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Shawn Patrick Culbertson


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Shawn Patrick Culbertson joined the army on May 15 2003, In Bonner Springs Kansas. This proud Jay hawk had dreams and aspirations. If you talk to Shawn, he’s a personable guy, coming across as humble, and changed from war. He’s direct, and confident. So confidant he started a company, OP-6. He brought on other veterans, dedicated to the same ideals, and cause. This July, 2015, after the terrorist attacks in Chattanooga T.N. Shawn, and his OP-6 counterparts were patrolling the recruiting offices, armed. He was on the local news, talking about how as a former Ranger, and member of the Special Operations Command, he felt it was his duty to protect those at risk recruiters. At the same time, Shawn was on KCMO radio discussing said tragedy, offering his comments, and ideas. Telling how he was an 8 year Army veteran, with 7 of those years as an Army Ranger with the Special Operations Command, Had over 4 deployments, being severely injured on his last. You can listen to that interview here – Culbertson’s Interview


He wrote a strong, heartfelt letter to the editor of his local paper, which was published.




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In the above article he claims that he lost two Soldiers, we searched our database of KIA’s and there was no listing for a SGT Mark Diego, and PFC John R. Miller was a Marine killed in Vietnam.

You can view the original article here: A Soldier’s Story


On Filter Free America he said the same, discussing the Jessica Lynch scandal claiming he had inside information. Here is a link to that audio – Culbertson PodCast

His linked in Profile reads like a veteran who had overcome some very dark moments in his life to be a better man. He said he received a Masters from the University of Colorado at Boulder, A Bachelors of Applied Science, And Associates from the University Of Kansas. He parlayed those into working with the Kansas Dept of Corrections as a residential Counselor, And an Addiction Counselor with the Kansas Dept of Health and Environment.





Truly, Shawn Patrick Culbertson was a true Warrior, a man who faced his demons and came out on top and wanted to help his brothers and sisters. He even displayed his Silver Star, 3 bronze stars with Valor, and 3 purple hearts on Instagram in preparation for a friend’s wedding. WHAT A GUY!






Only….. Shawn was never an Army Ranger, Never deployed. In fact, Shawn Patrick Culbertson was discharged from the United States Army with a Bad Conduct Discharge. Let’s take a look at the real Shawn Patrick Culbertson.




From May 2003, to October 2003, Shawn was in training at Ft. Knox Kentucky. After training to become a 19D Cavalry Scout he was placed with the 2nd Battalion, 9th infantry regiment, 2nd infantry division, at Camp Casey, South Korea.

From November 2004, to January 2005 Shawn Patrick Culbertson was AWOL (Absent without Leave) in South Korea. When he was brought back to Ft. Knox he was placed in the Stockade for a year pending his court martial. Shawn was given a General Court Martial, and given a Bad Conduct Discharge in March of 2006. He was a criminal in the Army, below are his service records.


service record


Shawn was outed by his own guys at OP-6, who have since left and broken off contact. Our investigators contacted University of Kansas, and university of Colorado Boulder, and there is no record of Shawn receiving any degrees. The truth is Shawn was a deserter. While his brothers and sisters were doing their jobs in South Korea, Shawn was gone, off on his own. He didn’t have the 6 of any other soldier. All he cared about was Shawn, and good times.

What makes this all so horrible is the fact that Shawn, once confronted by the truth, continues to maintain his story. His local news ran the story of his lies, and Shawn’s response? Read for yourself. He claims the interviews with Radio Free America, and KCMO were scripted, that it was all an act, he was just acting. Now he has claimed he is filing a lawsuit against all involved in smearing his good name, and solid reputation as a hard charging ranger.


fbresponse1 fbresponse2


Shawn used lies to cozy up to true war-torn veterans. He lied to become their “leader” and someone they could turn to. He fabricated an entire life out of being a deserter, and a military criminal, where he was the hero. He used the tragic events in Tennessee to pump his ego, and glorify himself. He even got on the news and acted like he knew what he was doing.


Below are screenshots of a convo he had with his partners, also claiming Ranger and Blackwater.






KCTV5 out of Kansas heard about our investigation into Culbertson, as they had done a story on him when he was guarding a Marine recruiting station, so they started their own investigation. Below is the video of their findings:


You can also read their full story here: Local Veteran Accused of Stolen Valor

Shawn Patrick Culbertson stole Honor and Valor from his fellow servicemen and women. Had he contributed while he actually WAS an active duty serviceman I might understand this as simple envy. However this scum bag DESERTED his fellow soldiers in South Korea to have a good time. Shawn, you TRULY are the top recipient of the Scum Bag of the Year Award, WELCOME TO THE WALL OF SHAME!




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