Rowdy J Anderson, The Phony SEAL With The Fake Sniper Wound









Texas – Our friends over at Thisainthell and Senior Chief Shipley send us the work on Rowdy J Anderson. Rowdy claims to be a SEAL, claims a Purple Heart as well as other accolades. Only one problem, Don says this guy has never stepped foot into a BUD/s class.

Below are the photos Rowdy posted to his profile of his certifications and awards, check the dates on some of these.




Above is his Afghanistan Campaign Medal certificate, I didn’t realize they issued these, I never got one. But hey according to this, Operation Enduring Freedom started back in 1996!  I guess we were lied to, since we were in Afghanistan way before 9-11!




Another fake certification, this one claims he graduated BUD/s in 1994,  didn’t happen!





At least the dates on this fake certificate make more sense, even though this guy has only seen Iraq and Afghanistan on the television.







Another fake certificate claiming  he was a member of SEAL Team Four, only one problem, the dates say from 1966 to 1977, someone doesn’t know when they’ve screwed up a certificate.





Above is his fake Purple Heart. claims he was shot in the shoulder by a sniper on 23 June 1995 in Afghanistan, he must have  been the only one deployed on that mission!





Another fake certification claiming graduation from a Special Forces Scuba school in Key West, Florida.








He can’t even spell demolition right on his Facebook profile, but expects people to believe he was a SEAL.

Here is his Facebook profile, where at the time of this posting he has his Purple Heart proudly displayed as his cover photo: Rowdy J Anderson

Sometimes these guys don’t try hard enough, if you’re going to spend the money to have fake certifications made, at least get the dates of the conflict right! Don’t be surprised if you get an unsuspected phone call from Senior Chief about your claims as well.


UPDATE: 20140819

This guy just doesn’t know when to stop! Someone sent us a link today showing us his new Facebook profile picture, and he is still claiming to be a SEAL, and wearing the Trident.




Sometimes they just don’t know when to stop.


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  1. I think the way to handle these guys is to discretely accept them into the ” community “, possibly at the VFW hall. Get him to start talking. Let him build a deeper hole. Then have an intervention. Show him the error of his ways. Does not have to be physical, unless he starts it. The embarrassment of getting caught should go a long way in stopping this kind of thing.
    Just my thought.
    US Army 65-68
    Duty Honor Country.

  2. My question is, I thought DEVGRU was SEAL Team Six, (which supposedly there is no such thing, it’s called DEVGRU)? Can anyone clarify this? My info comes from “No Easy Day”, written by a member. What gives?

  3. One certificate sticks out in my mind. I have never seen a Certificate for 3 medals at once. (Title “Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran”) Perhaps it is something that the Government started doing after I left to save on paper.

    Also, as noted before, he must have been dumber than a box of rocks to have not advanced to E-5 in 20 years. The test is given twice a year, so that’s 40 Advancement Exams he failed. Hell, he could have been promoted on PNA points alone, never mind the points he gets for all those schools and medals.

  4. Did he manufacture these awards himself? Or is there some sleazebag business out there printing this kind of crap for the wannabes? It’s so bad, it’s almost funny. It’s as if he’d not lying to us… but just himself. Too dumb. I hope he sees this posting and all the replies. Then again, he probably won’t know the difference.

  5. I find it amazing he spent 37 years in, didn’t get a single award from Vietnam, Beirut, Panama, Grenada or a host of other operations. Plus was an E-4 the whole damn time. I wonder what an E-4 over 37 gets for retirement? lol

  6. I’m Canadian and we have a similar story that happened up here. A fellow by the name of Dave Dodd claimed to be a combat veteran and had a female soldier die in his arms. Long story short, it wasn’t difficult to find out he was lying seeing how there’s only been a couple of Canadian females die in combat. They did a massive investigation and turns out he never even deployed. He got
    A 5F release from the CF (5F means he can never work for the federal government again) and is a social outcast in Canada because it was nationally broadcasted on the news. Anything like this happen in the US?

    Canadian Army
    2012 – Present

    • No Brett, we catch them all of the time here, but our society doesn’t really do anything about it. There doesn’t seem to be any real consequence for these guys, so they just continue. If we Vets want anything done about being disrespected, we typically have to do it ourselves. Because the rest of the country doesn’t seem to care or feel it is such a big deal. Some of our citizens care, but not enough to make a difference. I think the majority of this nation would just like to see us die off so that they don’t have to set eyes on those of us who have been beat up by War. We are an ugly reminder of what this place costs… We are eye sores…

      • Well Tim……..As a brother in arms from Canada I will say thank you for your service! I have enjoyed the honour and privilege of serving with my American comrades. We are not eye sores but reminders to all of the younger generation that our freedom of choice rights and persuit of happiness comes with a cost. We the few have chosen, much like our predecessors from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and countless other conflicts and battles to stand for our countries. As most of the Vets before us are beginning to perish they have passed the torch to us in the hopes that the names of all whom have fought and served will NEVER be forgotten. Keep up the good work exposing those who think they can be posers.


      • Tim im not in the service but i am an American and i just wanted to say Thank you to you and every service member on this page for your service, sacrifice, and all you did for your country and that i am truly sorry people fake these Honors that they did not EARN-people like Rowdy J Anderson. This goes for the members of the Canadian Armed Services as well, Thank you. I do my best to call the fakes out but you are right there is not enough of us to stop these people from stealing what they did not earn.

  7. My father was drafted for Vietnam and cont. service in special forces for 26 years fighting for his country in many conflicts. It’s disrespecting pukes like this who should go to jail for doing this!

  8. Okay, so I went poking around his Facebook page. I notice he was friends with a rather attractive woman. Upon seeing her page, I see that she has only one friend, and its Rowdy. She posted one pic, and in the comments she goes back and forth with him. Its the typical Nigerian send me money scam. Reading the comments between “her” and him its clear he is not bright enough to know when he is being scammed. Its no wonder he can’t pull is own scam with out botching it. This guy needs help.

  9. They actually DO make campaign medal certs. Just depends if your unit was lazy or not to issue them rather than just blanket everyone with a memorandum. I have one for A-Stan but it looks different than the one he posted

  10. I would like to say, I have the utmost respect for all our HEROS!!!! Jerks like this are going to get bit by the BIG KARMA DOG, and he won’t like it….. Quit giving our REAL SUPER HEROS a bad name, dumbass. I’m not in the military and I even knew the dates didn’t coincide. If you want to be military that bad, THAN JOIN! DONT BE A POSER!!!! Damn get a life!!!

  11. My cousin told his friends and girl friend he was a Navy seal. I’m a 28 year Army veteran, Vietnam and Desert Storm. He’s never been in military couldn’t turn loose of his mama’s tit. When I found out what he was doing I exposed him to his friends and girlfriend. I also threatened to turn him into the FBI. Should have kicked his ass.

  12. What we need to do is somehow get the Stolen Valor act amended and give it teeth to bite these dirt bags in the ass.

    They need to get rid of that qualifier about falsifying your service “for profit.” Can’t we petition Congress or something? Get the VSO’s involved? Anything???

  13. His dates are all messed up on BUDs and his “Combat Diver Certification” He graduated from the dive school on Feb 16, 1994 but graduated from BUDs in March 25, 1994. So he was allowed to leave during the fifth month of BUDs to go to dive school after completing the 3rd and 4th month where he would have been qualified as a diver anyways.

  14. I think some real Navy personnel should take the boy out drinking and check his drown proofing in the local kiddy pool. Then publish the photo in the local newspaper. Can’t wait to see his DD 214!

  15. I know him personally and he wasn’t born in ’66. My father served in Vietnam and gave all he had for dipshits like this to just be so stupid. I’d love to get some special forces or seals together to show him what the American way really means.

    • Have you “outed” him? Why is he still trying to keep up the con? Is he insane? I can’t believe that he is still engaged too. I outed him to his Fiance and obviously she must have NO self esteem to still be with someone like this, especially when she has children who are going to be influences by this fake/phony/liar.

    • Have you “outed” him? Why is he still trying to keep up the con? Is he insane? I can’t believe that he is still engaged too. I outed him to his Fiance and obviously she must have NO self esteem to still be with someone like this, especially when she has children who are going to be influences by this fake/phony/liar.

  16. Hmmmm I live less than 10 minutes from our sunny ray of sunshine and the police chief there is a 20+ year personal friend who can’t tolerate stolen Valor types. I suppose since I’m retired and bored out of mind I could mosey over and knock on his door to interview him. I suppose Chief Jimmy Bayuk would want to come along too to keep the peace.

  17. Hey guys former HM and retired flight medic from LA guard. Absolutely no SF experience other than supporting MARSOC with medevac coverage in 10-11. How can this asshat have a team assigned on his BUDS cert? Lol. Wouldn’t he have to be assigned after graduation? Just askin.

  18. shitbags like this piss me off i have made it my mission to go after people like him on the dating sites i just fuck with them until they delete the profiles i find it quite enjoyable i did 24 years in the United States Army i was brave enough to put on the uniform and these scumbags were not its just to bad nothing can be done until they try to cash in on the benefits that the real vets are entitled too.

    • Perhaps, one of the East Texas news channels should do a “story” on him…and interview his fiancé and ask her what it’s like to eff a ‘hero’!

  19. Wow…. Don’t worry dated a squids daughter in az that had the same claims and I outted him in front of his entire family… Yeah was priceless!!! But hey maybe he’ll learn

  20. I wore my uniform proudly for three years. I was and still am a proud member of the US Cavalry. This shit bird needs a squad of scouts to pay him a visit after a morning of beverages.

  21. This is a reply message I received from Rowdy’s Fiance Shanna Hughes after I have sent her this link 2x with all of the evidence of deceit laid right out for her – “I don’t believe he is lying I think he got scammed by a website that said they would replace his certificates. That is the crap they sent. He really did serve our country.” WOW is all I can say.

    • okay well im not a service member but shouldnt he have a veterans card that says something like ” VETERANS OF OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM OF THE U.S.A., INC. ” with his barracks number nand barracks quartermasters name on it? i dont know thats why im asking my dad has his grandfathers from WW1 and my mother has my grandfathers from WW2

      • Anyone who has served honorably could be eligible for a VA card (only good for ID at a VA hospital) or a Department of Defense issued ID card, not to be confused with numerous non-official Veteran’s ID cards. What is “OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM OF THE U.S.A., INC.” I know what OEF is but what the hell is it “incorporated” into? Barracks number? Barracks Quartermaster’s name? For one, mostly only junior Soldiers live in the “Barracks” and secondly many military barracks are managed by civilian agencies. There is no “Barracks Quartermaster.” Uh…where are you getting all this terribly wrong and confusing information from?

  22. Was there an FOIA request sent to see if he ever actually served? Not that it matters at this point, he’s still a shitbag. But the only way to combat lies is with the truth.

  23. Marcus Luttrell is from Texas…I’m sure there are at least a few more current and former Vets from the Teams in Texas. Just sayin’!


  24. The dates on the first certificate prove it. The first date says the campaign medal was established in 2004… But the date it was issued was some 9 years earlier. Am I missing something?

  25. Maybe he was somehow part of the Russian force who was left behind fighting the Moujhadeen??? Or maybe he was secretly part of Bill Clinton’s mission when we were firing missiles from ships into Afghanistan in the mid 90’s. And maybe just maybe the US made the OEF campaign retroactive like they did the GWOT eligibily to include serving in Bosnia back to 1997. Haha haha. I doubt it.

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