Richard Jones aka Tito Rodriguez

Ok, so I am not exactly sure what this douches problem is. But it seems he built another profile so he could talk to himself and look “cool”. His real profile is Tito Rodriguez, you can view it by clicking his name. He uses this profile Richard Johnson to talk to himself on his profile. What really pisses me off is the picture he uses for Richard’s profile, is that of a Fallen Soldier, Sergeant Robert Daniel Sanchez. Who was a Ranger assigned to B Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment where he served as an automatic rifleman and team leader. He was serving his fifth deployment in support of the War on Terror with three previous deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan, when he was KIA.

This guy has some of the most outlandish stories he create’s on his page, about injuries, fallen comrades etc. Seems he uses it to pick up women, making them feel sorry for him. After looking at his profile picture, I can see why. He has been MIA more times than I can count, hell he went missing in Somalia!!! I knew we were still in Somalia, I told you!!! He also has a Silver Star, he got that for Space Shuttle Gunnery!

Update: Here is another one of his fake profiles: Cornelious Halog

And another: Mark Thompson

UPDATE: 20120719

And another: Amanda Waters

This just keeps getting worse as it seems one of his fake profiles, he used the picture of a Soldier that was USAREUR Soldier of the year in 2005, PFC James Halog.

His Special Bullet:


He is in Moscow? Wow this dude is some super secret Delta CIA Super Soldier!


And of course all the condolences for him being KIA!


Here are his pics and screenshots…..


What are your thoughts?
170 comments on “Richard Jones aka Tito Rodriguez
  1. If you look at some of his military friends a few have the same language qualifications. Hmmmm. I’m also pretty sure “Amanda Waters” who replies to him frequently is most likely this another alias.

  2. What a poor excuse of a man, has to lie to others and himself just to feel “special”. Soldier my ass this retard couldn’t fight his way out of a shithouse.

    • You noticed that too, eh? Not to mention that the only Silver Star awarded to a Rodriguez during the GWOT was to a guy who looks 10 years older than this MF. But I guess they just didn’t publish his award, because it was so super-secret and stuff. They just relied on him to post it to Facebook instead. New OPSEC rules, you know…

  3. Sweet, It Looks to be that he is in Short Bus Special Forces unit. Part of the new PC unilts that are being put together. As The real millitary are being pushed out. I realy do wounder about laws being passd, or not being passed now.

  4. I reported the profile abusing the fallen ranger’s picture to FB as fraudulent, linking this page in the report. Hopefully FB will do the right thing.

    • Unfortunately this continues to happen. I am Sgt Robert Sanchez’s Aunt and this is the 5th time this has happened. And every time some new scumbag uses Rob’s picture it is like salt in our wounds. My Sister dies a little more every time they use her son’s face to scam people. It is disgusting…… no telling how many FB accounts out there with Rob’s face. The New York Times did a story on the first incident. Doesn’t look like its ever going stop.

  5. It’s true that some of his listed “friends” have the same languages. Also, his friend named Jennifer Stickleman claims growing up in the YES, high school, etc and working in the US Army. However, there is a web address in her picture to that lists her as an Israeli soldier. Hmmm, I’d question that.

    • I just looked up Jennifer’s Profile and she has a new Profile Pic with a map of Israel and a Israel Flag behind her as well,but her profile says she has been in Afghanistan for 7yrs in the U.S. Army……

  6. what the heck thats the 6th i have seen in a short time from san antonio or with san antonio connections. it seems to be ground zero for this kind of fraud

    • Because San Antonio is known for the “home of the wounded warrior” so it automatically makes people think that they were wounded. Instant pity with minimal work

  7. Obviously this douche waffle is in need of psychiatric help. I mean that seriously. Nobody goes to this extreme, carrying on “elaborate” conversations with themselves, if they are are mentally stable. This guy has no identity of his own, no self worth, so he created the most heroic thing he could think of: a Soldier! Unfortunately for this dumb-ass, he tried creating Chuck Norris from Delta Force!

  8. Sent a message to almost every person on his friends list as well as the dummy sites he has set up with a link to this story…. see him talk his way out of that one…

  9. This guy is ridiculous! Going through the posts on his wall, it’s like who has a funeral for someone and then posts on their wall asking where they are? This guy is a joke and makes me angry. I would love for him to actually go MIA and never post again.

  10. Did a little digging. And most of “Richard Johnson’s” friends are from Scottsville, ky.

    Lisa Payne
    Heather Renee Jones
    Samantha DeLoe Witcher
    Angela Wallace
    Ashley Howard
    Becky Meador Sikes
    Bianca Linez Ryan
    Crystal Dawn Smith
    Elizabeth Graves
    Hannah Ford
    Heather Patrick-Qualls
    Heather Renee Jones
    Lisa Payne
    (just wondering could Mark Thompsonn (spelled wrong) be another poser…)
    Michelle Carter Witt
    Michelle Pearson Wheeler
    Paige Weaver
    Samantha DeLoe Witcher
    Teresa Law
    Tiki Tans

    FYI this is a small town just under 5,000 people live there. Thought it was kinda strange..

  11. Cornelius Halog’s Profile is even worse. “I am honored to have served underneath your command Captain” ?!?!?! What? he is a “Linguist”, like he served for him. His pic is a PFC with a ARCOM; 2 AAMs, Rigger, Airborne on active status, studied at Penn Sate and looks like he is 18 years old. One of the most obvious trends is that EVERYONE calls him “Captain”, never a “Sir” like you would expect from other Army Soldiers.

  12. Anybody else thinking of messaging all of his “friends” that aren’t him to let any of them that are real know that this dude is full of crap? Besides who knows what ill intent he might have to any real person using this con man scheme

  13. Really odd that most of his “friends” who have been on FB for a while, only have one pic.

    And the post funeral message is like an mad lib… Just change some adjectives and its the same message…

    • hey i just sent a friend request to this tool to see if he would respond ill try to weed out whos real and whos not on his friends list but this makes me completly sick to my stomach and its really funny how hes loosing all these people but no one ever hears about the incidents

  14. So… He was a 1SG and the got promoted direct to CPT… This douche canoe has like 6 profiles and spends all day talking to himself…. Also, he apparently lost 7 soldiers in a week under his command…. Hum…. Nah, he seems legit to me….

  15. I feel like i wanna puke reading this fuck nuggets bullshit. Hes obviously super fucked up in the head to do all this shit. I left him some pretty nasty emails. Obviously for a captain he’s never heard of OPSEC, otherwise he wouldnt be talking about the 7 soldiers he lost, or the patrols hes been on. I want to beat the living shit out of this guy.

  16. I’m digging that fishing vest – def waaay more comfy than armor. This guy is somewhat underwhelming as a high speed war machine. He hasn’t really mastered the Steven Segal Look of Death, and looks somewhat doughy. It also appears that he’s stapled some kind of roadkill to his chin…his celly must have like that when “Tito/Tina” was his bitch in the joint.
    My real gripe is that Silver Star Medal. I know chances are he just bought it at a swap meet or Army/Navy store; still chaps my ass that he even touched it with his philthy Poseur paws.

  17. I wish all you people would stop using the word retard to describe these fuck-nut posers. I have a brother with Down Syndrome and consider it an insult to him when he is linked with these posers like that.

  18. Has anyone said anything about the uniform yet? I was issued a set of ACU’s and wore them for a month before we switched over to OCU’s….

  19. if you look at his James Halog account he has a pic of a PFC with a quartermaster regimental crest but claims to be a linguist belongs to the M.I. branch. He can’t even lie good.

  20. Someone please find where he is. Because i have the need to go to his front door and give him the worst ass kicking ive ever given anyone.

    • dude I will get a plane ticket out and join you in that. This dude needs an ass whooping like non other. His parents were prolly the pussy farts who never beat his ass when he needed it. Time to play daddy for this this fuck head.

  21. Wow man WTF. This guy sure is a piece of fucking work. They need to have levels of law that is broken and punish people for how far they go with this. from a year in prison to the fuckin chair. This guy needs the chair. Thats my two cents.. BIG PROPS FOR GETTING THIS WEBSITE GOING FOR ALL OF THOSE INVOLVED.

  22. This low life must be mentally sick. To use a profile picture from a fallen hero is just unethical. This person should be watched as his motives with women has not been established.

  23. I noticed the comment about how most of his freinds are from Scottsville Ky. I live close to that town. Most everyone from Scottsville comes to Bowling Green to shop. If I see this guy about town, I’ll call him out and video it with my phone. This turd shoulda been flushed long ago.

  24. is there actually military personnel who use FUBAR? I have been in only 4 years and never heard that shit. Somebody enlighten me please!!!!

    • Yes, the term FUBAR is/was used……given the not to offend anyone nature of “your” time, it’s not surprising you haven’t heard it. Go find a CSM with 25 plus and ask him, ….yeah, I said HIM.

    • I was stationed on the Eisenhower. Some people in my division used it; not often (thankfully). We used it as “F***** up beyond all repair.” I’ve also heard it as “beyond all recognition” or “beyond all reason,” too. You don’t need a HIM to tell you that.

  25. Cobra Venom, no surprise there. Since I went to Corps school back in 1996 I’ve been taught, never assume; always include Cobra Venom in the lab request for not just a bullet wound but ANY OPEN WOUND. I mean we spent a week covering Cobra venom alone (week five I think?) This just makes me steam with outrage. And why didn’t he use his anti-Cobra venom ampule in his IFAC? It’s a known fact that CLS, BCTT and TCCC pounds it into the brain of war fighters, “If you sustain a wound from a projectile, forget the tourniquet and combat gauze, go straight for the anti-Cobra venom and if time permits: Motrin and clean socks.” [sarc off]

  26. this F*#$ is a disgrace to anyone who has worn a uniform. How stupid do you have to be to believe that others will be fooled by these profiles. From my experience 99.100% of soldiers have more than one picture.

  27. “Seems he uses it to pick up women…”

    His FB userid is “snakeeater1985”.

    I’ve lived in Fayette’nam for 4 years now and I’m afraid I’ve had to use this line more than once:

    “Know how I know a guy is bullshitting me when he tells me he’s (DELTA, SF, CAG, DEVGRU, etc…)?”


    “When he tells me he’s (DELTA, SF, CAG, DEVGRU, etc….”

  28. He also said that he has been “single since he joined 10 years ago”. His birthdate is listed as 1985. Somehow he managed to go to college and earn his commission in the U.S. Army all before the age of 7. Very impressive

  29. Just wanted to say thanks for pointing this one out from all of Rob’s family and friends. Today is actually his birthday – RIP Sgt. Robert Sanchez.

  30. Wow I just looked at all of this guys timeline stuff. So he was in Syria in 2011. Then he saved “Richards” life!!
    “Tito Rodriguez I’m ok. I was shot three times in my abdomen and I had back surgery done as well. Its a long story how I got shot but it was all because Rich didn’t follow my orders.”
    Then had a laminectomy, parts of his L3, L4 and L5 removed and 8 herniated disks!
    Yet hes a champ and still has a lot of fight in him! HA SUCH BULL SHIT! He’d have to be on some strong ass shit after all that!
    Several times he refers to a “Captain Waters” who is apparently the female “Waters” dad…oh and another guy he knows died as seen here “I saw him before he died. I knew that he was going to die and he saw distress in my eyes and he told me to listen to this one song and then he died. Later I found out that he was shot with an SKS round carrying Cobra venom. Noone at the medical ward did any lab work when he was shot. If lab work would’ve been done then Mark would be alive. He died 2 weeks ago.”

    This is some elaborate crazy shit! Dude is in need on serious help…the getting curb stompped an then strung up by his facial hair for all other posers to see help

  31. Yep, the Mark Thompsonn page got deleted.. I really wanted to see what this personality looked like. This is some of the most bizarre shit I’ve ever heard of. Though I did laugh when I read his “friend” say “Dude we had your funeral last week!” Classic.

  32. I just like how he went from being a 1SG to Captain. Do they still do promotions like that? or has someone been playing too much Call of Duty?

  33. Thank you Mary. This guy seemed like a piece of work. I called Ft Campbell (last July) and spoke with an S2 down there and they told me this guy was could say whatever he wanted on FB because of freedom of speech. The fact that his rights are protected by the very men and women he denigrates is not lost to me. I also contacted FB multiple times about his multiple profiles. Again, thank you for your assistance in this matter.

  34. Surely you guys enjoyed the one comment where another fake profile of a girl Congratulated him on his recent promotion…..from First Sergeantt to….ready for it? Captain. He told himself….”sounds a lot better!” This Guy is disgusting.

  35. So very sad that our soldiers families have to deal with this crap on top of the everyday life of trying to learn how to live without their loved one. Are there no peneltys for this non sense??? Robert’s parents are amazing people and have a long road ahead of them dealing with life without their son much less viewing over and over that some asshole wants to e as amazing as their son was!!!! Give it up douche bag obviously you will NEVER have half the integrity and honor that Robert had and continues to have even with him gone…

  36. When you click on this link, watch the tab. It will very briefly show the title of Tito Rodriguez and then switch to Cornelius Halog. This proves that Cornelius is associated and an alias of Tito’s profile.

  37. It always amazes me how little research these idiots do before they start claiming to be us. “Hi, my name is ASSFUCK and I am in the Army. I go to college in Canada full time… ” but all my posts are from Syria, Somalia, Russia and the list goes on. I just want to monkey stomp every last one of these fake ass wannabes. Come out and play Tito-Cornelius-Amanda-Richard-shitfuck-assclown-loser… I welcome you to “show up on my doorstep” like you threaten to do in your posts to yourself.

  38. This sorry jit-bag needs to be drowned in a port-a-shitter for doing this. He is disgracing the fallen and every REAL soldier who has ever served.

  39. has anyone tried sending a message to the Amanda Calleros girl? they seem to know eachother, maybe she can give a little info on who this shitbag is!!

  40. he was totally hitting on stephanie for a bit there using his Amanda alias as help…it’s really creepy reading the part were ‘Amanda’ asks if he and Stephanie were ever together and then reading him trying to clarify. xD lol

  41. Hahaha someone posted a link to this on his proflie.Busted! He has all the fake proflies asking about him like he gone missing… He is a total a-hole for pretending to be fallen soilders.

  42. his amanda waters profile says she’s from manchester nh yet went to high school in manchester ct…..what….a….fucking….idiot

  43. I reported him to facebook and an authority figure (not sure who), but I asked them to help shut down his profiles. Also I will be contacting my congressman to help support guardian of valor in getting false facebook profiles shut down.

  44. Just a thought here. Is there anyway that someone could access his FB account and send or upload a nasty virus? Douches like this guy must be stopped.

  45. This guy is obviously just playing a game with himself and tries to impress random Facebook whores who don’t know any better.

    The shame is that he’s ruining the image of a squared away soldier (Halug) and a fallen Ranger hero just for a stupid game.

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  64. I’m reading, and the more I read the less I wanna believe that this is real… Some people are too desperate for attention, and it’s a shame to see how far they are willing to take it. There should be some type of punishment for this bullshit.

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