“Take Your Best Shot”, Was The Marine Guarding The Canada National War Memorial Real?






Major Ralph “Fox” Sinke Jr.



Ottawa Canada – Since the terrorist attack in Canada that took the life of CPL. Nathan Cirillo, a guy in a Marine uniform sporting five Purple Hearts has been guarding the Canadian National War memorial. The below interview was done with him, and we began getting emails and wall posts from everyone wanting to know if he was really a Marine.



He goes by the name of Major “Fox” Sinke, and he stated, Courtesy of Global News:

“That’s how I see it. So I’m paying tribute to him, as best I can. We are not intimidated. Take your best shot.”

Sinke was wearing a Marine uniform as he marched around the National War Memorial.

“There are those of us who understand what’s happening and we’re not gonna lie down for it,” he said. “Not gonna happen. That’s basically why I’m here. I’m just here to make my own little personal damn statement.”


So we did some digging and reached out to our contacts to find out more about Major Sinke, and we can tell you that not only did this man serve as a Marine, he was a highly decorated Marine! He is taking a stand for what he believes is right, and yes he has five Purple Hearts. This man is a true American and Canadian Hero, we salute you Sir and the stand you are taking!!!

Below are his records:







Again, we salute Major Sinke for his stand at the National War Memorial in Canada, and for his service to both of our countries.  Major Sinke has also authored several books detailing his experiences in the Vietnam War, one is titled When None Of Their Dreams Are Dead.


UPDATE 20141105:

Major Sinke has received several phone calls threatening is life since Tuesday, below is how he responded, according to Army Times.

Sinke said he received at least two phone calls on Tuesday from people who screamed at him in Arabic and then hung up.

“The only words I recognized were ‘kill you,’ because I’ve heard them before,” he said.

When Sinke told police about the phone calls, he added, “I promise you this: If they come here, they’ll die here


I guess these terrorists don’t understand our resolve, you don’t screw with America or our North American allies, and you surely don’t threaten a hardened Marine!


What are your thoughts?
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    • To you Major Sinke – in my eyes a friend and true alley…I would like to personally thank you my brother in arms! This is the fabric of our North American bonds…he as did the American people (our true friends and neighbours) Mr. Kerry who visited our National War Memorial hours after the fact laid a wreath after the unthinkable…stand by us and have stood by us in our darkest hours! Yes, when one of our young soldiers are shot down ceremonially guarding the grave of the Unknown soldier in Ottawa we are in dark days. I’m thankful for our American friends and allies! I wish you Major Sinke the very best and God speed!

      • That is not a SCUBA bubble.
        It is a Second Class Diver Pin. I just learned that there actually were a few Marines who went through 2C in Viet Nam. SCUBA and LAR V is a 6 week class, 2C is 6 months and at the time included SCUBA, MK-V, and in their case LAR-V. Marine Force Recon today only wear the SCUBA pin above their wings. That was my question.

      • Actor Clint Eastwood wears USMC decorations the same way in the film: Heartbreak Ridge(1985), IMDb.com. He wears the SCUBA pin & the ForceRecon wings. Highway was a MoH recipient too(but got it as a US Army Ranger/Korea).

    • Major Sinke was my instructor at Marine Corps Service Support Schools in 1978 when I was a second lieutenant. This is just like him.

    • Might want to check your sources there buddy. The official release from the Canadian Government and the Canadian Media labeled this attack as a terrorist attack.

      • No. Harper said it was a terrorist attack so he could use it as an excuse to put more control on the population. Canadians know it wasn’t a terror attack. The Canadian media? Perhaps Sun news (the Canadian equivalent to your Faux news that we laugh at) but real Canadian media reports it as it was – a mentally disturbed Canadian and nothing to do with terrorism. perhaps you should check your sources..

        • He was proven to be mentally ill. That does not detract the fact that he was a terrorist. Weither he was created as one in his own demented mind or coerced by others, the fact still remains. This brother in arms extended the support to our country and the freedoms that so many have stood for and sadly too many have died for. Freedoms to express opinions, freedom to speak out. sometimes foolishly and offensively. But those and so many more rights were paid for in the blood of people willing to die for the rights of strangers as well as for their families. There is a fraternal bond that soldiers share. Only a person who has served will truly understand. Sure we sometimes are at odds, but when the rubber hits the road, there is a bond, a unity that transcends borders. This soldier (and i use that word with the highest reverence) extended his love and respect to OUR country and showed us the very highest honour and respect. If you feel that you have to ridicule him for it, then you have no idea the honour he is showing. The fact that people like you revel in the freedoms that are so hard won shows that the sacrifice was worth it, no matter how disgusting your lack of respect is.
          To our brother…Thank you and Semper Fi, in our motto, Viam Inveniemus.

          • Rob, That was brilliantly stated. I could not have stated it nearly as eloquently. It is sometimes difficult to remember that some of the things we find the most repugnant, are freedoms that came at a high price. Many fine men and women made the ultimate sacrifice so that people are free to be as ignorant as they choose.

          • Just because I know someone is going to be an ass about it, and I want to take that away before they can be. In the US Armed Services, Soldiers belong to the Army, Airmen to the Air Force, Sailors to the Navy, and Marines to the Marines. This man was a Marine. While we are all Servicemembers, none of us down here really enjoy being called the name we didn’t earn. I really don’t want to see a Marine try to jump down your throat over calling MAJ Sinke a Soldier, because you know, this is the Internet and childish behavior comes with the anonimity the internet provides.

        • The ignorant haters gotta spew their ignorant hate. Gotta love the appeal to authority, though … Stephen Harper, the man whom more than 6 out of 10 Canadian voters voted against …

          The idea of a member of the US military parading his ignorant hate around my War Memorial kinda churns my tummy. I’d really suggest he go make his hatefully ignorant “own little personal damn statement” in his own back yard. Damn, I hate the smell of yankee imperialism in the morning.

          • Bushwah…what are you retarded. People like you are the reason terrorists and radicals can walk right through the front of parliament with a rifle…or right up to the prime Minister…or break into his home Etc> Wake up i”st happening here! You are probably a vegitarian too…ya puke!!! This man took a stand on what he thinks is right and he should be applauded! I for one wish there were more people like him in this country and less like you!

        • Being a terrorist and being mentally ill are not mutually exclusive. Typical liberal has to ignore facts to push an agenda. Just like Major Nidal Hassan was a disgruntled employee carrying out an act of workplace violence, right Jason? Goof.

          • Obviously you people in the US don’t have access to the correct information. He wasn’t a follower of the Koran. He was suffering from mental problems and began identifying with the movement but he wasn’t a Muslim. He was a very sick person who was delusional. Perhaps you should try reading some reputable Canadian news to find out the truth behind the story. The real terrorism lies in the fear mongering your own media is doing. Canadians fortunately are better informed.

          • he was a known criminal, & had his passport revoked, he has trying to get over to join the ISIS, When the government took away his passport.. “Not all Muslim’s are Terrorists”, but all Terrorists are Muslim !

          • Hey Greg Burt, have you heard of the 2011 bombings in Norway? Guess who performed the terrorist act, a Christian! Shocking I know. You are a silly man to think terrorism is limited to the Islamic community.

      • The Koran is equal to Hitlers Book…..you are a bit paranoid! Must be a fan of that Communist party …NDP! and that a@sho%e son of another traitor “Trudeau”!..Or a fan of that Sharia stuff! do yourself a favor and educate yourself before making asinine comments!
        Merry Christmas!

          • Thank you. The bloviating right-wing USAmerican jingoism and ignorance on display here is gobsmacking … and of course it isn’t surprising that some of it is coming from mere wannabe yanks here at home.

      • Well, what other group o the planet, at the moment are killing people by cutting there heads off… that sound like somthing a sane person would be doing ?

    • Think Again; In Canada, section 83.01 of the Criminal Code[1] defines terrorism as an act committed “in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause” with the intention of intimidating the public “…with regard to its security, including its economic security, or compelling a person, a government or a domestic or an international organization to do or to refrain from doing any act.”

      • That would cover just about everything everybody does right down to thumbing their nose at Harper. Go and read the actual reports of this mentally ill delusional Canadian who was not acting on behalf of anybody except his own sick mind. Unlike Americans, we aren’t afraid of our own shadow and don’t go hiding behind the fear of terrorism every time somebody sneezes.

    • http://news.yahoo.com/gunman-canada-attack-prepared-video-himself-234721558.html Not mentally ill. His stated intent was to terrify. Terrorist. One may choose to believe him or not. All homicidal and genocidal terrorists are not necessarily mentally ill. They are simply acting immorally and criminally on their strongly held beliefs. As far as fear mongering, this video shows the opposite. This Marine stated, “give it your best shot” . He asserted that despite cowardly attacks like this, we won’t submit, we won’t back down, we will fight back. I like the way this Canadian American warrior said it too.

        • LOL!! Jason, clearly you are anti-American. You and the vile filth like you, do nothing but go on and on about how just Canadian news is. Really? You think the CBC is ethical? You my delusional friend, need help. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

          • Don’t worry…Jason is just another Harper hating liberal panty waste. We have lots of those leftist whackjobs up here too. Just ignore them and they go away eventually.

          • all news agencies, both Canadian and American alike sensualize the news and do not report it accurately. they just voice their ceo’s opinion… nothing more!!! none of the news agencies are ethical!!!

        • The dumbass yanks who don’t know the truth – who enter wars at the end – who have never fought on their own soil, are the ones who are completely ignorant about Canada’s warrior history. Embarassing.
          It only takes one American Jackass to piss me off as much as the lefty looney Canadian jackasses here, and YOU Dwayne, are an ass hat. Your mom probably fights your battles.

          • Dont know history Kevin… Well lets dissect your little tirade.
            First, entering war at its end… So Dec 1941 was the end of WW2? It had just started in 1939 and didnt end till 1945… Thats not really the ‘end’. WW1? No, we didnt enter into the beginning of a completely European war that had no real purpose than europes major powers to measure the size of their manhood. The only reason we did enter it was to ensure the final result and the fact Germany tried to induce Mexico to join in against us.

            And now we move on to the US fighting on its own soil… Well, that falls apart immediately in WW2.. First, I wont even bother to mention Pearl Harbor because I know you will claim that really wasnt a fight just an air battle. So I will direct you to pick up a history book and read about the Aleutian Island campaign between the US and Japan.

            Oh thats right, Canadians seem to always ignore that there was a Pacific War that they had ZERO contribution to that the US bore almost entirely right up till the end, though with great support from Britain and Australia.

            And please tell me, what has Canada fought on its soil since the War of 1812? What war did Britain fight on its own soil since chasing Prince Charles from the islands?

            No one is disparaging Canadas military, just the lunacy of claims like yours.

          • Well, Mr. Barber, may I remind you of our Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War? The US has had several wars on their own soil.

          • KEVIN…better check our “warrior history” in OUR country….and please…show some respect. As an American Marine 64-71…I know what war and active combat are….do you?

          • Er…Dennis 1982 The Falklands War, Britain fought this on its own plus the war on terrorism in Northern Ireland.

      • Bad news for you… you’re WAY off the mark. Canada and the Britts were the ones who had most of the fight with the Germans. Yanks didnt come in till way after it was going on. McArthur wanted in but Rosevelt refused until forced in by Pearl. US fought the Pasific, Canada fought the Atlantic. Most US convoys departed from either Halifax or Sydney in Nova Scotia for supplies. If not for Canadian escorts, US wouldnt even have bullets to shoot.
        Either way though…. This Marine HERO…. is BOTH American and Canadian…..(I fought along side many Amercs in 90/91 in gulf)…and I’m Damn proud to have this man stand both borders. We are brothers without borders…and must stand as such against any form of terror.

        • 1. you mean Roosevelt wanted to enter the war as soon as possible, but peaceniks like you that lived in america refused to acknowledge it as a global problem… sound familiar.
          2. You mean the UK with very minimal support fought alone for about 8 months or so before Germany turned on the USSR.
          3. You mean US convoys departed Halifax and such under US escort after Dec 7, and prior to that under Canadian and UK manned US ships given to you under lend/lease.
          4. US had not need for ‘bullets’ delivered by Canada as the gross tonnage delivered by US cargo ships was what supplied it, not lend lease destroyers from canada.
          5. MacA wasnt even technically in the US military at the time. He retired and was recalled AFTER the japanese attack, so he could ‘want’ all he liked but his wants had no meaning since he was serving the Philipine govt at the time – effectively you are cheering on a mercenery.
          6. Canada had practically no play in the pacific war, so while you can bluster about how great the limited contribution canada made (not denigrating their service but compared to the US, USSR, it was minor) the US was involved in a two front war (really about 6 fronts – North Africa/Italy, France, North Pacific [alaska], central pacific, south pacific, and southeast asia/china).

          • Let me add one more to your well researched list: the US had a Persian Gulf Command in WWII supplying war materials to Russia via Iran and Iraq. Not another front, but another area of influence making a big difference in how the war turned out. My 94 year old mom is a veteran of that command.

          • Dennis
            Canadians were in the Pacific, they (Winipeg rifles/Genadies) were at Hong Kong and were the last defence until ordered to lay down their arms. Our Airforce flew the hump, with Brits/US. Canada was the Atlantic force, very very few US shipswere in the Atlantic. It was the British that had the destroyers until Canadian ship yards produced. Canadians use the poor old Corvette.
            Im a 33 yr serving memebr in the Canadian Forces

        • THANATO….. man, study some history. A U-boat BASE was found in the Canadian Arctic after the war in 1945. A U boat sank a ship in the St.Lawrence river, A U-boat sank the Lisutannia (spelling is wrong) Germans Landed in Nova Scotia from a U-boat during the war…. U- boats were spotted in the Miramichi River during the War, sighted off PEI and NFLD. …….study some history man…Canadian history. German spy’s operated in Canada during WW2… read some books man, non-fiction please.

        • Germany had a perfect little stepping stone path to canada from UK, Iceland, Greenland and on to you and every capacity to execute it if they could have landed on UK. They didnt have a well developed amphibious arm, but neither did anyone else -except the US- until they needed it. On top of that, were it not for the US, Japan had an even easier path to canada.

      • well combat medic said it best sir ,but as for this man standing guard wonderful god bless him , we are defined by our boarders yes and passports eh! lol but we are all free ppl who know the cost of such freedom and should and will together do what is needed to keep that freedom going ,as far as holes and idiots well sir im sure there is a few on your side of the line too ! god bless

        • Actually if it were up to the Soviets youd be speaking Russian. But really in WW2, again, were it not for the US the USSR would have collapsed from lack of supplies. Further, were it not for the US, the Japanese would have torn apart the soviet east and completely collapsed them.

      • don’t get stupid, read your history…REAL history, not the distorted crap. in fact look up the 1st Special Service Force, Camp X, and a spy named Intrepid……..
        Ignorant comments like yours come from a distorted understanding of the facts, and an antagonistic arrogant attitude.

      • Dwayne you’re an idiot …. Canadians were fighting the Nazis for two full years before the US showed up. The war was pretty much already won. Sure US involvement sped things up and they paid a high price for being rank amateurs compared to the battle hardened at that point.

        • Actually no, the Brits were fighting the Nazis a full two years prior. The Canadians werent really doing much but sitting in the UK. Oh and screwing up the raid on Dieppe. Canada did a relatively good job in WW2, but exaggerating it way out of proportion just makes you stupid.

        • And where exactly were Canada and the Brits going to get the massive number of men needed to invade Europe? And you seem to conveniently forget there was a Pacific theater.. Where exactly did the Canadians and UK have the Japanese on the ropes in 1941? WHere in europe was Germany on the ropes in 1941?

      • CANADA….the ONLY country that has NEVER and I repeat NEVER retreated from a battle….PERIOD! The allies would have done quite well without our American brothers but their help saved lives and shortened the war. But mark my words WE WOULD HAVE STILL WON THE WAR!

        God bless this soldier for his past service And the honour he gives for what he is doing!!

      • Whoa, Dwayne! That is a bit presumptuous of you…. You think WW2 would have migrated to NA had the U.S. finally joined the fray???? Bone up on your history, friend. For that matter, Canada has never been on the losing side of any war, including the U.S.

        • War of 1812 is generally considered a defeat for the Brits (and thus Canada) – though completely unnecessary as the cause for war was resolved before it – the Brits failed in every invasion, and while the US invasion of Canada failed, the expulsion of Brit illegal occupation of US territory was resolved as well.

          Further, claiming the ‘Canadians’ were never in a losing side is like the son of a rich kid claiming he is rich too. Canada has only participated in a couple of wars and all of them were really British wars that Canada helped.

        • I have read history, maybe he hasnt, but you are kinda right, it would probably be half japanese (you know the front our canadian friends seem to neglect when talking about the war) and German. Or did you think the Germans would stop at UK when they already technically owned greenland and Canada is a low hanging fruit.

      • “If not for the United States, Canada would have one official language. GERMAN.” I suppose I’d be wasting my time if I pointed out that the United States didn’t even enter the war until the day after Pearl Harbour. Canada was in from day one. Sure, the U.S. built tanks, planes, ships, etc to contribute to the war effort, but so did Canada. The RAM II tank, the Sherman Grizzly, the Canadian built Hurricanes, Anson, Manchester, and Lancaster bombers, countless Canadian built rifles, and the list goes on. While I would never minimize the American contribution to the Allied war effort, if Japan had not attacked the U.S., the U.S. would not have declared war in the first place. Statements like the one you made are analogous to a European telling an American that they should thank the Germans and Japanese for 40 years of post-war American prosperity.

        • Just as much as Id be wasting my time to point out to you that, despite Canada being in the war from day one, they didnt actually participate in combat ops till after the US did. So yeah they voted ‘present’ when the war was declared but werent in the fight until well after. Further they had nearly zero participation in the Pacific theatre.
          No one is disputing Canada made a contribution, but Canadas capability didnt offer a decisive change to the war situation. And had the Operation Sea Lion been launched and the UK fallen, its very questionable what Canada could have done to protect itself alone against Germany, much less had Japan attacked from the west as well.
          Had Japan not attacked PH the US would still inevitably entered the war. Japan and the US were GOING to collide, the US and Germany were GOING to collide. There was ample UBoat activity that would inevitably have given Roosevelt enough to get the US Congress and public behind the war. And while the US wasnt ‘formally’ in the war till Dec 7, it was already contributing vast financial and material support – more than Canada had by that time which equals that the US contribution even before PH was greater than Canada’s. Additionally US ships were already escorting US and UK convoys for certain portions of their transit. The Flying Tigers were in China with significant direct support from the US govt. The list goes on.
          As for your last point, it is analogous and both statements would be valid, were it not for europe, US post war prosperity would no where near been as great. It was reconstruction of europe and the vast economic expansion due to supporting europe during and after the war that ignited the recovery from the Great Depression (and NOT the new deal).

        • Way to go Paul. I might add that the only reason that the US entered the war was because of the japs. Hitler declared
          was on the US 2 days later. And yes, by then we’d been at it for a few years. Same story as in World War 1.
          Also, the famous Sten gun was mass produced just a few miles west of Toronto. It was used by resistance fighters all
          over Europe.

    • Hey Jason Kace….You, my friend can kiss my white redneck American ass….What branch of service have you served? 22years USN here…. HooRah!

    • The footage of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, which is yet to be released, is said to confirm investigators’ fears that this was a meticulously planned terrorist attack.
      Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner Bob Paulson said in a statement they have ‘persuasive evidence that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s attack was driven by ideological and political motives.’

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2808885/Gunman-Canada-attack-prepared-video-himself.html#ixzz3I3iibAbs
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      This is taken from The Daily Mail in the UK, perhaps you weren’t aware of radicals??

    • He shot a soldier and entered parliament and shot up parliament, injuring a security officer. Also two days prior a man with ISIS ties ran down two CAF Members ending up killing a RCAF Firefighter.

    • you. Jason, are a blind idiot……………..when I first heard of the shooting less than 1/2 hour after……it was a CANADIAN source

    • Jason it’s not about whether he was a mentally ill person or a terrorist this hero is showing the respect to a fallen brother. And remember it was our media that was touting the terrorist theory. But once again Major Sinke. Semper fie sir

    • THE terrorist attack Jason Kace…what….did you sleep through it, or where you too busy framing 18x 24 glossy pictures of your bum buddy Mulcair the left wing socialist bone head? Listen up BOY! and pay attention. There will be more TERRORIST attacks on our soil. Just walk away and let those who have a clue (unlike yourself) deal with whats happening. Go smoke some dope with Justin Trudeau and do what you do best…..absolutely nothing.

    • Mr. Kace
      You are wrong
      It was a terrorist attack sick or not.
      The ‘Sick’ defence is very convenient to most criminals. Most criminals are ‘sick’. What non-sick human does such things?
      Your point of view is becoming less popular with Canadians. We are generally peaceful but that ought not to be confused with stupid.
      Most of us Canadians are fed up.
      Stop mis-representing Canadians’ point of view to our American brothers.
      I have an American friend who served in Marines and you sir aren’t worthy of shining his boots!
      Sometimes a bullet (or several) cures what ails the ‘sick’. Terrorist or not justice was served. Except for the wife and child of Cpl. Cirillo
      Please stop dishonouring his memory.
      Our F-18s are administering some medicine as I type.

    • Jason….with respect…step back and take a breath…your Soldier is dead…this is an American Marine showing respect….”Americans” like us don’t sensationalize or spin…the media is good enough at that…..i don’t like America rated by you as sensationalists and fear mongerers. there are to many…but I for one am not one of them. I like and respect your country, please return the favor to your southern neighbor. As one American and Marine I will always have your back with respect and purpose if necessary. Have a great and blessed day. I like your CFL as well….Go SeaHawks.

  1. I’m just asking and not accusing at all here, but why aren’t the Legion of Merit, MSM and even his NAM listed in the “Decorations and Awards” block? I have nothing but respect for anyone with 5 Purple Hearts, but I would expect at least few personal awards, especially for a retired O-4 with 5 PHs, but there are no personal awards at all listed on that form. I’m guessing there’s a continuation page or block on the back of the form? Again, I’m just asking not accusing or trying to stir anything up, I’m sure he has personal awards just wondering why they aren’t listed. I’m not familiar with Form 13164.

    • I was in the Navy for 30 years (retired in 07) and remember clearly in the late 70’s many enlisted who retired without a single personal award and all served quite honorably. The Marines were particularly… discerning… when it came to personal awards. Over the past two decades the services have changed quite a bit in this regard. For an 04 Devil Dog with prior enlisted service my guess is this was not unusual for the time.

      • I was in the Marine Reserves 79~85 and refer to my service as being during the ‘good war’ (the cold war). Indeed the only decoration i had was my qualification badges and Marine Reserve Service Medal. I have tremendous respect for anyone who joins our military, or allies military, whether regular or reserve today because we must acknowledge the Guard and Reserve have been called frequently to active service in the past two decades. Next Tuesday is Veterans Day in the USA….let’s all show the respect our veterans deserve on both sides of the border.

      • You are correct. I was in the Marine Reserves in the 80’s and left with no decorations other than a shooting badge. Even on active duty decorations were far and few between-The Marine Corps is, as you say, “discerning” with their rank. OIF/OEF era Marines have the “cookie” at least and a NAM.

      • @Iris, I see them; I’m 30 years retired Navy, I know what awards look like! I am only referring to the 3 personal awards he’s wearing, not the unit and campaign stuff. Also for @Shooter, the only thing I asked about is the fact that he is wearing a LM, MSM and a NAM (his top 3 medals other than the PHs), but those 3 awards do not appear on the NA Form 13164. I’m not saying he didn’t get awarded them, just that they don’t appear on the form, which may have a continuation block on the reverse for all I know. I agree that the Marines were always tight with awards, I don’t know how many O-4 and below got a Legion of Merit in the 1960-70s, but that’s not a typical personal award you’d see on a 20 year O-4 these days. Again, not saying they aren’t earned, just asking why they aren’t on the form that’s posted.

        • Hey Paul, I don’t know why the MSM and NAM don’t appear either — they are certainly on the DD 214 that I have. As for the LOM — that was bestowed on me by General Kenneth Houghton, and was not a result of the regular ‘awards’ system. I asked him at the time if I could wear it and he said, “Goddam right. Generals get to do things like this. You wear it and if anybody has a damn problem, tell them to talk to me!” I never got around to presenting the certificate to Battalion Administration and along with all my plaques and memorabilia it was destroyed in a house fire 4 1/2 years ago. I believe I earned it as Gen. Houghton was not a man to give anything to the undeserving. He won a Navy Cross with us in Vietnam when he was my Regimental Commander. The VC broke through our wire and overran our position. Col. Houghton was out there side by side with us, banging away with his .45. He was a GREAT Marine, one who led by example. I wear the medal in his memory — however, if the Marine Corps has a problem with it, I shall take it off and put it on the wall in my basement office beside the picture of the General.

          • SIR,
            I do not normally post on these thing or get into political debates but one thing I do have to fay is the, from one devil dog to another is SEMPER FI and if you want someone to come walk your post from post to post in a military manner and take no SH IT off any rank, give me a shout and I come reinforce ur brother.

    • Its likely they are on an addendum pages, it looks like that section is pretty full so if there were more it would be typical to have another page. Further, the LOM was likely an end of service award. It takes a while for those to make it through the approval chain so if this is his original 214, it wouldnt reflect a pending award.

      • I can tell you from personal experience that this can happen. I just retired in January after 23 years in the Army. My LOM caught up with me after my DD214 was already printed out. I need to do an addendum to make it completely official. Bottom line is that if you saw me in uniform right now and looked up my DD-214 it would look as tho I was wearing unearned award. RLTW

    • Thanks for asking. I was wondering that too. The Legion of Merit immediately drew my attention by its absence. I also do not cast aspersions…. just wondering. Did you see any answers to this?

  2. A true American Military friend. This is what friendship brings out….. total support and respect among Brothers in Arms. Thanks.

  3. Outstanding. A Hero!!! Thank you for your support Major it is with honour for Canada to thank heros, whether it be in the US or Canada. From the bottom of my heart and families heart again thank you.
    To our Canadian soldiers, be careful wherever you are.

  4. A little confused that he is wearing a dive insignia, and several awards ( Legion of Merit, MSM, and NAM) that don’t appear on the service record. Also his medlas are mounted similar to the US Army style, not USMC.

      • BULLDOG1, I imagine that after being retired for so many years, it is quite easy to place Medals in the “wrong” place, I served in the CAF and we often received new orders of dress pertaining to Dress uniform Medal order. Some were to be worn, some were not- probably is wearing them the way they were supposed to be worn when retiring. Either way, who cares? He is a Hero, a Brother in Arms, and he knows what is what. People on here arguing about details and missing the big picture of what is happening in the world today…. wait till they all wake up an realize it don’t matter what the details are, all that will matter is the reaction to the attack. I salute this fine gentleman. He deserves our respect for his act of remembrance.

      • Counting his medals and their placement is just a not-so-subtle way of attacking this man who served his country in an honorable way. He has more balls than anyone on here including me for doing what he is doing and for doing what he did during his service. I honor him and his service and am glad he is one of the ones that made it back from Nam. 52,000 did not, including my little brother in 67. Jason is an uniformed asshole and almost certainly a far-left troll. This was a terrorist attack by a nut that converted to Islam and took on their “peaceful ways” by killing a military man and attacking a revered monument to the Unknown Soldier.

    • I have over twenty awards from 23 years of service. Many of my awards, like Combat a Diver device, do not appear on public searches. Being that he served in two Recon Bn’s, my guess is all his awards aren’t listed. I salute his actions.

  5. It doesn’t matter weather this guy was muslum (opps) or not ..it doesn’t matter if he was mentally unstable… it doesn’t matter if he was in his right mind, or not… what precipated his actions is not in doubt.
    So who is responsible… bingo! ISIS.

  6. Thank you for your service major, and thank you for standing up and honoring CPL Cirrillo! A True hero of both Canadians and Americans alike bravo sir!!!! To everyone that is arguing about who did what in whichever God forsaken hell hole our boys and the American boys were in, it doesn’t matter who help who or who had more involvement, at the end of the day what matters is we are all free men and women and we have the many men and women to give thanks to who gave their lives in the name of their country without batting an eyelash or thinking twice about it!! For that I am grateful!! LEST WE FORGET!!!!

  7. A perfectly admirable guesture of hope and peace – and Mr Knowsitallbetterthananyoneselsedoes has to chirp in and cause discention. Why can’t people just say “Thank you for your support.” and then STFU!!! The Major didn’t have to spend his time and energy to come here and show his support – he felt a sense of duty. In my books – that’s a real tribute to both the men who fell that week, and to our Canada. I LOVE how he said that he considers himself North American – no invisible/visible borders. Major, thank you kind sir!

  8. You people are missing the point. This Hero, who many of you haven’t even acknowledged, and who is standing up for not only the USA and Canada, but is making a stand against tyranny, terrorists, and crazed zealots the world over. To post such nonsense such as, ‘was he a Hero at all”, “decorations are not listed”, “ribbons are out of order”, “who did what in WW2”, “Vietnam”, and all the other nonsense I’ve read here, is highly degrading to this Hero and what he stands for. I did 28 years in the military with the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and I’ve served overseas alongside some of the finest soldiers the world over, from Canadian, American, UK, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Japan, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Australia, and a host of others. For most of you, you post here to brag and degrade one another, being self serving, and trying to outdo each other. I am posting here to tell all of you, you should all be thankful to the Major for his service, not only to the USA and Canada, but to the world over (in which not many of you have even mentioned the words, thank you) If it wasn’t for all the true Hero’s, like Major Sinke, the world would be a different place. Time for all of you to get off your high and mighty horses, and thank this Hero, this man who has the courage to do what he has done, to see the sights no human being should ever see. I for one thank you Major Sinke, for both your military service, and for the courage to stand up for what is right. I also would like to apologize for the lame minded people who have posted here such nonsensical statements. I salute you Major Sinke, with highest regards, you are a Hero, no one can ever take that away from you. God Bless you Sir.

  9. oh my goodness, you people have too much time on your hands. USA and CANADA will always be brothers/sisters in arms. We support each other no matter what..What is most important on this mans chest is his heart/his support/his pride for all of us. He has gone to war for all of us..american or canadian.. we are in it together. I wish i was there to walk beside him.

  10. My father was 1st Batallion, 7th Marines and fought at Chosin during the Korean war. He was proud to be a Marine, right up until the day he died. Makes me proud to see this man paying respect to a fellow soldier, regardless of the country he serves.
    Semper Fi.

  11. People like jason kase — a real head case. Would rather support extreme islamists then conservatives, they would rather see our civilization destroyed then be deemed a racist. These are what I call white liberals and they are the scum of the earth

  12. Some of my friends, and family are in the Marines. I appreciate VERY much the stance being taken. However, Jason is NOT entirely wrong. He was a LONE person, acting on his OWN decisions. He was NOT driven by any other forces, or funded by any other sources. A LONE shooter, armed with a 30-30 of all weapons, does NOT terrorize me. What I DO see as terrorism is Harper telling Gov employees they are restrained from leaving work, then using this for his political gain in sending troops, and passing bills for online spying while noone is paying attention. ALL Gov employees were held against their will, “For our own safety”. The shooter passed many people without shooting them, and has a 6 shot 30-30. We were stuck with millitary personel, with their finger ON the trigger, and were on edge, walking through our offices. Trust me, I would rather be with the guy with the lever action 30-30 then the twitchy guy with an automatic Colt C7 with 30 rounds that is staring me down, finger on the trigger, and thinks anyone and everyone is a threat.

    The lone shooter may have tried to terrorize the Canadian Government, but he never tried to terrorize canadians. Unlike the canadian government.

    • Let us get back to the REAL reason we are here, which is not to post blame but to THANK a selfless man for his contribution to keeping we Canadians safe! I believe Mike said it all! “To you Major Sinke – in our eyes a friend and true alley…I would like to personally thank you my brother in arms! This is the fabric of our North American bonds…he as did the American people (our true friends and neighbours) Mr. Kerry who visited our National War Memorial hours after the fact laid a wreath after the unthinkable…stand by us and have stood by us in our darkest hours! Yes, when one of our young soldiers are shot down ceremonially guarding the grave of the Unknown soldier in Ottawa we are in dark days. I’m thankful for our American friends and allies! I wish you Major Sinke the very best and God speed!” Thank you Mike! Thank you Major SInke for your continued service to all of our Countries!

  13. Thank you for your service. Not only are you true Marine, you are a true human being. Blessings to you and yours.

    I’m not sure if I can leave a link here…but, people should see what this YouTube poster is doing..he needs his ass handed to him, he is an embarrassment to the human race. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_AQHL8JPp4 or if you prefer, search freeradiorevolution you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  14. Most of you seem to miss the point of the initial report and start going off on your own tangent about misplaced medals. Continuing with Anti-American and Anti-Canadian remarks. I do not know all the facts, so I keep my mouth shut. However, that’s me. The priviledge all of you to speak your mind in this medium, has been given to all of you by your forefathers, Canadian or American, who have fought at home, in the civil war, or abroad.

    I grieve for the all American and Canadian military members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to give hope to people, foreign or domestic and the right to have freedom.

    November is the month to remember our fallen.

    From an ex-Airmen of the RCAF.

    P.S. There will always be someone to critize what I have typed here. That’s ok, because you have given the priviledge/right to speak your thoughts. Never forget that……

  15. I’m Canadian and have never served in the military but ever since I was a child, I have appreciated that the people who wear the uniform are there to protect our country. Not just Canadians but the American military too, for the USA is our best friend. I also learned this at a young age: Friends stick up for each other. So I give thanks, not just on November 11, but every single day of the year. And if we meet, I will be honored to shake your hand.

  16. I would just like to say “Thank you very much” to Maj. Sinke. I appreciate your stand, and the real determination you are showing with your gesture. Semper Fidelis and ‘Urragh to you.

    To the southern ends of the northbound horses, kindly take your threads of anti-Americanism and revisionist history debates to wherever those topics are discussed. They have no relevance to the article or topic.

  17. Well done Marine!!! And for those who want to bicker about WW2 , well let me put an end to that crap. True if it wasn’t for the US , Canadians could be speaking German, well same can be said that if it weren’t for the Canadians us Americans would be as well. The we was won by all of the Allies working as one. No one country won the war, period. Every time we go to war , guess who is usually right by our side in the fight, yes our brothers up North. As an American I’m grateful for every single Canadian who laid down his life for his comrades , cause he laid down to rest for freedom along side my American brothers in the same fight. Serving in the US Army was the best decision I’ve ever made and serving next to my Battle’s made it worth more than anything imaginable. Maj. Thank you sir for getting it, for all those days that u woke up in some mosquito infested jungle ,fighting off Charlie so your brothers could come home alive. Thank you for showing your love, and respect to one of Canada’s fallen. He died protecting a resting place of one of all of ours a brother. To Jason Kase , you sir have no understanding of what it takes to have honor , or commitment, you take for granted the very freedoms that we veterans and fallen provide. This was an act of terrorism plain and simple, and your statement about Americans hiding in fear from terrorism, well that shows everyone here that you are nothing more than a failed abortion. We do not run, we don’t fear anything, we as you would run from the sound of a weapon discharging, while we would run towards it. That is why , we ( those who served ) made the choice to enlist and serve our country, and you sit on your fat ass watching liberal news and spend most your time on dating sites hoping to find another man dumb enough to believe you are intelligent. Unless you have ever picked up a weapon and taken the oath you have no place here. You are free to make your dumb comments but they will never have merit.

  18. Why are you all pissing and moaning? How about we give this guy a pat on the back and call it a day?

    I appreciate the show of respect, camaraderie, and patriotism. Here’s to a good ole boy taking a stand and paying his respects. We appreciate you brother.

  19. What a loser!

    Not only is it illegal for him to wear that uniform and not be a Marine, he is doing in Canada!!

    If he ever comes back to USA, he needs to be locked up in camp x-ray and let those guys have a cage match with major granddad.

    • The Major was my platoon commander at OCS in1969.Believe me Fox earned that uniform and every ribbon on it.You are insulting a highly decorated Marine Officer and you are the fucking loser puke.

      • I don’t think Shilo there read any part of the article Kim. If he would’ve he would realize that “major grandad” as he put it, is a straight badass.

        • I appreciate your support Jordan.This was the Marine that trained me and I know him well.Yes he does reside in Canada,but has dual citizenship.I would still put my money on the major in a cage fight.

          • That mans record speaks for itself, I don’t know why someone would say something stupid like that unless they didn’t read the article. It’s awesome you were able to serve with him.

  20. Mr. Watts has remained strangely quiet since bringing up Major Sinke.Was this a ruse to just piss people off or does he actually know something that no else knows.Either way step up to the plate Watts.

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