Richard Jones aka Tito Rodriguez

Ok, so I am not exactly sure what this douches problem is. But it seems he built another profile so he could talk to himself and look “cool”. His real profile is Tito Rodriguez, you can view it by clicking his name. He uses this profile Richard Johnson to talk to himself on his profile. What really pisses me off is the picture he uses for Richard’s profile, is that of a Fallen Soldier, Sergeant Robert Daniel Sanchez. Who was a Ranger assigned to B Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment where he served as an automatic rifleman and team leader. He was serving his fifth deployment in support of the War on Terror with three previous deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan, when he was KIA.

This guy has some of the most outlandish stories he create’s on his page, about injuries, fallen comrades etc. Seems he uses it to pick up women, making them feel sorry for him. After looking at his profile picture, I can see why. He has been MIA more times than I can count, hell he went missing in Somalia!!! I knew we were still in Somalia, I told you!!! He also has a Silver Star, he got that for Space Shuttle Gunnery!

Update: Here is another one of his fake profiles: Cornelious Halog

And another: Mark Thompson

UPDATE: 20120719

And another: Amanda Waters

This just keeps getting worse as it seems one of his fake profiles, he used the picture of a Soldier that was USAREUR Soldier of the year in 2005, PFC James Halog.

His Special Bullet:


He is in Moscow? Wow this dude is some super secret Delta CIA Super Soldier!


And of course all the condolences for him being KIA!


Here are his pics and screenshots…..




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