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“It is better to be alone than in bad company.”― George Washington

Mr. Don CROWLEY. An employee of Shield Solutions LLC, West Plains, MO. His bio, which has since been taken down listed;

Currently the police chief in Winona, Missouri, Don is a veteran of the U.S. Army, where he served on active duty and was deployed overseas two years with the 3rd Infantry Division and was an Airborne-qualified Recon Specialist.”


We are unaware when CROWLEY’s profile was removed. Guardian of Valor (GOV) also understands that CROWLEY is no longer the Winona MO police chief. As of 09/10/16, Mr. Alonzo Bradwell is the Winona MO Chief of Police. No evidence exists that Shield Solutions LLC has CROWLEY as an active employee *UPDATE*  We have confirmed via the owner of Shield Solutions, LLC that CROWLEY is still employed and that will not change anytime soon. Shield is NOT the scope of this article they are listed merely as a reference to information which has been submitted. Shield, as a company has an OUTSTANDING reputation.

Open source results for CROWLEY also produced a return for a “Defensive Engagement Concepts” (DEC) has a non-operable website yet lists a standing yet stagnant Facebook page. DEC’s last post was March 25th, 2016 at 10:59 CST. This post advertised a CCW Course in West Plains MO indicating 13 people were interested, 6 people going. 6 likes were listed. The page has a following of 750 people.

“Teachers with guns” By Wade Livingston appeared in the October 2014 issue of Missouri Life.

– See more at http://www.missourilife.com/life/teachers-with-guns/#sthash.6cwrhzbM.dpuf


Photo Credit Mr. Harry Katz.


Within the article which describes firearms training to Missouri teachers CROWLEY is introduced with “Shield lead instructor Don Crowley told the trainees, “Your job is to be a caring, loving, nurturing educator—until that first shot goes off.” It continues; Don Crowley is built like two beer kegs stacked atop each other. As he paces the firing line at Shield’s Bravo Range on the third day of training, he looks the part of a special operator. He wears desert-brown combat boots and camouflage cargo pants, held up at the waist by a tactical belt replete with gun holster and slots for ammo magazines. (They’re magazines, not “clips.” Those are what girls wear in their hair, Don will remind you.)


Photo Credit Mr. Justin Brammer.


His drab, olive T-shirt with a large Shield logo, a lightning bolt within a black shield, is always tucked in. He wears a baseball cap that sports a tan-and-brown American flag. A long dusty-red beard streaked with gray frames his mouth that’s often smoking a Marlboro cigarette. His facial hair creeps past Oakley wraparound sunglasses and up to his closely cropped hair.”

It continues; “Don is the largest presence—in any sense. If there’s a photo of the instructors, the former Army airborne-qualified recon-specialist is usually in the center. He’s the leader out on the range, briefing each training exercise, pelting trainees with bits of gravel when they exceed their cover. He yells “OUT! STANDING!” from across Bravo range when a trainee puts his rounds center-mass, the “fight-stopping” region of the body. He’s equal parts commissar and comedian, the kind of guy who makes you smile—while you’re doing push-ups in the gravel because you screwed up.

The other instructors joke about Don’s beard being a filter. It’s just “PC” enough while letting through the military-infused, down-and-dirty diatribes. (“Are you married?” Yes. “Do you yell at your husband?” Yes. “Then you know what I’m talking about. I want to hear you yell like that out here!”)

Don has no shortage of zingers in his repertoire; think of a toned-down, PG-13-version of R. Lee Ermey’s character from Full Metal Jacket. And he often delivers his digs playfully in a gravelly, Marlboro-marinated voice that pairs Sam Elliott’s bass with Clint Eastwood’s rasp. When Don meets with school officials, he wears long sleeves to cover his football-sized forearms that are inked with si vis Pacem and para bellum—if you want peace, prepare for war. The tattoos can come across aggressive. Get to know him first.” Sounds great, let’s get to know what we need to.

We’re here to highlight the following from these paragraphs: “The former Army airborne-qualified recon-specialist.” Now that might be the reporter getting it wrong. Yet GOV spoke directly with CROWLEYon 09/06/16 we asked him about this. CROWLEY claims his overseas duty consisted of Germany.  In the interview directly below within the first 2 minutes, he answers the interviewer when questioned; you were with the paratroopers weren’t cha? CROWLEY replies “Yes Sir”, can be heard within the videos first two minutes:





CROWLEY’s DD-214 indicates he was a CAVALRY SCOUT / BRADLEY FIGHTING VEHICLE SYSTEM REPAIRER for 11 Months. CROWLEY’s decorations include the National Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Expert Qualification and Sharpshooter Qualification Badge with nothing to follow. CROWLEY exited the service as an E1 PVT. CROWLEY was active duty US Army from 1992 to 1995. CROWLEY DOES have nine months of Foreign Service (Germany).


CROWLEY received an Under Other Than Honorable (OTH) discharge for reasons unknown.

While not as prolific as other cases, it’s a case nonetheless and nothing to be taken lightly. It’s difficult to be forcibly booted from the military with an OTH. Repeat, it is DIFFICULT to be booted from the United States Military.

11B’s, or “Airborne” and CAV Scouts are NOT interchangeable terms. They share a uniform yet individually the breeds are of a vastly different condition. It is heavily rumored that the INFANTRY reserves a higher echelon of respect and honor above all others. CROWLEY is open to submit clarification, and other things, as per the article above, under a caption titled “The Secret Burden”;

“A month after the training, Don told me he had shaved his beard for an interview with CBS. He also said that he’d been terminated from his post as police chief of Winona. Under advice from counsel, that’s all he could say. A representative from the Winona city council declined to comment.” – See more at http://www.missourilife.com/life/teachers-with-guns/#sthash.6cwrhzbM.dpuf



In Starship Troopers Lt Jean Rasczak said “Figuring things out for yourself is the only freedom anyone really has. Use that freedom. Make up your own mind, Rico.” Do it for yourself, these are facts presented to you reader, figure this one out. It all comes out in the wash, sometimes just one word will clean it out. -Elias.




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