Soldier Missing From Fort Jackson Since Saturday, Family Asks For Help



SGT Robert Larson is stationed at Fort Jackson, SC and went missing from his home at approximately 7 pm on Saturday, October 6th, he suffers from a TBI from injuries sustained while deployed to Iraq in 2005.

SGT Larson is driving a Black 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, destination unknown. His Jeep has Smittybilt XRC front and rear fenders, and Smittybilt stickers placed on the windshield, and on the rear windows. The Jeep has South Carolina Purple Heart license plates. If you see this Jeep or SGT Larson, please contact the Calhoun County Police Department at 803-874-2741 or the Fort Jackson Military Police at 803-751-3113.
His last known whereabouts were in West Columbia, SC.

His wife has setup a support page on facebook, click her for the page, she is updating as she hears anything. Help Find Sgt Robert Larson


We spoke to the wife and this is what she said:

He left home in his 2009 Black Jeep Wrangler Unlimited around 7 pm on Saturday Oct. 6th, whereabouts are unknown. He has a passion for off-roading in his Jeep, and when he gets stressed he just like to drive. He has been treated for the past several years for an MTBI from his first Iraq deployment in 2005. I fear that he is off his meds and unable to think clearly.


If you have seen him, or have any information please contact one of the numbers mentioned above. This Soldier may be in trouble and in need of help, please spread the word and bring this Soldier home safe.


Here is a picture if the Jeep he was last seen in:

We are just getting word that Sgt. Larson did not show up for PT formation this morning.

Here is the local news story on the Soldiers disappearence:

Soldier Nearly Killed In Iraq Missing From Midlands Home

Another local news story, looks like they are all finally coming together.

Deputies Search For Missing Soldier



The current update is that Rob has been confirmed to have bought gas in Gary, Indiana at a Pilot gas station on October 9th. His hometown is North Branch, MN so it is believed that he is headed toward somewhere in the Midwest. I confirmed the security camera footage myself. He is wearing a black and grey hoodie, a grey jacket, a black shirt that says “zero” in white and has a star on the chest (anyone that has seen scott pilgrim vs. the world would recognize it), dark black/grey jeans, and his black hat that has been pictured in almost all the pictures.

Here is a snip of the video:




10-14-2012 SGT Larson has been found, he was found in the woods within a 100 mile radius of North Branch, MN and is headed back to Fort Jackson. He is in the presence of his father and cousin. This is all we know at this point and will update as information becomes available.


Sgt. Larson is currently in the hospital at Fort. Jackson undergoing treatment. Here is a statement he left on the facebook page made by his wife:

“Hello everyone and thank you for all of your support. The prayers and words of kindness did not fall on deaf ears. I appreciate all you have done for my wife and kids. To all those others out there who are dealing with TBI and PTSD, don’t put it off. Get the help you need and deserve. Just because you think you’re fine and have beaten back that chaos all on your own doesn’t mean you have. For me, it was just the calm before the storm. Again, thank you all for you love and support.”


Sgt. Larson speaks out about his struggles with PTSD and TBI.

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74 comments on “Soldier Missing From Fort Jackson Since Saturday, Family Asks For Help
  1. I’m a former police officer and now live in Virginia. Would you happen to know of any friends or family around this area. If so I can help as much as possible.

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  3. There was another incident like this late September I think… Have the family check the Behavior Health Clinic, that’s where the last troop was for I think 3-4days.

  4. will keep him and the family in constant prayer for a safe return home to Fort Jackson, I will bring this to all the Michigan Military Moms at our meeting on Thursday. Gods speed
    For God and Country Tricia Martin

    • I am sure this has been done already but…have the base send up a missing persons alert.Make sure all military and local ER’s have pictures of him. Do the same with local transporttaion , [ trains,planes and buslines Lets do what we can to bring him home safely.

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  6. Reposted in Philadelphia, prayers for a safe return home to his family. Please keep us informed of any updates, my daughter is Army <3

  7. reposted it just now… in the Hill AFB area. You never know… I can not even imagine the worries. Prayers and good thoughts coming your direction.

  8. I have a nephew who works at the Pentagon. He is a high ranking Naval Officer. I will check with him to see if maybe he can help in anyway.. My Thoughts and Prayers are with the family.

  9. Re-posted in MN and WI! I have family in North Branch and across about 200 miles surrounding there, so they’ll tag their friends in it as well. My Dad is friends with a cop up there too, so i’ll ask him to let him know!

  10. posted in Iowa posted pics and comments in truck stops along I-80, I-35, and the I-80/I-35 corridor – that’s assuming he doesn’t cut up through Wisconsin.

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