Soldier, Bryan Henn’s Stolen Valor Embarrasses Parents


We were made aware of this story from someone who is currently serving with this Soldier.

Back in April KGET TV profiled a Soldier by the name of Bryan Henn. They did so because he was one of this year’s Real Heroes for the Kern chapter of the American Red Cross. The different chapters of the Red Cross accept nominations for the yearly “Real Hero” award.

Henn claimed to have served in Afghanistan for a year and earned a Purple Heart and Army Medal of Commendation with Valor. And for that bravery, his parents nominated him as a real hero.

This was attributed to Henn

“Corporal Bryan Henn returned home last July from a 12 month tour of duty in Afghanistan. While there, his combat engineer’s primary role was IED detection and destruction, a job where Cpl. Henn came under heavy fire. Nearly half of his squad did not survive the attack. Cpl. Henn received the Purple Heart and the Army Commendation Medal with Valor. He has had several surgeries to repair a crushed hand, but Cpl. Henn has volunteered for another tour if doctors give him the ok.”

But, what Bryan Henn told his family turned out to be a lie. And, they along with KGET, the Army, and the Red Cross were duped.

Bryan told his parents he served there for a year as a combat engineer with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. And, that he lost half his squad in battle.

In the awards announced in April, Bryan Henn was portrayed as a corporal who weathered a one-year tour of duty in Afghanistan serving as a combat engineer. Half his squad had allegedly perished in an attack and Henn had purportedly received accolades, including a Purple Heart, The Californian reported in a photo layout about the award winners. The Red Cross was the source of the information.

His parents, Darryl and Darlene Cornett, had nominated him for the Real Heroes’ military decoration and KGET Channel 17 profiled Henn last week.

But the parents received a call from Fort Carson in Colorado from a sergeant who had heard about the award and informed Darlene that her son’s stories “were fabricated,” the station reported Thursday.

“He said ‘Ma’am, do you know that it wasn’t true, all those stories?'” Darlene told Channel 17. “No Afghanistan, no medals and no one lost in the squad that deployed without Bryan,” Channel 17 reported.

The Cornetts appeared on television news again the following night — this time to apologize for their son’s lies.


So like my friends over at thisainthell said, who said Stolen Valor is a victim-less crime?


What are your thoughts?
25 comments on “Soldier, Bryan Henn’s Stolen Valor Embarrasses Parents
  1. why do these S**TBIRDS keep slipping through the training at Leonardwood? It sickens me that this guy and that 10year AWOL D-BAG were/are engineers. SHAME ON YOU! Obviously you think of no one but yourselves in the first place but damn! you shoulda been left at TA-206 as fertilizer.

  2. Right on to the Parents that didn’t blindly defend their child, the news that rebroadcast the correct story and the Red Cross for saying this kid got us, It won’t happen again.

    • Exactly…sounds like good parents to be proud of their son and then their actions after finding out shows character. I feel for the parents.

  3. Oh the humiliation everyone who was duped felt. I don’t know what the young man felt when he was exposed as a liar but if he served in the armed forces at all, I would hope that the military gets him the mental help he needs. He needs to be publicly shamed for what he lied about but he also needs help trying to figure out WHY he felt the need to tell false stories about his service. All these men and women who do this kind of thing need mental help and if they are/were military personnel, the government should provide mental help for them through the VA.

    • Marilyn,
      As a multi-tour vet, I do appreciate your concern for the mental health of the deployed Solider/Sailor/Airman/Marine. However, I caution your quickness to demand the government (or anyone for that matter) to provide “mental help…through the VA.” The majority of us have seen combat, felt its horrors, seen the worst it has to offer, and returned just fine. For most of us, the support network that we build within our units and through our friends is more than enough to help us through the dark times. It provides us with someone to talk to when the demons come in the middle of the night; it gives us a safe place to let our emotions go. While the VA has drastically improved its mental health capabilities over the lost few years, nothing beats the personal courage of an SM saying to his or her buddy, “I need help. Talk to me,” I can tell you from personal experience, having that camaraderie and internal support network is an absolute LIFESAVER.

      • I would encourage ahyoone who has served and is struggling to readjust to take advantage of the VA. I deployed as an Infrantryman and worked an internship in a VA Hospital afterward and find that there is a genuine professionalism in treatment for the 1/3 of veterans who have trouble getting back to where they want to be.

  4. So…. What’s the real story? Why didn’t he deploy? I’m just curious what happened, and why he would make something like that up. Obviously for the recognition, but i mean there has to be a deep seeded reason why he did it.

  5. They should be embarrassed and he needs to be sent packing from the Army. As a parent who lost his son while serving his third tour in Iraq on 07/22/06 I am offended that this so called soldier chose to disrespect the Army’s core values of “Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage”

    Proud Father of an American Soldier and Hero (SSG Christopher W. Swanson).
    Gary W. Swanson

  6. Wow! How humiliating for the family, and how brave his PARENTS were to come forward publicly when they learned the truth. Kudos to them for doing the right thing.

  7. Hard to believe that with parents like that (who would publicly face humiliation and call out there own son) he could do sh1t like that…you have to imagine that he had to have been raised better than that! Hats off to the parents and to the son, look no further than your own parents for role models! Hope you figure it out kid…

  8. We need to understand that just putting on the uniform and wearing it proudly makes you a hero, no need to embellish one’s records and lies.

  9. Poor dumbass. Amazing how two responsible, loving parents are willing to accept responsibility for the con game their kid tried to play. Most parents in this day and age defend their kids to the death, no matter if they’re right or wrong. It’s good to see some parents who actually value integrity, honesty and doing what’s right instead of what’s convenient. Kudos mom and dad. Son, pull your head out of your ass.

  10. I’m so sorry you lost your son. His name will be on my lips in prayer from now on. I want to thank him for his service and know that he resides in the hero’s castle in heaven waiting patiently to see his family again.

  11. Taylor, I wholeheartedly agree with you that support from family and friends is of the utomst importance for a soldier returning from war. I still maintain, though, that our government through the VA should be responsible for providing free mental health care for those who need it upon returning from war. I’m so glad to know that the majority of our soldiers are able to weather the storm so to speak and be “just fine” when they come home is encouraging to a non-military person like myself. My son also served in the Marine Corp, doing his time in Iraq and came home mentally fine. He’s now a volunteer firefighter. My other two sons are Sheriff’s deputies who see horrors on a regular basis and seem to be able to adjust to them as best as anyone can. However, should they need emotional help, I would expect the Sheriff’s Dept to provide them with free mental health care. I expect no less from our government. We give trillions of dollars every year to countries that hate our guts and vow to kill us….so I would demand that our government provide for our American citizens who chose to serve our country and provide us with the freedoms we all enjoy. God bless you for serving. Mere thanks are not enough.

  12. Feel bad for the parents that were duped by their own son. Quite sure he is paying dearly for his lie’s as we speak from everybody where ever he is based. And hope the military drums him out. Doing this while in the service I can only imagine 5 years from now he would be an Audie Murphy at his local bars, VFW and internet. Amazed how these dirtbags don’t realize in this day and age of internet technology how easy it is to get exposed. Can only hope he feels ashamed every time he makes eye contact with the people of his hometown.

  13. I feel bad for his daughter because she will grow up like him and probably do the same thing. She will be a liar and disappoint everyone.. Nobody will accept her. Such a beautiful young thing to bad she will end up being such a horrible thing. Also, her mother is a complete idiot and she will raise her wrong. Just watch the little girl will be a drop out, pot head, or druggie.

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