Rowdy J Anderson, The Phony SEAL With The Fake Sniper Wound









Texas – Our friends over at Thisainthell and Senior Chief Shipley send us the work on Rowdy J Anderson. Rowdy claims to be a SEAL, claims a Purple Heart as well as other accolades. Only one problem, Don says this guy has never stepped foot into a BUD/s class.

Below are the photos Rowdy posted to his profile of his certifications and awards, check the dates on some of these.




Above is his Afghanistan Campaign Medal certificate, I didn’t realize they issued these, I never got one. But hey according to this, Operation Enduring Freedom started back in 1996!  I guess we were lied to, since we were in Afghanistan way before 9-11!




Another fake certification, this one claims he graduated BUD/s in 1994,  didn’t happen!





At least the dates on this fake certificate make more sense, even though this guy has only seen Iraq and Afghanistan on the television.







Another fake certificate claiming  he was a member of SEAL Team Four, only one problem, the dates say from 1966 to 1977, someone doesn’t know when they’ve screwed up a certificate.





Above is his fake Purple Heart. claims he was shot in the shoulder by a sniper on 23 June 1995 in Afghanistan, he must have  been the only one deployed on that mission!





Another fake certification claiming graduation from a Special Forces Scuba school in Key West, Florida.








He can’t even spell demolition right on his Facebook profile, but expects people to believe he was a SEAL.

Here is his Facebook profile, where at the time of this posting he has his Purple Heart proudly displayed as his cover photo: Rowdy J Anderson

Sometimes these guys don’t try hard enough, if you’re going to spend the money to have fake certifications made, at least get the dates of the conflict right! Don’t be surprised if you get an unsuspected phone call from Senior Chief about your claims as well.


UPDATE: 20140819

This guy just doesn’t know when to stop! Someone sent us a link today showing us his new Facebook profile picture, and he is still claiming to be a SEAL, and wearing the Trident.




Sometimes they just don’t know when to stop.




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