not be Infringing cause i am giving you the due credit for your Information… p.s. That also made my brain hurt i do love the background image

  2. How do I find out if someone who claims to be a “decorated veteran” is in fact what he claims?

    His name is Paul Wesley Flowers, born 11-4-76. He claims to have “enlisted in the Navy in August 2000”, then after six months training, “spent a year as an intelligence specialist in the Office of Naval Intelligence in Suitland”. Flowers also claims to be “an Afghanistan war veteran” and that he “suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome”.

    Flowers has been found to be a con-artist,and fraud, and it is suspected that he is using fictionalized military service to perpetrate his cons. This angers me. My family has a long history of military service. Both of my grandfathers served during WWII. My father was a US Army officer during Vietnam, and my mother was a marine (wow could she yell! LOL). One of my sisters is career Air Force. Although I have not served in the military, I have the deepest respect for all those who have, especially those who have been injured in the line of duty and/or decorated for their valor in service to our nation.

    For this reason, if this person is making false claims about his military service (if indeed he served at all), then I believe he ought to be exposed.

    • One thing I do is check if he has a fb or other social media account that includes pictures. Look for pics that appear to be professional, like you would see on the news. Pay close attention to the uniform, I have caught several people out that way, as between my son who is a Sgt. in the Army, my veteran friends, and my older son who is a history, especially military history fanatic and is going to school for it, there are many little details that many posers do not know about that can be used to help spot them. Comments like where they are located on deployment should be another red flag as no military troops should ever be giving that info online. . I also look for things they say that do not make sense, like one person claiming to be going out to a specific kind of training while on deployment in Afghanistan, my soldier son was able to tell me flat out they do not do that once they are deployed. Uniform mistakes are a huge outer, like the shape and color and the way berets are worn.

  3. Although I was unable to serve my country the way I wanted to, I am now a disabled American veteran that served for a very short nine months & 3 days. I was medically/honorably discharged from the Army and would never falsely claim otherwise. I’m very glad someone is outing the posers.

  4. I did not serve in the military but did serve as a military civilian in Iraq. I was blessed with safety and able to perform my job thanks to the brave soldiers in the red zone. I wish to express my thanks to these brave warriors who helped me to complete my mission safely and with out fear. I have the utmost respect for all of our military veterans and those currently serving and feel anyone utilizing medals and awards which they did not rightfully earn should be prosecuted.

  5. I am the grand daughter of a WWI vet, the daughter of a WWII vet, widow of a Nam vet and now the mom of a 23 yr old Sgt in the Army Airborne. I tried to enlist in the USCG when I was 19, was initially accepted but very quickly they changed their minds and decided my mild childhood asthma disqualified me. It broke my heart. My heart was broken again when my younger son enlisted right out of high school. His dad died of the demons of ptsd, and agent orange syndrome, I have ptsd non military acquired of course. My fear was that my son would have it too and indeed now he does. I have a small flea market business, and I am trying to start a movement to make some military items illegal to sell, medals of any kind for starters, especially blank ones. When I buy a box at an auction and find a Veterans medals tossed in it is really sad for me . I realize military memorabilia are a huge collectible and very popular right now, but there are ways to make it harder for posers to use. For example, current uniforms are another thing I will not sell unless it is from the original owner, and there is a way to make it clear its not the persons who currently has it. For example, helmets have a tab inside that can and is supposed to be removed to indicate it is not the property of an active soldier.I of course always would remove the band around today’s helmets that have the last name and blood type of the soldier. The majority of what I sell is WWII or before. Another thought- I have often been accused of being a poser myself as people look at my family line and say there is no way your grand father and dad could have been in that age range and then you marry a Nam vet, etc etc. Don’t assume. My grandpa was my step grandpa, and adopted my dad as an adult. My real grandpa was a member of the Coast Guard when it was called the United States Cutter Revenue Service, it became the USCG in 1915. He was lost at sea in their service in 1906. My Dad was born in 1905. That is where I get accused of lying. But, rare though it was back then, I was born when my dad was 50, and my mom was 29, In 1955 that was old for a first child for a woman. I married my husband at 24, he was 15 yrs older than me, and I had our kids in my mid thirties.
    So while I really encourage people to be on the lookout for posers, don’t jump to conclusions please without a little research.

  6. Does this site also verify whether or not a soldier’s picture was used in a romance scam? I have received pictures of a gentleman who claims to be a U.S. Army Captain currently deployed in Afghanistan. Thank you.

  7. A very Sincere Thank you and deep Gratitude to all of our Military I have never been in the service but last year I lost my Grandfather to COPD and Cancer, He served this country proudly, My closest Cousin is also Military.

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