Richard Arthur Rahn, Fake Army Ranger Shows At VFW Event Is A Convicted Felon






Richard Arthur Rahn Fake and Felon



Willmar Minnesota – Several weeks ago we began getting emails and wall posts on our Facebook page Stolen Valor after this guy was spotted at a local VFW event wearing an Army dress uniform adorned with all kinds of accolades. So we began looking into who this guy was and if he had ever served. In the post that was spreading around Facebook, Facebook user wrote the following:


Fellow Minnesotans and family members in the Willmar / Montevideo area, there is an individual in the local area who is pretending to be a decorated Soldier and combat veteran. On August 9th, 2014, he showed up in this uniform at the Olivia, MN VFW for the KMS Memorial Ride. The individual stated that his name was Command Sergeant Major Richard Rahn of the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. The Army Ranger Association was contacted by a National Guard member who believes that he is a fake.

There are several indications in these photos that indicate that he is a fake. He wears the uniform incorrectly with things sewn on a uniform where it is not authorized, wears numerous awards out of place and out of order (to include the Bronze Star and Purple Heart), and also has at least one badge that hasn’t been awarded since the Vietnam War (CIB with 2/stars). It is believed that he lives in Wilmer, MN. The Ranger Association checked with the Ranger Regiment and confirmed that they have no record of him ever belonging to the Regiment, nor is there a record that he served in the military. What was found is that this individual has a felony record in Florida. Pass the word to ensure nobody is scammed by this individual.


We started doing some digging and found out that this guy had felonious charges out of Florida, which gave us his DOB so we were able to see if he in fact ever served at all. Below is a snapshot of the charges out of Florida:





So with this information we reached out to our contacts to see if Mr. Rahn had ever served in the military, because according to his uniform he is claiming a very distinguished career:





In the above photo some of the highest awards he is claiming are:

Purple Heart

Bronze Star

Combat Infantryman’s Badge with two stars, which is almost impossible for his age as he would have had to serve in the current wars and two other theatres of combat to earn those. Fort Benning museum keeps a list of three-time CIB recipient’s and he is not on it.

Ranger Tab


Master Jump Wings

Ranger Battalion Combat Service Identification Badge(Meaning he served in combat with that Ranger batt)

Infantry Cord

He is also wearing the Cross Rifle insignia on his lapel, but notice he is missing the blue discs that all Infantryman wear behind the rifles.

Not to mention he is wearing his sunglasses on his head, no CSM I have ever met would wear his shades on his head!

Here is another photo that shows the Ranger Tab:




We got our request back from Army HRC, and we weren’t surprised when we found out that this guy has never served in the US Army, much less as a CSM at a Ranger Battalion. I wonder where he got the money to buy that uniform and all the bling that he has on it?

It wasn’t very long after people started asking questions and contacting the local Police about this guy that they began looking into him as well and he was arrested on an unrelated charge. But we are asking the local PD to see if he gained anything of value while impersonating a CSM and wearing unearned badges and tabs, because he can be charged under the Stolen Valor act of 2013.


According to West Central Tribune after several complaints about Rahn, after finding out he was a convicted felon, police executed search warrants and found three firearms. Rahn was arrested on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

ILLMAR — A 54-year-old Willmar man who reportedly has been impersonating a decorated Army officer at various events is in custody on an unrelated charge.

Richard Arthur Rahn is being held in the Kandiyohi County Jail pending felony charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and authorities are investigating the allegations that he has been impersonating a military officer, according to a news release from Willmar Police Chief Jim Felt.Willmar police officers and members of the CEE-IV Drug and Gang Task Force executed search warrants at Rahn’s property and storage unit this week and found a total of three firearms.

According to the news release, a number of complaints had been received recently of a Willmar resident posing as a highly decorated officer in the United States Army. According to the complaints, the individual appeared in uniform at various events and claimed to have served in the Army Rangers. A Facebook user reported spotting the alleged impersonator at the Olivia VFW Aug. 9.

The individual was identified as Rahn and some people also reported to police that the individual had a criminal record in another state.

After investigation, Willmar police found that Rahn did have a felony conviction and gathered information that he possessed at least one firearm. It is illegal for a felon to possess a firearm in Minnesota.

Willmar Police Department officers and members of the CEE-IV Drug & Gang Task Force searched Rahn’s home Tuesday evening on Second Street Southwest in Willmar. A firearm was recovered from the residence and Rahn was arrested and has been in the jail since Tuesday.

Officers then seized two additional firearms and a U.S. Army dress uniform with medals and insignias as part of a second search warrant executed Wednesday at a storage unit west of Willmar.

Additional investigation is being done by Willmar police regarding the alleged fraudulent use of the military uniform, insignia and medals.

Impersonating a military officer is a federal offense. According to the release from Felt, charges may be forwarded to a federal prosecutor.


We have confirmed that Rahn has never served in the US Military, therefore if the local PD can find evidence he gained anything of value while impersonating a CSM, and wearing unearned badges and tabs, he can be charged under the SV Act of 2013. We will be glad to give the Police with proof that he has never served as received from the Army HRC.

Rahn is currently being held on the firearm charges, police also confiscated the uniform.

Welcome to the Guardian of Valor Hall of Shame Rahn, even if you aren’t charged under the SV Act, you will forever be known as a Military imposter!

We will continue to update this story as it develops, I am sure with all the publicity this is getting, Federal prosecutors will at least look to see if he meets the criteria to be charged with Stolen Valor.


UPDATE: 21050311

Richard Arthur Rahn was convicted Tuesday of two felony charges of possessing weapons after being convicted of a crime of violence. According to the criminal complaint on the charges, an investigation regarding allegations of Rahn impersonating a highly decorated, non-commissioned military officer led to investigation on the gun charges.

I hope he likes his new uniform, he looks great in orange!!


Richard Rahn

Richard Rahn


Rahn’s public defender Jay Liedman argued that Rahn was not “using the weapons in any kind of nefarious way” and was misinformed about gun laws for convicted felons. Liedman stated that Rahn had never intended to harm anyone with his actions.

Rahn falsely posed as a military veteran at several local events he was sentenced to five years of prison time Tuesday stemming from unrelated gun charges.



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  1. This guy is obviously a fake. I just wanted to add a respectful correction to something said above. 2nd Award CIBs have totally been issued since Vietnam. I’ve been out since ’09 but my jump school company commander had one in ’06. He couldn’t have been any older than 40 at the time. I know CIBs were issued in Panama, Grenada and Desert Stom. As a POG I’m not sure about any other conflicts where they may have been awarded. Just saying.

  2. What do those people have in their minds? Missed chances to serve the country? There are other ways to be part of a whole…….. Thank you for being vigilant and exposing people like this one…. Keep it up !

    Corpsman UP!!!

  3. Excellent. Good job guys. I never get used to the fact that they (the fakers) never seem to understand that there is an honor, and if you reached the distinguished rank of CSM – you will have all your t’s crossed.

    • preferably an @$$ whippin. I have friends that were (tabbed) rangers and they were pissed off by this numbnut pulling off what he did. I was just a regular ol’ grunt that’s been airborne tabbed. plain and simple.

  4. The Ranger tab is not sewn on the Dress Blue Uniform Either, there is a ranger tab pin a small dress blues tab that clothing sales sells and it is worn my each qualified soldier that has completed ranger school over the left breast pocket of the uniform next to jump wings, that should have been the first RED FLAG, ASAP. Most soldiers that have ever served know AR 670-1 wear and appearance of the Army Uniform. Hooah!

  5. I did a MP Static Display a few years ago at Envesco (mile high stadium) in Denver with a couple of my guys..many “men” came up to us sharing there service experience. To a man they all were Navy Seals, SF or some other otherwise “Special” MOS…..fuck isn’t anyone a cook or truck driver anymore??..Guys no matter what you did (if you served) its still was special and most likely sucked. Be proud….

    • I never served but I am a mere Air Force brat. My dad served 20 years in the Air Force and retired as a Major. One of the coolest guys I know was a cook in the Air Force and he is not ashamed to admit it. My philosophy is a lot like yours. If you served, you get mad props from me. There’s no need to lie. The cook I know made this real tasty roasted whole hog but will only give away some of ingredients of his marinade that he puts on the hog. Despite that, he’s one of the most honorable guys that I know.

      • Back in the dark ages,1968-1970, I was a draftee in the USArmy. This time formed me into the person I am today. I was a cannon cocker, then in FDC in Bravo Btry, 1st BN, 8th Arty, 25th Inf Div. we fired support for 2/12, 2/14, 2/27 & 1/5 (mech) FSB Pershing. Our mess Sgt was with us during every fire mission. He was under any threat we experienced. He helped break open ammo boxes every day along with us EM’s. He had more time in combat than most. And he prepped hot breakfasts and suppers at the assigned hours daily, sometimes under a steel pot and wearing a flak jacket. The grunts of 2/12 INF knew where to come for meals.
        Like lots of us who served, I wish I could remember our mess sgt’s name, so I could honor his bravery under fire. They also serve, who flip the eggs. I say that as high praise to a brave COMBAT veteran.

  6. Most, not all of us, Vietnam veterans are in the sixty to seventy year old range, grey bearded and probably a bit overweight. And we do not have a serviceable dress uniform with all of the bling to go with it. I have only worn my uniform in a VFW or any other veteran association when I was on active duty and on leave near my parents home in West Virginia, where I could not pay for a drink, since all the members were just great Americans that also served our great nation. I cringe at these people who probably either demonstrated against us or avoided the draft, trying to take credit for serving like my buddies who were wounded or killed in real combat. I appreciate every veteran who served, whether in combat or serving meals in a mess hall or galley. Those who supported us either in the states or overseas were necessary for us to complete our missions. Bravo Zulu to them.

  7. I would have looked up the 2/75 Ranger Battalion to see who their current CSM is. Plus why would that guy even be in MN when 2/75 is not based there. These people amaze me you it’s like they are oblivious to the fact that in the age of the internet could verify their claims especially when claiming to be a CSM in a prestigious unit. People need to quit this madness if you want to be in the military just join or you should have joined when you had the chance.

  8. Hey Rodney Click, next time I’m in Virginia and or West Virginia, I’d be proud to buy you a beer or six, and just listen !! Thank you for your service Sir .

  9. *their

    Do not confuse there, their, and they’re. That would be a serious mistake.

    They’re is short for they are.
    Their shows possession. It’s just like my, his, her, and our.
    There is a place. It’s similar to here.

  10. What happens is all these POGs realize that they made a mistake when they came into the Army. They should have chosen 11B infantry. Then when they are serving, they realize that the Army is infantry and everyone else is support, whether combat support (artillery, tanks, cavalry scouts), or service support (cooks, mechanics, fuelers).
    Then they get out, and when asked what they did they claim to be either infantry or SOCOM operators.
    Yeah, we can’t accomplish our mission without their support, but don’t kid yourself, not matter how many times your logpack convoy got hit, or how many indirect landed in your FOB, you did not go out looking for the bad guys, knocking down their doors, getting shot by small arms at point blank or blown up while dismounted manouvering on an enemy position.

  11. Why is it that every one who pretends to being in the military, is the Command Sergeant Major or something way above that, why can’t they just be a Private, PFC etc…. ,what is their obsession with being something or someone in so powerful of a position? I have many uncles my father, my grandfathers,my grandfather in law, and great grandfather and great great grandfather. All served this country. My father reached the rank of 1st SGT.Thomas R. Hartmann while serving in both the United States Army and the National Guard. My great-grandfather was killed in action and Italy being an American soldier he was poisoned that’s all the information I have on him his name was Sylvester John Hartmann I believe he was eitherA lieutenant or captain not quite sure the only picture I have of him in uniform is very faded. And I have a multitude of uncles who were in the Marines, Navy,, And one in the Air Force. Both on my mother side and my father side. Not one claimed to anything more than what they were. Matter of fact they never spoke of it, you had to ask them if you wanted information. I am personally proud of all that serve no matter which unit, which Platoon, which brigade, infantry, any division or any Branch of the service. I show up to every event honoring those who’ve fallen in my area. My father was A civilian employee working for the United States Army, at Fort Bliss the ADA from 1979-1985 battled cancer, then transferred to Homestead AFB, where he 1986.his whole life from the age of 16 was devoted to his country.So it pisses me off to see people to disgrace the uniform of any branch of service. Hoooah

  12. PJ, Excellent question in your opening sentence. It’s got to be mental….a grandiosity disorder of some kind. Being a seaman, airman, or private won’t do. For as obsessive as we were in getting the uniform correct, why do these people think they even have a chance in answering tthe inevitable questions about inconsistencies in decorations, dates of service, military jobs, etc? Playing Dr. Phil for a second….that rush of grandiosity has to be a powerful thing to risk the exposure if something doesn’t add up and gets exposed. Total vermin they are.

    • Yeah, these idiots need to be arrested, if they can’t provides a DD214 or CAC Card, I just have to laugh when someone like that “CSM” that was caught by those Marines and didn’t know what citations he had or what PT was lmfao it’s horrible to think these guys are walking into a store people thanking them for their service, and getting discounts from the stores the go into just because their in fatigues or Class A’s B’s . Mine are 24 years old, in almost the same shape as when I wore them, I don’t fit into them anymore, and I’m disappointed that the green class A’s are no longer useable. If I want to attend a funeral of a fallen friend I have to buy the new blues, which are nice looking but still expensive . And these guys must spend a pretty penny on these uniforms and why? For what? A pat on the back, a discount? Seriously they spent more on the uniform then the discounts they’re getting, so I guess your Dr Phil reasoning is correct!! Ugh I guess they just need to feel important in some way…..

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