Shane Matthew Slade, The “Colorful Tab” Special Forces, Ranger, Sniper Poser



Tennessee-  Meet Matthew Shane Slade, Matthew was sent to us by several of his buddies that served with him during his minimal time in Basic training. Matthew is going around sporting a Special Forces Tab, a Ranger Tab, a Sniper Tab and an EIB(Expert Infantryman’s Badge), which is kind of concealed behind his lapel in the above photo.

His comrades informed me that he did not make it through basic training, and that they contacted Matthew and told him he should not be wearing the uniform nor the patches, tabs and rank that he did not earn. He informed them that he was still in and attached to the Tennessee Army National Guard, although in most of his photos he is wearing a South Carolina National Guard patch.


Seems he also forgot AR 670-1 and the grooming standards, as an E5 you would think he knows AR 670-1..Oh wait, he never achieved that rank.

We did some research and found out that Mr. Slade did serve, very briefly. Or contact sends us the following in reference to his records with the Military.

  • Enlisted in Army National Guard of Tennessee in January 2013.
  • Reported to Fort Benning for training in February 2013 and released in April 2013 for
    Entry Level Performance and Conduct, and returned to the Tennessee Army
    National Guard.
  • He was subsequently released from the Tennessee Army
    National Guard also in April of 2013.

So not only did he not earn any of the tabs and rank he is sporting, he also has no awards. We were sent the following photos of Mr. Slade sporting the patches, in one photo he is also sporting a piece of the 10th Mtn patch.




He was also never part of the SCNG, as we also double checked and confirmed with them that he has never been a member. In the above photo you can see the EIB behind his lapel.





In the below snapshot from his Facebook, he claims to be a 19D(Cav Scout), yet he did his partial OSUT at Fort Benning. What did you Infantry guys do to him to make him want to claim Cav Scout, and wear an EIB?



In the below photo you can see the partial 10th Mtn patch on his sleeve.



Although we are not sure exactly what he got booted from basic for, we do know he has not earned any of the tabs he is sporting. Not to mention the tabs he is wearing are not authorized on the ACU, those are for the dress uniforms.  So Matthew, it is our recommendation that you remove everything you are wearing and apologize to the SF and Ranger community for staking claims to the tabs that you never earned.

UPDATE: 20140703

Shane sent us an email today and wanted us to post his apology for what he did:

My name is Shane Matthew slade I was featured in an article on Stolen Valor/Guardian of Valor, I messed up by posing as something I was not because I was ashamed that I couldn’t make it through basic. I offered no excuses for what I did because what I did was unacceptable. I have since got my life together quit wearing uniforms and tabs that I do not deserve the right to Wear . I have considered the possibility of re-enlisting to earn the right, but after long thought maybe that life is not for me. So to the Special Forces community and to all veterans and to all soldiers I offer my sincerest heartfelt apology and promise that it will never happen again.




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