The “Salute Seen Around The World” Wounded Ranger Salutes Commander Despite Injuries

Josh Hargis, a Ranger with the 3rd Ranger Battalion, was wounded last week in the attack that left four other members of his team dead. The 3rd was conducting a mission to try to capture a HVT(High Value Target), in the Panjwai district of Afghanistan.

With the little info we know so far, 36 members and a canine unit were attempting to capture a high value target in Panjwai in southern Afghanistan. When the troops arrived at the home, U.S. military officials said, the unit did a typical “call out” asking for those inside to come out.

One man appeared. Reports from the battlefield suggest he dropped to his knees and lifted his shirt to show the U.S. forces that he was not wearing a suicide bomb vest.

As several members of the Ranger unit moved toward the man to begin questioning him, a woman wearing a suicide vest emerged from the house and blew herself up, killing several members of the unit instantly, along with the dog, and injuring others.

Another Afghan male tried to escape from the compound.

As U.S. army medics, explosives specialists and others in the unit moved in to help the wounded, 13 improvised explosive devices went off, killing and injuring more U.S. forces.

Josh was one of the wounded and was evacuated for medical assistance. The photo below is Josh in a hospital in Afghanistan, right after the doctors stabilized his injuries. His wife posted this picture, along with what she received from Josh’s commander, this is a true warrior! No matter the pain we know Josh is in, he render’s the most beautiful salute you will ever see!

We will call this “The Salute Seen Around The World!” as it should be, and it should show what a true Warrior’s Spirit looks like! RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!

This is what Josh’s wife Taylor posted to  her FB:

I received this picture today along with a letter from the commander of the team Josh was a part of on the night of his injuries. A letter to explain to me what kind of man I have the privilege of being married to. He explained to me what happened and what was going on in the picture.

“Josh was seriously wounded as you know, and survived for almost two hours after his injury before arriving to the hospital. Josh was immediately pushed through a series of surgeries and emerged hours later into an intensive care unit here at our base in Afghanistan.


Despite being in intense pain and mental duress, Josh remained alert and compassionate to the limited Rangers that were allowed to visit his bedside. Prior to Josh being moved to Germany for his eventual flight to America, we conducted a ceremony to award him with the Purple Heart for wounds received in action.


A simple ceremony, you can picture a room full of Rangers, leaders, doctors, and nurses surrounding his bedside while the Ranger Regimental Commander pinned the Purple Heart to his blanket. During the presentation the Commander publishes the official orders verbally and leaned over Josh to thank him for his sacrifice.


Josh, whom everybody in the room (over 50 people) assumed to be unconscious, began to move his right arm under the blanket in a diligent effort to salute the Commander as is customary during these ceremonies. Despite his wounds, wrappings, tubes, and pain, Josh fought the doctor who was trying to restrain his right arm and rendered the most beautiful salute any person in that room had ever seen.


I cannot impart on you the level of emotion that poured through the intensive care unit that day. Grown men began to weep and we were speechless at a gesture that speak volumes about Josh’s courage and character. The picture, which we believe belongs on every news channel and every news paper is attached. I have it hanging above my desk now and will remember it as the single greatest event I have witnessed in my ten years in the Army.”



Josh Saluting His Commander After Presentation Of His Purple Heart. (Courtesy Taylor Hargis)

I agree with the commander, this should adorn the cover of every newspaper, magazine and news show.  This shows the true meaning of the Warrior Spirit! Josh you are a true American Hero! Our thoughts and prayer’s go out to you, your wife, and all your Ranger brothers and those who made the ultimate sacrifice during the attack.

Get well soon brother! You have America behind you! We love you brother!


Taylor and Josh’s Commander wanted this photo to be seen and posted to every news site in the country, and as of today it has been. We dubbed this photo “Salute Seen Around The World” when we posted it two days ago, we hoped it would catch on in the main stream media, so that the American people would see that our brothers and sisters are still serving in harm’s way.

Josh is the epitome of what a Warrior is, he is the strength that holds our beloved country together. Today Taylor said, “He is a Badass”, yes he is and a true American Hero! Thank you Taylor and Josh for allowing us to share your story to the world.

“Please continue to share Josh’s story. Thank you to all who have and are reaching out and helping us through this. The world should know what is happening over seas. The world should know what true heroes and warriors are.” Said Taylor about the sharing of the story.

She also said. ” I’m glad it is getting attention. He is one among many heroes some injured, some still in the fight, and some who paid the ultimate sacrifice. We hope his story will shed some light on what is still happening over seas.”

We also would like everyone to take a moment to remember those brave Warriors that did not survive the attack that day; Sgt. Joseph Peters,  Pfc. Cody Patterson, Sgt. Patrick Hawkins, and 1st Lt. Jennifer M. Moreno.  Rest Easy Soldiers!


The Nurse that was present with Josh when this photo was taken contacted us today and wanted us to share the following, this is also to Taylor and the family of Cpl. Hargis.

“Hello guardianofvalor,

I wanted to share with you and the family of Ranger Hargis that it was an Honor for me to be at his bedside during his purple heart ceremony. As a Navy Nurse here at Role 3 hospital, it was I that was holding his arm as he began to raise it up during the ceremony.

Fearing he would dislodge critical components required for health, I steadfastly held his hand, while he continued to raise it I whispered in his ear letting him know what was happening. I then realized he was attempting to render salute, so I ensured all medical equipment was safe and secure from being dislodged. This was a pinnacle of pride and valor to witness and I am honored to cared for Ranger Hargis. I am honored to be here at Role 3 as a Navy Nurse to give the best care to our warriors. STAY STRONG RANGER HARGIS!

LT Larry Nettles USN NC”


What are your thoughts?
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  1. I still don’t think the American people give all of our brave military people the thanks and hugs they deserve! Thank all of you so much for serving our country and a big thank you to all the vets that served and are still serving in their hearts. I’m so very sorry to see what happened to these brave people and my heart goes out to you all.

    • Some of us do. Some of us work tirelessly( simply for the great feeling you get, not for $)
      to help wounded vets and shake the hand of every military member we see anywhere and thank them for their service.

  2. Alot of information on here that shouldn’t be. Please refrain from putting classified info on the internet. And if you do, make sure it’s correct.

    • TO H*## with classified info. EVERY f/ing American, including the idiots in Washington, should read this, see it, and know what our government is putting our soldiers through over there. They are giving their lives everyday for our freedom. Might I just ask, What the H have you given besides you un-solicided, bias, sick opinion, instead of the thanks and praise these men have given? You don’t even have the courage to give your name, but true Americans can guess what it is. This is my opinion, as a free American, I’m entitled to it. My Freedom of speech entitles to it.

      • My Name is James Brice Haynes and you are not entitled to anything. You are given rights under the Constitution . The way this works is you are given the Rights of Life Liberty and The Pursuit of happiness. Rather your happiness is to sit complacent is your own prerogative. Happiness is not defined by free stuff , which most hold so dear. This is beyond the battle of nations this is now a battle of religion. It is up to you to decide which side. my opinion is not sick. The Freedom of Speech is not an entitlement. It is a right. the term ‘Entitlement” is as follows An entitlement is a guarantee of access to something, such as to welfare benefits, based on established rights or by legislation. A “right” is itself an entitlement associated with a moral or social principle, such that an “entitlement” is a provision made in accordance with a legal framework of a society. Typically, entitlements are based on concepts of principle (“rights”) which are themselves based in concepts of social equality or enfranchisement. There was no guarantee of entitlement there was in fact a decree of the pursuit of how things undoubtedly work.

        • James,
          A quick correction: our rights are not given to us by or under the Constitution. That is the document which dictates how our government must act, and which offers legal protection of those rights, which are given to us by God or derived by virtue of our humanity.
          And brave men like Josh serve this nation’s people, and in times of trial I certain they will continue to stand courageous, proud, and free against tyranny. I pray their sacrifices make us all more free.

          P.S. By virtue of her right to free speech, Wanda was, in fact, entitled to her opinion.

          • @Neal This is the internet, there is no entitlement or rights on this open domain. She has no “rights” here.
            IF she were on another site and the owner didn’t like her opinion, it would be permanently removed which as the owner is his right. Keep the “I have my rights!” crap on the streets where it belongs. This is the internet, not America (Regardless if the server is hosted on American soil or not),

        • Obviously, you have not served YOUR country (the United States of America) in any other way than frivolous ways of “college essay’ that would get you some good GPA grade. You are an “intellectual” who has no understanding of what real life is about, you just let some college professors tell you “how things really are” and take it for granted. I believe you are one of those “rich kid who rebels against family money”. How many of you did I meet during my life time!!!! My advise to you! Get your nose away from those “liberal and/or communist literature books you are feed on a daily basis in your college curriculum” and get down to reality with life. Please, show me a country where your “democracy/communist” utopia worked wonderfully? Stop worrying about your GPA and get in touch with reality because your world utopia about everything will be “pink and roses” stop right there, with the real world. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Now in real world with daily struggles about “mondain” (a french word that make you feel so sophisticated and educated) thing like mortgage, meeting ends meet, survival and keeping MY country free takes over GPA grade, essays and intellectuals debates to trivial levels. You might have the intellect but I have the skills that will keep me safe. I’ll trade any day your books knowledge for my life skills. I will survive, you?!? Will you trade your books and belief for some milk and vegetables?

      • Why are you people having this “conversation” here? TOTALLY inappropriate. No matter what your beliefs are in the government , God or otherwise, this section should be for thanking this man for what he sacrificed. Have you people lost your humanity??

        • You are so right Christine, we should be all thinking about Josh and all the other military folks who fight to keep our country from becoming a third world country. We sure can’t expect our government to do it.

          Thank you to all our military.

      • I was hoping when I came across this article to see nothing but support for this soldier in the comments as opposed to the usual petty internet arguments that befoul all other internet articles. I have always before refrained from commenting myself on such petty arguments but as a medic currently deployed to Afghanistan I have witnessed moments such the one depicted in this article far too many times now to not be saddened and angered by the utter disrespect. Please, save your comments for paying respects to the soldiers and the families this article is written for and for the many we have lost. Thank you to my fellow soldiers and the people who support us.

  3. So very proud that this gentleman represents the USA. What a wonderful and touching thing. I am still crying with sympathy and just the honor of being allowed to even view this picture. Thank you kind sir for protecting us!

  4. There are not words enough to show how grateful we are to you for this horrible injury. May God be with you and guide the doctors to heal your body and mind. From a grateful nation to hero who deserves our respect and prayers.

  5. As the wife of an Army husband and the mother of an Army daughter, and Army son and a Navy son, my heart is touched and I salute you!!!

    • We need more heros like you brother GODSPEED in your recovery , I salute you and those who gave their lives for our wretched souls…

  6. I want to express my sincere gratitude to this man for risking his life so that my family can remain free! He is a true hero & Obuma could learn something from him! I pray he has a full recovery & soon gets to be with his own family. I salute you!

  7. Thank you Josh Hargis for displaying the finest of examples for the rest of America’s young men and women to follow. I am so very proud of you and your parents for raising such an exceptional young man. My best wishes to your family and I hope you get well soon.

  8. What an honor to just know that men of his caliber exist. I pray your recovery is speedy and filled with the care and love you deserve. Indeed, a Purple Heart hardly seems adequate for such valor.

  9. This is one of the many reasons I am proud too be an American!! The bravery, sacrifice, and true valor our soldiers portray! Thank you Sir for your service I pray for you and your brothers speedy recovery as well as those lost! God bless you and your family!

  10. Dear Anonymous,
    Before you start talking about info being put out, first bring your concerns to the Congress and the President because they put out info BEFORE things happen!!! If you read the story it did NOT tell WHO they were going after. This is positive story about HONOR, COURAGE, COMMITMENT even when the government does not this man did. Josh may you have a speedy recovery! God bless you, your brothers in arms and your family! Retired Navy CHIEF!!! Brian E. Sullivan ( Not afraid to put my name down) Take notice Anonymous like my brothers did!

  11. It is men like this that serve our country, who have respect for others, who do what is needed to be done at the cost of life and limb that our nation’s leader have shown such disrespect. God Bless you Josh, WE THE PEOPLE THANK YOU !!

  12. Dear Josh, your courage and humility have me in tears!! . I want to say God bless you ALL
    and God keep you, your precious wife & family, your brothers in arms, and the families grieving over their loss in his LOVING arms. A grateful country humbly Thanks you, and prays for you and your Ranger brothers swift recovery. I feel so honored to have been given the chance to see this truly inspiring picture….I will keep you ALL in my nightly prayers along with my growing list of other valiant warriors!!

  13. I have to agree with everyone here. Josh is an outstanding Ranger and is the epitome of the true warrior. My prayers go out that he has a speedy recovery and returns to his family soon. God bless you and your family.

  14. Josh, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family for a speedy recovery. Sincere condolences to those heroes and their families who made the ultimate sacrifice. WE salute you all!

    • God bless your family for your sacrifices. I’m sorry simply does not begin to convey the sorrow I feel for you and your family right now. Even though I do not know you, I have tears of hurt and pain for you. No words can express what you need to hear that will ease your pain. All I can offer is my thoughts, prayers, and a very heartfelt thank you for having such a courageous and strong family member. I pray that our country knows what an honor it is to have those like your family member serve in its military. May God bless you, keep you, and ease your heart during this difficult time. You are deserving of all our thanks and prayers.

    • Katy, may you have peace that passes all understanding – I lift you in prayer for comfort – knowing your sorrow is still deep and very raw.
      Thank you for his ultimate service. We owe a debt to him we cannot fill.

  15. God bless this HERO and GOD BLESS THE USA It’s things like this that give me hope that we will come back from the depths this current administration has brought us to
    There truly are true Americans and this is one of the best!!!

  16. My granddaughter, a nurse in the US Navy, volunteered to serve in Afghanistan and was deployed two months ago. When I asked why she did it, she responded: grandpa, you have no idea how many children are in need of medical help to survive the atrocities of this war.
    I am so proud of her and all the nurses and doctors serving our country with dignity and great courage. Needless to say, I am so proud of all our soldiers who, as Josh is doing, are there to protect our country form a repeat of the horrors of 9/11. God bless you all.
    Rudy Pabon

  17. May God be with the families of those lost and wounded. We can never ever repay them for all they do, nor can we repay the families for the sacrifices they make as well. Mr Hargis, you have made my day just by allowing me to see the picture posted. Your family should be, and I would imagine, are very proud. Please know that our prayers are with you and all of our military. You are such a good role model for each of us.

  18. Thank you for serving!! You are a true man and a true hero. Godspeed. May the government of America see this and take into consideration to pass a law to help all those wounded in action by any means necessary and support the dedication you have shown for so many others.

  19. I couldn’t stop crying when I read this story then I got so angry at our government for the games they are playing with our soldiers!!! Josh nearly does for our country, fights through pain I can only imagine to salute showing respect for our country. He is what a hero is!!! Strength like no other. We should take some money from our govt officials pay checks and put it where it belongs.. To the men and women who make it possible for them to make way to much money.
    Ranger Joshua Hargis I salute you and wish for a speedy recovery and you are MY HERO. Thank you

  20. I take my hat off to any military person and specially to him for his duty to America I love him and dont know him my wishes for a speedy recovery

  21. Yes, I thank God for his mercy. May you receive the healing and support you will need to continue his will. I thank you along with all others that is serving our country. I wake up thinking about where the dangerous area are with our solders in the line of fire. Yes, we know many things that are not correct. We will see those that are not doing what needs to be done for the military brought to their knees. Greed is the problem. Keep up the honest work. We appreciate you and your family.

  22. I am so proud of both of my children who so selflessly serve our country! Josh is a very strong, brave young man! He is a great son, brother, cousin and uncle! He is cheerful and upbeat when I talk to him, asking me how I am! He has been seriously injured, but assures me that he will walk again! I do not doubt this for a moment! I love you Josh!

  23. Josh, Thank you so much for standing between Americans and the enemy. America will stand for you! God bless you always. Prayers are coming to you from Patti in Oregon!

  24. As a mother, sister and daughter of Army Soldiers and a proud member of Soldier’s Angels, I think you so very much for your service and sacrifices; as well as those who served beside to you! You, just as other members of our military, are true Warriors!! HOOAH!! Get well soon!!

  25. Prayers for Josh and his family. Westside strong. May God bless him with a quick recovery. Josh is a true hero. May he continue to be the strong fighter he has shown the entire world.

  26. This President has done NOTHING for our military and veterans!!! He has left us wide open to ridicule from other countries and to attacks! He needs to resign along with the Senate and Congress and let the people of this GREAT NATION pick up the pieces and form a Greater NATION! I salute all military past and present for your courageous service to this country. My prayer is that one day, soon, we will deserve your sacrifices!!!!

    • First of all you obviously don’t get or understand the true concept of freedom and what we as Americans and Soldiers fight for!! As far as our President he is the man elected by the people of the United States of America and as a former military member the Commander and Chief and deserves your Respect not your love or disappointment with the things in your life!!
      Disabled Veteran and SOLDIER FOR LIFE!!!!!

  27. May God Bless Josh and his family. Praying for a speedy recovery.

    This photo hit me hard with memories from 2002 as I stayed with a fellow soldier at the Bagram Airbase MASH Unit until he could head fo Germany.

  28. wishing a speedy recovery Brother, and sending Hand Salute, prayers for you and your family and your Brothers and Sisters in Arms


  30. I am a vet. and this President is “NOT” a commander in chief, he is a person who is a big lair and a fake! He should be impeached!

    • And you’re an idiot. This is a place to honor an American hero not to say whether you like the Commander in Chief or not. President Obama _is the leader of this country whether you like it or not.
      I don’t think you served in the military or you’d know you respect the position even if you don’t respect the man.
      God bless Josh Hargis for his service and dignity and God bless our Commander in Chief.

  31. We as soldiers, do everything it needs to be done, to get the mission accomplish, we risk our life for the freedom of our country, and even 13 years latter if my country will call for me, I will say SEND ME!, I´m a Veteran and I was deported to my native country, even though I consider the United States Of America my only home. I pay for the crime I committed and its not fair what they are doing to us, no VA Hospital here and its now been 5 years dealing with PTSD by my self. Proud to be an American Veteran… Hoooah

  32. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for your actions. I wish you a speedy recovery and safe return to your family…and your Ranger family! America needs more men like you, you make us all proud!!! In a long ongoing battle…people often forget our soldiers and what they stand for. For the sacrifice and loss you and your fellow soldiers went through….I pray that American’s see your story and unite in great support of our soldiers. Thank you so much from a proud Veteran Army Medic!!! God Bless you!!!

  33. Thank you brother!! You are a true American hero! Prayers for your speedy recovery!! You make me proud to call myself a Vet!! God speed Ranger Hargis

  34. Prayers for a speedy recovery and a huge “Job Well Done” soldier! I am grateful for your sacrifice and for those of your brothers-in-arms who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I shall never forget and, like another’s comment earlier, “You make me PROUD to call myself a Vet!” Army Strong!

  35. I think that some of you should be reminded that this story is not a political battleground. A simple thank you, prayers and well wishes for Josh’s family should be your duty as a compassionate American. Go find another site or blog to post your political rhetoric and interpretations.

    TO JOSH, TAYLOR AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY: Thank you for all your sacrifice and God Bless you in a very speedy recovery!

    An Army brat of a Ranger and sister of Ranger instructor

    • Thank you, Jodie, I too, am disheartened by the political comments regarding this touching story that should be only about a great American who deserves our tribute and best wishes for a full recovery. A mother of a former Army Ranger.

  36. We need an address so that my mother and her friends can send prayer shawls

    I. So to bring comfort and hope to the soldiers and their families

  37. Lots of political rhetoric above. I get it, I am frustrated, I am furloughed. Let’s keep this about Ranger Josh Hargis, and his honorable gesture at ones hardest time, to upkeep Military Customs and Courtesies. I am so happy for his family and Ranger Brothers, as well as Josh, that he survived. Prayers to the families of those who did not, and continued God Speed for Josh’s recovery. What a strong man. Thank you to his family for sharing. This Ranger mom is going to bed tonight to thank God again, that her son is home safe from deployment, again. Rangers Lead the Way!

  38. Why is it that so many moving postings like this bring on comments of political rage? Can’t we just appreciate what our brave soldiers are doing without arguing? This man deserves our respect, and I commend those who responded in that spirit.

    • Exactly. To anyone who uses this for a political landscape, get over yourselves. Just take the time to say thank you and then leave, if you can’t behave.

  39. James, you are so right …

    Our rights are a gift from God, derived from our humanity,

    Unfortunately, as we can all see, the government is usurping and violating the Constitution, and American’s freedom is in grave peril! WeThePeople are in a war for the soul of America …

    To our courageous and beloved troops, We The People can never repay the debt we owe you for protecting us, and defending our freedom! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God bless you, and keep his protecting hand over you …

  40. Josh, thank you so much for showing us what being a servant to our country is all about. Where some teach our youth it is best to have more money and that people are objects to overcome, you let people of all ages see that honor comes in being willing to die for a worthier cause. I thank God that you are now recovering from your wounds. I also pray for your family at home and on the battlefield. No thanks could be enough, but thank you, just the same.

  41. I originally reposted this story, sending copies to multiple news agencies with a prayer that this hero of our country get the thanks&attention he so much deserves. Well, I’m happy to announce that my efforts&your support has made this HERO’s story hit the WORLD NEWS ON ABC & CBS! Please people, keep up your prayers&thanks so more people start to give respect where respect is due! Signed: proud to have served.

  42. Your sacrifice and dedication to your country, our country… The United States of America, is so much more than a simple thank you. Wishing you a speedy recovery and strength to your wonderful wife as you both heal, both mentally and physically. Get well soon. God Bless you.

  43. This president has done more to
    Undermine the Armed Forces than
    any President since Jimmy Carter.


    Veterans Club Of America

  44. Thank you not only to this soldier and the ones who did not survive this attack, but also to the families who love their soldiers enough to let them go never knowing if they will see them alive again!!!!
    God Bless our soldiers and their families! I have more respect for them than I do the characters running this once great nation!

  45. Know that you are not alone in your fight. With your spirit and strength, you will serve as an inspiration for others. You represent the best our nation has. Semper Fi from a Marine.

  46. David C Brown…I’m feel so sorry for you. Do they even have a miliary on the planet that you’re from? Maybe you should go back… the “president” is an idiot and the only military that he has helped is the muslim brotherhood, those that OUR military is protecting us against!

  47. God bless you Soldier! And may those that gave their lives to protect us rest in enternal peace. We can only imagine what its like over there…….they live it and breathe it everyday. Thank-you will never ever be enough.

  48. I feel a connection with this precious soldier. We have a grandson who is a medic with the 122 Battalion in Afghanistan now. His duty has been to train soldiers to be medics. Reading this article brought cold chills because I feared for him being out on the field. This gave a greater appreciation for the service that he is doing, just wondering if perhaps he was involved in this tragic event. My prayers will be with you and his precious wife while you await his homecoming. Thank you Josh for the dedication you have to your country and we will be praying for your recovery and anticipation of the birth of your first child! God Speed!

  49. God bless you & your family yet to be. My prayers are w those that didn’t live. Your salute pic should be spread as far as it can go & to as many people that can see it. Best to you!

  50. Taylor, I thank you and your husband for his service. My prayers for a fast healing. My husband is retired Air Force and we live in San Antonio. If you need anything let me know and I’ll see what I can do. After all we service spouses always support each other. Prayers to you and all your family.

  51. I would just like to say you are a true Hero I pray you will be with your loving wife soon and for a great recovery. Hope all is well with your wife & your baby that’s on the way you are truly a warrior. We pray for the other troops families who lost their lives on that same day we will never know just how many sacrifices our nations young men & woman and families have given. We are a grateful USA.

  52. The Purple Heart is awarded in the name of the President of the United States to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States who, while serving under competent authority in any capacity with one of the U.S. Armed Services after April 5, 1917, has been wounded or killed. The Purple Heart differs from all other decorations in that an individual is not “recommended” for the decoration; rather he or she is entitled to it upon meeting specific criteria.

    The Medal of Honor is the United States of America’s highest military honor, awarded for personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. The medal is awarded by the President of the United States in the name of Congress to US military personnel only. There are two distinct protocols for awarding the Medal of Honor. The first and most common is nomination and approval through the chain of command of the service member. The second method is nomination by a member of the U.S. Congress, generally at the request of a constituent, and the subsequent approval via a special Act of Congress. In both cases, the Medal of Honor is presented by the President on behalf of, and in the name of, the Congress

    Purple Heart = Wounds or killed in action
    Medal of Honor = Acts of Valor above ad beyond the call of duty.

    Josh may qualify for the Medal of Honor but there is a process that has to be followed (nomination, approval of Congress, presentation by President).
    Hope this clears up the question as to why he only got the Purple Heart.

    God Bless you brother!

  53. This man stood up for what he believes in that makes him a hero.there’s so many people today that will not do that he will be on of the stongest persons ill have the pleasure of remembering for the rest of my life and we think we have it rough cuz starbucks don’t have our flavor of coffee or our football team lost thank for putting some prospective back in my life

  54. Josh I want to personally thank you for part in saving me from harm, by being on the front lines holding harm back from our USA. You are a terribly Heroic Man. God Bless you and your family. I pray for your quick recovery and may God forever walk by your side and keep you safe from harm. Thank you.

  55. I am blessed that Josh and the fellow men in that unit. My husband was one of the one’s who didn’t make it home from that mission. They did however make sure that his body is making it back to me and our families. Thank you for recognizing the type of men Josh and the rest of his unit are. Support our troops.

  56. this topic has started many off topic conversations that should be redirected to another page. One for those who do not appreciate what our military do for us. With risk of life and limb this man has given all that he can and still had the deep courage to salute a superior officer and not paying attention to his own pain. His patriotism is unquestionable. Many of us have not the conviction to even put out hand over out heart when the national anthem is sung. We are not as appreciative of our nations patriotism and what it takes to protect our freedom. This man stood in the shoes of the cowards that cant even enlist to give our country a few years of their lives in return for the freedoms we have. instead of running from danger he chose to face the danger with no regard to his own life. He is a true hero who will and has stood in the path of danger for us.

    Rather than rant on things that have been mentioned on this page, take it off page and show the respect this man has earned for the sacrifice he has made. his life is forever changed because of his service to our nation. He will never complain because he did what he did out of love for our country and nothing less than that. If those of you are naysayers and off topic comments cant comprehend that this man is preserving YOUR freedoms than you have a lot to learn about our nations military and the men and women who choose to enlist for reasons of preserving out country.

    it is no small thing this man has done. yet you are taking away his respect by arguing mundane topics that are better left for another board, but not here.

    My prayers are with this man and his family. What a wonderful testimony and the courage it took for it to happen. Rarely do i comment but i think that by misconstruing the reason this topic was started i had to say something.

    Heros are few and far between. This man is a true hero and should be respected as one. Wishing the family and the soldier well is what is called for here, not splitting hairs that have no reason to be on this page.

    Grow up and realize that FREEDOM is bigger than any words written, any opinions we have. Freedom is action of men and women of our country. For those who have never served, than you have no place to speak on this page for you are clueless about what our military is all about.

    Freedom isn’t given to us it is fought for and won. Many sacrifices are made by the soldier and their families for us to help our country remain the only free nation in the world.

    Mary Hoover
    USN veteran

    • Well put, Mary Hoover! Thanks for saying what I have been thinking. And thank you to this young man who stands for all that is good in our nation.

  57. Thank you Ranger for your courage and the inspiration from your family. I’m just north of San Antonio (Austin) and if there is anything any of you need PLEASE let us know. As a Soldier’s Angel it would be my honor to help in any way possible.

    Your pic is now on my puter to remind me constantly of the brave men and women who serve and their families who serve with them. Thanks is not enough!

  58. From Brooklyn, NY, thoughts and prayers are being sent your way, Ranger Hargis, and to your family, who’s clearly so proud of you. There’s an image of Brooklyners as tough, but you pretty much define that term, maybe even set a new standard and bar for it.

    I know that this is just the start of a new battle for you and the people you love, so the good wishes and prayers you’ve inspired will continue to flow to you, beyond this one incredible gesture of yours. Nothing I’ve ever done comes close to the sacrifices you and your fellow rangers and other military are asked to do daily, so my gratitude is totally inadequate. But you have it. Every minute of every day, you’ve got it.

    So does your whole family and all your friends, who are in this with you. Please don’t let your obviously enormous strength of will prevent you from asking them and others for help when you need it and letting them share your struggles, just as you would look toward the members of your unit to watch your back and share your mission, whatever it happened to be. As you have offered your service as a conscious and deliberate choice, and demonstrated extraordinary courage and determination in fulfilling your oath to serve, let them do the same now, alongside you. We are so very rarely able to return the gifts rangers like you give us, so let the people around you do that. Soon, they’ll be leaning on you again, just as before. Quid pro quo. That’s just the way it works.

    So…thank you. Thank you for the freedom and the safety that I will try never to take for granted. It comes from you and those who serve with you.

    My deep sorrow, tears and prayers are also with the families of the other members of the unit killed or wounded. It is awful what we do to each other and what we must ask of each other in time of war. I may not know your names but your actions, your service and the people you left behind will be remembered, I promise.


  59. Here is a man who understands the term Honor and dedication to duty, and service to his country. It is something that should be mandatory viewing and reading for every ,member of Congress.

  60. First and foremost, I SALUTE this Ranger’s courage and service! May GOD Bless him, and his family for his sacrifice and throughout the healing period where he will endure much more pain and sacrifice.

    Having said that, I can not resist the temptation to respond to the UNINFORMED people arguing over the government shutdown on this thread!

    I agree that it’s inappropriate to be doing so on this thread about this soldier, his courage and sacrifice! I haven’t had the time to read all of the posts here so what I’m saying may have already been said. But; the House Republicans funded the ENTIRE government in a national budget, except for the ACA, better known as Obamacare. ALL funding of government, by law, as set up by our Founding Fathers and plainly stated in the Constitution, must start in the House of Representatives.

    It is the House’s responsibility to fund the government. They have the DISCRETION as to how to allocate that funding.

    Obamacare, was passed into law through arm twisting, bribery, and outright lying. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law as Constitutional because “IT IS A TAX”, when the President LIED to the nation for 2 years that it WASN’T A TAX!

    Obamacare was NEVER the choice of the majority of the American people to fix problems with our healthcare system, and it remains widely unpopular today. Poll after poll, shows that the majority of Americans want it repealed and replaced.

    As the minority party in Congress, without the power to repeal and replace it, but having control of the nation’s purse strings in the House, the Republicans did what the American people wanted them to do, they FUNDED THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT EXCEPT OBAMACARE!

    The Senate, and President Obama, had the choice of accepting that budget and shutting down Obamacare, or going into conference to reach compromise with the Republicans over Obamacare, and the GOP OFFERED compromises; OR, THEY, the Democrat led Senate and President Obama, could REFUSE to compromise, therefore, SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!

    Now THOSE are the FACTS! None of that is my opinion, that is all purely FACTUAL! So, the bottom line is:

    If you are blaming the Republicans for the government shutdown, YOU are poorly informed about the FACTS and need to do more research for yourself, instead of allowing talking heads on TV tell you what to think!

    • Joe, this story is about a wonderful Ranger Hero, his and his Brothers’ sacrifices to protect our Freedoms! It is about Ranger Hargis courage, strength, honor, duty and respect! By our honoring him for all these traits and more, We honor Each and Every Man and Woman, who courageously serves our Country, so we can live in Freedom!

      This is not about Politics Joe! To make it so, is taking away Ranger Josh’s sacrifices, along with Each person serving & protecting us! So please refrain here in this tribute to a Man who deserves better. Ranger Josh will read these posts when he is stronger… Is this political stuff going to help his recovery?


      Cordelia, US Virgin Islands

  61. Why can’t everyone post their political views on a discussion forum in which the topic is abouta political issue? That is an appropriate place to air your current concerns of goverment. This story is worthy of nothing less than positive thouights, care & concern for this man & Hero who fights to protect us Americans! Please only comment words of kindness on this story. We see this hero who is fighting for his life saluting! We civilians all have easy jobs compared to our military members! Why post complaints? This man & his family are thankful to have each other today. They are proud of their family member, but feel sad for him too. My heart goes out to this family. May God Bless You All Always! Thanks to all service people & families. Many of us love & support you!

  62. We have really let everything get out of control when there are men like Josh fighting for our country and we as citizens and they can’t get the help they really need at 100%. These people chose this job yes, but they also do it to support their families…we shouldn’t allow the government to turn their backs on them for any reason, this is just plain inexcusable. I, for one, am disgusted with the way we’ve let these politicians run amok and ruin this country our ancestors fought so hard to build up. I tell you what, I’d rather deal with Clinton and his antics, Bush and Kennedy with their indiscretions any day over dealing with the clown parade we have in the offices now…

  63. Hargis family, Our hearts and prayers extend to you during this time of healing. Your concern for the families of Josh’s commarades in arms is a true testimony to the Christian virtues that make our nation the greatest on earth. Please forgive those who dishonor the noble service of our warriors and post innappropriate politically motivated attacks on sites like this – where it is only appropriate to express our sincere grattitude. It was indeed an honor to be next to your brave son as he received his purple heart and to witness his courage and to pray for his healing – thanking God Almighty for sparing his life. You will see my note and my coin for him reminding him that God has a plan for his future! Thank you and God bless you!

    • Sir, thank you for your words. We also agree that this is not the time nor the place for political attacks. We will be working to clean these comments up. And thank you for your service as well, and for being beside this hero during this time.

  64. I just wanted to say that as a former Ranger (C Co 2/75) in the early and mid ’90’s that the Ranger Creed is still just as much a part of life for the Rangers, undoubtedly moreso than when I was there. It was right after the first Gulf War and there wasn’t really much going on in the world that affected us. We watched in horror as B 3/75 had their battle in Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down), and I personally was part of the force that was going to go into Haiti in Sep. ’94 to kick out a dictator. That mission got cancelled just 2 1/2 hours before H-hour while we were loading the Ch-53’s to head in. That’s as close as I got to combat. I never had a bullet fly by that was aimed at me, and as such I can’t imagine what kind of hell most of my modern day brothers have seen over the last decade or so. I never got the call, but just trained to be ready. Now back to the Ranger Creed. It was gospel while I was in Battalion and just a way of life. This soldier was simply – albeit painfully and more honorably than I have ever heard of – demonstrating, as is mentioned in the 4th stanza, how his “courtesy to superior officers” … “shall set the example for others to follow.” These words really mean something to the men who volunteer for this way of life, it was important to me then, but I can barely even put myself in the same category of the men who volunteer today knowing that they will be put in harms way and still they come and serve. I like to think that it would not have altered my decision to serve when I did if we would have been at war when I signed up. All who serve now deserve our greatest honor and respect. My best wishes and prayers go out Josh and his family. This photo and story shows one the greatest examples of the honor and character that our fighting force is made up today. This is why it’s important to have an all volunteer force. People who want to be there and do their part. That’s why we have the greatest fighting force the world has ever or will ever see. Thanks again to all who serve or have served.

  65. Heartbroken & Humbled by RangerWarriorWife’s comment! I wish I knew the words to say that would help comfort and help heal you & your family for your loss. I pray you are surrounded by much love and support.
    After seven deployments, SGT. W.King (2/75th D Co.), my 26yr old son, DID come home! Our family is truly blessed. Though this is a very difficult time for him right now, Oct 12th marks the 1yr anniversary of his closest friend and Ranger Brother Mac’s death, just one day before returning to the US from their deployment in Afghanistan
    Honoring Our Fallen (if you didn’t already know) is a wonderful website (on facebook also).
    So… To All of our Military Children that have served, are serving and planning to serve… namely Josh, Tommy, Gator, John, Micah & especially you Wesley King…
    You ARE Hero’s, Our Nation’s Super-Hero’s, You Are Always & Forever Loved and from Deep Within Our Hearts… We THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

    The American flag does not fly because the wind moves past it.
    The American flag flies from the last breath of each military member who has died protecting it.
    American soldiers don’t fight because they hate what’s in front of them…they fight because they love what’s behind them.

    It’s our Military and our Veterans, not a reporter,
    Who has given us Freedom of the Press.
    It’s our Military and our Veterans, not a poet,
    Who has given us Freedom of Speech.
    It’s our Military and our Veterans, not the politicians,
    Who ensure our Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
    It’s our Military and Veterans who salute the flag,
    Who serve beneath the flag, And whose coffin is draped by the flag.
    Remember our Veterans and what they have given us.

  66. To Cpl Josh Hargis,Taylor and the rest of your family,thank you for your service to our great nation, you all truly are what makes it that. To all those who really wish to help patriots such as these, put your money where your mouth is, give to The Wounded Warrior Project, like my family and I do. I thank God for our Heros, thank God for the Good Guys and thank God for all those he brings home safely from harms way.To all those who pay the ultimate sacrifice for our country’s freedom thank you, I love you and yours.

  67. god bless our men and women who serve this country. Speedy recovery Josh and my sincere heartfelt sorrow for the ones that didn’t make it and their families. My son is also a Ranger. God bless

  68. Ranger Hargis and Family,
    I was the Nurse caring for you at Role 3 hospital during the day of your Purple Heart Ceremony and holding your hand as you brought it for salute. I want you to know that moment for me will forever be with me and I’m Honored to have witnessed it and care for you during harsh times here. I wish you well and pray your full recovery and STAY STRONG RANGER HARGIS.!

  69. God Bless all our soldiers.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my freedom and making this world a safer place to live in..

  70. I heard this story on the radio while in my car this morning and was moved to tears. My father retired from the military and through him I learned to greatly appreciate the sacrifice made by all of the soldiers. Thank you all and thanks for sharing this story.

  71. I am not from America but from australia. all I have to say is God bless you and give you a speedy recovery and to all soldiers fighting overseas God bless you all for keeping us free.

  72. As a Viet Nam Vet, Thank You Josh for your service and sacrifice. I salute you and say “God Bless You” and wish you a speedy and total recovery. And thank you for sharing your story. I’m proud to call you “A Brother In Arms”.

  73. Best wishes for your speedy and COMPLETE recovery, CPL Hargis. Not only do you lead the way as an Army Ranger, you’re also setting the example for others to follow.
    Take your rest now and let the doctors, nurses and medics do their part; soon enough you’ll be back with us, Brother. 🙂

  74. Thank you for your service to our country. We can never thank you and every person in the armed forces enough for your courage and determination.

  75. Get well soon brother, some of us no longer fight the fight, but there are many who do. Serve On, Live Strong, and this salute is for you <O. Hooah!!!

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  77. So I must apologize, reading a couple of the negative comments breaks my heart. I have so much pride for what this man has given for my safety and my families safety. Whether I believe in our government today or not.

    I have a favor to ask, I have invited some wounded warriors to a charity golf event to enjoy the day. I want to surprise them with a tribute. My issue is it is monday and I have nothing prepared.

    Does anyone have a great video, music or anything else they could share. Also a good poem.

  78. Even this old Coastie, Non-Combat, Vet had leaky eyes at Josh’s Salute.

    All Five Branches, all Specialties – That is what it is all about! A secure Brotherhood.

    Bless You and Get Well, Young Ranger!

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