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A real estate agency out of Killeen, Texas has evicted a Soldier from his residence while the Soldier was in the hospital. They also sold all of his belongings and trashed the rest. The Soldier SGT Porrazzo, has been in the hospital for two and a half months. Here is the email I received:


.”Sgt Porrazzo has had 15 years of service in the Army with four years being in Iraq deploying with 1st Cav and 2nd ID.  In May 2012 my battalion had a training exercise to Yakima Training Center in Washington State while there Sgt Porrazzo had to be hospitalized at Fort Lewis, WA. at Madigan Hospital.  My 1SG was contacted by Sgt Porrazzo’s landlord a Mr. Tommy Atha of Texas Town Line in early June and my 1SG briefed him on the hospitalization of Sgt Porrazzo.  Over the next few weeks I kept them abreast of the situation until Sgt Porrazzo returned to Fort Hood, the whole while being assured they would work with him.  While Sgt Porrazzo was being treated at Fort Lewis I contacted Mr. Atha that Sgt Porrazzo was still in the hospital and reassured the real estate agency he has the money but not his check book and they would be paid upon his return.  Sgt Porrazzo returned to Fort Hood in July and contacted his landlord.  They informed him that the house was being rented by someone else and all his worldly possessions had been auctioned off or thrown away and he owed them money for past due rent and moving fees from the time he was in the hospital between May 2012 and July 2012.  I drove out to Sgt Porrazzo’s house with one of my NCOs and verified that there was someone living there.  My NCO called the Landlord and the secretary verified the story that they auctioned off everything that was of value and threw out what couldn’t be sold.  I then proceded to the rental agency and talked to them in person.  Mr. Atha along with his lawyer assured me that they had waited the appropriate times to evict my soldier and they were in their legal right.  When the rental agency first made contact with the Company my 1SG let it slip we had Sgt Porrazzo’s keys, Mr. Atha told me that they had to change the locks on the house because of this and could only release the new keys to Sgt Porrazzo or someone with a power of attorney.  He also said that they inventoried the home when they changed the locks and between then and the eviction several of Sgt Porrazzo’s fire arms had gone missing.  While Sgt Porrazzo was in the hospital I harassed my CO daily to help me get a limited power of attorney so someone can pay his rent which never came about.

Sgt Porrazzo lives very Spartan but, his father before he died owned and operated a gun store; his prize piece that Sgt Porrazzo inherited was a Barret 50 cal sniper rifle retailing at $10,000 and many other fire arms that were in his house were seized by his landlord.  His house he was renting wasn’t impressive.”


We will post updates as they come available.

UPDATE 1: After several hundred disgruntled Soldiers and Veterans voiced their opinions on their facebook page, the company took the Facebook page offline.

UPDATE 2 The rental agency has made contact with the Soldiers brigade, we will update you as this progresses.

UPDATE 3: We have found out more about the Soldiers injuries from a family member, it will be at least another 4 months before he is released from the hospital. it looks as though it will be a career ending injury.

UPDATE 4: We are being told by the family that their maybe as many as 20 weapons missing totaling in excess of $50,000. Also we are hearing that Ft. Hood has placed a warning about this company on their Newcomers document

Also the family does not wish to take donations, but if you would like to help, they say letters of support can be sent to:

SGT Mark Porrazzo
31st CMCO
Building 14020
Fort Hood, TX 76544


What are your thoughts?
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      • I just made my call. The lady that answered the phone said the guy was unavailable and could she help me. I said yes, I am calling in reference to the soldier who was sick and in the hospital and you all sold his things. She said “oh they are working on a statement right now that will address any of these questions” I said that is good to hear, that “we will be pushing for them to come off the rental list at housing on Ft. Hood”. You can just tell she has been fielding calls about this alot. Keep calling folks..

    • I am so on this one also. I will post on my facebook page also. They didnt lose any weapons. They should be ashamed of them selves. Is their a way that this rental agency can be on a list where soldiers can not rent from. I am sure there are many soldiers that rent houses from this company. Hit them dead in the pocket.

    • They had it in our lease that we waived our rights and we refused to sign it until that was removed. They said it was to protect them from the young irresponsible soldiers who don’t pay rent and destroy their properties, as it makes them very hard to evict. We assured them we were not one of those and we needed to make sure if we were PCS’d again that we could terminate our lease, so we would not sign it unless that clause was removed. Finally, they removed it from the main lease and put it in a separate addendum, which we also refused to sign. And this is a leasing company with an A+ BBB rating, as we only looked at companies with A+ ratings in our rental search.

  1. i think that someone needs to report to the FBI that a .50 cal sniper rifle is unaccounted for and who may be responsible for it’s disappearence. just a thought.

      • I was just thinking the same thing! I would think this persons lawyer can understand how serious missing firearms, including a .50cal, is in legal terms. I truly think the ATF should be called on this one to not only report this illegal act but also to protect the soldier from any harm being they are, I assume, registered in his name.

        • Inheritance laws are prettu much universal across the country, a wife or relative or stranger cannot steal your inheritance, whether it is a firearm or not-not to mention owning that Barrett rifle, means that the young man also probably has a fedral firearms license which I am sure the realtor does not, so the realtor has also f\violated several fedral laws by stealing tthat barrett rifle, and auctioning it off, without a fedral firearms license, which puts them behind the 8 ball so to speak-they are looking at loosing their license over the theft, sale and brokerage of a 50 cal rifle…in the united states, you must be able to do 3 things to sell that rifle, one is to make sure the person you dold it to, is not a felon, that is state and fedral law…2) you must check inheritaqnce laws…and 3) you must know both fedral and state laws…
          the other thing, that is note worthy-did you document everything exactly as it happened, and you documented the talks with the realtors-because if you documented the talks, each time…then you also have them over a barrell there as well-they were aware of the fact, that theyoung man was in the hospital, he was hosiptalized, he had the money and they on their side, broke every agreement, right from the beginning…

          • my brother is still in the hospital, and will be 4 more months or more, he acquired a career ending injury while on active duty.

            News 10 is working on the story.

        • Jeannette I am so sick about this , who do these people think they are , it seems to me that they are nothing but a greedy person who only worries about lining their pocket. This generation has no clue what it is to fight for your COUNTRY , my father fought for our COUNTRY and was never home , he died of Agent Orange only to protect people who could care less what you or your fellow men and women do everyday , and this story is proof , what comes around goes around , I hope and pray they get theirs !!!

        • Jeannette Porrazzo – I am so sorry to hear about all this stuff that has happened to your brother. I don’t know how this man, Tommy Atha, can live with himself. Not only is he a cruel person, but he shows no respect, what so ever, for our military. I will pray that things will work out for your brother. God Bless Him!!!

          • I’m doing all I can from here to try to shake a tree and get people to help Mark!
            15yrs of service, 8 tours, 6 to IRAQ and this is what he has to deal with!!! and his career is over on top of that!!!

            My brother is a stand up guy! the go to guy and always did what was asked of him- no questions.

            Thank you for the prayers!!! keep praying!!! this is an outrage!!!

            Let’s try this in the court of public opinion and force this TOMMY ATHA to do the RIGHT thing!!!

            and it was 20 guns total!!! over $100,000 I have a feeling this will be taken very seriously by the Feds!

        • Jeannette I am praying for your brothers healing. I pray that with his healing may this rental agency be tossed from the soldiers rental list. You have to go to housing before you can rent, so that means this rental agency is not on a list that soldiers can not rent from.

          • Jeannette, I am praying for your family and hope everything turns out as it should. I am an Army wife and can’t imagine what your famly is going through. Give our regards to your brother, and I hope these people get what is coming to them. HOOAH!!!!
            Spc. Steve Gilmore and Nicole Gilmore

        • Jeannette. I am so sorry to hear about your brother! This is disgusting beyond belief what they did to him! I hope they pay through the teeth and lose everything they have for what they did!
          I live in SA, TX now, but am familiar with Madigan Army, as that is where I had my youngest daughter. WA state is my home state. I wish your brother the very, very best. God bless him, and may God not have mercy on those who did him wrong.

    • If their story is true that the weapons disappeared mysteriously, then they are stolen. This means that anyone in possession of, or party to the sale of, said weapons is looking at a felony.

  2. (a) No eviction or distress shall be made during the period of military service in respect of any premises for which the agreed rent does not exceed $1,200 per month, occupied chiefly for dwelling purposes by the wife, children, or other dependents of a person in military service, except upon leave of court granted upon application therefor or granted in an action or proceeding affecting the right of possession.

    (b) On any such application or in any such action the court may, in its discretion, on its own motion, and shall, on application, unless in the opinion of the court the ability of the tenant to pay the agreed rent is not materially affected by reason of such military service, stay the proceedings for not longer than three months, as provided in this Act, or it may make such other order as may be just. Where such stay is granted or other order is made by the court, the owner of the premises shall be entitled, upon application therefor, to relief in respect of such premises similar to that granted persons in military service in sections 301, 302, and 500 of this Act [50 U.S.C. App. §§ 531,532, and 560] to such extent and for such period as may appear to the court to be just.

    (c) Any person who shall knowingly take part in any eviction or distress otherwise than as provided in subsection (a), or attempts so to do, shall be fined as provided in title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned not to exceed one year, or both.

    (d) The Secretary of Defense or Secretary of Transportation, with respect to the Coast Guard when it is not operating as a service in the Navy, is empowered, subject to such regulations as he may prescribe, to order an allotment of the pay of a person in military service in reasonable proportion to discharge the rent of premises occupied for dwelling purposes by the wife, children, or other dependents of such person.

    General. This section protects service members and their dependents from eviction for nonpayment of rent. It provides criminal sanctions for those who knowingly take part in the eviction or attempted eviction of the spouse, children, or other dependents of a service member from any premises occupied as a dwelling and rented for less than $1,200 per month. In these circumstances, a landlord must obtain a court order authorizing an eviction. The Act does not define the terms “eviction” and “distress,” but the courts have applied their commonly accepted meanings in deciding cases arising under this section.

    • It would appear that, according to what I read i the story, the Sgt. was not married, therefore section (a) would not apply. I feel that the real estate company overstepped on this one. They knew that the soldier was hospitalized and was still getting paid. There was no reason to evict. I think the Sgt. should sue their asses off for every bit of loss and punitive damages that he could get. I don’t think there is a jury around that would disagree with him. Hopefully, they will find the firearms.

  3. Landlord Seizure of Personal Property. If the lessor seizes or attempts to seize the personal property of the lessee for the purpose of subjecting the property to a claim for rent accruing after the effective date of termination, however, he may be punished under subsection (3).

  4. Procedural requirements. The lessee must deliver written notice of termination to the lessor at any time after entry on active duty or receipt of orders as contemplated by section 106. Delivery may be made by posting a properly addressed and stamped envelope in the U.S. mails. Oral notice to the lessor is insufficient In addition, among partners in an enterprise, notice from one partner to the others that the service person intends to vacate the premises is insufficient to notify the landlord.

    The effective date of the termination is determined by the method of rental payment under the lease. In the case of a month to month rental, the termination becomes effective 30 days after the first date on which the next rental payment is due subsequent to the date when the notice of termination is delivered. For example, if the rent is due on the first day of each month, and notice is mailed on 1 August, then the “next rental payment is due and payable” on 1 September. Thirty days after that date would be 1 October, the effective date of termination.

    All other leases will be terminated on the last day of the month following the month in which proper notice is delivered. For example, if the lease requires a weekly or yearly rental and proper notice of termination is given on 20 July, the effective date of termination would be 31 August.

  5. I find it interesting that the website for this agency is suddenly broken. This sickens me and my friends. I simply cannot understand how the hell we are treating people, let alone soldiers, this way. Seriously if we do anything honorable, be it busting phonies or whatnot this needs to be corrected and brought to the very FRONT LINE of the media if possible.

    We live in the day and age where most people do not care who the crush on the way to their own greatness. We have to change this, if not for the betterment of the human race.

  6. Perhaps we also need to get the ATF involved if there were firearms that have disappeared. If this NCO owned them and had them properly registered and they are used in the commission of a crime, while this will undoubtedly be a popular subject around that area, I hate to see him get into any trouble for a POS landlord.

  7. Even during a LEGAL seizure and sale of property (which this clearly was not), any weapons found must be turned over to law enforcement, presumably for return to registered owner or other legal disposition. Selling a found firearm violates any number of federal laws and is indeed a felony (or rather multiple felonies for one sale).

  8. What a bunch of low-life theives that Real Estate Agency is! And how danged unamerican they are. They better watch out because God is watching them and they will get theirs. How sad that they live for money and nothing else!

  9. I hope this company gets black balled just like colonial property management did a couple of months ago. I work for several real estate companies in this area and this is not how hings are done!! 1. What ever they sold in the house most likely would have covered the past due rent. Which is still b.s. 2. 95% of the rental properties are owned by military or retired military. Had the property manager contacted the leer I doubt he/she would of had the soldier evicted!! I will never due business with this company and I will discourage anyone else from during so also. Word of mouth will ruin them if the legal system don’t!!!

      • The crooks will most likely say they never saw any guns, must have been stolen before we went in. They should be hung up and torched, but we can’t do to them what they so richly deserve because it is illegal.

        • Bulldog1, you are a fantastic and loyal person and I applaud you for what you are doing here and taking up the fight for your injured comrade. This is the way America is supposed to be, where people stand up for others, I will not be happy again until I hear that the soldier gets his guns back and the real estate company is put out of business and the people responsible are in jail and fined so much that they will be broke for the rest of their lousy lives… Hoooahhh!!!

  10. Absolutely, the Soldier & Sailor Relief Act must be addressed in this circumstance. I hope there are a few interested Attorneys that could find the time to chase this snake outfit out of business and make them pay for the loss/theft of this Serviceman’s personal possessions! Wow… Creeps never fail to amaze!

  11. I am going to assume that the company commander and 1SG also notified the higher chain of command. This action could lead to that company being put onto a list of off limits businesses for soldiers.

    • they have disabled their email… and Yahoo! Local Reviews must be full, because I have not been able to get my post in… just thought I would let you know….

  12. The landlord is not only an a-hole, he’s also done something illegal. Evicting a soldier goes against the SSRA, but he sold all of his things, as well as “lost” firearms. People who do that on the street get put away in state prison! I hope they take this Tommy Atha guy and throw him in TX state prison.

    This is deplorable. The government should be doing more to protect our troops. Take it up to their boss, the POTUS! Let’s see what he says about this blatant act of disrespect to those who fight so that scumbags like Tommy Atha and TownLine Properties can keep ripping off our soldiers!

  13. I hope that justice is served in this situation. I also hope that all the other companies and slum lords around ft hood and elsewhere are paying attention. These are the people that protect your butt. They also give you employment. If the military upped and moved a few brigades from Hood or hell closed it down there wouldn’t be any realestate jobs. Use your heads instead of greed. I bet after this they will learn a lesson.

  14. I’m taking a personal interest in this one. I’m going to make sure the full chain-of-command at Fort Hood, JAG, et al are fully aware of this situation. Lesson:If you’re going to play the part of Bully, you better select someone other than a US military member to target. I am also calling this soldier’s elected representatives in DC.

  15. Isn’t there an attorney in the area that will work with Sgt. Porrazzo on a pro bono basis? What about Army counsel? How can we help this soldier, (send checks?)? The realtor and or landlord need to be proscecuted for a number of illegal moves and theft of property!
    It is rally time for Sgt. Porrazzo !!!


  16. Yes this is horrible, but I’m a little confused. Why would you need a power of attorney to pay this guy’s rent? Why didn’t you just pay it? the landlord doesn’t care where the money comes from. This guy’s unit also let him down. Where were his “Brothers”?

    • They were seeking the right to use his own bank accounts because he had the money to pay the rent but yes I feel they should have paid it for him to be reimbursed in the future. However the real estate agency was in contact with his regiment so why would the evict while it was being worked out? It makes no sense unless they already had been stealing while he was away and wanted to cover it up. That is what I think.

  17. Which news stations are airing this story. I would like to watch this and let my family and friends that don’t have Facebook know so they can keep abreast of the story and developments. Thank you.

    • RIght now several of the local stations in Killeen have it, also was turned over to Army Times this morning. FoxNews has been contacted but no word back from them as of yet..

  18. Paul- It was assumed that because we had kept the landlord/rental agency in the loop this was not going to be an issue untila more permanent solution with the civil legal system and his family could be worked out- we had no warning about this until AFTER they had done it.

  19. I am wondering since this individual is lawyered up and confident, if there isn’t something more to this. I find it difficult to believe that there was no way to pay his rent. As a rental property owner I think some people forget that these properties still have mortgages and the money comes from somewhere to pay for it, the renter. Still, I think it was rotten how the property manager went about it.There are failures on many levels and on both parties.

  20. I’m sorry, but maybe I missed it. Where did it say he was married??? And if he did have a wife why didn’t she pay the rent???
    I feel for the guy, I really do, but the article implies his injuries were not life threatening and he was communicating with his unit. So why didn’t he just pay his rent online or have his bank issue a cashier’s check????? Also here’s another thought: chances are the rental company does not own that house. Whoever owns it (possibly another soldier???) has a mortgage to pay and depends on the tenant to pay his/her rent on time so their house doesn’t go into foreclosure. Maybe they don’t have the means to all their bills (new mortgage or rent somewhere else included) plus this house note (hence the renting of it). 
    Yes they could have handled it different. (am I referring to the soldier or rental company?)

    • as my husband is the trustee for my brother-in-laws disability i know for a fact that bank’s won’t talk to anyone if they are not the primary name on the account, when my husband was deployed to afghanistan and my brother-in-law needed to talk to the bank they refused to talk to him or me because my husband is the primary account holder. they will only talk to my husband. and a single soldier runs into the same problem if they can’t talk dircetly to the bank. it’s different if you have a joint account but single soldiers don’t have that. as fr his unit paying his rent that isn’t allowed. they did what they were supposed to do and contacted the real estate company and kept them in the fold. the real estate company didn’t do the same.

    • sir or mam were you ever an active duty soldier?… for you to say his injuries werent lfe threatening so why didnt he pay them?! is ridiculous. Obviously it is so bad that he has to be in the hospital in another state for four months. This real estate agency did him dirty and we all know it.First illegal thing was selling or “missplacing” of several weapons that were a total of $100,000.Really and I know from personal experience as an active duty soldier that when we get deployed,state side or overseas, the agency has an aggreement and also with hospitalization. His injury may not be life threatening, but you dont know that and its actually caused him to have to get medically discharged.Also if you have ever been to killeen, texas its full of slum lords who dont give a shit about anyone let alone the people who protect them and you to live in freedom and be safe.So please dont sit there and try to blame this soldier or his leaders when you have no idea what is really going on. I was in this unit and i served under this nco. He never did any wrong and did what he was told and helped soldiers.If he was capable he would have done so.Also for the unit to call them and these aholes said they understood and were working with them, and then all of sudden someone else is living there and all his possesions gone.His stuff was of sentimental value! Things that you have to travel to foreighn lands and along with his Dads old weapons.This is just straight appauling. Veterans and fellow soldiers alike fight for this country and put up with the mental and physical restraints to keep people like you from doing anything but sit at home and go about your life. The least you guys can to do is actually stay true to your word and help the people who keep this country safe. Maybe people would support more if you lived in africa or iran then Im sure your ideas and words would be different. But try being and active duty soldier first before you write crap like that!

      • I left killeen in March of 2012 and i am GLAD! The rental agencies there run rampant and any soldier that complains always gets put in check due to the slum lords calling there chain of commands to keep there soldiers in line! It’s a damn shame when it seems like no one will defend the defenders! Damn Shame!

  21. I don’t know what “active duty” means or if it extends to wounded/hospitalized servicemen but I presume it does not since the Wounded Warrior Project raises money for this purpose. A wrongful foreclosure could end up with the service member owning a judgment against the landlord. The sentimental value of the .50 Cal. and any other personal property allows for a treble-damage recovery against the landlord. I know of a self storage worth $1.6 million dollars that was lost to such a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit. What this service member needs is a knowledgeable lawyer.

    • Active duty is active duty, even if you are injured if you are employed full time as a soldier, sailor or airman of any rank you are active duty. If you are a lawyer and go to hospital you are still a lawyer right? all branches of the reserves are considered active duty when deployed or on training, regular army, air force, navy and marines are active duty at all times. If you are injured, regardless of your state of disability or hospitalization, this does not change your status as an active duty service man or woman unless you are given a medical discharge, when you are considered medically retired.

      The Wounded Warrior Project has nothing to do with your status as active duty, but whether or not you were injured in the actioning of your duties, whether you are an active duty service person or a reservist.

      Regardless of this point (which was made for information purpose only) I agree that these acts were reprehensible. Unfortunately no advanced level of compensation can ever cover the pain of losing those sentimental items, but it can help you restart. I really do think a good lawyer needs to get involved, both on behalf of the wounded Sgt, and on behalf of the government as multiple felonies appear to have been perpetrated by this company.

  22. I have a question that seems to have been avoided so far. Sounds to me like the Rental Agency didn’t have a very knowledgable lawyer, or possibly, he was a friend that wanted in on the “gun” deal. This would also put him in a violation of the law as well.

  23. Texas law prevents landlords from seizing property without proper notification. To sell property he would have had to post a legal notice in the newspaper for an auction. Also state law requires the landlord to store personal effects for a time period I believe is 90 days before disposing of. What happened to his security deposit? Any and all proceeds from sale have to be applied to balance owed. Also to remove him from home he must have filed an eviction in a JPs office and be served. This is Anti-American and Anti-Texan.


  25. Jeanette, is there anything we can do for your brother while he awaits the resolution of this situation? Personally, I hope the Real Estate company is forced into bankruptsy. Fortunately, the law is on his side – I can’t wait to see what those cretins do now.

  26. We are not sure when this story will hit the air, we were contacted by several agencies last night and this morning. We released contact information to them at the consent of the Platoon Leader. They will be talking with him, if we hear anything we will let you guys know ASAP.

  27. I have to agree that there are errors on both sides. The Sgt could have gotten someone to go to his house for the check book or could have contacted the bank to have a transfer done. However, it doesn’t sound as though the rental agency was intent on working with him either. They, too, could have gone the extra mile to either help him get his checkbook by allowing a family member into the house or suggest alternative methods of recieving their payment.

    And if they ‘evicted’ him, I’d always thought they had to have a member of law enforcement on site when that occured. That would have resolved the issue of the firearms as no law enforcement officer would have allowed those guns into a non-licensed/permitted person’s hands.

    I’d have to assume the soldier thought he was protected since he followed the chain of command and contacted his commanding officer and his commanding officer was helping him.

    Any way you look at it though, there is no excuse for his firearms and his property to be missing. That is theft, no matter what spin is placed on it.

    • They couldn’t get his checkbook: “…we had Sgt Porrazzo’s keys, Mr. Atha told me that they had to change the locks on the house because of this and could only release the new keys to Sgt Porrazzo or someone with a power of attorney.”

      I don’t believe that there were errors on both sides. It sounds like SGT Porrazzo and his chain of command did everything in their power, by the book, to properly handle this situation.

  28. I think that the IRS should look into this company’s finances and returns. ……….Just a thought!! Like the Good Book says….. Do unto others……

  29. “Our Mission is to out people who falsely claim Military service and/or claim unauthorized medals or tabs. It may be your First Amendment right to lie about service to this country, and medals earned, but it is our First Amendment right to show the world your lies. Our admins are a group of Active and Veteran service members that want to protect the Uniforms of the services and the Valor, Integrity and Honor that comes with that. We value our service, our veterans, and the fallen, and will do whatever is needed to protect them. The public should be aware of any and all persons that would lie about service or unearned medals or tabs”

    This is your moto yet you do not know all the facts, please do your research.

    • Rose, who are you to come here and tell us what to do. What we have posted are FACTS as given to us by this Soldiers peers.I am assuming you work for the Real Estate company in question? If you are them please give us your side of the story, as we have asked for it and you did not respond. So respond with your side and I will post it.

      • STANDING WITH YOU, BULLDOG1 !!! Rose, If you do have FACTUAL INFORMATION, please divulge… If not, PLEASE do not come on to this page and try to create drama! As a Veteran yourself, one would think you would have some compassion towards what has happened! IF this company was trying to protect the privacy of this Soldier (para-quoting your below-listed post) TV media would not be swarming all over it! Nor would the peers of this Soldier, be so upset!

        • if it was a privacy issue, then they would want to help his family help him! they are not cooperating with us. We want to see a copy of his lease and the eviction notices etc. we have yet to get any information from them.

          -SGT Porrazzo’s devoted sister!

        • Drama is being created by those who do not know the facts. As a veteran i have compassion and if you read my post you will also see that me and my family have had our share of heartaches. The soldier in question is not complaining, attacking, slandering or treatening anyone. Again for all individuals who are reading this, I am not defending injustice, I am simply stating that we need to look at all the facts before making any kind of statements. Hearsay is not a fact. And as far as the media is concern, those two soldiers that started this, are the ones calling everyone and asking them to call and harass and take pictures and boycott this agency. I do know my facts and I’ve heard the messages and seen the pictures, and know for a FACT that this people are hurting right now. They are very dear friends and dont deserved to be portrait as evil doers. If it was me who was being attacked in this manner I would’ve already taken action against the individuals creating this mess. If I was the agency, those soldiers representing the army and talking on behalf of the hospitalized soldier would’ve been sued for slandering already. Help the soldier yes, but know your facts first.

          • Rose, Don’t you think that maybe you, yourself should get all the facts straight??!!! If this rental agency owner is such good friends with you, then you should be advising them to respond and say their side. The public will only know the side of those that speak up!! Regardless, what your friends and their company did to this soldier are wrong and against soo many laws!!! The FACT that they are “hurting right now” means nothing to the man who is lying in the hospital and being discharged from the military because of his injuries sustained. Maybe if your friends would have worked with this soldier and gone through proper legal channels they wouldn’t be having so many issues right now. The United States Military Members and their family are not a group you want to mess with. We all stand by each other and support each other and this kind of treatment is not something we take lightly.

          • Rose,

            I just want to address your contention of slander. IF you knew YOUR facts, you would know that the legal system would LAUGH at the idea of suing service members for slander based on the comments made here and elsewhere on behalf of the service member (SM). The FACT is that you CAN’T sue anyone for slander unless they KNOW the FACTS of a particular situation and make OFFICIAL remarks or statements through OFFICIAL channels that CONDEMN said organization in a manner that COSTS them either monetarily or HARMS their reputation. The plaintiff in such a case would have to PROVE that they PROVIDED said FACTS to the DEFENDANT(S) prior to alleged official statements; furthermore, they have to PROVE that said statements led to their BBB rating being degraded and business losses were DIRECTLY AFFECTED by said statements.

            SO, in light of the FACTS, whenever they do come out, you nor the organization management you come here representing can take ANY legal action against anybody that makes statements in response to this story, as they are only commenting on what they see in PRINT, here or elsewhere. Therefore, they cannot be held liable for slander because they were not served OFFICIAL PROOF of FACTS or ACTIONS taken by this organization. I hope this clears up your extremely emotional response to this particular story, as those who serve(d) this country are free to make any remarks or call any agency that has allegedly taken action against one of their own. WE, as SMs, are, by law, allowed to make any statement we want on any site that would be considered UN-OFFICIAL in the legal sense; i.e., blogs, wikis, or any major media outlet of any syndicate related to, or representative of major networks.

    • Rose…. OMG I am so sick with the comment that I just read that I am not going to say anything else because as the significant other of a military member I am utterly discussed and would likely fly off the handle with a response!

  30. How truly low can the leeches of the real estate industry go? This is disgusting beyond measure. Ths slug of a landlord probably sold the Sergeant’s firearms to drug dealers, if I don’t miss my guess.

  31. I am an Army vet, I’ve been injured in combat, I hold a purple heart, and i am a mother and wife of a soldier. I have three tours (two iraq, one afghanistan) I lost my first husband while i was fighing a war for this our country. My now husband is just retiring after serving for 22yrs, and he came back home from his last deployment with cancer. We have dealt with this people you accuse of being injust and i can assure you that the injustice is being done to them, bashing them is not the answer to this soldier problem, you really wanna help him, get your facts straight and try to remedy the situation. I myself wish these people had taken cared of my property everytime i was deployed or pcs’d or my husband deployed. And just so you know some of the individuals that work there are combat vets, retired military or have family serving still. They are the most caring individuals, they go way and beyond their scope of duties and responsabilities as and agency or business and actually do care and try to help people/soldiers. I’ve been following these posts and all others being created outhere and its all so far from the truth. Has it ever crossed your minds that they wont say anything out of respect for the soldiers privacy? or that there is more to the story to what some individuals are telling? which can not be divulge or put outhere because again, respect for the soldiers privacy?

    • And I respect you for that, but if you would read everything posted here you will see exactly what happened, and you call the just? The Soldier was in the hospital for gods sake and had no way of taking care of it. And was told by his COC that the rental agency was ok with that. Then he comes home to find his home as well as all of his belongings gone????? Please tell me how that is ok and just in your eyes? For that to be done to anyone, much less a Soldier and then to tell him he still OWES them money? Come on Rose, just because you have had good dealings with them does not mean everyone else has. As a mater of fact I have seen more than a dozen posts of people talking about he agent in question and how he is towards Soldiers.

      • Speaking from experiences while station at Ft Hood and deployments, I to lost all my stuff they contacted my chain of command after the Eviction notice was sent out and they had to deal with this matter right away, took 3 days to get the message was in Kuwait, lost allot of family things and swords from the Civil war that belonged to my family, don’t know if it was the same company happened in 01. These company’s have to understand that they have to obey the laws and in the Lease don’t know what page but being station at a deployment post they have the Soldiers, sailors act in the leases so they break all kind a laws, so to you and your family wish you the best and Gods speed.

        US ARMY Retired

      • I culd do several things here, I could lose my manners and call people names, I could show you and prove to you that I am in fact a supporter of any soldier in need or trouble, I could show you my entire military career, awards or certificates, I could show you with documents and pictures as well all the families I’ve helped and continue to do so. I could do all of that, however; it will not change a thing. No one is interested in the truth, It seems as if bashing eachother is the only thing we are good at. Again, let us please be constructive and help this soldier by fixing this problem. This will be my last post here as well, as i dont appreciate the name calling. Good night and God bless.

    • Frankly you sicken me with your self proclaimed I’m a hero! It’s the person wearing the medal that gives it HONOR not the fact that you have It! You are just an insignificant fly on dog droppings. If you want to prove you have HONOR then SHUT UP already!

  32. This is horrific!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!! SGT Mark Porrazzo… You have the support of Texas, and the United States!!! We stand with you, beside you and for you! Justice will prevail! I know that there are things that money may not be able to replace, but I pray these creeps get theirs! I thank YOU, for defending ALL of our freedom! (I am just ashamed that this company did not realize that YOU, along with ALL OUR MILITARY, defend even their freedom!

    I have tried posting on Yahoo! Local Reviews, and keep getting an error message saying: Sorry, some error occured while writing the review. Please try after some time

    This is my post:

    This company evicted a soldier, while he was in the hospital! Then they claim his gun collection (which was an inheritance {covered under Inheritance Laws}) came up missing; they have sold anything of value, and thrown the rest away! IF YOU SUPPORT OUR FIGHTING MEN AND WOMEN THAT DEFEND ALL OF OUR RIGHTS, even those of this pathetic companies, YOU WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. If for no other reason, this could also happen to you! And, thankfully, THERE ARE LAWS THAT GOVERN EVICTION OF OUR MILITARY AND THEIR FAMILIES! In my humble opinion, they need to remove the American flag, and the State Of Texas off their website, AS NEITHER TEXAN NOR AMERICAN WOULD DO THIS TO ONE THAT HAS SERVED HIS COUNTRY!

    If there is anything that I can do. please contact me and let me know! I have posted/shared this to my fb page, and am confidant that my friends/family will be making calls on SGT Porrazzo’s behalf as well!


  33. Re: to

    “I find is absolutely disgusting how your company handled the incident regarding the US Army Soldier SGT Porrazzo during his hospitalization! Legally YOU won the day …..Morally YOU FAILED the American Service Member!”

    Captain Anthony Kennedy, 
    US Army, Disabled Retired

  34. While some have voiced concern for the rights of the landlord/property owner, it seems clear that due process was not followed prior to eviction – to say nothing of the sale of the tenant’s private property. As an active duty warrant officer and landlord, I understand both sides of the issue. Though some mis-steps may have been made, the landlord appears to have blatantly side-stepped the law here. Justice must be done for the soldier.
    The sale of the seized firearms should catch the attention of Federal officials. Were the required background checks completed and the mandatory waiting period observed for the purchasers?
    I can’t see this ending favorably for the landlord/property owner.
    By the way, the offices of this area’s elected representatives in DC have been notified of the situation.

  35. I contacted the agency and i believe was pretty respectful. The gentlemen named tommy was ‘out in a conference meeting’ and when i started asking about why the Hospitalized soldier was evicted and had his stuff confiscated they Hung up on me!

  36. With everything running through my mind already written previously by others, I wont repeat the obvious…as for the so called real estate agency? SHAME on you. I wonder if you can look your family in the face without needing to turn away, and karma misses no one. Remember that in what I HOPE are sleepless nights.

  37. this disgusts me. he cant even leave the hospital and deal with it they knew he had the money but were too impatient to get it on another date i mean he served his country and his injury is probably from his time serving in iraq and they cant even cut him a break and say thanks for serving …instead they pretty much said your taking too long hurry up or we take the house without even saying that they just did it whats wrong with people these days and its not like they NEEDED the money im sure he wasnt the deciding factor if they were to stay in bussness.. i would just like to say thank you for serving and hope you can get all of this sorted out 🙂

  38. I just left Hood in May. All those years, the community always talking about how good they supporting us troops. This agency had put a black eye on others good agencies there.

  39. I have been a Realtor in the Fort Hood Area for a lot of years. My husband was in the Army my 2 sons are in the Guard. I have been with 3 different brokerages/ property managment groups..Bosnia, 911, Iraq, Afganistan I have seen them all and never have I seen such nonsense! It is stupidity like this that make the Realtor/ Property Managment groups in the area look bad. I would absolutly say do NOT judge the Realtor commuity and its associates off a few bad apples. Most of us are former military or have military affiliations. If you ever have any questions about a Realtor you can contact the local association : Fort Hood Association of Realtors or Texas Real Estate Commission. We are very good about policing ourselves but we can’t police what we don’t know. I am forwarding this link to our local association. Unfortunatly I don’t see this Mr Antha associated with TREC or FHAAR.

  40. this is the actual website for the townline in texas…. what a horrible thing to happen to a soldier period. there should be something about it in the lawes that if the soldier is in a hospital that they have to be verified and nothing can be done… like a hold on the property until farther notice from the soldier.

  41. What do you expect, its KILLEEN. Most of the people here are selfish, ignorant, rude, and greedy. Im talking about the civilians that take advantage of the fact that a soldier has a steady paycheck and a call to the commander guarantees payment. Oh and its not just companies and busines that take advantage of soldiers, its also the Killeen skanks who marry a soldier, then cheat on him with his best friend while he is gone, gets pregnate, and then takes 20% of his paycheck for AT LEAST 18 years. I hate this town and once I leave, I will NEVER come back. Pure debauchery

  42. TownLine properties is associated (in the same office) with Team Lupe Real Estate. Their link is not broken ( the real estate link is ( Broker/Owner is Lupe Colindres along with her husband Luis. Tommy Atha is NOT a licensed Realtor so its impossible for him to be the LEGAL property manager. The email address listed for the Broker/Owner is

  43. Here’s a few things I’ve inquired about today on our post at Fort Gordon… First, JAG is an excellent resource of information and have numerous contacts civilian side. Although JAG is unable to represent the Soldier, they can meet with and refer the family to off post attorneys. They also will call said attorneys and explain the case, and work with them on cost. I would highly recommend giving this info to the soldier’s family before hiring an attorney. My JAG office found a Army Reserves LTC who was an attorney in the civilian world along with JAG, and he took on my two year case pro bono. Secondly, I read on the Facebook support page linked in the above comments the difficulty in setting up a donation site. As a FRSA, a 3 term FRG Leader, I am well aware of all the dos and don’ts of fundraising, donations etc. The best way, I have found, is having a family member go into a national chain bank and set up a fund. Then, anywhere those banks are located, people can donate through the bank at no cost. We used Wells Fargo. Just wanted to throw that out there. Feel free to contact me at anytime, good luck and Godspeed.

  44. Will I see what eveyone is saying yes you could be mad but, we have to see both side. The landlord cant kick someone out only a Judge can. I think who ever owns the house has to pay there mortgage. something not right you dont need a power of attorney to help pay someones rent. IM in the army for 10+ I dont think we should blame the landlord??

  45. This is a disturbing and horrendous action taken by the rental agency. They should be ashamed and ready to crawl off into whatever hole they emerged from. It hurts me deeply to hear about this occurance.

  46. As a Cav Trooper and Senior NCO, if you guys get ANY form of support system up and running for this young Sergeant, you let me know.

  47. I hope he doesnt hide behind the fact he says that the gun were stolen. Or missing. If they were there before he started the eviction, I think he should be responsible for them. I think he was just trying to cover his behind with that disclosure. I hope and pray you get the guns back and proscuted this slime ball from doing it to someone else.

  48. get the serial numbers of those weapons out to EVERYONE INCLUDING PAWN SHOPS and trace those serial numbers. if the search does not turn up anything then the company is immediately guilty of unlawfull selling and theft of firearms which is punishable of up to 10 years in prison for every firearm illegally sold. other than that the company cannot be punished any further other than blacklist and the stank eye which they so rightly deserve…no i am not siding with the company at all cuz this is bull…any company would have waited and accepted that a soldier was injured in the line of duty. they should also be held liable for all of his possessions that were immorally auctioned off…major lawsuit is in the near future for the douchebags at this company.

  49. I’m a prior service member and have been in property management for several years. I try to take care of my military residents, and this sickens me. Wth that being said, the actions of this company are illegal. I’m familiar with Texas landlord-tenant laws, and there is a state mandated military clause in the lease as well as special provisions to follow if filing an eviction against a military member. The law related to this can easily be found in the magistrate court law library, but it surprises me that a real estate company would not be aware of laws regarding service members since they are close to a base. If a member is unable to pay due to duty related circumstances, you cannot legally file eviction. What’s even more shocking is that they were even contacted and made aware of the situation. Unbelievable and despicable!

  50. I find it disparaging that Americans who are being shielded and protected by AMERICAN troops can be so malicious, deliberately hurtful and “hide” behind the law. He knew that what he was doing was absolutely wrong and is hoping this will be brushed aside by the media. Trust me this will be told and retold, as its not just a story, its a MAN and AN AMERICAN SOLDIERS’S LIFE.

  51. Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts) is a family friend of mine, and also a Army National Guard Lt. Col. (O5) JAG officer. I’m going to call his personal number first thing tomorrow to ask if there’s anything possible he can make happen for this soldier.
    -SPC Justin O’Donnell, Massachusetts ARNG

  52. My husband and I are intimately a part of SGT Porrazzo’s situation. Thanks to all of you who support him. He loved my meatloaf and I hope to feed it to him again some day……BUT he was in a hospital in Washington State! A long way from Ft Hood! Rose: you don’t have a clue. You know NONE of the FACTS, I do and so does his twin sister who is ACTIVE Army and tried to help as much as she could. She trusted the info she got. She got lied to! If it was your son, husband, daughter who was ROBBED you would be the loudest voice on here. The realtor, “what goes around comes around” and you will answer to a higher power than a court. Jeannette: keep praying girl! Your dad was a terrific person and yes, would roll over in his grave. Sgt Porrazzo will get our support! I have contacted all of Idaho’s congressmen, governors of Idaho and Texas, VFW, Am Legion, John McCain, Rush, all the TV stations here at “home” and the newspapers. Emails going to every military person we know and after 35 years USArmy, that’s a few. Thanks Bulldog!

  53. It seems to me that it was an inexperienced agent that pushed this through without jumping through the correct hoops. Texas can be quite strict on evictions but if an eviction is filed it is up to the tenant to declare military status. If he didn’t show up to court, which he obviously couldn’t, then the company would have won the case by default. In Texas, it is legal to auction off belongings left behind after an eviction, but those belongings MUST be held for at least 90 days and all proceeds from sale must be applied to the balance owed. Just because it got through the court, though, does not mean that their actions were legal. Even if they were not in contact with his unit, they are still in the wrong several times over. The eviction may have gone through, but the real estate agency must swear an oath that all of their claims are true. In order for this eviction to have passed by a judge the company either failed to inform the judge that they are evicting a military member or failed to inform the judge of the contact made with his unit. In order for the judge to hear a case, the real estate or management company must provide any and all documentation in regards to the eviction up to and including contact with the lessor or otherwise. Since I know how shady some agents can be… I’m sure they did no such thing and pushed an eviction through because someone showed interest in the property and they rented it out to collect payment. No one is saying that the owner of the property did not face a hardship while not receiving this service member’s rent for 2 months (in the real estate business, 2 months is NOTHING by the way. The owner should have had at least that to cover it if they were prepared for times of vacancy, etc.) however, this soldier is also facing a hardship. This is why the provisions for military members exist. Being that some people are claiming to be prior military members, yet praising the real estate company, you must have been out so long that you forgot the motto: hurry up and wait. Yes there are programs that could have helped him pay his rent, but nothing happens quickly in the military… And since they were being told that the real estate agency will work with him, then why would anyone have considered this as a resource they needed to tap when the soldier was working on paying them? Either way you look at it, the company, specifically the filing agent, is at serious fault here and will face the consequences as defined by SSRA and landlord-tenant law. It’s not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. My heart goes out to this soldier and his family and you are in my prayers. Please know that justice will be served. My only hope is that the beloved “lost” weapons show up and are returned to your rightful ownership, as you can’t place a value on inherited objects. They are priceless. The company should at least have the heart to acknowledge this and do everything within their power to return the belongings that they “never saw.” Like I said previously, I’ve been in this business for years. I know how shady some companies can be & it is a shame to see that there are people out there willing to stand up for a company in the wrong one way or another. If anyone can look at it from both sides, it’s someone who served in the military and is now in property management, and I am honestly baffled. 

  54. My name is Tommy Atha, I am the bad guy everyone is writing about, and I am also a veteran. Please let me set as much of the story straight as i can. I cannot specifically comment about a client private matter, however; I can tell you that I have secured all of the property from the location and I am awaiting contact from the tenant. In addition, nothing has been sold, given or thrown away. Be assured our agency can account for all the property that was in the home at the time we took possession. We look forward to speaking with this tenant which we understand could be months away. We are concerned about people’s un-informed opinion but we cannot control other people. If you would like to be a client we would like to invite you to come in and see for yourself.

    • you have the nerve to come on here and plug your company! wow that is low! you say you have all his things? really? prove it! you make this statement here, probably took you hours to write that run-on paragraph- yet you fail to return our families inquires. You are nothing but a lying, thieving coward!

    • Atha my friend, you should be thanking Bulldog and the young sgt’s family for asking us to remain civil. If not for them asking that, this army vet/ former SF team member would gladly come down there, and meet you face to face. What makes it bad, you and this Rose character claim to be veterans? Let me tell you, VERTERANS DONT DO THAT TO SOLDIERS/VETERANS…… doesnt matter where you are, what you served in. I doubt a veteran from another country would even do that to a US veteran. For you to claim to be a veteran, and using that as a blanket to try to justify you were in the right here is even more sickening. Regardless of if you have his things or not, the fact STILL remains you took the roof over his head. Now he has to find a new one, and when it comes time on his new application to fill out his rental history, because of your lack of morality, he will have an eviction on his record. So now he is not out of just a roof over his head, but a future one as well. Way to be a stand up guy there Atha

    • I don’t care what you THINK your legal right was, that was NOTHING that made it right for you to remove SGT Porrazzo’s items from his home and evict him while he is still in the hospital due to injuries sustained defending this country. PERIOD… If you are truly a Veteran AND a Marine, you should even be MORE ashamed. Was what ever money you made worth it Tommy?

      In addition I have called your office several times trying to speak with you but I always get put off. I don’t know any other legitimate Realtor that doesn’t have a cell phone where people can contact them.

  55. Just read the story about Sgt. Porrazzo, and just joined Guardian of Valor and sent a request to be added to the FB support page for Sgt. Porrazzo and his family. Thank you for what you do. I will share this story w/ my friends & family. My daughter is an Army MP in the 93rd MP BTN 978th MP Co. and deployed to Afghanistan. She’s had friends injured on missions, has had close calls but by God’s grace is fine. The thought of anyone taking advantage of a wounded soldier is sickening. On 7/8 she saw 6 close brothers killed in a second by a Taliban IED near Kabul. Westboro Baptist Church picketers tried to ruin the last funeral of her six brothers last week, but the Patriot and Freedom Riders saved the day along with civilian supporters. Tommy Atha and Townline Properties give me the same sick feeling I felt about the WBC, and I will stand on the side of our soldiers, veterans and their families whole-heartedly.

  56. I am a landlord in Killeen (private property) and for the most part have had the best tenants ever (mostly soldiers and their families). In all the years of dealing with rentals (27 yrs my husband is retired military) here in Killeen, we have only had to actually evict one time and that required serving notice by the Sheriff’s dept. to the renters.

  57. Does that include his guns Tommy? If you come back with a “they were missing before all this” statement you WILL be crucified and you know it.

  58. In the state of Texas doesn’t the sheriff have to be there for the eviction process? If so he would or should of taken all weapons. Check this out. I am in CO and when we have ti dio an eviction the sheriff must be here and the first thing he does is enter the apt. and check for any weapons. I have dealt with many of the soldiers from Fort Carson in Colorado Springs and it really is different here we all abide by the Soldiers and Sailors Act. IT”S THE LAW and they are men fighting for our country.
    Landlords in Texas get with it and treat them with respect and honor!!!!!

  59. I can’t access the facebook page in support of SSGT Porrozzo? We were on earlier in the day. KeithandDorisMyrick would like to know if what Mr. Atha says is true! Or if indeed is just using this opportunity to plug his company. Took a long time to tell his side of the story don’t you think. Just sayin……………………………..

  60. As we have been stating, we will not disclose here or anywhere else the private matters of the clients we serve and represent. We, here at Town Line Properties assure everyone that we have done nothing improper. Again we refuse to divulge any information that could be misconstrued, mislead, defamatory and will only hurt the individual we have all been trying to help. We are a family oriented agency, and we will continue to serve our military community with much honor and pride.

    • Save it for TV “Mr. Atha” The news outlets should be there tomorrow. If you thought a senior citizen getting tormented garnered some attention, wait until this gets out there…

    • You mean that you refuse to disclose or divulge anything except this:

      “I can tell you that I have secured all of the property from the location and I am awaiting contact from the tenant. In addition, nothing has been sold, given or thrown away. Be assured our agency can account for all the property that was in the home at the time we took possession. We look forward to speaking with this tenant which we understand could be months away.”

    • In this situation your assurance does little to help. I realize that none of us can have 100% of the story, yourself included, however the outcry is not just about the legality or lack thereof but the inhumanity of this situation.

      Personally I am also disgusted that you would have the utter audacity to use your earlier appearance here to advertise for your company, to use this misfortune as a way to drum up business by inviting people to become clients! Legal or not there are friends and family members of this soldier responding here and you belittle his suffering to plug your company? Even this post sounds like an advertising spiel. SHAME!

    • You as a supposed Veteran know that as a landlord all you have to do is call his commander if he is behind on rent. My husband as a supervisor has had tons of calls like this while active duty. You had no right knowing that this member was in the hospital and was military to evict him if he was less than $2000. You could have contacted and they could have gotten this bill paid, The commander may or not have known but in a debt situation he could of had an allotment done up to pay the bill. If there was no law enforcement to serve the eviction it was illegal- you sir are a sorry excuse for a veteran knowing this mans situation you could have made the supervisor and commander sign a letter releasing this members belongings into their care to be put in storage.
      I hope you can live with yourself for your treatment of this man. Just remember karma-what you do will come back to you three fold. May god have mercy on your soul because as a veterans wife and a daughter and granddaughter of veteran I sure as hell don’t.

  61. I am not a member of the military, but my father is a Navy veteran. I have a deep and abiding respect for all of our service men and women. As I sit here g this, I am absolutely heart broken. How could this happen to one of our soldiers. I am so angry and heartbroken for this soldier. My heart thoughts and prayers are with this soldier and his family.

  62. Im not sure about Texas, but I just completed a Real Estate course here in NC and I know for a FACT that here it is illegal for a landlord to sell a tenants possessions, regardless of being behind on rent or not. Most people don’t realize this and seemingly let it slide because Landlords just assume one doesn’t know their rights.

    Id look into this.

  63. I am personally not surprised this has happened and wonder how many other service members get “processed” out of their belongings on a daily basis. While I may not be surprised, I am repulsed, disgusted, angered, insulted, resentful, and vengeful. I have messaged 3 state legislators, 2 Congressmen and a Senator. I have emailed Foxnews, and Bill O’Rielly. I have sent this link to every soldier and veteran I know. Mr. Atha, be advised, your actions will be scrutinized. If you are a veteran, if, it gives you no special caveat for leeching off soldiers.

  64. I just saw this and I cant believe they would do this.
    they seem to have adjusted their email on their contact page and removed the “N” on townline so when you try to send them an email it is undeliverable.
    if im not mistaken their real email is I know when i added the N after noticing their email didnt match their actual business name. the email went through instead of being instantly rejected.

    anyway respectful yet stern email sent. I will be calling tomorrow myself. the way I feel the fact they changed their email/deleted their facebook/and hang up on people is basically an admission of guilt. with us being respectful but a thorn in their side. they will eventually have to talk to some sort of news agency or bulldog. because they will get tired of people continuously calling.
    I really hope his response to Guardianofvalor was truthful and not some PR lie. and Sgt Porrazzo gets all of his stuff back

    • yep according to google reviews and everywhere else online OTHER than their own website their email is as i posted above. so it would seem they did purposely misspell their email on their page after this became public to prevent people from emailing them.

    • Mr. Bulldong thanks for your statement/apology. I would like to share it with your viewers. And to all of you concerned about this soldier’s items/personal property, please understand that, from the very begining we have done everything in our power that we know to protect this individual’s privacy. Based on the validity of the items, our intent was to help and protect this individual. We have from the begining and will continue to work with the Army, until this individual makes contact with our agency.

      Semper Fi!!!

      Tommy Atha


      2012-07-30 21:58:15
      Re: Urgent
      Mr. Atha,

      I never called your service into question, not sure if my other admin did. First I would like to thank you for taking the time to respond. I am sure you understand why we reacted the way we did as we were told exactly what we posted by the Soldiers leadership. We never intend to harm anyone in anyway, our purpose is to protect our Soldiers and Veterans. When we received this information, by email, and by talking over facebook with the Soldiers comrades, they informed us that the Soldiers belongings had been sold. And that some of his weapons were missing or also sold.

      So as a veteran yourself you can see why we reacted the way we did, to try and protect our brother in arms. We always try to be fair in our postings as usually when we post something of this magnitude it goes viral.

      Especially when we were informed that the Soldiers COC had been in touch with the property owners during this whole ordeal. We do not wish any thing other than the Soldier who is in the hospital be treated properly, and have his belongings returned to him. When we posted the story, we asked everyone to be professional and use Tact as we all want a favorable outcome for everyone. But as we know, some can not control themselves, and if anyone did step out of line we do apologize. I just hope we can get this resolved in the best interest of all parties involved.


  65. I’m confused… ar first Mr. Atha said he auctioned off Sgt Porrazzo’s belongings, and tossed what couldn’t be sold. Then in his statement he said it is all inventoried and secured. Why the two conflicting stories from Mr. Atha? Besides that, he, and his company should be ashamed of himself. He said he is a vet… I am in no position to question that, but if he is, it seems as though he would have a more specific understanding of the needs of his brothers and sisters who serve.

  66. I could do several things here, I could lose my manners and call people names, I could show you and prove to you that I am in fact a supporter of any soldier in need or trouble, I could show you my entire military career, awards or certificates, I could show you with documents and pictures as well all the families I’ve helped and continue to do so. I could do all of that, however; it will not change a thing. No one is interested in the truth, It seems as if bashing eachother is the only thing we are good at. Again, let us please be constructive and help this soldier by fixing this problem. This will be my last post here as well, as i dont appreciate the name calling. Good night and God bless.

    • Wait a minute you won’t even use your real name, on the facebook page yesterday that was set up for this you told the same story about being a purple heart winner and I think your real name was” Trish “something . Just woke up but give me a while and I will remember your name. Chicken s#$$ that you won’t even use your own name so keep blowing your bullsh#$ to the wind “Rose”! Because no one here cares!

  67. Rose, go to bed, you and Atha have done enough trust me. WE will look out for our brother since you two seem to be looking out for your wallets and the wallets of your soo called dear friends. By the way, if any of my friends, EVER treated a soldier or veteran like this, I sure as hell wouldn’t be defending them and calling them dear friends. One more little side note, from my experience in the military, those who are so quick to brag about their service and awards and offering to “prove” it, are one of two people, those who didn’t do a damn thing, or those who didnt serve. So quit trying to use your status as a veteran to justify what has taken place cause I’m sad to say, but you to have just walked into a full sized hurt locker on this one. Hope one of your awards was for ditch digging cause once this hits mainstream thats the only job you’ll be able to get

  68. Seriously a Barret .50cal? I just spoke with an ATF agent in Washington D.C. and they gave me a number to call to tlak to someone in Texas about it. Apparently, the Texas office is off duty now, so I will be calling in tomorrow.

    Does anyone have any more information I could give them?

    • I’m horrified by this story. I found it by accident via Ranger Up military gear.Even though I live in Boston I don’t fit in with my neighbors since I’m ultra conservative. My only suggestion is to ask if anyone has contacted your local NRA branch/ I’m having problems because my Bf died without a will leaving me firearms that i didn’t know what to do with from a legal point of view. Two NRA members, one a licensed dealer, have bent over backwards to help me.a complete stranger. I may be grasping at straws but i’m hopeful that NRA could help regarding the stolen firearm…..All I can say is that I’m sending special prayers for M.ark and his family & will send an encouraging note. I hope this goes viral. I’ll tell my few friends who support the 2nd amendment,but my family and most of my customers don’t understand & wouldn’t help. Again I’m heartbroken to think this could happen in our USA

  69. I am the wife of a retired veteran. I was raised in Harker Heights, back in the 70s there were veteran business owners that cheated soldiers. Just because mr. Atha claims to be a veteran does not make him honest.. He should be ashamed of himself for evicting this soldier after saying he would work with him. We retired from Ft. Knox. I have sent this link to all of the news stations in this area.. Plus the Ft. Knox website..

  70. You can waive yourright to the SCRA (Servicemembers Civil Relief Act) in writing as a part of a lease packet. The waiver of rights cannot be contained inside the actual lease though. It has to be on a separate document. If you don’t want to give up your rights under the SCRA don’t sign the document and find someplace else to live.

  71. I looked at all your posts and the responses, Rose, and I didn’t see any name calling… just sayin’.

    Sounds like a cop out for a losing argument. Sorry you couldn’t hold your ground and had to use a ridiculous cop out like that to leave.

    Wimp- there, there’s the name calling you were missing. Glad to be of service. 😀

      • I noticed that, too. I checked my internet history. Her full name on Facebook was Trish McCourt Foley. If she’s so proud to represent this company, why is she posting here under a pseudonym?

  72. For all of you that continue to look for someone to fight with, and are so interested in who i am or my real name is, here it is. Name is Trish Rose McCourt Foley. I am 44 y/o combat veteran. my last duty station was here Fort Hood, TX, and I have several emails, some with trish some with rose some with my full name. To enlighten you, the reason i took myself out of this lets bash people because we cant be constructive game, Is because i received an email from one of the sisters asking me to please don’t comment anything else about what was going on with her brother or the situation. I you still need to pick on someone, you have all my information so please feel free to look me up. thank you all and have a great day!

  73. Rally for Support for SGT PORRAZZO
    Friday, August 3, 2012
    7:30am until 10:30pm in CDT

    across the street from the main gate. bring signs to show support!

    “Justice for Porrazzo”
    “Justice for SGT Porrazzo”
    “Get Well Soon Mark Porrazzo”

    *make sure they are all POSITIVE messages!!!

    Please no hateful messages or banners regarding the landlord issue!

    please make this a peaceful rally and show of support for my brother Mark Porrazzo.

    THIS EVENT IS PUBLIC!!! bring everyone you know!!! lets get thousands of people there and show support!!!!

    RALLY in the morning and candle light visual in the evening as NIGHT FALL.

    You want to help, this is the way to help! I know how it can be when you have the need to help – you can grow restless!

    Here’s your chance to help make a difference and send a message not only to TEXAS, but to the entire WORLD!!!

    I need eyes and ears on the ground, volunteers. I will not be attending as I am in California – and unable to attend, which I regret. Please email me direct! I will be creating a public FACEBOOK PAGE (not group) for the RALLY and Visual.

    • Thank you to all who are concerned for my son, Mark. The Rally is not needed. All Army personnel are working with me to resolve the situation. Mr. Alta is being cooperative with the Army to resolve the situation.

      • Thanks Mam, we have asked everyone to stand down as we were also informed of this. Some seem to want to keep arguing about the real estate company being in the right. God Speed for his recovery.

  74. I owner property in TX but under different company and I am also in the military and this real estate companies will always take care of both side tenant and owner. of course u owners also has needs to pay are house mortgage. so companies just do their part and evict tenants in legal ways or following the protocols. so why you people all blaming this company in here we don’t know the real side of the story.

    b. whoever even started this why do they even know all the informations about what Mr.parazzo and inside his home? and base from my understanding if this came from military people don’t you think its not right to even say a soldier’s privacy. The military and the realtor knows what happened. I think people are just saying anything now.

    c. SInce COC asked them to shut down the support for mark’s page just means something is really wrong and not right and probably army ordered them to do so.

    d. if the sister is really concern about all this, why didn’t she even know that the brother has responsibility to pay his bills

    d. there should be something behind this speculations and people just start writing and agreeing on other people’s wrong way of thinking.

    e. truth will always prevail and AGain i am not here to even defend whoever its just that I am an owner of a property thats why i understand why real estate company evicts tenant.

    I know we all have sympathy for this soldier, don’t we also have to think of a soldier owner who needs to pay for their own house mortgage.

    I hope for the best and hope people can wait for the facts

  75. I myself is a Military wife and a husband that is deployed right now. I know that this situation is very complicated because it involves a soldier that is hospitalized; however, paying a rent is the tenants reponsibility and if sgt. Porazzo couldnt make the payments due to some circumstances why didn’t any of his family or his NCO do something about it. If his NCO or family knew about his hospitalization then why didnt they helped him from the beginning or made an arrangement with the realtor regarding payments to avoid eviction. In addition, where do all these people get their facts that things were thrown out and guns were stolen. It is not right to accuse someone without any proof. What if in the long run the real facts comes out and the realtor didnt do what he was accuse of then what. People shouldnt jump into conclusion because in order to know what really happened people have to hear both sides of the story to better understand the situation. People jumping in and making harsh comments isnt gonna help the situation instead it will only create chaos. God Bless and hope this situation can get resolve soon so that both parties can be at ease.

  76. A search of the serial numbers for those weapons by the police should pop up their location if they were sold to pawn shops or something of the sort. If they were sold on the black market, they are long gone and won’t show up until they are used in a crime. God forbid. I hope that the Soldier has a complete list of serial numbers for the weapons and that it wasn’t thrown out when they cleared out his residence. 🙁

  77. Mr. Bulldong thanks for your statement/apology. I would like to share it with your viewers. And to all concerned about this soldier’s items/personal property, please understand that, from the very begining we have done everything in our power that we know to protect this individual’s privacy. Based on the validity of the items, our intent was to help and protect this individual. We have from the begining and will continue to work with the Army, until this individual makes contact with our agency.

    Semper Fi!!!

    Tommy Atha


    2012-07-30 21:58:15


    Re: Urgent
    Mr. Atha,

    I never called your service into question, not sure if my other admin did. First I would like to thank you for taking the time to respond. I am sure you understand why we reacted the way we did as we were told exactly what we posted by the Soldiers leadership. We never intend to harm anyone in anyway, our purpose is to protect our Soldiers and Veterans. When we received this information, by email, and by talking over facebook with the Soldiers comrades, they informed us that the Soldiers belongings had been sold. And that some of his weapons were missing or also sold.

    So as a veteran yourself you can see why we reacted the way we did, to try and protect our brother in arms. We always try to be fair in our postings as usually when we post something of this magnitude it goes viral.

    Especially when we were informed that the Soldiers COC had been in touch with the property owners during this whole ordeal. We do not wish any thing other than the Soldier who is in the hospital be treated properly, and have his belongings returned to him. When we posted the story, we asked everyone to be professional and use Tact as we all want a favorable outcome for everyone. But as we know, some can not control themselves, and if anyone did step out of line we do apologize. I just hope we can get this resolved in the best interest of all parties involved.


  78. All of Trish’s info about herself is absolutely correct and true to include all of her military and family background her whole name. I have known her for years. When I met her in California she was very much an advocate for wounded veterans and veteran’s rights. Bashing her is not what this post is about. SGT Porrazzo needs support and help. If I were still in Texas I would absolutely at the front gate.

    • Nobody came on here to “bash” her. She came on this site to bash our efforts to support this soldier, and her whole attitude of, “I know something you don’t know, and I won’t tell you why, but you’re wrong for supporting this soldier because this company is the best everrr,” is completely ridiculous.

      If you don’t understand why people are upset about that, I don’t know what to tell you.

    • thanks whomever you are. email me or befriend me on fb im curious. As far as the soldier is concerned, i don’t see this helping him at all. what are we ralling about? i just read the email from mr. bulldog to mr. tommy and the explanation as to why they cant and wont give out any information to any of us. is a private matter. i say call his bn and get the truth from them. find out which hospital he is in and have him give us a statement. let us find the truth first. if we want mr tommy to tell us this soldier private business then lets demand the same from his superiors. if we have no respect for peoples privacy lets go one by one and tell all of our private information for everyone to see. i don’t think anyone will like that. our military community is pretty extensive, let us unite and utilize our voice to do good and really help. we all have the same objective here, to help a fellow soldier. let us do it the right way. mr. bulldog, lead the way.

      • As I posted in the article, the Soldier will be taken care of. We have spoken to the agency and they are handling it in a professional manner and will be in contact with the family. As far as we are concerned this post is done as its goal and intent has been achieved.

      • Let me give you a lesson. When you have to send in a “Friend” request, to join a facebook page that is exactly what it is suppose to mean FRIEND! Not to go on there and start bashing everyone who wants to help. You started this on yourself. If you will notice everyone here has a right to his or her view on the subject. Not to false falsely claim your a friend, there is no honor in that!

  79. Agreed, a Soldier is in need of help..the Real Estate company is the least of my worries, because if they did do this to him I am sure this has taught them a lesson. Like I said, I received this info in good faith from several of this Soldiers battle buddies and have no reason to doubt their integrity. And we will get this Soldiers stuff back, one way or the other.

  80. It’s never a wise idea to screw your customers over, word gets around FAST! It’s even more foolhardy to screw over a soldier, someone defending freedom in America! Then to do this to a soldier in a town that thrives because of them is just ignorant and WRONG!

  81. This is what I mean about false accusations. People should realize that their are always two sides to a story. How can you know the truth if from the beginning people already assumed that the information posted is correct. People now a days are so ignorant and believes everything they hear or see. People be fair and seek the truth before making false accusation because with these it can ruin someone’s life and career. God Bless and hope for the best on both parties.

  82. I am shocked that this happen at all; but for this to happen to a US Soldier
    is twice as worse!! What is the matter with people ? This soldier was fighting
    for our country, our freedom , for our safety & this landlord has the gall to
    treat him this way?!?!?!? I guess the landlord would rather rent to a lazy liberal that is just as lazy & immoral as himself !! Ugh!! The landlord should be totally ashamed of himself but of course this will never happen; that would
    mean having a conscience & actually having to care for someone beside himself!! The bible says you reap what you sow!!

  83. I agree with you Jennifer, I have been following this very closely, yes an injustice has been done here. Those people at that agency did what they were supposed to do, they kept Sgt. Porrazzo issues confidential. Maybe there was more to the story that what was being told. Maybe because of the weapons and being in the military the agency was asked not say anything until it was resolved. In my opinion they did what all of us would want any business that has any type of private (either good or bad) information on us to do. Keep it private. I have a lot respect for them, even under fire they kept their cool and never say anything until it was ok to do so. If no one else wants to step up and do what’s right, I will take that stand Mr. Tommy, on behalf of our entire military and civilian community we apologize for the way you and your agency was treated. You did the right thing.

  84. First off, do not come here and speak on something you KNOW nothing about. THE FACTS as stated are still FACTS as that is what was relayed to the Soldiers. THE FACTS AS STATED ABOVE ARE STILL JUST THAT. And I stand by them, because the Soldiers themselves still stand by their statements. NO ONE has changed their story and I will not apologize for facts as stated. I for one did apologize to Mr. Atha for the way some of the community responded. I still stand by the Soldiers who were taking up for their comrade, and as I stated in the update an agreement was met. NO ONE has said who was or was not at fault at this point. And the intent of the Soldiers to protect one of their own was met, which was the goal. SO before you come here and start spewing comments on something you know nothing about, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. AND TO PROTECT ONE OF OUR OWN WE WOULD DO IT AGAIN…. NUFF SAID CARRY ON.

  85. The Soldiers as relayed to me, felt they had no other re-course but to reach out and make this public. They were very desperate to get help in this situation, as they had tried every angle they knew to get it resolved. And guess what, we can tell where these comments come from. SO before you come here and start taking sides, you may want to try a different location.

  86. The problem I see here is that everyone is calling your statements facts. You took the statement of a couple of soldiers without verifying the veracity of them and ran with it. YOU DID NOT AND STILL DO NOT HAVE THE FACTS! And I for one would like to know the identity of those soldiers who made those allegations. Since all of your followers want the truth and have no problem with privacy, let those who initiated this come forward and give us the ACTUAL FACTS.

    • I am sure you would like to know their identities, and these are the facts. So your saying you would not take the word of several Soldiers who were directly involved in this situation? Im sure you wouldn’t since your posting from a “Corporate” address in “Killeen” Texas.

      I do have the facts, and as I stated above…an agreement was reached between both parties…after the family spoke with the real estate agency. SO get off of your high horse, and stop trying to fire people up again. You say your here to help the situation, but as I see it you are the one that continues on your little rant. Even after we have said the parties have reached an agreement, you still come back here and spew your venom to try and get everyone fired up again.

    • The facts ARE that Tommy, although might have been in his “legal” right to do what he did. I don’t know, I’m just saying, IF. He had a MORAL AND ETHICAL obligation to a wounded United States Warrior to do that right thing and that was do WHATEVER it took to preserve that man’s home until he was able to return to his home from the hospital of which he was in due to injuries sustained supporting this country. PERIOD….

      THAT as I see it is the problem. Karma is a bitch, she can be your friend or your enemy… There is something said about helping and giving being returned 10 fold… I think screwing over is returned 100 fold…

  87. And by the way, all of you who are posting comments from the “corporate” address….with the almost the exact same IP….your not fooling anyone. It is not to hard to figure out where your posting from, and then of course…why your posting.

  88. Get your facts right and stop writing false accusations! It is in us to defend the rights of our soldier, but you cannot just point fingers without actual facts. All the arguments here are just based out of word of mouth. Just because one person said this, which involves a soldier, does not mean we should all gang up and butcher this agency’s name without hard evidence. I’m sure an investigation is being initiated and we should hold all comments until it has been completed. Local news agency were called; a soldier claiming he’s knows a senator and that he would get in touch with him. Ok, so what happens when the investigation comes up and both the soldier and agency are cleared from any wrongdoing. Should we now point fingers at those soldiers who made those claim and insisted that this is what had happened? Let’s all stop and make the COC and agency look into the matter. Which I am sure is being done. I am here for our soldiers and here to stand by them, but I can’t stand by these soldiers who made this false accusation and had stirred up a hell storm. And if any of you are wondering, yes, I am a soldier of 9+ years. Like everyone else here I just wanted to voice my opinion, and keep my bearing. With that, my prayers goes out to SGT Porazzo. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    • The soldiers that are SGT Porazzo’s friends did NOTHING wrong. They acted as friends of their fellow warrior. No man, or woman, left behind, take care of your own etc.

      As I have stated previously, to me, its not about “legality”… Its about moral and ethical rightness, and there is NOTHING you can tell me or show me to make me believe this was morally or ethically correct to do this to a wounded warrior. PERIOD.

      I hope that Karma visits those involved with stripping SGT Porazzo of his home, while he is trying to recover, VERY soon.

      • Well said! Let me add also that no one wanted this war, this company brought it on themselves. You don’t join a facebook page falsely proclaiming yourself as a friend, then start attacking those friends that are on there trying to help make this right!

          • Again, the only question I have is, does SGT Porazzo have a home to go to once he is released from the hospital? Does SGT Porazzo have the home he was accustomed to, to return to once he is well enough to be released from the hospital? Nope, he doesn’t, that the ONLY Truth I need. That’s all I care about.

            It does not matter to me what legal right Tommy thinks he had. As anyone should be able to see, the support is overwhelming. I think we could have gotten Tommy’s piddly little rent paid. What he did was wrong. (It also disgusts me that he put “Semper Fi” in his salutations. Some of what he calls his brothers are not so happy about it either, and they agree with me, there was NO reason for SGT Porazzo’s things to be removed from his home and NO Marine would EVER do that to a fellow warrior…PERIOD) I have now talked to people all over the country that agree with ME. That is the side I take, that is the ONLY side there is, that is all the information I need.

            IF he, Tommy, does get away with this, in the short term, through whatever means, make no question about it, I personally will be addressing the implementation of the SCRA (Service Members Civil Relief Act) to our politicians through the many contacts and organizations I have made in my so far short journey fighting for disabled veterans, and veterans rights. What do we have this law for if it really does nothing to protect our warriors and their families?

  89. I am sorry to say bulldog1 but we are not connected to any corporate nor have any relation to this company. We are military spouses here in Germany who wants to voice out our opinion in this matter. This is a free country so we have the right to voice out our concerns.

    • We are not talking to you. We can see that you are from Germany. We are talking to Kathy and her other cohorts that keep running their mouth trying to start stuff that doesn’t need to be started. People are more than welcome to voice their opinion, as you can see. But when these people are commenting from a Corporate office in Texas, talking all this shit, it’s kind of Ironic. Hope this cleared some things up for you.

  90. let us not deviate from whats important here. i soldier was in need of our help. the entire army community, mr bulldog and mr tommy did everything they could to help. there were harsh comments and there very concerned ones as well. who’s to say those individuals are probably supporters and not workers of that place and just voicing their opinion as well. I would if was there. in any regards, lets get back to whats important, this soldier property and welfare and what are we doing to remedy the situation.

  91. Bulldog1 on August 1, 2012 at 12:02 pm said:
    First off, do not come here and speak on something you KNOW nothing about.

    WAIT! Isnt that exactly what you did by starting this riot in the first place? Started talking about something you knew nothing about? It would seem the only two people who would know anything about this would be that tommy gut and SGT parrozzo. Am i not correct? lol Yall are like a buch of gossiping teenagers.Its amuzing to see over a hundred people arguing different points but all saying the same thing. Just a different side, Bulldog from what i have read, you have contradicted 5 different things you have said already. and the others are headed towards that hypocrytical route. I personaly think none of this is any of yalls business considering yall have no concrete intel on the situation. And why is the only things of his belongings yall specify are fire arms?

    • I find it *amusing* that your comment is the most hypocritical I’ve seen on this thread. If you don’t think this topic is the business of anyone besides the Sgt and Mr. Atha, why do you have anything to say at all?

    • 1) Please be more specific as to the five different things about which Bulldog has made contradictory statements. I’ve been following these posts from the beginning and have somehow missed these.

      2) The firearms were mentioned specifically because they were conspicuously absent from the household inventory allegedly performed by Texas Townline when they changed the locks.

      3) If you don’t understand the specific concerns involved with missing firearms as opposed to ordinary household goods, I probably can’t help you, but here’s an idea…

      Aside from the sentimental value involved, there are many potential legal issues which can stem from the theft and/or illegal sale of firearms. The last thing Sgt. Porrazzo needs at this point is to get dragged into a criminal case where one of his guns was used in the commission of a crime!

      4) It’s very interesting that you call all of us hypocrites because we’re not privy to all of the information. The only difference between you and I is that you have chosen to take a stand on the opposite side.

    • This was in response to Atha posting Bulldog’s apology. I don’t know why it showed up at the bottom, rather than on his post. Sorry.

      • Thanks Seared at least a few people here understand what our intent was and still is. I did apologize to Mr. Atha for the way some people responded to the incident. And I still stand by the Soldiers that gave me this information. I have no reason to doubt their Integrity that this is what they were told. They felt the need to go public to help their Soldier, and I have nothing but respect for them for doing so. We asked for Mr. Atha’s side of the story also and did not get it until later. The Soldiers were concerned about their comrade’s belongings and had no where else to turn. And if any of you fault me for be it. I would do it again for any other Soldier or veteran in need.

        • At no point in any of his statements has Mr. Atha denied what these soldiers are claiming: that they were told, by Texas Townline, that Sgt. Porrazzo’s belongings had been sold and/or trashed. Mr. Atha has never said, “No, I did not say that!” He is simply dancing around the issue by claiming privacy concerns. This is classic “CYA;” he could have very easily defended himself against that accusation without revealing the names of anyone else involved!

          As far as his claim that they do actually have Sgt’s property in storage: this information was not forthcoming until the story was made public. I would venture a guess that they were hoping to hold on to this property until the required 90 days had passed with no contact from Sgt. Porrazzo, knowing full well that he had no way to contact them.

          There has also been no denial that Sgt. Porrazzo was effectively evicted without legal notice or recourse. Again, Mr. Atha could have very easily made a statement on this matter without endangering anyone’s privacy.

      • My character, well at least not my political correctness… 🙂 not so great as Bulldog’s; Mike dow, shut up and get off this page. Amazing to me how bold people get in writing; saying things they would NEVER get away with in person…

  92. Bulldog,
    I have been in contact with you by e-mail. As I have stated, ” Our only concern is Mark Porrazzo” and it will continue to be.
    Semper Fi

    Tommy Atha

  93. I for one am not sure this story is finished,Mr. Atha stated that he had all the things in storage that were there when the locks were changed. He never said the weapons were there. So if they weren’t where did they go?( If they were there that’s great) Something just doesn’t sit right with me, I hope I am wrong, once this post was put up about missing weapons Mr.Atha could have said he had them secured, but no he is being very vague about whether he has them not….I am tired of him hiding behind the privacy issue Sgt.Porazzo gave his keys to friends he trusted they did the right thing by making this public,Mr.Atha needs to be accountable for his actions Legal or Moral… Maybe next time he will think twice before evicting a wounded soldier. His friends would have been more than happy to secure his things for him I am sure… Just felt like I needed to put that out there…

  94. I think something else that needs to be mentioned is how many rental companies in the area, even the good ones with no bad intent, are trying to get soldiers to waive their rights to the Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act when they sign their lease. Make sure you read your lease thoroughly before you sign! When we went in to sign they breezed through each page paraphrasing what it said and then asked us to sign. They breezed right through that waiving of our rights too. If we hadn’t been told by the housing office at Fort Hood to make sure we didn’t waive our rights, we might have not even known what that was and signed our rights away. We refused to sign the lease until it was removed, so they took it out and put it in a separate addendum, which we also refused to sign. Since they were a good company, they accepted our refusal and still rented us the house, but I think it’s VERY common practice around here to try to sneak that past us.

  95. First of all, I hope that Sgt Porazzo is recovering well and is moving forward to a secure future. I know that with as many patriots that have shown support of him and in light of the loyalty shown to him by co-workers and family, that he must be an amazing person and will have no trouble securing a new job if he indeed has to be medically discharged. As a former Marine, soldier, and as an Army wife, I want to add my support of him to all the rest on this page. Keep strong, and to his family, don’t let your disgust with the actions of this company deter you from what is really important; to bring Sgt Porazzo back to full health. To those of you who have initiated all of this action and interest in his story, thank you for looking out for one of our soldiers. To the company and it’s associates, whatever your names are, If by some miracle you remain in business, I’m sure you will think twice before trying to tango with a military member again. Veterans or not, you know we are all one huge family, and we will look out for one another. I sure am sorry that you seem to have forgotten that in your race to make money. God help you, and God Bless Sgt Porazzo.

  96. Townline is a disgrace! We r renting from them and they are unprofessional crooks and need 2 be thrown in jail. They should lose their license ASAP. I’ve been trying to get media attention surrounding their illegal business practices but no response.

    I ask that everyone report TEAM LUPE aka Townline Rentals to the BBB, TAA and Fort Hood. Also, call up the news stations and report them!

    These crooks need to be SHUT DOWN before they hurt more people. They have cheated us, lied to us and it needs to STOP!

    We need LAWS to protect us.

  97. This is the same man/company that threatened and tried to intimidate me while my husband was deployed! Tommy sent over someone to “do normal maintinance” on our air conditioner without a courtesy call and the man let himself in while I was in the shower, terrifying myself and my two small children! The poor guy was shaken up after I pulled a gun on him, thinking we were in danger and apologized profousely saying Tommy told him he called me first and I knew he was coming. Nope! When I went to the office to tell Tommy what happened and that I’d have appreciated a call first I called names, yelled at, told he’d “love to send me to jail” (if I shot the guy) and he can legally come into the house “any damn time he wants day or night without letting me know first!” This is the man/company who we found out was charger the home’s owner for expensive repairs that were never required or done. This is the pathetic piece of crap who kept our secuity deposit and charged us even more (we paid it under duress as advised by legal) money, but when Housing investigated and tried to contact the companies he listed on the itemization for services, found do not exist, are not registered anywhere, no such name, non working phone numbers/websites etc… This is the man who raised his voice to me and told me how much he despised working with Army Wives and tried to intimidate me by claiming he was “former FBI”. He later claimed to the home owner he was a former police officer and to my husband former Secret Service. We worked with Det. Rounds, Housing and Legal and had a strong case to bring them to small claims court, but with my husband deployed I was too scared too. Scared because Tommy intimidates and bullies everyone. I wish now that I had as it breaks my heart to see that he did something even more awful to someone else. I’m glad after all this “investigating” they’re finally being blacklisted. In fact, Sgt. Pozzarro’s story has given me so much courage that maybe we will still seek legal action against this pathetic excuse for a man!

  98. I would be happy to share my evidence with you! I’m sure Det. Ricky Rounds of the Disciplinary Board, Housing and Legal will be sharing theirs as well. This company has been under “watch” for over a year now and has been facing blacklist for nearly as long. Looks like this is what finally made it happen. Are you married? Would you want some man treating your wife in such a way? Calling her names, sending someone into her home without notice? Not to mention the proveable things. You’re right, the facts WILL come out and thank God justice will be served and this “buisness” will be shut down.

  99. My husband is prior military. Went to Iraq. Came home and decided to go to college. Started out with just a GED. Fought is way through school and hours in the field, while taking care of his family. Finally, he got his Liscence in HVAC. He started his business last September. We were all very proud of him. He started doing contract ac work for TownLine Properties or Tommy Atha, Pronto around April. Because we are a small company, I help with the accounts. Because we are very busy, don’t have alot of time for friends. During the summer, they asked us to be on their softball team. We gladly accepted. Playing every game. Went out to eat. We actually won. They gave us trophies. We thought we had made friends. After Softball Tournament, I noticed that they were getting behind on bills. My husband would talk to them. It was always “we will get you after the first”. My husband continued to go out on several jobs. Good Faith! Finally at the end of August they decided that my husband was charging to much. We try to be very competitive because we are new. They decided to do an internal audit. We contacted BBB to see what we needed to do. When we went back to sit down with Mr. Atha at TownLine Properties, he said we went to far by calling BBB and he was going to call his attorney. So my husband went to Bell County Courthouse paid $91.00 for court cost and filed a small claims suit against him for all the invoices that he refused to pay. Mr. Atha then countersued for invoices that he already paid plus for rekeying propeties. As you have already guess, our lives were very stressed at this point. We started looking on internet and started finding out all of these things. We were very confused. We played ball with these people, we ate with these people. Now this. We went to court Sept 17th. I had to watch my very proud husband stand up and defend every little thing he did at each house. I had to listen when they said they didn’t want him to fix things , just to tell them what was wrong. Basically they were saying that my husband just randomly drove out to those properties and fixed things without permission. Also that they had to call other contractors to come fix the same things. My husband’s business has a 30 day Warranty. So why call someone else? They could not provide any invoices. Why would anyone do that? So the Judge DISMISSED their counter claim. They had no proof of anything. We only got part of our claim. The invoices that were signed by their company. Plus the parts. and Court Fees. So my husband did not get paid for his labor. He turned down other jobs to help them. As we were walking out of the court, one of his assistance’s hit me in the face with her purse, while I was walking by. Just an Accident, right. We went home looked up on line the other Buisness Mr. Atha used and submitted to the courts as evidence. One compnay said they don’t drive past Pflugerville, the other one denied it. The last one was 2 students who go to the very same college that my husband went to, Guess what? They are not liscensed. My Husband is my rock. Very strong. Very Proud Man. Has worked for everything he has ever had. That day, I watched him crumble. I cried. We had been betrayed by friends, not only at the property management, but also his friends doing work on the side. So now he is debating on whether or not he should turn them into the Texas Dept of Lisc. for HVAC. That would ruin their future as well. It has been a hard two weeks. And reading all this stuff online is very bothersome to say the least. We are truly sorry as a company if we had anything to do with any problems with Townline Properties or Tommy Atha, We were not aware. We are truly sorry that any small buisness would betray the very people that give us the right to own a buisness. I see that now we are just a small fraction of a very big problem. I wish that soldier in the hospital Best Wishes and Hope for a Full Recovery! This is not a plug for our buisness as I do not state the name of our business. But all the facts that I have supplied can be available through the Bell County Courthouse. The Wife

  100. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative
    and amusing, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the
    head. The issue is something that not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about.

    I am very happy I came across this in my hunt for something regarding this.

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