Robert Landis Lawton, Destroys Stellar Career By Claiming He Survived Beirut Barracks Bombing Of 1983












Meet Gunny Robert Landis Lawton.  Mr. Lawton was brought to our attention after he made claims to several Marines at Parris Island of being the last survivor pulled out of the Beirut Barracks bombing in 1983, and his claims did not stop with that. Mr. Lawton stood up in front of some Marines at Parris Island during a Law Mess and presented himself as a survivor of the bombing, being pulled out of the basement after three days. He stated this no less than three times. He also claimed he was a Marine Corps Sniper in front of this group of Marines. Another claim on the flyer below is National Defense with three stars, also not the case, he should have only have two, as the qualification periods he is eligible for are Desert Storm/Shield in the 1990’s and the Global War On Terror.

Here is a statement I received from one of the Marines in attendance at the mess that night:

The mess night consisted of about 40 Marines, in formal dress blues with dinner and a 4-band group, Officers, SNCOs, and junior Marines over formal dinner and drinks, including a dozen or so workers at the O-Club to support the event. This wasn’t just some little, bump into you at the bar type of thing.


He was selected, as a whole, by our Marines here to be a guest of honor speaker at a local Mess Night aboard Parris Island. The Marines knew him due to him working as a volunteer at the local Parris Island Museum. When I met him, during cocktail hours, he told me he survived 3 days in the basement of the bombed BEQ in Beirut. He showed me a gold coin (a Beirut BEQ coin) that, if not mistaken, he told the POTUS gave him afterwards.



He also told me he was a Sniper and that he never wore his PH until the past couple of years. He said his wife finally convinced him after all the years. He told me that he had the DD-214 modified and insisted the PH was taken off. He then told me that he burned the PH certificate a couple of years back on a “drunk night” while he was feeling survivor’s guilt.


During the mess night, his speech included him saying how it felt great to be putting Sniper rounds down range at the enemy that had been snipping at them and killing Marines. He also stated that he had been a 0331-Machine Gunner as well. He made it sound as if he only went to Motor-T after his injuries.


That night at the Mess Night, he wore the PH, Combat Action Ribbon w/ 3 gold stars, had a National Defense ribbon with 2 stars (which would have dated him back to Vietnam), and, yet, only had a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with 2 stars. He also went on to state in his Hollywood stories about his reporting in to Drill Instructor school.


He said the 1stSgt at the time was his DI 10 years prior, as a recruit. He said that before he knocked on the hatch to report in that the 1stSgt said (down the hall, before entering the hatch), “I thought they got you in Beirut!” His reply to that was like a corny, Hollywood scene (which was believe by us at that time)…His reply was something along the lines (don’t quote me) of something like, “Not on this Marine’s watch, 1stSgt!”


He was our guest of honor. He received a free meal and 2 plaques from us (things that we paid for out of pocket), to include, ironically, the Lady Of Justice statue (it was a Legal Mess Night). He consciously lied to all of us that day and took the respect and honor we gave him, even at the cost of disrespect to the fallen Beirut, their families, those service members that were really there, and to himself.


In closing, ironically, at the very end of his speech, he said that when he was in, he and Marines never would go around (or want to be around) the “Legal Beagles” (us Legal Marines). It was said in the context of a joke, and everyone laughed, but, at the end of the day, it bit him in the ass.


It seems to me Mr. Lawton has violated the Stolen Valor act of 2013, as he received free items, as well as awards(plaques) based on lying about his Purple Heart.

This is a copy of one of the flyers from the mess:



According to Lawton, he survived three days in the rubble of the Marine barracks, and that he was rescued on 26 October 1983. But historical accounts from other Marines as well as documentation from that incident shows that the last survivor pulled from the rubble was Chaplain Wheeler on the same day the bombing took place. All the Marines that were in Beirut that I have spoken to assure me no one was pulled out alive beyond the 23rd, and I have spoke to several Marines that were present and going through the rubble.

He posted about the bombing on the 30th anniversary, which was this past October and made the claims as well. This was also the same day we received his records from the Marine Corps, we have investigated Lawton for several months now.

1395198_342626215881073_1883680157_n 1395278_342626155881079_742326305_n



On top of this, Lawton also claims a Purple Heart from the bombing as well as three Combat Action Ribbons. Once we saw all of these claims, we reached out to our contacts and the Marine Corps sent us Lawtons official records. Lawton has a stellar Marine Corps record, but he also was not present in Beirut during the bombing, he does not have a Purple Heart and he does not have any Combat Action Ribbons.

Below are photos of him wearing a Purple Heart on his dress uniform.






Here are his official Marine Corps records:



This is Mr. Lawtons initial DD214, this covers the period in which he claims he was present at the Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut in 1983. As you can see it does not show a Purple Heart.


Below is his last DD214, per his retirement date of 20020731.


As you can see from the above DD214 Lawton had one stellar career as a Marine, he even served as a Drill Instructor for a period of time. He also only has two National Defense Service Ribbons, But his official record does not annotate a Purple Heart nor does it show any CAR’s(Combat Action Ribbons). For those that may not know what a CAR is, here is the definition and requirement.

“The Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) is a personal decoration of the United States Department of the Navy and U.S. Coast Guard that may be awarded to those who, in any grade including and below that of a Captain in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard (or Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps), have actively participated in ground or surface combat.”

Mr. Lawton claims three of these, but the Marine Corps has no record of them. His 214 shows the Kuwati Liberation Medal, which means he participated in Operation Desert Storm/Shield but he did not see any combat.

Just to be sure, we went over all the records we acquired from the Marines, some of which are below.,


According to the document below, Mr. Lawton did eventually deploy to Beirut as part of a Contingency Operation, 6 months AFTER the bombing took place. The bombing took place on 23 October 1983, Mr. Lawton did not have boots on the ground until 07 April 1984. And again, no mention of a Purple Heart in the awards section.



Below is another document where he participated in another Contingency Operation, and again no mention of a Purple Heart.



Here are the dates again on anther document, 6 months after the bombing takes place.


So when we received the records from the Navy, we decided to contact Mr. Lawton and see what he had to say. After his retirement he began volunteering at the Parris Island Douglas Visitor’s Center, and also runs a Facebook group that helps keep families up to date on what their children are going through during training. From what I saw, he was doing great things and wondered what made him lie about his service. The Marine Vets that were in Beirut were not happy he was claiming all of this and felt he was degrading the memory of those who lost their lives that day.

Below is the conversation one of our investigators had with Mr. Lawton several weeks ago. He seemed to express regret and promised to remove the Purple Heart and all claims of being at the bombing, but soon after this conversation, he again claimed he had the Purple Heart.

apology1 apology2 apology3 apology4 apology5 apology6 apology7 apology8 apology9 apology10 apology11 apology12 apology13 apology14 apology15 apology16


So we decided to give him a chance, and get on the right track. Well that did not last long, as he again claimed the Purple Heart in one of his groups, and some people questioned him on it and he claimed his certificate got burned by his ex-wife.

purpleheartscott purpleheartscott2 purpleheartscott3 purpleheartscott4


So now, even after he admitted to us he lied, that he would remove the Purple Heart and never speak of being present at the bombing again, he did in fact continue his claims.He claims that he burned the Purple Heart certificate because of survivors guilt to the Marines at the Mess, but in the above screenshot, he claims his Ex-Wife burned it.

It is cases like this one that make me ask, why? He had one hell of a great career with the Marine Corps, why did he feel like he needed more?

Not only that, but he had to know that the Beirut bombing of our Marines is something you can not just lie about and expect no one to call you on it.

In the attack on the building serving as a barracks for the 1st Battalion 8th Marines (Battalion Landing Team – BLT 1/8), the death toll was 241 American servicemen: 220 Marines, 18 sailors and three soldiers, making this incident the deadliest single-day death toll for the United States Marine Corps since World War II’s Battle of Iwo Jima, the deadliest single-day death toll for the United States military since the first day of the Vietnam War’s Tet Offensive, and the deadliest single attack on Americans overseas since World War II.

I believe Mr. Lawton owes these Marines and the families of those we lost an apology, and he should return the plaques he received at the mess. I also want to apologize to the Beirut Marines for placing my faith in Lawton that he would correct himself and remove the PH and apologize.


What are your thoughts?
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  1. And now you can just be remembered as Mr. Lawton, former Marine. You don’t deserve to keep your retired rank as you brought great disrespect to the United States Marines and families that were effected that day. You should have known better. All the charity work in the world wont make up for your nastiness. It is unfathomable that you were an Drill Instructor in charge of shaping the minds of young Marines. Teaching them discipline and integrity. Shame on you!
    -Former Sgt. USMC

  2. In a day when everybody and his brother seems to have been in combat but you, I could understand (but not condone) the temptation to fake a little combat action maybe but this Gunny is over the top by any stretch of the imagination. I was a Drill Instructor at PI from 82-84. A Recruit from one of my first platoons was injured in that bombing in 1983. I remember talking to him on the phone in 94 or so. His head was still messed up with survivor’s guilt. This makes me want to kick this man’s ass. I served with 2/8 before and after my tour at PI. Then I served with Charlie Company Second Recon 86-89. They lost a whole platoon in that bombing. This piece of crap needs to go down. This wipes out any atta-boys unfortunately. Gunny Barton, Ret.

    • Sir, I was in boot camp at MCRD during that time and will never forget the day when our senior drill instructor broke the news. We were all stunned, but knew we still had the the job of becoming Marines one day. I wasn’t a career Marine like yourself or saw combat, but I have no regrets. My biggest regret in life would have been never to serve.

      My hat off to you and others like you who have turned ordinary men into Marines. As far as I’m concerned, this person should be stripped of the right to call himself a Marine. This man did nothing except disgrace the men who died not only on that day, but to all who have died serving our country.

  3. I only spent 9 years in the Army- started in supply because I am ‘color blind’..I don’t run red lights. My first permanent duty station was Ft.Hood, I even got demoted once. Went to Korea for 17 months, 2nd I.D. at Camp Casey, worked supply some more…ended up working for the DISCOM commander (read; glorified driver) and I got to do a lot of things that others didn’t- worked my butt off when others didn’t- had a great time, had great friends I am friends with my former boss, Col. Fulbright, on Facebook. I still talk to my former boss at Ft Hood, Maj. Ron King….I have a military career that is dismal when compared to most, but nonetheless I am very proud of my memories. I can’t understand what makes a fellow lie about theirs, especially when their real career make a person envious.

  4. No one in their right mind would ever burn a Purple Heart. I had a relative refuse a Purple Heart for a minor injury in combat in Viet Nam because several of his comrades were permanently wounded or killed and he didn’t feel that his minor injury was worthy of that award. I think that decorations like the MoH and Purple Heart are really worn for your buddies, living and dead, and not for you…

  5. I was on the Tarawa for a West Pac when we where called up thought the Suez and spent most of September and October of 83 off the coast of Beirut. We where earned the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal for our time there. Why did this Ya Who get Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and not the Marine Corps version? This does not sound right…..Poser!

  6. I remember that day well. I was assigned to the 2006 Comm Group at Incirlik AB, Turkey. I was a two stripe airman first class at my first duty assignment: HF Receiver site and the Global Command and Control Station. That night I was on call, and the only one from our shop on base. The rest were off base at one of my sergeant’s house. I got a call from the group commander himself telling me to get to the GCCS asap. As I sped down the road, I saw the security cops at the intersections in full MOPP waving me by. I started to panic a bit by then. I was wondering if we were being attacked. When I got to the GCCS, there was brass out the ass and a lot of SPs. When I got inside I saw two things that stood out. A floor buffer next to the equipment racks, and a flashing red light on the wall. I thanked God, and the ran to the wall and reset the breaker (although to this day I still can’t figure out why nobody noticed it). The comms came up, and that was when I learned about the bombing. The GCCS was in contact with med flights. I do remember locking the equipment racks after shutting off the outlets on the front. The Section Sergeant got really pissed, but the XO told him to stand down after I explained that a buffer has a current surge of anywhere from 50 to 70 amps. The outlets were rated at 15. That was the most harrowing experience of my military career. I still have vivid memories of it, and I still feel the pain of losing so many Marines that day. They were, after all, Brothers in Arms.

  7. I am delighted never to have served in the armed forces, because if I had, I would have been in Vietnam in a rifle company, in a war I believed was wrong. Fortunately my draft lottery number was a winner. Now, anyone who did serve in that war has my respect and thanks, and had my number come up, I would have been with them. What I can’t understand is people who have actually been in the service trying to make more out of it than what they earned honestly. Why do they think that is not enough?

    • I was delighted to have volunteered and served the South Vietnamese who were being murdered and oppressed by the Communists. Gunny Barton, Ret. Mike Company 3/1 60mm Mortar Section. I never liked being forced to do what was right in my mind.

  8. Very strange & disgusting behavior displayed by this retired Gunnery Sergeant…I truly believe he needs to go see “The Wizard” so they can wipe clean some of the cobwebs hanging around in his brain housing group…just my opinion.

  9. 1968 we had a clerk who whose putting his name, on awards that were for others, When caught is was giving a rifle and MOS changed to 11B, he didn’t last long, He did not belong to the brotherhood of combat Inf.
    a old Big Red One

  10. I am a SSgt and have had a great career in the Corps. I am 0811 by trade and take great pride in that… I was also a Marine Security Guard for about 4 years. I am now a reservist. I have no combat experience, but have experienced my fellow brothers who are combat vets go through extreme personal trials and tribulations after the fact. I would never dream of stealing their valor. This is inexcusable. This man has brought great disgrace upon himself. He will live knowing that his great career went to the crapper by making these unnessecary false claims.

  11. What an amazingly sad story. My early years of service as an Airman were exemplary in some ways. ROTC followed by immediate promotion in boot camp, Squadron Airman of the Quarter honors, etc. When my stateside commander Lt. Col. Lester C. Tolbert requested my presence with him in Vietnam, I went there because my country called, he was a friend, an outstanding commander, and “I had his back” if need be. After my 4th consecutive in-country tour extension, I had become jaded. A combat zone will do that to a person. For the things I did as a 3-stripe “buck” sergeant of old, I received a drawer full of medals, ribbons, citations, and letters from senior officers; I was awarded the AF Good Conduct Medal for the first 3-years, the AFOUA with “V” device and 2 OLC’s, the NDSM, the Vietnam Service Medal with 5 campaign battle stars, the RVN Gallantry Cross with Palm, the RVN Campaign Medal, the SAEMR ribbon, etc. ….then received 2 Article 15’s in a matter of 3-months for being a dope! It was clearly time for me to leave — but I NEVER claimed to be something I was not. A man needs to know his limits. ….Did I sit in lonely bunkers or foxholes at night, locked & cocked waiting for Charlie by myself — or with some green FNG in tears talking about his Mama? Yes. ….Was I shot at and returned fire? Yes, the zips were inside the wire or dropped countless 60-mm and 122’s in on us — documented 32 times in those 2.5 years — and believe me, that gets old fast. ….Did I ever kill anyone? No, not directly, but I’m sure hundreds died because of my contribution. ….Does all that haunt me 40-years later? You bet. But, to this day, I worry about what medals & ribbons should be properly displayed in the personal “shadow box” hanging in my living room …And in what exact order the medals should be displayed …it took me 38-years and an updated DD-215 from the DOD before I even ordered the damn thing!!! WHY? Because I did not want to disrespect a single man or woman I served with — or the POW-MIA’s left behind because of insensitive, traitorous politicians — by claiming to be something I was not. Sorry, Gunny Robert L. Lawton. If all this is true, then there’s no excuse good enough to suit me — not with Americans still dying or being held captive, rotting in some dungeon somewhere!

  12. Piece of trash. IF he’s drawing ANY form of retirement or disability compensation from military service- strip it from him for dishonoring the memories as well as defrauding the trust of those who served honorably! He got what he deserved already, this side of hell… Our soldiers who EARNED the honors he falsely claimed suffered & some paid the Ultimate Price for their posthumous awards… He should now be busted to E-1, stripped of any awards and have to forfeit any monies or future benefits “due”, just as those who gave ALL did!!! Lying dog! Just My opinion- Sign me- Honorable veterans wife

  13. This Gunny is a moron for lying about this. I was with 2/2 during this time. We were all called in off of weekend liberty that Sunday morning and then spent the next 3 months on air alert.

    I lost 2 good buddies in the bombing, one which was my bunkie at ITS in Sept 81 (BTW he was sent to TOW’s after ITS and we all gave him shit about potential skating in a TOW unit as opposed to humping in our repective grunt companies) & the other was one of my squad mates brother that was with Charlie 1/8. Plus 2 other guys from ITS that were sent to 1/8.

    We all knew that 2/8 was out on their Med then swooped down to Grenada to take that island back from the nasty commies that tried to overtake it, then went on to Beirut to relieve 1/8 and we also knew there were other units out there like the guy above that was aboard the Tarawa.

    I’m sure if the attack were a larger enemy operation we would have all been sent to get the job done. Not once have myself or any of my old buddies make up a story that we were there just to try to impress people.

    It’s tough enough just being a Marine grunt, muchless having to go into combat. My hats off to all you old combat vets & it pisses me off when a douchebag that had a good record in service tries to impress people by telling them he was something he is not.

    S/F Marines & God Bless the fallen YUUT!!

    • I totally agree. I am a Beirut vet also, but AFTER the bombing. The event really didn’t hit us until after Grenada because we were deep into the planning. We were horrified when we had the opportunity to review the casualty lists. I lost a number of friends in the barracks, the closest one being SSgt. Ron Rivera.

      I lost other friends in 2/8 after we relieved the 24 MEU. I qualify for two CAR’s, but I never put a star on because it was never entered in my record. This Gunny is a blemish on the Corps. People like him are no more than attention whores. It is a slap in the face of EVERY Marine who served in that place.

      Thanks you all who served, combat or not, and Semper Fi to all of my brothers!

  14. Wow. I can’t imagine ever doing something like that… and I’m a service-disabled veteran. I received no awards for it, and rightfully so — I did not receive my injuries as a result of any contact with hostile forces. I’m goddamned proud of what I did while I was in the Air Force, and it is BECAUSE of that reason that I have never considered wearing an award to which I was not entitled.

    I keep asking myself the same question with these people, but it’s especially poignant when we have someone who had such a distinguished career (it takes a special person to be a DI/MTI/RPO/Drill Sgt): WHY?

    More specifically, why this in particular? I mean, I understand the guilt of not being there when the shit hits the fan, and of not being able to put your ass on the line just like everyone else, but FUCKIN’ A! Why would you take a huge dump on everyone who was at the bombing, and why would you do the same to everyone who has earned their PH in their spilled blood?

    That he won’t tuck tail and run shows a deeper lack in his character — he truly doesn’t see why this is so wrong, and that’s what disturbs me the most.

    • I hope you’re not a Marine. The vast majority of us would not ‘puff’ ourselves up because there is no need for it. Im hoping you’re not of my branch, because if you are, you’re completely ridiculous and sad if you feel what Lawton did was ok and that every Marine goes around doing this. Why does anyone need to know anything about a Marine other than, he is just that?! Civilians don’t understand and never will so theres no need to hype anything up. And another thing… If you’re going around talking about how many people you killed and all that dumb crap, then you’re either Admin or Supply and have never even been to a control point let alone outside the wire.

  15. Yea, Steve W? Who puffs themselves up claiming FOUR combat action ribbons, and doesn’t think they’re going to get called out at a freakin’ MESS NIGHT? He’s a lying Turd. And all the good he’s done is for shit now. Internet famous forever. Not as a retired GySgt with multiple deployments, 2 years DI, all kinds of volunteer work. Nope, forever remembered as a fat phoney lying poser who used to be a gunny. Integrity much Bob? Didn’t think so.

  16. I know Lawton we were on the Nassau together, We were stationed together at Lejeune with Gof battery 3/10 2nd Mar div. We spent many a day in Haifa Israel Doing Manit on the rolling stock of vehicles. He went ashore only once in Beirut. . Its sad he wasn’t that bad of a guy then! We were both L/CPL’S at the time!

    • Thanx for posting. I have had several people ask me if he went ashore and I couldnt say one way or the other. FYI, Dutil was living in the mountains of France last I heard, Stasko in NY as a prison officer, Dubois retires as E9 now in VA, Hess lives same town as I do. I remember Lawton about the same, seems like he let his mouth write checks his ass cant cash. I really wanted to defend the man but, DAMN! I got in enough shit over there as it was, I cant imagine him standing up in front of a bunch of us that were there and telling that line of bullshit. WTF was he thinking? Its not like the Marine I remember was a total shit bird, I agree, its just sad.

  17. I have another take on all of this that is very personal. It’s where I never heard the details of my dad’s WWII service with Co A 397th Inf Regt on the Western Front or my mom’s service as a navy surgical nurse from Guadalcanal through the victory parades (and for a year thereafter with the hardest cases needing multiple operations at Chelsea Naval Hospital) until I received first hand accounts from their comrades when they were each laid to rest at Arlington. The moral of the story is their quiet dignity and how all veterans run a real risk when piping up about where they were and what they did. For one thing, the WWII generation kept a tight lip with an attitude like, “Dirty job, someone had to do it, but if I linger over it I might become a prisoner of the past” and then there’s human frailty where, in the retelling we see here, Sgt Lawton has picked a particularly bad setting for his “fish story.” With everything this investigation has uncovered, that third star for Lawton’s CAR has probably been changed many times in some of his ponderous bar room or VA break area narratives (Granada, Panama, etc.). All veterans have seen his ilk here and there — I see his type laughing, talking #$% with fellow vets on the VA grounds; and later, chance glimpses where some of them can be seen ready to use their dishonest natures in another way; putting their game face on to get rockin’ meds or to plead a PTSD case. The denizens of an ‘all about me’ culture, when caught trading on others honor and esteem really deserve nothing more or less than some closed door counseling. A closed door when their training requirement calls for a punch in the face, or a knee in the groin in the absence of the good old days room full of wall lockers perfect for bouncing them from wall to wall. Good advice: “It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help.” – Judith Martin

  18. My Son goes to boot camp this summer, I will keep a close eye out for this individual. As a 3rd generation Marine I fully understand Honor, i also understand Marines make mistakes and we all can learn from these mistakes. I pray Mr. Robert Lawton learned from his mistakes and is no longer dishonoring the Marine Corps and those who died serving our Country and Corps

  19. I am a retired Army officer with one tour in Iraq in 2007-2008. I was assigned to the Multi-National Security Transition Command working with the Civilian Police Advisor Training Team. As a joint unit, I served with members of all branches as well as civilian police officers. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I spent my fair share of time hunkered in a Duck-N-Cover as rockets and mortar rounds exploded around me. I spent most of my time in the Green-Zone with an occasional trip to the Ministry of Interior in the Red Zone. Occasionally, I had the opportunity to talk to Infantrymen who were patrolling the streets of Baghdad. I don’t ever recall any of them bragging about their time outside the wire. It was humbling and I just made it a point to let them know how proud I am for what they do. I was fortunate to come home. Some of those men I met did not. Some came home with disabling injuries. Two fellow officers with whom I worked died in a rocket attack just days after I departed Iraq. I am proud of my service and see no honor or satisfaction in lying about my deeds. At the end of the day I must look in the mirror and realize that I can’t fool myself. I was not wounded and therefore I don’t claim or wear the Purple Heart. My highest award is the Defense Meritorious Service Medal; therefore I don’t claim or wear the Bronze or Silver Star medals. I did earn the Combat Action Badge and am reminded of those we lost every time I look at it. I am no hero and I do not claim to be. I am an honorable Soldier and performed my duty to the best of my ability and I take great satisfaction in that.

  20. Since he is actually a retired Marine, the UCMJ still applies. Why has no one done anything along the route of military punishment

  21. I not only served as an 0811 in Golf Battery with Lawton, I went to Boot Camp with him. Platoon 2060 on the Island, July-October 1982. He was a problem recruit and was always on the quarterdeck for something. If memory serves me correctly, his mother came to visit him almost every Sunday because I think she lived close to PI. Our DI’s hounded his ass for it. All the previous posters are correct – Golf Battery, under Dutil, didn’t go ashore in Beirut as a unit. We didn’t get there until April 1984, after spending a month in Norway freezing our asses off in the snow behind the Niner 8’s. And Golf Battery was at CAX in Twentynine Palms on Oct 23rd, 1983. I remember I was sitting on one of the trails of our gun when Dutil called us to formation and told us about the bombing. So without a doubt Lawton is full of shit. Some of the grunts from our BLT did go ashore in Beirut and they set up near the beach and what I think was the new embassy building. Not sure. I remember that some of us in Golf Battery volunteered to go ashore each day to help string razor wire or do other work. We did it just to get off the damn Nassau for the day. I flew into Beirut on an egg beater for one day on a working party. No gunfights or throat cutting, no Purple Heart, no CAR. Just a working party. Lawton is a pig for falsifying his service in Beirut. Our Drill Instructors always told us there was “that 10 percent” that didn’t belong in the Corps. Apparently Lawton was part of that ten percent. Semper Fi to all the Golf Battery Jarheads on this site. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    • Thanx Young, didnt realize you had the joy of doing boot with him. Didnt we lock him in the port a shitter at camp wilson in stumps? I could swear that was him. Maybe when his PTSD kicked in the memory of being rolled around the desert in a shitter turned into a rescue from the bombing in the root.

  22. Yep, I went to boot camp with him. He seemed like a nice kid but he was unstable. But he made it. His mom visiting him really brought on the heat from the DIs. I don’t remember if that was him at the stumps. I didn’t have much contact with him since he was in HQ and I was in 1st plt.
    I hope Dutil is enjoying France. They deserve him. SF

  23. Wow… according to his DD214, he seems to have served with great honor… why would he make this stuff up at this point? His real accomplishments were impressive on their own.

  24. Interesting, so let me get this straight this guy is a for real Gunny retired honroably, has many commendaitons and medals that are legit and lies about the PH and a CAR. I’m I tracking so far? Why do people lie about such things, why would you make that up, with this record of service? I was a 3371 “cook”, LCPL mafia, no combat service at that time (1978-1981) but I served. I also stayed at a Holiday Inn express last night… I then went onto the Army, 11b with two other additional MOSs. I’m 53 now. All he had to do was go back in when the war started and get some. It just blows my mind why guys do this crap… I get it, the Gunny didn’t serve in combat operations but damn bro. Really?

  25. Let me start by saying that ,when I was an active duty Marine, I considered Robert ( bull ) Lawton a good friend and a man that I would trust with my children’s life. I have not seen or heard from bull since I visited him at Parris Island in 93. Not knowing what has happened in his life since then I will refrain from judgment until I can contact him I get his explanation of why. The other side of my mind is upset due to the fact of upon graduation from boot camp in 81 I went to motor t school while several of my new Marine brothers went 0300 and ended up going to Beirut. Some of their names are on the wall at Camp Geiger s gate. This has my Marine heart in turmoil but I want to hear it from bull.

    • You’re not going to hear it from someone who was given ample opportunity to stop doing what he was doing. This site and the active admins that run people through the ringer, do not do so until it is beyond a shadow of a doubt they are guilty of being turds. He might have started and ended his career just fine, but the things he did after, are disgusting and shameful. Bull seems almost fitting. Its just missing that four letter word to follow, starting with the letter ‘S’.

  26. they caught you in several out and out lies and you were not awarded the purple heart or the combat action ribbons. Claiming to have been in the bombed building and being the last one pull out… Well I just shake my head…I served 20 years in the Corps and retired a Gunny, I was a Disburser.. Yes a non combat MOS that I was assigned out of boot camp due to signing up on an open contract and getting high ASVAB scores.. I hated being a disbursing clerk and tried like hell to get another MOS, but the fact of the matter was, I was REALLY GOOD at it and nobody was going to let me out of that MOS.. So you were in Motor T, and probably didn’t want to be.. Suck it up and be a man and be proud of what you actually did, not what you wanted to do… You are a little, little man. A sad sack that was once something to be proud of and now should be buried under a rock..

  27. I served with Lawton while at CLNC in 83. My best friend was there in Beirut on October 23 of that year. Lawton and I was in Norway doing cold weather trading preparing for deployment to Beirut Lebanon in February of 84. Hell while we was on ship (USS Nassau LHA-4) some of us found a letter to a girlfriend back home stating that he was killing rag heads in Beirut. He was always a good guy but we all knew he was a brown nosing ass kisser. As for his retired status it should be stripped away he is a total fucking disgrace to the uniform. Hell I accidentally found this site. I don’t do face book so don’t look for me there. PH what a fucking piece of shit you are Lawton!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanx for posting. He was banned from ever going on PI again. A couple of weeks ago they caught him on base and threw his ass off. We were in 29 Palms when the bombing happened doing back to back CAX. I remember him the same way, attention seeking little shit. Good to hear from you. Semper Fi

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