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Rudi Gresham with SC Senator Lindsey Graham




27 August 2016

About a month ago we brought you the story of Rudi Gresham. Rudi had lived countless years under the guise that he was a former Green Beret that had served under General Yarborough during Vietnam. You can read our original outing here – Rudi Gresham Original Outing

After our story was published, we received countless emails and phone-calls from former colleagues of Gresham’s, and those that had supported him all the way up until we outed him. One certain person was Rudis best friend. He defended him and told us we had no clue what we were talking about, that Rudi was an honorable man.. until he saw the evidence. Once we presented him with it, he was devastated to say the least.

He confronted Rudi, who admitted to Don that he was in fact lying about being a Special Forces Retired Officer. In an email sent to Mr. Gresham from his former friend, he tells him of the incident in which he admitted this.







The website he is referring to in the email is a website that was put up after our first outing of Rudi Gresham. It includes a letter from General Yarborough claiming that Rudi served with him in Vietnam. However, this letter was written years later when the General was in his elder years and Rudi’s  records confirm he was never in Vietnam nor SF qualified.

Also the Mike he is speaking of in the email, I was contacted by, was the President of the local Special Forces Association which Rudi had recently resigned from after being a  member for a several years.  He is the author of the website supporting Rudi Gresham. He told me he had some information that would change my mind about Rudi and asked to meet with me one afternoon, and I agreed. At this meeting I was asked not to discuss much of it, but it was agreed that Rudi was never an officer in the US Army(agreed by Mike Mika) and that the main concern was over a lawsuit stemming from the Martin Luther King family and the book “Killing The Dream”, By Gerald Posner. It seems that Mr. Gresham is quoted throughout an entire chapter in that book, and maybe this could start some new theories. Who knows? Like I told them, my only concern is the truth about Mr. Gresham’s background, not this other stuff. So again they tried to show me the letter from General Yarborough, and again I tell them that this holds no water as it was written in the 90’s.

They also showed me photos of Mr. Gresham with the director of the CIA, trying to also convince me that he was also some type of secret agent for the Government. I had to just shake my head. We left the meeting with a promise to meet with Mr. Gresham the following Friday in Charleston, S.C. I awaited the phone call for the meeting but it never happened.





Here Rudi claims to have served two tours in Vietnam with the 5th SFG while he was serving as the Senior Adviser to the VA Secretary, during a ceremony for the Fallen.

On the Rudi website in his bio, he also says he is a member of the National Medal of Honor Foundation in Charleston, S.C:



But it seems that organization has cut ties with him as will according to this email response we get from them:




Rudi still has a few that are defending him, even with the evidence showing the truth. He is even registered as a PFC at the Department of Veteran Affairs, he was never a member of the Special Forces. In my meeting with Mike Mika, who is President of  Chapter 34 SFA, when I asked if Rudi had earned the coveted Special Forces Tab……. the response I got was, “He had given more to the SF community than any tabbed member ever had”. I was kind of appalled at that statement for a moment. I thought the ones who had given the most were buried with their tabs.






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