Soldier, Bryan Henn’s Stolen Valor Embarrasses Parents


We were made aware of this story from someone who is currently serving with this Soldier.

Back in April KGET TV profiled a Soldier by the name of Bryan Henn. They did so because he was one of this year’s Real Heroes for the Kern chapter of the American Red Cross. The different chapters of the Red Cross accept nominations for the yearly “Real Hero” award.

Henn claimed to have served in Afghanistan for a year and earned a Purple Heart and Army Medal of Commendation with Valor. And for that bravery, his parents nominated him as a real hero.

This was attributed to Henn

“Corporal Bryan Henn returned home last July from a 12 month tour of duty in Afghanistan. While there, his combat engineer’s primary role was IED detection and destruction, a job where Cpl. Henn came under heavy fire. Nearly half of his squad did not survive the attack. Cpl. Henn received the Purple Heart and the Army Commendation Medal with Valor. He has had several surgeries to repair a crushed hand, but Cpl. Henn has volunteered for another tour if doctors give him the ok.”

But, what Bryan Henn told his family turned out to be a lie. And, they along with KGET, the Army, and the Red Cross were duped.

Bryan told his parents he served there for a year as a combat engineer with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. And, that he lost half his squad in battle.

In the awards announced in April, Bryan Henn was portrayed as a corporal who weathered a one-year tour of duty in Afghanistan serving as a combat engineer. Half his squad had allegedly perished in an attack and Henn had purportedly received accolades, including a Purple Heart, The Californian reported in a photo layout about the award winners. The Red Cross was the source of the information.

His parents, Darryl and Darlene Cornett, had nominated him for the Real Heroes’ military decoration and KGET Channel 17 profiled Henn last week.

But the parents received a call from Fort Carson in Colorado from a sergeant who had heard about the award and informed Darlene that her son’s stories “were fabricated,” the station reported Thursday.

“He said ‘Ma’am, do you know that it wasn’t true, all those stories?'” Darlene told Channel 17. “No Afghanistan, no medals and no one lost in the squad that deployed without Bryan,” Channel 17 reported.

The Cornetts appeared on television news again the following night — this time to apologize for their son’s lies.


So like my friends over at thisainthell said, who said Stolen Valor is a victim-less crime?




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