Ron Dickey, Mississippi Candidate For Congress Lies About Being A Green Beret




This is a case we have worked alongside our SF brethren, Ron Dickey, a candidate running for Congress out of Mississippi made multiple claims of being a Green Beret with 3rd Group. Of course someone high-profile, making claims such as this will have people asking questions.

He refers to himself as a “Green Beret Veteran of Desert Storm” and is using this claim to garnish votes with the local veterans and public. He claims that while assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group, that he was authorized to wear the Green Beret therefore he can refer to himself as a “former Green Beret”. While the first part of this claim is true, he never went through or attempted to attend Special Forces (Green Beret) training, during the time of his claim he was assigned as a Food Specialist, 94B. All support personnel assigned to a Special Forces unit were authorized to wear the Green Beret by the Commander, USSOCOM from 1991-May1993. This policy change was implemented because qualified Green Berets were awarded the Special Forces Tab which supposedly distinguished them from the support soldiers in the units. Authorization for support personnel wearing the beret ceased in May 1993 when Gen. Wayne Downing took command of US SOCOM. Ron is not even Airborne qualified, which he has made no claims to be, except for the fact that to be a “Green Beret”, a soldier is required to be Airborne qualified first.

Ron also claims to be a Veteran of Desert Storm (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991) and that when “…he got back from the Middle East, he developed extensive skin abrasions. He still doesn’t know if he was exposed to something during the war, but his health began to deteriorate quickly (sic).” However, his records do not show authorization for either the Southwest Asia Service Medal or the Kuwait Liberation Medal which were awarded to Soldiers who actually deployed to the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm. Ronald is using the loose claim of being an Active Duty Soldier DURING Desert Storm to being a Veteran of Desert Storm.

Below are snapshots of his claims from social media, as well as articles written about him where it specifically states he is a Green Beret Veteran.




10509515_10152356244384773_3360795422405123061_n 10514575_10152356240144773_5407204884888515500_n




Below is his biography:






Here is a post from one of his campaign pages:






Below is a news article written that claims Dickey is a former Green Beret.






This was taken from his Facebook page, as you can see he even has his supporters thinking he is a former Green Beret.



The SF community doesn’t take it lightly when someone claims to be one of them when in fact they are not. I spoke to one former Green Beret who had a phone conversation with Dickey. In this conversation Dickey admitted he had never attended the “Q” course. He said that since he was allowed to wear the Green Beret, he could claim SF status, sorry that is not how it works.

Here are Ron Dickey’s actual military records:










As you can see by the official military records above, not only was Mr. Dickey not Special Forces, he also didn’t deploy in support of Operation Desert Storm/Shield. He served honorably, and yes did support 3rd Group, but he was never a Green Beret nor did he deploy.


You can also see other write-ups about him at the following links:
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UPDATE: 20140725

Mr. Dickey has spoken out saying he never personally claimed to be SF, you can see his rebuttal in this article: Congressional Candidate Answers Questions About SF Claims

He cleansed most of his sites of the claims after the story went public, but he forgot to remove the claims from his personal FB page which we took snapshots of.

ron1 ron2fixed


After this story broke he took down his old campaign page and started a new one, you can see it here: Dickey for Congress



Below is a gallery of more snapshots of his claims found online, thanks to the SF community once again for bringing this guy and his lies to light.




UPDATE 20141104: 

Ron Dickey has lost the race for Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District, although we knew this would happen.



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32 comments on “Ron Dickey, Mississippi Candidate For Congress Lies About Being A Green Beret
  1. Good job, once again! Fox News, Greta Van Susteren, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly have the information, as well as a number od different radio talk show hosts. I emailed the Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party and he has already replied. We’ll see what the reaction(s) is/are. It should hit the evening news in some places tonight.

    • In contact with local news station here as well (CNN, Fox News also notified by me as well)… WDAM reporter is looking into this as well now…

  2. What the fuck is wrong with these types? As Veterans, they should know better. Is it the ridiculous ego and self-importance “required” of an elected official that drives them to do this?

  3. All the good conduct medal is, is to let all know that you served three years while not getting your ass into trouble. It doesn’t mean squat. Dickey is trying to use the Green beret status for personal gain. He may have worn it but he didn’t earn it. Same as someone assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division. If you’re not airborne and you have never been to jump school but yet you are assigned to the 82nd, you still wear the beret as part of the uniform. But are you a paratrooper? F%$K no! So, Dickey is nothing but a POS to make claim he is a Green Beret. If he is willing to claim something he is not, then he has no honor nor any credibility. So ethically and morally he is not fit to sit as a congressman.

    • Jas I have to agree with your statement and I am sick of these guys claims to feed their egos, my late fiancée SGT Mark A Loosen served out of Fort Bragg, NC and saw many action including Desert Storm and he was 82nd airborne for 10 years (AF for 5 years). In my opinion this man has no honor and anyone who uses this claim in my book is a skunk (a nice way of putting my real thoughts on it.) By the way guys keep up the good work in finding false service members and preserve the true heroes that protect us.

    • As a newly minted officer myself, I was wondering the same thing. Probably just did a ride-along at some point and calls himself a cop, if his misrepresentation of his military service is any indication.

  4. Anyone who honorably served our country deserves our citizens’ respect. However, any honorable veteran would not claim or allow others to believe that they served in any capacity different than their record states. Serving in a unit supporting SF doesn’t give you the authority to claim SF qualifications. Serving DURING a conflict or war is different than deploying to that conflict. Do not lie about your service to your country. A good Conduct medal means you met conduct standards for a period if time. The National Defense Service medal means you served during the time of the conflict not that you deployed to or actively engaged in the conflict. Man up and tell the truth.

  5. How did he get a GCM when he didn’t serve 3 years? It shows he was discharged 21 May and the Good Conduct Medal award says through 23 May which would have been the 3 year point. Does the Army award them if you “come close?”

  6. What’s a National Defense Medal? I reckon he’s referring to his National Defense Service Medal. That’s awesome! I bet it looks great next to his Army Service Ribbon vanity plate.

  7. For you younger vets…some of us ancient USAF vets/retirees wear the Army Good Conduct Medal, and never served in the Army! How??? Up until 1961, the Air Force did not have its’ own GCM. AF enlisted who served prior to that date were awarded the Army GCM. In ’61 you Army guys finally decided us Air Force (USAAF?) folks finally grew up (grew pubic hair) so you gave us our own AFGCM!! CMSgt, USAF Retired

  8. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the fact that the “army person,” not capitalizing Army because it’s fake, he is using in his photo op is wearing the retired BDUs with no name tapes or anything else on the uniform as if it was just bought from the military surplus store then ironed and starched right before taking the picture. Plus the photo info still has all the SF info:

    “Ron Dickey has worked many jobs: For example he was in the Army’s Special Forces, in the Green Berets and served in the Gulf War during Operation Desert Storm when he was stationed in Korea and Fort Brag.”

    It has however not contained in his “About” section.

  9. When he served, E-4 was automatic at 26 months unless someone put paperwork in to stop it. So at 36 months he was still E-3? Either his conduct wasn’t so good or his performance wasn’t anywhere near at par with his peers. It makes sense he is running for office, I guess.

  10. I also note that at that time it was pretty much a given that you got at least an AAM when you PCS’ed or ETS’ed. Must not have been doing something right with that glaring lack of awards.

    • Chuck you are absolutely correct!, he would have gotta a AAM just for being in Korea, I got one when I left Korea in 91′, they called it a going away present!

  11. I’m a retired Surface Warfare Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman. I was lucky enough to be stationed with an East Coast SEAL Team for a 3 year tour. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for my guys, but you’ll never catch me sporting a Trident or jump wings when I put my uniform on for special occasions.

  12. I’m a retired Surface Warfare Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman. I was lucky enough to be stationed with an East Coast SEAL Team for a 3 year tour. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for my guys, but you’ll never catch me sporting a Trident or jump wings when I put my uniform on for special occasions.

  13. I’m a retired Surface Warfare Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman. I was lucky enough to be stationed with an East Coast SEAL Team for a 3 year tour. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for my guys, but you’ll never catch me sporting a Trident or jump wings when I put my uniform on for special occasions.

  14. What a POS. You have to get your Green Beret the old fashioned way, you have to EARN it
    He has stolen valor by making such a false claim
    De Oppresso Liber !

  15. This issue really upsets me and it upsets me for reasons even beyond the fact he is a poser. On a political level this “man” was called out and proven to be nothing more than a poser and what did he do to handle it? Nothing…. he simply claimed “I never said that!” or some bologna along those lines. My point is that this piece of trash could very well be elected and what we are left with is someone who will be helping run this country (or destroy) who can’t even act honestly about his military service when, frankly, he had not a single reason to lie about or build himself up as something he isn’t.

    His campaign really sets a very…. in fact, extremely dangerous precedent that a candidate can both shit on those who bled for this country & also that if you do, you can still become an elected official. My fellow brethren in arms, I am truly not trying to incite anything but something really needs to be done guys. Again, I need to reinforce I am not attempting to begin some movement or cause anyone to act rashly but if these clowns aren’t stopped from acting like this then we are failing in our duty to leave a healthy and vibrant America for our future generations.

    I am sorry to make this comment political in scope but this specific outing really concerns me as nothing is being done about it and this asshole could very well be in the House sooner or later.

  16. Late 80’s and early 90’s even the ladies assigned within a SF group were authorized to wear a Green Beret. The difference was in the Flash, SF Qualified Soldiers had Flashes without borders were none SF Qualified Soldiers had the same Flash but it had a white border on it. In 1993 GEN Downing ordered that only SF Qualified Soldiers wear the Green Beret, Airborne Qualified Soldiers not SF qualified wore the marrow beret and non-Airborne qualified Soldiers wore the Patrol Cap as daily garrison wear.

    This Asshat never earned a Green Beret or the Special Forces Tab. He was allowed to wear a Green Beret because of the orders of the USSOCOM Commanding General that was serving during his time of service in 3rd Special Forces Group.

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