SFC Alwyn Cashe Should Be Awarded The Medal Of Honor For His Heroics Under Fire



SFC Alwyn Cashe(1970-2005) Courtesy Of Investors.com

We were just recently made aware of the story of a Soldier by the name of SFC Alwyn Cashe. SFC Cashe’s story is one of heroics, bravery, and selfless service to not only his country, but to his Soldiers. SFC Cashe, was assigned to 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, which was part of the 15th Infantry Regiment at Operating Base MacKenzie in Iraq in 2005.

Here is his story as quoted from Michael Mink, at  Investors .com:

As three Bradley fighting vehicles were rolling out the gate, Cashe’s broke  down. Maj. Jimmy Hathaway, who as a captain was the company commander, says  Cashe could have by all rights not gone on the mission due to that. Instead the  sergeant went to another Bradley and told its gunner to take the bad one back to  the base.


Trouble was about to erupt.


Half an hour after leaving the base, darkness and a sand storm obscured a  pressure-switch improvised explosive device in the Cashe Bradley’s path. The  ensuing blast resulted in fuel spewing everywhere as the vehicle erupted in  flames. Then the group came under fire from terrorists.

Cashe, injured and drenched in fuel, pulled himself out of the gunner’s hatch  and crawled down the Bradley to help the burned driver escape.


Still, the armored personnel carrier/tank killer was burning with six  soldiers and a translator inside.

With no concern about his own safety, Cashe rushed to the back of the vehicle  and tried to open the troop hatch door. He couldn’t, and it got worse; his  gas-soaked uniform went up in flames.


Inside the Bradley, Staff Sgt. Douglas Dodge popped the troop hatch door open  and stumbled outside, burned and dazed from a concussion. There he saw Cashe,  his uniform gone, his skin burned everywhere except where his helmet, body armor  and boots were.


“Cashe said, ‘Where are the rest of the boys? We’ve got to get them out.’  Without even thinking, Cashe just went in there,” said Dodge, who followed  him.

Despite the horror scene, Cashe kept going, retrieving one injured and burned  soldier after another with Dodge’s help.


While the door had been opened by Dodge, the soldiers inside were too  battered to realize that. Cashe and Dodge battled flames and smoke and got all  six soldiers and the interpreter out. By the time a crew from a trailing Bradley  arrived to assist, Cashe had suffered burns over most of his body.


The Cashe-Dodge action helped save those six soldiers, three of whom would  die from complications resulting from their burns in the next few weeks. One  more died later indirectly from his injuries.


So did Cashe, in November 2005. He left behind a wife and three children  ranging in ages from 6 to 12.

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If this is not a Soldier who is deserving of the Medal Of Honor, then I do not know who would be!

UPDATE: The family has asked that we wait on the petition as a new packet has been submitted to the Army Awards branch to award him the Medal Of Honor. We will keep in contact with them, and keep you updated on the status.





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