Sam’s Club “Waivers” Membership Requirement For Military, Retiree’s And Dependents During Shutdown



Sam’s Club has said that due to the Government shutdown, which has also closed Commissaries around the country, that it will waiver membership requirements for Military members, retiree’s and their families.

This also includes not charging the fee that is normally charged during checkout. According to the response we got, all the Military or family member has to do is show their ID Card at the customer service counter and they will be issued a number to shop with.

Here is the response we got from Sam’s:

Thank you for contacting Sam’s Club in regards to the Government Shutdown and closed Commissaries. We can verify that all Sam’s Club locations across the Nation will be temporarily opening their doors and waiving the 10% service fee to all Military personnel, retirees, and their families to shop in our local Clubs until the Commissaries reopen. We ask that you please bring any Military ID or proof of past or present service at the Member Services desk or at checkout to waive Membership requirements. We at Sam’s Club do sincerely apologize for the hardships you and all Military families may be experiencing as a result to the Government Shutdown of 2013 as well as express our deepest gratitude for all Military Members past and present and consider it a true honor to serve those who serve our Nation.


Sam’s Club Member Services


Thanks Sam’s, this will help ease some of the financial strain on these families.




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