Ted Turner, Founder of CNN, Said Military Suicides Outnumbering Combat Deaths Is Good

Ted Turner


Suicides in the MIlitary are at an all time high, with multiple deployments, ending relationships among other issues our Soldiers are dealing with, in one of the longest wars. And it is taking its toll, and we owe it to our brothers and sisters to be on constant watch and look out for their well-being. And someone like Ted Turner has the nerve to say that he is glad suicides are outnumbering combat deaths.  Here is what he said:

MORGAN: You made the point to me in the break there, more American servicemen have-

TURNER: — are dying now from suicide over there than are dying in combat.

MORGAN: That’s shocking, isn’t it?

TURNER: Well, what — no, I think it’s — I think it’s good

When asked why, he said

“because it’s so clear that we’re programmed and we’re born to love and help each other, not to kill each other, to destroy each other. That’s an aberration. That’s left over from hundreds of years ago. It’s time for to us start acting enlightened.”

This coming from someone who has built his fortune on the backs of those that protect his freedom to do so. But I mean he was married to “Hanoi” Jane Fonda at one point, I guess she has rubbed off on him.

Mr. Turner, you can count me out on watching anything your hands have touched, including CNN. I used to respect you for making what you have of the American dream, but for you to go and say something like that about my brothers and sisters in arms in unforgivable  I have personally dealt with a Soldier committing suicide, and it will always be with me. So you sir, are no longer welcome in my home through my TV, nor is anything you have had any part in creating.

Here is the video of the interview with Piers Morgan, the part about the Suicides starts at about 1:40.


You can also see the story on foxnews here:

Ted Turner: Military suicides outnumbering combat deaths is good




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