Richard Thomas Hall Found Guilty of Theft While Posing As A Deploying Marine





Richard Thomas Hall



JUNEAU, WISCONSIN – Richard Thomas Hall recently entered a no contest plea at his plea/sentencing hearing on charges of two misdemeanor counts of theft under false representation.

He was placed on one year of probation with conditions. He must perform 40 hours of community service, pay $300 of restitution to victims, pay financial obligations to the clerk of courts, submit a DNA sample and write an apology letter to the victims.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim was put in contact with the detective who handled the previous case. She stated she saw an article and picture in the paper about Hall and recognized him.

She said she couldn’t remember the exact date but sometime in November 2014 a man dressed in a military uniform knocked on her door. He told her his wallet had been stolen and he needed money to fly to California where he would be deployed to Iran or Afghanistan. He needed $81 to cover the cost of checked bags. He also asked for a cigarette, she gave him a pack of cigarettes and $100.

Thing is this guy was busted awhile back by our friends at thisainthell and militaryphonies. He was claiming combat deployments, Purple Hearts and several other things. He did serve, but only for two years with not much training and no awards.His DD214 was acquired by Military Phonies and it shows a very shallow career.


                                                DD214 Courtesy MilitaryPhonies


He was actually discharged from the Corps before the War on Terror even began, and only earned the Rifle Badge.

He also likes to wear unearned rank and awards on his Dress Blues, I wonder how many he defrauded while wearing this fake uniform.


63 Rich-Hall


He also likes to make claims that he was wounded and got a Purple Heart and post photos he finds on the internet as him, not to mention no Marine would ever misspell “Corps”.



This is another incident that proves that Stolen Valor isn’t a victim-less crime, these Posers prey on the patriotism of the American people.



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