Sam’s Club “Waivers” Membership Requirement For Military, Retiree’s And Dependents During Shutdown



Sam’s Club has said that due to the Government shutdown, which has also closed Commissaries around the country, that it will waiver membership requirements for Military members, retiree’s and their families.

This also includes not charging the fee that is normally charged during checkout. According to the response we got, all the Military or family member has to do is show their ID Card at the customer service counter and they will be issued a number to shop with.

Here is the response we got from Sam’s:

Thank you for contacting Sam’s Club in regards to the Government Shutdown and closed Commissaries. We can verify that all Sam’s Club locations across the Nation will be temporarily opening their doors and waiving the 10% service fee to all Military personnel, retirees, and their families to shop in our local Clubs until the Commissaries reopen. We ask that you please bring any Military ID or proof of past or present service at the Member Services desk or at checkout to waive Membership requirements. We at Sam’s Club do sincerely apologize for the hardships you and all Military families may be experiencing as a result to the Government Shutdown of 2013 as well as express our deepest gratitude for all Military Members past and present and consider it a true honor to serve those who serve our Nation.


Sam’s Club Member Services


Thanks Sam’s, this will help ease some of the financial strain on these families.


What are your thoughts?
36 comments on “Sam’s Club “Waivers” Membership Requirement For Military, Retiree’s And Dependents During Shutdown
  1. It to bad they don’t give discounts to Veterans .or prior service .please let me know why you don’

      • We ask that you please bring any Military ID or proof of past or present service

        i’m pretty sure that means “Veterans and prior service”

        but idk maybe i just stupid and don’t no how tu reed

    • If you think about it from a logical stand point, why would they? Those who are no longer serving or who are not retired, aren’t receiving pay from the DOD. A shut down doesn’t affect those who are no longer serving and aren’t retired. There are tons of discount programs that are only offered to current and retired military.

      • I guess you forgot about the disabled veterans and their families, and the veterans attending school who receive educational benefits. We are affected by the shutdown just as active-duty and retired personnel are or did you not hear the part in the news about veterans?

          • It depends. Many veterans who leave service early because of serious medical issues, are put in front of a Medical Evaluation Board and retired. They have a retiree ID. Any veteran who simply separates and files for disability later, is still a separated veteran. They have a DD214 like every other service member who is discharged. That is the proof of service that is most commonly asked for. Even my retiree ID that has my photo on it, is denied at times because they want me to bring in my DD214 with state ID. The VA hospital is one of those places. DOD ID’s are good for one thing and one thing only….gaining access. That access is mostly to get on bases that a regular separated veteran no longer has free access to without a sponsor. So for proof and services, they are effectively useless.

            As to the reply below yours, if someone receives 100% disability through the VA, they are almost certainly retired with an ID. The loss of any limb — for example — is an automatic 100% rating by the VA and will almost certainly get that service member medically retired (unless if they are granted a waiver to continue service). But again….it depends. I’ve seen some weird Board decisions.

        • I am everything you mentioned. I am a dependent of an AD spouse, I am medically retired with disability and I am a student. I didn’t forget.

      • Buzz,
        This isn’t true. Some of us non retired guys are relying on VA disability pensions. I was laid-off due to some of the policy that has been passed, and I am currently a full time student. For some people it is the only form of income they have, for whatever reason they may have. The Va had enough money to cover the month of October.But if the douche bags wouldn’t of come to an agreement then a lot of people wouldn’t of had money coming in for the month of November and wouldn’t be able to pay regular bills and buy food.

  2. @gerardo: Cuz veterans or prior service are not eligible to shop at the commissary, only active duty and retired personnel. Hope that answers your question

      • Yes, and they have military ID cards giving them authorization. In fact, anyone who shops at the commissary needs a military ID card.

    • This is true for the commissary. Luckily, Sam’s made the offer to active-duty AND prior service with valid i.d. cards proving the person served at some point. Sam’s did not say the person had to be retired nor did the company specify the person had to serve for a specific number of years. Please tell me the people begrudging veterans this offer from Sam’s aren’t fellow veterans!

  3. Why not waive that membership for one year… Then they see the wonderful benefits and next year they will(possibly)join… Win win for all.

  4. What about Furloughed Federal workers? We are not getting paid. Active Duty members are still receiving pay checks. I am prior service with no commissary access.

    • civilian federal employees are eligible to collect unemployment. it’s not a lot, but it can be something. i’m just throwing that out there in case people didn’t know that. i’m personally 100% disabled, and as of right now my wife and kids are screwed after this month according to the va. things suck, but we’ve all been through worse.

    • It has not been confirmed that veterans will in fact get paid on the 15th the budget has been set NO FUNDS HAVE BEEN ALLOCATED TO IT as of today.

      • LCpl; Retirees and VA disability monies come out of a trust fund and are not subject to the whims of the congressional CRA’s. VA services are funded thru another source and are supposed to be good for another 10-15 days. But your $$ for disability will be there

  5. “But, you know, screw you if you were a civilian federal employee who is now without a job for the foreseeable future.” Way to go, Walmart.

  6. I cannot believe some of you people are actually on here complaining. Whether you all want to accept this or not, Sam’s Club is a BUSINESS! They are NOT obligated to offer any discounts of any kind but they are. How about the people complaining, shut the hell up and shop somewhere else if the discount they are offering isn’t enough. I am a 100% disabled vet and am embarrassed by the comments from so called vets on here. Suck it up!

    • This is what I’ve tried to express through my posts disagreeing with everyone complaining. How people can complain about receiving free sh*t is beyond me. We need to leave that up to those who vote in elected officials that promise them the most money/crap. It’s unbecoming of service members, veterans, and their family members behave like the FSA (Free Sh*t Army) that is now in control of our country’s politics. We are better than that.

      • Buzz I COMPLETELY agree with you! WE are better than that and they need to be as well. We have service members dying in the box and their families aren’t receiving the death benefits that their son or daughter signed up for when they enlisted and people are complaining about membership fees. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Also, it’s clear that some have some reading and comprehension issues because it clearly states “Military members, retiree’s and their families” and “We ask that you please bring any Military ID or proof of past or present service at the Member Services desk or at checkout to waive Membership requirements.” yet I see the above posts of whining “what about me I used to be in? For some, I can truly understand why they are no longer in any branch of service and I’m not sure how they were able to get in in the first place. Such a disgrace to the uniform.

      • I completely agree with you on this one buzz. I didn’t see your later post on the higher conversation and have to apologize. Free sh*t has a price to pay and my pride isn’t worth it.

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