Shane Matthew Slade, The “Colorful Tab” Special Forces, Ranger, Sniper Poser



Tennessee-  Meet Matthew Shane Slade, Matthew was sent to us by several of his buddies that served with him during his minimal time in Basic training. Matthew is going around sporting a Special Forces Tab, a Ranger Tab, a Sniper Tab and an EIB(Expert Infantryman’s Badge), which is kind of concealed behind his lapel in the above photo.

His comrades informed me that he did not make it through basic training, and that they contacted Matthew and told him he should not be wearing the uniform nor the patches, tabs and rank that he did not earn. He informed them that he was still in and attached to the Tennessee Army National Guard, although in most of his photos he is wearing a South Carolina National Guard patch.


Seems he also forgot AR 670-1 and the grooming standards, as an E5 you would think he knows AR 670-1..Oh wait, he never achieved that rank.

We did some research and found out that Mr. Slade did serve, very briefly. Or contact sends us the following in reference to his records with the Military.

  • Enlisted in Army National Guard of Tennessee in January 2013.
  • Reported to Fort Benning for training in February 2013 and released in April 2013 for
    Entry Level Performance and Conduct, and returned to the Tennessee Army
    National Guard.
  • He was subsequently released from the Tennessee Army
    National Guard also in April of 2013.

So not only did he not earn any of the tabs and rank he is sporting, he also has no awards. We were sent the following photos of Mr. Slade sporting the patches, in one photo he is also sporting a piece of the 10th Mtn patch.




He was also never part of the SCNG, as we also double checked and confirmed with them that he has never been a member. In the above photo you can see the EIB behind his lapel.





In the below snapshot from his Facebook, he claims to be a 19D(Cav Scout), yet he did his partial OSUT at Fort Benning. What did you Infantry guys do to him to make him want to claim Cav Scout, and wear an EIB?



In the below photo you can see the partial 10th Mtn patch on his sleeve.



Although we are not sure exactly what he got booted from basic for, we do know he has not earned any of the tabs he is sporting. Not to mention the tabs he is wearing are not authorized on the ACU, those are for the dress uniforms.  So Matthew, it is our recommendation that you remove everything you are wearing and apologize to the SF and Ranger community for staking claims to the tabs that you never earned.

UPDATE: 20140703

Shane sent us an email today and wanted us to post his apology for what he did:

My name is Shane Matthew slade I was featured in an article on Stolen Valor/Guardian of Valor, I messed up by posing as something I was not because I was ashamed that I couldn’t make it through basic. I offered no excuses for what I did because what I did was unacceptable. I have since got my life together quit wearing uniforms and tabs that I do not deserve the right to Wear . I have considered the possibility of re-enlisting to earn the right, but after long thought maybe that life is not for me. So to the Special Forces community and to all veterans and to all soldiers I offer my sincerest heartfelt apology and promise that it will never happen again.




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What are your thoughts?
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  1. The guy is obviously an idiot. If he knew anything about badges and tabs he’d know that you only wear the colored badges on a class A uniform. The sniper tab is normally concealed from what I’ve seen (my friends that were snipers had their tabs sewn inside their patrol caps) since they are not officially worn. And wearing the silver and blue Expert Infantryman’s Badge on a combat uniform? while claiming to be a scout?
    although I do know some scouts who have earned the EIB but were never authorized to wear it. This mostly pisses me off because he’s wearing the EIB. I cannot speak of the rage of the SF and Ranger guys. But my EIB is one of my most prized possessions , it took a lot of hard work to get it. I love it as much as my CIB.
    What a clown shoe, I don’t see how anybody actually believes any of these pathetic bastards. And I really get angry when I see them specifically stealing awards I have. Unfortunately this seems to be the actual zombie apocalypse. Tons of wannabe soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen. I run into these idiots every once in a while and try to set them straight without losing all my marbles. I can understand seeing the Armed Forces as your Hero, when I was a kid anyone in uniform looked like G.I Joe to me, but to impersonate them is psychotic and shallow.

    • i can’t believe that even with even his little uniformed experience he doesn’t know what kinds of patches are and are not worn with ACUs. why are these guys always SF, Ranger, Sniper?

  2. Also, if you want to see another fraud watch this
    if the link doesn’t work, go to youtube and type in Miami ink – whatever it takes.
    It shows a former marine talking some sob story about how he and his now dead friend, were going to get the Combat Infantryman Badge tattooed. Anyways he gets the the tattoo right above his butt (tramp stamp).LOL… It was just plain stupid. Why get that tattooed when you have your own award the combat action ribbon

  3. The guy is wearing a South Carolina National Guard patch in some of his pics as well. Wrong state buddy. Wondering if I should show my TAC Officer this. She happens to be in the Guard here.

    • look up on youtube Miami ink- whatever it takes.
      shows a former marine getting a Combat Infantryman Badge tramp stamped above his ass…Funny how it’ll make you sick and laugh at the same time

      • LOL I hear that. My dad was a marine artillery guy in the reserve. Last thing I wanted to do was have anything in common with him. because I grew up listening to all kinds of B.S everyday from him.
        He acted like he was in the Baton death march and he never deployed LOL. Once I had come home he hardly ever talked about his service again (thank god) I can only hear gay bootcamp stories so many times. I told him try doing combat patrols on a daily basis in the sunni triangle in over 100 degree heat and getting shot at and EID’d on a constant basis.

        • Trueblue…just simply out of respect for those who were forced to march, and not at all meant to offend you brother, but the “Baton” you were referring to above is spelled Bataan.

          Seriously though, I intend no disrespect toward you whatsoever in pointing this out.

          Roger that?!

        • your a retard, hes your father, your not competing with him. You shame him bc he didn’t have a war? at least he had his name in the hat if something did happen. You seem too ignorant to appreciate that though.

    • Because the Army puts more awards, tabs, and what not on our uniforms. Besides,if you are going to impersonate someone, you might as well impersonate the best.

    • Because you guys don’t wear cool guy stuff. If someone was a fraud wearing a CAR (Combat action ribbon) and they were not awarded it, the only ones that would know is other marines. What… a set of gold wings maybe? Who cares. Now a Ranger tab SF etc… easily identifiable. Oops… I forgot one Marine… the name tape on your butt! That is what is special and easily identified by even the Navyyyy ! HEY SAILORS!!!

      • I was in the Corps before name tapes but when we deployed our names were stenciled across our backs and above the rear pockets on our trousers. There was a rationale for it, the laundry on ship was done in bulk. It was for identifying your own clothing when it came back to the berthing area. I suspect that if name tapes are sewn on to the ass, it’s for the same reason.

        • Sounds like you were in nam or around that time period. I have some jungle and sateen utilities that were marked the same way. I collect both usmc and us army infantry uniforms and gear from nam.

  4. I hope some day you experience the shame that you deserve. Can’t even get through the crap we have to do just to call us a soldier let alone you want to wear Tabs that are earned and have the balls not even do the research to wear them right you are a very stupid lazy individual

  5. He is also a liar because he claims to be a Major in the KISS Army. As a Lt Colonel in the KISS Army I know that in order to be an fficer you are required to have attended at least one KISS concert when they wore make-up and one in which they did not wear make-up, which would have been pre-1996, which he is too young to have attended. Seriously, what a joke. A fraud is a fraud but why not pick just one and say you’re that instead of sewing the entire PX on your BDUs?

  6. This makes me mad I know plenty of SF and Ranger guys who would beat the crap of this guy. I myself am NOT SF or Ranger but I have worked with them and I am severely offended by people like this trying to be more then what they are I mean WTF?! he couldn’t even get through basic training! !

  7. He should also apologize to all the service members that wear or have worn that uniform. The Tennessee National Guard, the South Carolina National Guard, and the 10th Mountain Div. If he wants to wear the uniform so badly, let him reinstate then send him to Fort Leavenworth for a while.

  8. We thought he was a fraud. He’s been out here to visit and pretend to do some work. Just didn’t make sense, his story line. And he really didn’t know basic gun stuff. Or military stuff. But he seems to be even more of a poser than we thought! Pretty amazing. Shame that stolen valor law got knocked out, although I can understand the reasoning. Needs reinstatement for when false presentations of military affiliation result in unwarranted benefits, like he got from me. Don’t suppose he’ll come out again now! What an ass.

    • The Stolen Valor Act does cover impersonating military personnel for personal gain. Money, jobs, etc. I don’t know what benefits he received from you but I’d look into reporting it. Screw this guy.

      • Not worth worrying about. I suspect the karma kickback will handle things just fine! Hard to connect the dots beyond a reasonable doubt. Lazy MF, too.

  9. Some one should contact the Guard in SC. And have them issue a warrant for his arrest due to missed drills. Then just drop him off at Ft. Jackson and let them deal with him “Army style”.

    • I went to basic in Relaxin Jackson and I’m sure if I could handle it he could to. Send him to Ft. Sill, my brother said they’re pretty tough out there.

  10. I’m 19D and if you ain’t cav you ain’t sh#t . I’m really tired of Px rangers, I lost brothers, not soldiers not battle buddies but Brothers family, ppl like this POG make me want to Battle Drill 6 thier ass an give a lesson on rear naked choke . Sgt Murphy 101worst 1-32 Cav

    • woh there killer, I am a “POG” but I have actually deployed to a war zone unlike this faker and I don’t march around wearing falsely earned awards/badges. Calling him a POG is basically saying he’s earned the right to be called a soldier and he hasn’t since he never made it through Basic. He has no right to anything. I may not have the right to your precious moniker of “grunt” but this guy has no right to the title of Soldier. Don’t insult me and others like me who do our job proudly to support you guys by lumping him in with me. The only title he has earned is LIAR, THIEF, POSEUR, FAKER, LOSER and NOBODY.

  11. I feel bad for the GIRLS he’s using this “STORY” on!!! There are SO MANY “Catfish” out there that literally MAKE UP identities for themselves and then use them to get girlfriends, cheat on them, have several of them, and so forth. Being in the military, especially being based in several states (as he claims) gives a good solid cover story/alibi for any time they cannot be reached. Also girls will PAY for things too, until they earn their “stripes” I wonder how many girls out there have been USED by this CREEP!?!

  12. Im a little pissed. Dis ate up worm is goin to get it someday. I aint nothing much yet but at least i earned my respect as a soldier and the right to wear that uniform.

  13. My reply to him:
    You should probably take those unauthorized tab pictures down before some guys from 5th Group show up at your house and make you do it.
    Shame on you man for wearing that stuff. If you are still in the Guard and your chain of command sees those, you can get an ART-15 or even a Courts Martial.
    Do the right thing and delete those stupid photos ASAP

  14. Not gonna lie, I thought the initiinitial comment about him having part of the 10th mountain patch was a joke about the landwhale he was hugging… good ol mountain tabs

  15. How does a citizen fact-check whether someone is in the military? I met a guy recently who claimed he was injured repeatedly in the Army, who wore his camis in public with all kinds of mismatched insignia, and who lied about a million other things. I’d like to call him on it.

    • You know, I don’t know any soldiers that actually like to wear their uniforms outside of work. If you think about it does a nurse wear scrubs everywhere or a doctor wear his jacket everywhere? When I was in, I didn’t want to be caught dead in my uniform outside of work because I only got so much free time in civil clothing.

  16. I had not heard the “hero worship” theory before. I always assume these posers are trying to get something for nothing: praise, adoration, parades, free meals, free trips, even political office. But it makes sense. All the zombie movies, Call of Duty, etc. I used to dress up in a long sleeve gold shirt and black pants and play Star Trek. Kids dress up as their heros. This guy hasn’t grown up and yet and still dresses like his heros. You’d think, however, after getting booted from Basic he’d knock it off but maybe that just fueled his fantasy. More velcro badges! Yet another example of why velcro on the uniform was a bad idea.

  17. I would actually like to see something start happening to these guys. Not just blasted on Facebook but legal action. This is bullshit. I served 11 honorable years in the Army. Fucker needs an ass whoopin….some embarrassment. I would love to give it to him.

  18. As the 1SG of an Artillery Battery located in Maryville, where this joker apparently lives, I will ensure that there are 98 agitated Redlegs keeping an eye out for this individual.

  19. Yesterday my 11 yr old son pointed out the tattered flag waving in the wind high above his sisters school as I was dropping her off. He said look at the flag Dad that is a disgrace. He bailed out of the car as his sister was getting out and I yelled to ask him where he was going and his response was. “I am going to find the principal and tell her to get a new flag up immediately” The moral of the story is the way a person is raised and the principals instilled in them while young will guide them on the path to do what is right. I thank each of you for your service.
    1SG Retired

    • Best comment ever…give that boy a hug and some ice cream and then thank him for me. I’m a disabled vet rated at 100%, 2 tours in iraq and there are times when my faith in my service falters, i question my own validity …your boy just restored all that…i now have confirmation my service wasn’t in vain.

  20. As a Blue Star Mother, I say all active military members should do what they can to shame this soldier wannabe! I’m sorry he couldn’t get through Basic, and I’m sure he want’s to serve, but by pretending to be something he isn’t is a disrespect to those that have put in the blood, sweat and tears to be Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard and National Guard! Oh… my niece IS a Ranger!.. Him wearing the patch from her squadron makes me really mad!! Call him out on this!!

    • Ma’am, I’m sorry to have to inform you, but you are mistaken about your niece. She may be assigned to a Ranger unit as a support person, but she has not gone to Ranger school, and there are no female Rangers.

  21. That kid must have lost some marbles, between, 10 and 18, years old. He stopped growing up,and went into a Fantasy World, too bad, but didn’t have to disgrace our uniform.

  22. He would be better off wearing a toilet paper patch/tab because anyone can see he has earned that; being the worthless piece of shit that he is.

  23. WOW this is insulting to myself and every single one of my amazing battles that have actually earned the right to wear this uniform….seriously it’s not that hard to get through basic!!

  24. Listen you stupid fucks , i understand that hes a poser , but doesnt , you ignorant fucks. Understand that probably he put those tabs , because of respect , and because he wants to be there??? , you guys are so in to your ego that its embbarrasing , my dad was in the 82nd airborne division and he wore the green beret as of respect to them , even though he was trained by rangers and S.F. during post vietnam, and they didnt give a rats ass if he was or he wasnt , ill always say vietnam vets are the real soldiers , all you fucks only were probably supply…

    • J.R: Stupid fucks? Take a look in the mirror son. Have you been drinking? If not, your IGNORANT post makes no sense whatsoever. Simply put, it’s morally wrong to wear a uniform with tabs, decorations, patches or other accouterments you didn’t earn or deserve – in some cases, it’s illegal. As for your dad, if he was in the 82nd, he had no business wearing a green beret to show “respect to them.” I assure you, any SF qualified Soldier would more than “give a rats ass” if your dad wasn’t properly tabbed or S coded. I will also add: Your dad would know better than to do such a thing if he truly was in the 82nd – maybe you’re confused.

      Now back to the douchebag in question: You initially “understand that he’s a poser”, then come up with some silly idea it’s out of respect? If you knew anything about military respect, which you clearly do not, you would know how pathetic this asshat really is. And yes, Vietnam vets are real Soldiers, along with all the rest of us who have honorably served. As for supply Soldiers – God bless them, we couldn’t have done our jobs without them. Regardless, you clearly don’t understand the issue here and I suspect you’ve never been in the military (maybe you are Mr. Slade?). I’m a CW4 and have served for over 35 years in the Army and Army Reserve to include Ranger, SF, Airborne Infantry units and now MI. Been to Kosovo, Iraq and most recently, Afghanishole, to name a few choice assignments.

      Bottom line: Soldiers who have served in such units EARN their rank, decorations, tabs, badges and patches – they SACRIFICE family time, get INJURED and RISK THEIR LIVES to belong in such units or attend such schools. They wear their uniform and all that BELONGS on it with pride because they DESERVE IT, not because they respect some other unit (Lord, that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard but who knows?). The point is: What makes Mr. Slade such a slimeball is that he apparently has spent about four months in the Army so HE KNOW’S HE’S WRONG. Even my 10 year old Young Marine son knows better!

      J.R., you obviously are as clueless as Mr. Slade, drunk or just need to pull your head out of your forth point of contact. And to you gents making the comments about the girlfriend, it’s really in poor taste, plus I’m sure she feels bad enough being linked to Mr. Slade.

      Shit, there went 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

    • Hey High speed, you wanna tell me what the 82nd has to do with green berets to begin with? and being trained by rangers and SF, unless it was actual Ranger, or SF school don’t mean shit! I had a lot of NCOs who were Ranger, or SF that trained me, but I was never Ranger, or SF. You are a moron!

  25. I am disappointed in JR’s comment. I served 2 1/2 years in the Marine corps before I was kicked out for using government fuel in my pov. I made a stupid decision. A Marine walked by my barracks one day in his dress blues wearing a Navy accommodation ribbon. Someone asked him what it was for and he said it was for going to Iraq. They punched him for wearing an unauthorized and unearned ribbon. Side question here. Do I have the right to still call myself a Marine even thought I have an OTH DISCHARGE? Thanks

    • I think you need to pose that question to your brethren, the Marines are a small tight knit club. As for the Navy Commendation ribbon, keep in mind, some folks serve in Joint units – if this Marine was in one run by the Navy, he may have earned it. I just left a Joint unit run by the Army where USAF and Marines received Army Commendation medals.

  26. I wonder if he realizes it is a federal offence to impersonate a soldier, He is putting shame to all the soldiers including my husband who has served faithfully for 21 years! Anyone in the Military can spot his faking it almost immediately with his Dress patches on his ACU’s NOT cool at all!

  27. If you look at his one pic on his facebook, looks like he’s taken down all of the photos and is claiming that he is trying to make it right now so I guess we’ll see

  28. First of all who really knows if this post is even real? It would not be hard to fake all. Second of all does it really bother you all that much that a guy is wearing a uniform? If all his friends and family know hes not in the service then who cares? Kids wear their super heroes costumes and uniforms all the time..Whats so different from him claiming to be what he is not than a child. I understand your all military vets and active duty but give it a rest…Everyone’s proud of what you do whats it matter than one guy acts like hes something hes not. Everyone needs to grow up and stop being so sensitive. Live your own lives and let everyone else live how they choose.

    • He did more than just pose. He mentioned the Stolen Valor Act and talked about phonies. All the while being one. To me, personally, lying to my face, and misleading others. My SO and I figured it out and hoped something would happen, but this page is far beyond what we expected. Great site. I’m sensitive because this lazy fuck used symbols of service to attempt to get what he couldn’t without those symbols. Seems like fraud to me, and I’m all in favor of coming down hard on such people.

    • You know, whoever you are, we can see IP Address’s so stop changing your name and making the same comment to make people think more agree with you, because they do not. USVet4Life is one your posting under as well, give it a rest, wouldn’t surprise me if you were Shane himself.

  29. I agree completely with mike. I have fought for my country ive seen people die for my country. I know the respect aspect of it all but honestly fellas yall need to get a grip. This is just some internet bullshit trying to get people all crazy for nothing. The guy can dress act and say whatever he wants..Thats what we fight for everyday. If i wanna dress up like something im not i will. My kids love cops and robbers i bought a police uniform and played with them. Does this mean every police officer should hunt me down an beat me? No so get a grip this guy means nothing. Go back to work and your life this isnt worth your time.

    • “The guy can dress act and say whatever he wants” …. um no he cant. Stolen Valor Act of 2005……..

      The Stolen Valor Act of 2005, signed into law by President George W. Bush on December 20, 2006, was a U.S. law that broadened the provisions of previous U.S. law addressing the unauthorized wear, manufacture, or sale of any military decorations and medals.

  30. I’m former Navy just retired in January.
    My little brother is a Ranger actually over in Afghanistan right now and this POS has the nerve to disrespect not only the Army/NG but the armed forces as a whole. Why is he still walking? They should through him in the brig and throw away the brig.

  31. Attending those particular schools is a unique honor in itself. Not only are they very difficult to pass, the screening, pre-courses and obtaining the recommendation to just go are mind blowing. It is not right for some if you to defend these actions by saying he is emulating his hero’s. It’s wrong and he knows it. I expect civilians to be ignorant about this you guys that served know better.

  32. I think that its quite sad that these posers want to wear the uniform and all that it represents but yet can’t/won’t even try to take the first step to learn and go through the training to get to honestly wear the uniform and know all that it truly signifies, and the sacrafices we make in order to wear the uniform and then those who do sign up and sign up usually don’t make the cut in the training.
    How very sad…

  33. I am not a civilian, but even I am outraged but these guys posing as service members.
    Every time I have the honor of speaking to a member of the military, I make it a point to thank them for their service, because without them, I wouldn’t be able to live my life.
    Seeing these fakes make me wonder if I had, at some point in my life, shook the wrong hands and thank some posers for sacrifices they didn’t make.
    That thought alone disgusts me.

  34. I just felt like I should at least say somthing about this weird addiction some people have with army uniforms. It is a mystery to me why someone would put on things they didn’t earn unless it was a Halloween party which was obviously not the case here. The argument can be settled quickly if you think about it the right way ( civilians will never understand the honor, duty, selfless service, and integrity we keep so near in this uniform) so service members please go easy on these guys, they will just never understand why we get so upset about someone wearing the things we & our buddies earn. Join me in laughing about their stupidity.

  35. All of us who signed up to defend the Constitution of the United States, who signed up to protect America from all Enemies also signed up to provide and the defend this douche bags rights.

      • RFREEMAN…..

        Fraud is not a protected right and it shouldn’t be on any level. This guy is walking around with unearned patches and never made it through basic training; however (under the Stolen Valor Act of 2013) as long as there is no intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefits this guy has the right to be an idiot. I’ve been in for 18 years and I still serve this is infuriating but he is due a freedom we provide. Remember the biggest form of flattery is imitation and that’s how we should look at this until he tries to benefit from it.

  36. UsVet4Life, You do realize that buying and possessing law enforcement insignia, badges, and uniform clothing is a prosecutable offense, right?

  37. I was scammed by a person posing as a soldier. From all the info I got on him, he is a real soldier. But since this has happened, I go to the web site where there is a lot of military soldiers pictures on there and after I find out they are being used for scamming, I inform the site but they keep the profile pictures on it. The web site is date hook up. Something needs to be done about the soldiers and the ones that are scamming. You need to try to do something about this also, its a big problem. I had a friend also scammed by the same way.

  38. I just sent him a message on his Facebook cause he only lives about 30 minutes from me here in Tennessee. I worked with the 10th Mountain Division while I was stationed on Fort Drum, NY and have nothing but pride for those guys. I was with the 563rd Military Police Company at Fort Drum.
    This guy is a tool and everyone of these people on Stolen Valor should be strung up for pretending to have done things in the military that they not only haven’t done but most of them never served a day in their lives in the military. I gave this country 17 1/2yrs of my life and would have given if I was not forced medically retired due to an injury. I dislike a lot of things and people and try not to hate anyone but the people on Stolen Valor I can honestly say, I HATE THEM!!!!

  39. I live in europe and here we dislike this kind of people too. But we don.t have a legal way to do something with this kind of people.

    i’m a dutch veteran, bosnia 1994 unprofor potocari.

  40. I completed OSUT in 99 in Knox. I hear that OSUT was moved to Benning in 2011. I’m not really familiar with “partial” One Station Unit Training, maybe this “partial” is a new phase of BCT and AIT. Truth be told, until the stolen valor act becomes a jailable offense, posers will rise and fall. I realize that this pisses a number of people off, myself included. The best thing to do is to let them hang themselves. All lies are eventually brought to light. One day we will be reunited with our fallen brothers at Fiddlers Green.

    • 19D30, this “partial” OSUT you speak of does exist- (not that this guy completed either part of it). It’s called Split Training Option, or Split-Op. It’s an enlistment option in the Army National Guard- applicants can enlist while in high school, go through Basic during the summer after their junior year, go home, complete senior year and then go to AIT or the second part of OSUT. This option is also available to applicants enrolled in college. I went through 19D at Knox that way- 04/05.

  41. Look as requested I took down all things I had access to for the record I plan on reenlisting and doing things the right way I know I fucked up I am ashamed for what I did and I also plan on going back in to fix the shame I have brought on myself and those close to me I want to earn the right to wear that uniform not buy it at a surplus and pose as something I’m not again I apologize

    • Sure you do. Look, I have a better idea. Why don’t you go suck start a 12 gauge? You failed out of BCT once, even after they dumbed it down to make it as easy as possible. HOW do you expect to pass it this time? You’ll just fail out again, then go back to doing the same shit. So again, do us all a favor and just go suck start a 12 gauge.

    • Don’t even bother. You have already brought shame and dishonor to your name. Doing what you did will live on for eternity in the service. It’s cumguzzling fag fuckers like you that have caused our military to become more sensitive. You look like the type of weasel that will cower if put into combat. You will never wear the tab of a ranger. I have friends in the ranger battalions. They already know about you. So even if you did enlist again. Keep dreaming that your career will add up to anything like you bought at the store.
      You best get right with your Jesus bud. Because your drill instructors will find out about you and when they do. Your life will be over. Same with every person of true worth that wears the uniform. They will destroy you. You should just go back to Burger King and serve your woman a sammich because she looks more manly than you.

  42. I got kicked out of bct for a fight that’s it chapter 11 and this time I don’t have the issue that started the fight when someone talks about ones wife and kids your natural reaction is anger and I got in a fight yes I’m not proud of it but this time I don’t have to worry bout it we split up last year

  43. I am going through with this and this time I won’t mess up I want to regain my honor and show everyone I will succeed I may not want to be a ranger but I can be in the army give a goddamn chance to reclaim my honor

    • The internet is eternal. For the rest of your life anyone who googles your name will see what you have done. Future employers, girlfriends, potential wife, your mom, old friends trying to find you on social networks, whoever (including anyone you will serve with in the future if you manage to actually enlist again). Google it now. Top 10 results, 2 facebook profiles, a youtube vid, and then a whole lot of shame. Revel in it, you earned it.

  44. ^I don’t buy it. You may’ve taken the stuff off your facebook, but I don’t think you’re done posing. Please prove me wrong. Time will tell.

    • You want a chance to prove yourself? Then provide some full, 100% honesty as to what caused you to get kicked out before even finishing training and why you decided to claim the shit you did. Do that, then maybe we can all talk about you getting a chance. Without being honest to those in the military community, all you are doing is spewing garbage.

  45. Really? Then why are the pictures still up on your Facebook page? Think you need to write a statement on your Facebook page to let everyone know that you. If you make your page private, we will know that you haven’t changed.

  46. I got kicked out because I got in a fight the day be 4 they switch me platoons and because of that and because after that fight I was going to get kicked out chapter 11 I was ashamed to get get kicked out because I couldn’t hold my temper and because of that I didn’t want those closest to me to know that I failed all I ever wanted was to serve since I was a child cuz I failed I felt ashamed and didn’t want to admit it to myself

    • I think before you attempt to join the military… Again… tog should join a fucking Grammer class you fuck tard. Wait, do us tax payers a favor. Instead of us paying for your English and grammar clad go jump off a fucking bridge. Preferably one with train tracks beneath it… With trains moving full speed. I fucking hate posers. FUCK YOU SHANE!

      • Before calling anyone else out on their grammar, maybe think about using spell check or grammar check yourself. I get where you’re coming from but you lose credibility when there are multiple spelling and grammar errors in your own post.

      • dude u can get in trouble for putting death threats on there so stop being a dick and grow a pair. the man apologized u fucking asshole!

    • You got kicked because of a fight? BS. Sounds like you were getting switched to a new platoon because you were a proven shit bag and the Drill Sergeants were trying to give your worthless ass one last shot at redemption before kicking you out. The fight was the last straw.

    • Great lie btw, I saw like 4 fights in basic.. Some pretty nasty shit too.. WAYYY worse ones in barracks much worse on the weekends in town (whole hotel rooms destoryed) they all stayed in.. SOOOO uhmmm yea try harder pls

  47. Shane, I’ve known many people like you in the years I’ve been involved with the military. And the one thing you all have in common is that you never change. You say that you got kicked out for a fight because some guy talked smack a out your wife and kids. A true soldier would have had the courage to man up and walk away, not throw a punch. But, as we all know, you have neither courage or honor, because if you did, you wouldn’t be the lead feature on Guardian of Valor. And if you had anger issues than, unless you’ve gotten help for them, those anger issues are still around. They just don’t go away because you got rid of a stressor. There will always be stressors in life. Are you going to fight every time someone says something you don’t like? You are not a soldier. You are a fraud, a liar and a thief. You have stolen the courage and honor from the true soldiers, the soldiers who have fought and died in lands far away, during wars they were called to fight. You have defrauded the people around you, because even though we may not know it, I am sure you used the uniform and the ribbons and tabs, for personal gain. you used it to dupe your girlfriend into believing you were something you were not. And if she knew or knows that you were a fraud, than she’s just as bad as you are. You are a liar. You say you regret doing this but yet you have not taken down any of the pictures on your FB page. All you have done is disabled other people from making comments about what a fraud you are. A true hero would take down the pictures and write a sincere apology to everyone he has claimed to be. And than they would write an apology to the widows, widowers and children of the deceased soldiers who you have stolen courage and honor from. The true Soldiers, Airman, Sailors and Marines. Because although you only claimed to be something from the Army, you have shown disdain for very branch by doing what you did.
    You want us to believe you have changed and are truly sorry for everything you have and everyone you have hurt, but have done nothing to show that you are truly sorry. And until you do, you will always be a liar, a fraud and a thief.

  48. Shane. my best advice is to take the pictures down, get rid of all the unauthorized badges and uniforms you have. Then after you write an apology on your face book page to the entire military community. Go back and reenlist. Try it again.

    • “A chapter 11 military discharge is an act of releasing a member of the military from duty or their obligation. This is done according to chapter 11 of the US Army Regulations. A member of the army can be discharged due to a number of reasons which include lack of reasonable effort or failure of the member to adapt to the military environment.”

      I have seen only a very, very few cases of this during the 13 years I spent in the Army. In fact, I saw only 2 cases of it. One in Basic Training because the guy couldn’t handle being yelled at for being a dirt bag and the other was a soldier not being able to adapt to military authority after reaching his first duty station. (Our AIT was only 5 weeks 3 days long – 55B). I have seen fights in Basic, AIT, and first duty station and not a single one resulted in a discharge.

      Chapter 11 discharges carry a reenlistment code of RE-“2” meaning:

      RE-2 – Individuals separated for the convenience of the Government in accordance with Chapter 5, AR 635-200, (Chapter 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12) and reenlistment is not contemplated. Fully qualified for enlistment/reenlistment (AR 635-200).

      I personally think it is a sad day to discharge someone because they can’t adapt and give them a second chance at it. I don’t think I would ever want that individual covering my backside in a hot situation. If you can’t adapt to military life in Basic Training, you sure as hell aren’t going to adapt to it while in combat. In combat they don’t use blue striped grenades and blank ammo with muzzle bunnies.

      In short, yes it appears that someone discharged under Chapter 11 might be eligible for reenlistment as sad as it may seem.

  49. Shane,
    You may make it through Basic and AIT, but I don’t believe you will ever make it through Airborne, Ranger or SFQC. If you were kicked out of BCT for fighting, you don’t have the temperment required for the elite skills. I’ve been through all of those courses and more. The guys who make it are the guys who are the most unassuming, non-bragging SOB’s you’d ever want to meet.

  50. You Shane are mentally unfit, don’t belong in the military at all, with the shootings, murders, suicides at certain military bases you think they are going to take the chance now and put you behind a weapon when you admitted getting all riled up about things said about wife and family,,,no way,,,you are a risk,,,mentally unfit to tolerate certain mental challenges. Wearing all those tabs and all the lies about your service took you out of the ball game so to speak, I hope to hell they give you no breaks or excuse your wrongs because in my lifetime real heroes that have rightfully earned everything you lie about have faced incredible hardships, multiple deployments to hot zones or combat zones, have been mamed and killed by roadside bombs, and suffered losses of their partners and guardians of freedom. So go do something better for yourself, something you can do that will not have a harmful impact on others, the service I hate to say is not for you.

    • So you’re going to continue living a lie, because you don’t like what people are saying to you? All we are asking that you apologies and find ways to make amends for what you have done. But since you seem unwilling to do so, and are going to act like a 4 year old who’s taking his shovel and leaving the sandbox, be prepared to continue to be called out, lambasted and ridiculed for what you do. Or, you can take the high road, apologize to everyone publicly and in writing, and move on with your life.

      • We had a Kid up on Reno, Nv pulling that stunt and got the knife hand Lol… Talk down from a Gunny I hope I’m spelling that right, but it Made the news and it was funny to see the eyes on this kid. The mountain warfare school is right down the road and HDSOC School and he did not know that Opps for him lol…

    • This statement is indisputable proof that you have no remorse for what you have done. You claim to regret this whole ordeal and issue false apologies. In reality, you regret that you got caught and are suffering a backlash of. negative attention that you are mentally incapable of tolerating (as proofed by your Chapter 11 discharge). I can only say to you that should you continue to disgrace the uniform and steal from those of us who actually did and do put our lives on the line, your time will come when you present yourself to the wrong person and you will feel true sorrow.

      The sad thing with your situation is that you are a veteran for simply having failed in a pitiful attempt at being a soldier and due to that, you will have advantages over others. Advantages that you did not earn and do not deserve. I think you should not be given Veteran status until completion of your first enlistment. Fortunate for you, I am not a law maker. If I were, you would not have that status and you would pay dearly for your disgraceful actions.

      I truly hope your parents are proud of your accomplishments thus far in life.

  51. “Just gonna do it more” eh? Please do as I’m sure there are real vets in your area who would just love to put a stop to it.. Good luck with that D bag.. And hey, in Oregon it’s illegal to pump your own gas so there may be a career choice for you.

  52. Shane if you join again, that’s if they let you, be prepared to have your ass whooped every night at basic when the white lights go out and the red ones come on. I would throw a little pillow party on your ass every night at basic if I was there with you. People are going to know your story and will make you pay for wearing something that you didn’t earn. I hope you do get in to the Army again, because I know your life would be hell every day of your miserable existence. Just take the easy road do us a favor and do yourself in.

  53. Help Lol… Can someone tell me how to get, un-medically Retired, so I can go back in the Army. and not get crushed again. And Blown on my, you know what. So I can be a honor grad at basic, since they made it so easy now. Bahahahahaha,,,,,,
    The damn Doc’s and my Command had no right, to Retire me. I was havering to much Fun Lol……

  54. (864)364-3535 here is this guys # off his Facebook site. The Shane Matthew Slade one. The newer one. He likes attention so we should all just blow his phone up. Haha!

  55. Your girl friend was a fucking wildabeast! I’ve seen better figures on sumo wrestlers. That bitch had a FUPA! (Fat Upper Pussy Area) I’ve seen better looking chicks at the special olympics. After seeing you dance around with your shirt off in your double wide I’m surprised you were e in able to pick her ugly ass up!

  56. Ruin your life?? You’re the one that STOLE VALOR from the guys and gals that have been there and done that. You’re the one going around claiming to be some kind of bad ass Special Forces DUDE.

    NOW, you are blaming us for ruining your life. GIMME A BREAK!!

    Rule Number 1. Before pretending to be something you’re NOT, you better know what the heck you’re doing. Cause it will and has come back to bite you in the butt.

    Now just waiting for you to pull that stuff again. We know where you are and there will probably be a REAL military person in the next bar you use your BS. See how you really stand up to the real thing.

    It’s not “OUR” fault you have anger problems.

    • It’s your fault because you get so upset. I just like to wear it it looks cool to me and my ex gf liked it a lot. I didnt hurt anyone but you keep threatening me. See the difference!?

      • No, it didn’t “hurt” anyone.

        Our honor as veterans is in some cases all we have. I spent four years in Afghanistan as an Infantryman. Had I not been involved in a hard landing that injured my back and hip, I might have spent less time in the Ghan and more time attending the schools you pretended to have passed.

        Instead, I was stuck with excruciating pain for seven years until one doctor out of eight was able to find the source of my discomfort and remove it. But, by then, I was washed up and had no chance of attending any SF or Ranger training. Oh, and because of the Troop Cuts, I got left on the block because I was too “old school” and “not in time with the New Army”.

        So, maybe you can see why some of us are pissed off at fakers like you. I have been sand-blasted by a 107mm Rocket, but not injured enough for a Purple Heart (Unit Policy, and I totally agree with it, it was more like several paper cuts than a real injury). So, I don’t wear one. I have risked my life to accomplish a mission, but received no Valor award because of it being a Classified Operation. Instead, I was given a Ranger Regimental Coin, which I cherish more than any ARCOM on my rack (And no, I was never in a Ranger Battalion, we were only attached to them for a single Operation).

        I can name five FOB’s I helped build from scratch. I have participated in over a dozen major operations and captured over 14 high level insurgents.

        And despite all of my accomplishments and achievements in the Army, I have little to show for my actions. A CIB and a Ranger Regimental Coin. Oh, and a stack of letters of recommendation, NCOERs and Certificates that mean little in the Civilian World.

        So, in reality, all I have is the Honor that I have earned. Long after I am dead and buried, my children might carry on my legacy, but there will be no fortune or fame that I have given them. This is all we have as Veterans.

        Throughout my service, I was just a Name and a Number in the Army. My Honor is all they have given me for it, and I’ll be damned if I let some punk who hasn’t even seen the Hell of War steal it.

      • Dude, If you’re serious about changing it and making it right then just say what you are going to say to apologize, re-enlist if that’s what you want to do, and most of all realize you made a lot of people angry. They will be mad for a long time and some of them might make your life hard if you run into them in boot but if you are serious, if you truly want to wear that uniform, then go to basic own that shit. Own what you did, don’t make an excuse, own it. Only way you are going to prove you have changed is if you make it through with humility and courage, and then come back on here and say, “hey everyone, I made a mistake but I made it through boot camp and AIT” and even then realize a lot of us will still doubt if you will make it… so do some time maybe get Sgt. and if you feel like whenever/if that happens come on here and say, “hey I let you all down but I owned it and this is what I’ve accomplished.”

  57. Lmao this shit cracks me up. I wish he lived near me. I have 48 days of leave saved up, I may just have to make a quick stop in terdville to find this homosexual orangutan.

  58. You have no second chances, You fucked up big and now you have to live with the consequences. Do you really think anyone currently serving will forgive when they just came back from multiple funerals of REAL SOLDIERS/SAILORS/MARINES/AIRMEN who gave their lives for each other? I hope you really do go back to basic because it will be great knowing the DS’s will be riding the ever-living fuck out of you at all times. Your best option is to change your name, move to Canada and start over from scratch.

  59. Read the Bible multiple times as well as the Quran and the Torah just so that I’m exposed and respectful of other religions. How about “Thou shalt not steal” or “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” or “Thou shalt not covet”? You broken all 3 of those right there, maybe you should spend some time with your religious leader to get yous shit together.

  60. A guy who flat out lies, and says he is “gone keep doing it” telling others to read the Bible.. Let’s add hypocrite to your distinguished list of douche baggery… You’re a lost cause, and even IF your girlfriend was hot, the fact you have to lie to get her speaks volumes about you.. Just get rid of anything military you have and fade away… I assure you the insults directed at you (justly so) will keep coming, so quit commenting, you’re just making yourself look worse.

  61. “It’s your fault because you get so upset.” That right there shows you have no clue how offensive what you’ve done is… How in God’s name did you get in in the first place?

  62. Slade what you have to understand is this community isn’t forgiving of those who lie about there service… Real men own up to their mistakes without making excused…excuses are like asshole everybody has one and it smells like shit..Grow up be a man and except your mistakes without making excuses… Yes you will still get ragged on but just maybe you might get a little bit of respect..otherwise you dishonor all those who gave the last full measure…their lives…doing anything else makes you a petulant little asshole

  63. some people just don’t know when to quit. Everything this guy says digs him a deeper hole. They probably booted his ass to save him from getting his ass beat.

  64. At least that PFC made it through boot camp. You couldn’t even do that. You chubby chasing uniform wearing piece of shit. Suck on a 12 gauge and canoe yourself.

  65. Okay… so this post is supposed to be about some assjockey that is a complete total shit stain on a hookers ass. And reading through the comments, all i see is everyone ripping into each other. Like w.t.f. C’mon man. DA FUCK?!!!!

  66. And slade… if youre still in TN amd wanna prove something. Meet me at 411 Motor speedway when i come home in May. Be there may 18th. Or you can just keep being a little cock sucking fuck job and keep on running your goddamn mouth like the little bitch that you are! Now. Man up. Or SHUT THE FUCK UP?! UNDERSTOOD?! DISMISSED!!!

  67. Not to mention this idiot had a sgt rank on his acus but on his PC lol thought that was funny cuase if u aint got the rank in one place you best not have a higher rank anywhere else on ur uniform…..well atleast thats how we rolled…….but this dude should be helping wounded vets and get first hand experience of what true heros are…….

  68. Did you really just tell a real soldier he should be at parade rest for you? You probably cant even tell me where the hands are placed and which one over the other at tje position of Parade rest. You’re a disrespectful little shit, for someone who was even enlisted a day you should realize the amount of disrespect you show the community of soldiers who have earned what we wear. Wear the uniform to look cool, go for it, but take off the US Army tape, tabs and badges the rest of us worked our asses off to earn.

  69. You’re begging a bunch of people over the internet that you have no idea who they are, for a second chance.. you’re a special kind of stupid, shut the fuck up. Dont try to join again..please

    • Shane forget about military service it’s not in the cards for you. BCT is not only for training purposes but to weed out non-hackers. There’s more shame in what you’ve done since you got the boot than getting a failure to adapt discharge. Remove your posts and pictures and stop the impersonation of soldiers who sacrificed and worked hard to earn these badges of honor. Your not the first faker and won’t be the last. You are not and from what I see will never be a soldier,marine,sailor or airman!!! 95% of the population aren’t and they deal with it. Medals,Badges,Awards and Ribbons are earned and we cherish the opportunity to be awarded these simple gestures we’re afforded in defense of our country. As a 3-yr enlistee in Peacetime my uniform is only adorned with patches,badges and ribbons clearly indicared on my DD-214. Now Good-bye!!!

  70. And to my ex quit using my name and putting comments up I’m trying to resolve this not escalate it stop before u piss me off I’m trying to do right and u using my name to post bullshit will not happen if I have to when I go tomorrow to reenlist I will bring up the fact that your still running your mouth where it don’t belong I’m trying to prove I’ve changed and u being a bitch BC I won’t take u back is a immature highschool drama get over it I’m back with my wife grow up move on

  71. Shane I never posted anything up here until now, actually this is my first post on this site. So before you go accusing people of shit they did not do, get the facts from that person instead of your wife or others. I don’t want my name in this shit anymore, I am sick of it. I am sick of these people dissing me for something I never knew about until I got msgs from people I don’t fucking know.

  72. I was just reading this and this idiot has two facebook pages, the first one is the page that got all the screen shots of and the second one is locked and can only be viewed once you’re friends. Anyone else want to continue to light him up?

  73. i hope the author gives some comment who s talking to who?? sorry for my englisch. i think this guy used 3 or 4 different names in his comments.

  74. You all know this d*ck-nose it re-posting to further aggravate people. This guy is evidently a poor excuse for a recruit, and will probably not be able to get back in the Army. My MARINE CORP would never take him. So let him be and let him bounce back and forth from this website/posts to his McDonalds Application LMAO!

    • He is nothing and will continue to be nothing except a liar and a thief who blames EVERYONE else for his failures except himself. I agree with S McKnight, time to get that MacDonalds resume ready. Anyone that has served and sees this page will be looking out for him and most likely not give hm the time of day. His integerty has already been questioned and found guilty. His moral compass is broke. A real soldier, regardless of which branch of service, will stand up and take responsibility for his actions, right or wrong. People like this oxygen thief will never change and will continue to expect everyone to do it for him. I weep for the future.

  75. Not only is this man a liar, and a theif he is also a woman beater. he has hit me multiple times, and last night he got wat was coming to him. My boyfriend is a juvenile diabetic and when we was at my ex best friends house he started to hit my boyfriend and then he turned and hit me. a lot of people said I took it too far by hitting shane with a golf club but I think he deserved it. he needs to learn the type of pain he has caused a lot of people especially me. while he was on the porch crying his eyes out saying it hurts I told yes it does, now u know the type of pain u caused me by calling my kids filth and saying they don’t deserve to live, and calling me a whore bc u was mad that I actually got a real job. if u guys want any info on mr slade don’t hesitatie to msg me on fb.

    • I would love to know how u tend to make people not exist, bc u are basically putting a death threat on people that didn’t have anything to do with shanes actions. we are victims and I was a major one. so how about this doug, stop being a douche to the people that had nothing to do with this

  76. Who ever is using my name to put posts up stop please this is the first post I have put up in a while I have not had the time to post I am not leaving for a while I have not even got my DD214 I require to reenlist till I get them I will not be going anywhere for future reference those close to me know who is putting these up and she needs to stop Knoxville police are aware and are investigating it because whether the person posting realizes it every time u post u log an IP address they know who is doing it the same female who BC I called her a whore hit me with a five iron and is being charged with felony assault I signed the warrant papers yesterday so I hope she realizes doing this is getting her in deeper trouble

  77. Who ever is using my name to put posts up stop please this is the first post I have put up in a while I have not had the time to post I am not leaving for a while I have not even got my DD214 I require to reenlist till I get them I will not be going anywhere for future reference those close to me know who is putting these up and she needs to stop Knoxville police are aware and are investigating it because whether the person posting realizes it every time u post u log an IP address they know who is doing it the same female who BC I called her a whore hit me with a five iron and is being charged with felony assault I signed the warrant papers yesterday so I hope she realizes doing this is getting her in deeper trouble

  78. nobody is posting shit under your name shane, so if u actually read my comments it has my name on it. also there is not warrant out for me bc I was just at the police department. yeah I hit you with a five iron bc u beat the shit out of my boyfriend and almost killed him on top of that there is a warrant out for you so I would watch your back. you can try to make people pity you, but I am actually friends with a Major in the military and he is a family member as well. so why don’t u keep ur bullshit up? and go get more girls pregnant, bc u don’t have money to take care of 11 kids by 6 different women.

  79. Look heather shut the f*** up and move onI have two witnesses who saw all the events of that night and who also say you’re nothing but a drama queen pathological liar Perry and Eric both want nothing to f****** do with you and I don’t blame Them your own f****** mother says that if you get arrested she will not bail you out you’re nothing but a lowlife piece of s*** who don’t deserve The time of a day hey my best advice to you its disappear before Knoxville cops find you because you were being charged with felony assault I’m pressing the f****** charges and you know what bitch you need to f****** grow up open your eyes and look a hell around and see what friendship lost because your damn mouth and your stupid actions that’s why you don’t have your damn kids because I’m willing to bet the reason Child Protective Services Took your kids it’s because you’re bipolar schizophrenic and won’t get on meds not to mention the drugs you do any alcohol you drink yeah you’re a hell of a mother not

    • This isn’t about her. You have a whole page on Stolen Valor to display your douchebaggery. Congrats fuck nugget. I hope you actually run into a real ranger wearing that bullshit. Don’t get your little feelings hurt when he beats the everliving shit out of you. You are GARBAGE, and a disgrace to my uniform. You sound like a sac of shit, you look like a sac of shit, you actually look white trash as fuck as well. And you have permanently embarrassed yourself for the rest of your life. The internet isn’t going away. You aint shit. So go fuck yourself and have a lovely day.

  80. I do not even think any of the comments by Shane Slade are actually by the real Shane. This seems to be a troll trying to piss everyone off.

  81. Cole u dont know shane at all, yes he put those posts up there and he apologized to me for them. Shane u have made a lot of mistakes and pissed off a lot of people, so i have a suggestion. dont put up any more posts on here, if u want something said to everyone on here then come to me about it first. i am sick and tired of all these “military men and women” saying that u need to take down such and such and apologize, u have done that i was there when u did it. so if all u people say that u have respect, then how about this, take ur army green acu, red white blue, dicks out of ur asses and thank the man for doing wat most of u all have said. I am pregnant and hate to have to get a phone call or text from shane saying that u all are still dogging him. BE FUCKING MILITARY PEOPLE AND GROW THE FUCK UP U DUMB FUCKS!

  82. First, let me say I am not sure if I am included in your “military men and women” nor am I sure that I have an “army green acu” or a “red white and blue dick” and I am an Air Force spouse but I feel the need to say something here.

    As a spouse Heather you make me sick. Defending this “ex” of yours who supposedly lied to you and did horrible things to you is deplorable. He may have apologized to you, big woopteedoo! He obviously lacks red, white, blue and all American Balls if he thinks crying to his ex girl friend, fuck buddy or other woman is going to solve the situation.

    His FB that is featured here is still active and still has all of the BS lies on it. He will continue to be dogged until he mans up and apologizes to those who deserve the apology. We do not need his messenger puppy giving us his apology. Apology from him and to delete his FB and any other factious crap he is spreading.

    You are just as guilty as this shit bag! You are allowing him to continue his erroneous claims and defend him. As a citizen of this country and married to a man who works to defend it I think that this is the low of the low. He couldn’t hack it through basic, so instead decides to live a fallacious life. If you or he actually cared or had a brain you would realize what he is doing.

    “I did it cause it looks cool and my ex gf liked it”???? REALLY! I mean come on, honey, we all like a man in uniform…..I get it. I mean I see my husband, who actually serves, every day in uniform and let me tell you Blues Days….I wanna jump him before he gets out the door. Key difference between you and me……mine has served honorably, earned every stripe and medal he has and isn’t a piece of dog shit. You like it so much how about you save that shit for role play in the bedroom then if your man hasn’t served.

    The fact that you referred to all of the people on here as dumb fucks also makes your argument invalid. There is only one dumb fuck and that is Shane Slade. Who by the way still has his FB ( and responds to messages on said page. He also likes to try and hit on married women…..great guy! So before you tell us how your poor, pitiful Shane is doing what is said…..Check your facts and then take a shower….cause it smells like shit in this discussion.

  83. how about this u bitch ass JLO, i am not defending him in any way. i am sick of having to deal with ur selfish fucks, i could care less about him. so before u talk shit wash ur fugly mouth with soap. SKANK

  84. And here, when they originally said that he was “sporting a piece of the 10th Mtn patch”, I thought that they were referring to the fact that he seemed to be trying to earn his mountain tab…

  85. I ain’t got time for all this bullshit. I have seen this too many times. I actually had a guy in my unit do the same thing but at least he did pass basic training and got shot. I mean he did wear the C.I.B., Silver Star, Bronze Star that he did not earn. I think he is a piss of shit but damn “because it looked cool and my girlfriend liked it.”

    I have a son who is named after a fallen soldier, there is a bridge and a National Guard Armory in Lenoir City named after the man. I believe this to be a total disgrace to the uniform.

    Oh, I bet that hit home… hell we are practically neighbors. I am not threatening you at all nor will I throw a punch but I will publically emabarass the living hell out of you and let it be known what a P.O.S. you really are.

    If I ever see you wearing those tabs, I will personally remove them.

  86. This is where people get the idea that every single person with an ELS is complete piece of sh*t and makes me hate myself even more that I was chaptered out because I was injured and wasn’t healing fast enough.

    Looking forward to the day I reenlist and get that badge of shame behind me.

  87. The last I checked up on this little s*** bag he is still claiming his fake status on Facebook can’t anymore be done legally against this puss bucket

  88. this mutherfucker is at it again. when i wake up im going straight over to his house and taking his shit away and permanet markering his face with poser

  89. i may not know any of you guys but i would love if everyone stopped emailing me about this shit. i am not with slade and wont be. i have enough shit in my life and ppl harrassing me does not help

  90. I can’t join, but My Grandfather was an Engineer during WW2, he was a Master Sargent in the Army, I wear a modern uniform to honor him with our last name Yonkins, his rank Master Sargent, Army tape, and a full color us flag patch and thats it.

  91. His Facebook still ha the same job, still has the pictures posted up, and he does not care! You would think if he was really apologetic that he would have removed ALL of the shit bag pictures that he had up. Instead he just published an apology and that is that? HELL NO!

  92. So this guy apologized yet didn’t live up to his word, nothing new there. The girl is even better. This was someone that was on his friends list (I messaged them all, got this 4 hrs ago… “Sorry I dont even know how he got on my facebook. I have custody of the girl in the pictures daughters which was removed through DCS. She used my phone at a visit maybe she added him. Ive never met him and I hope I never do after reading the above story He sounds like a real winner, I know she sure is” The female is his “fiance” that said 8 days ago isn’t with him… She also has 2 facebook accounts.. one without this douche on it with last update I can see is 17 jul the other updated 9 hrs ago.. the latest update one says shes in a relationship but doesn’t state who.. pretty sure these two winners are together still.. especially since her kids were already taken away… wish i could go to concerts.. go out drinking and partying.. like i have no.. wait.. she has no kids

  93. It’s funny…..I know a guy who is pretty damn close, but not an impostor. He wears a new USMC shirt (w/ hat) everyday, not to mention his 5 bumper stickers on his truck with USMC logos and mottos on them, w/ a custom made white-outlined sticker for the sliding window. But when you ask him if he was a Marine, he says NO! WTF?? So I ask, what is everyone’s opinion about this??! He’s actually a nice guy (25yrs old)……collects guns and shit, but if you saw him or his truck (or the way he acts), you would definitely assume he was a Marine. Ive never heard anyone say that he tells people he is a Marine, so its very strange. And none of his immediate family members served, as my Brother knew him and his family pretty well. I guess he is proud/interested in the Marines, but in my opinion he is bordering on impostor. Next time I see him I’m going to ask why he does that stuff. I personally am a ww2 collector/amateur Historian (donate to books/etc), so I have a lot of various artifacts displayed in my home, but I never give off the impression I am a Marine/etc and never would. Makes me wonder about some of the people Ive encountered over the years

    • BH-you have a good point. When I left, I eventually traded off much of my bdus and other things I was a) owed to have kept. Although I was discharged due to having bipolar disorder, I still love our country and avidly collect militaria (I specialize in VN era). My uncle was in ww2, dad was in Korea w/ us army combat engineers, and 3 cousins in VN (one usmc and 2 us army).

  94. BH: maybe this guy wanted to join but for some reason could not and this is his way of showing support for the Corps. As long as he’s not going around wearing a fucked up uniform, trying to get free stuff and claiming things he never received or did, what’s the problem with him showing support for something he obviously loves.

  95. Well everyone Shane slade is at it again, still claiming to be in the military. someone needs to teach him a fucking lesson. i know where he is at, he msged today on my fb.

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