Radio Station DJ Gets Called Out For Lying About His Service, Radio Station Terminates Him

One of our fans, Bryan Hood, sent us this video of him after he called out a DJ, Simon Nytes, in front of everyone at the radio station Power 96.5 out of Springfield Missouri.

Here is the video:


After Bryan called him out, Simon admitted he was never a member of Special Forces, nor a member of the military.

The radio station responded by firing Simon and posted the following to their facebook page:



We would like to thank Power 96.5 for standing up for those who have served and sacrificed for this country. You can visit their facebook page here:Power 96.5 FM


What are your thoughts?
13 comments on “Radio Station DJ Gets Called Out For Lying About His Service, Radio Station Terminates Him
  1. He messed up, he should have waited and let them give him the radio live and went off on the poser. I could see it now he would be in soundproof glass, “Hello everyone my name is Bryan Hood I did 20 yrs in the Army and never in my career have I run into a bigger sack of shit then I did today 5 min ago here at the station, Simon Nytes get your bitch ass in here and tell these ppl how much of a super bad-ass you are” it would have been awesome all his friends and family would know he is nothing but a poser

    • No this was handled properly given the circumstances. Yea the guy is a shitbag, but at the same time you don’t blast the radio station like that for not knowing. That kind of attitude makes us all look bad. Bryan handled this perfectly.

  2. You can always tell if someone was actually in the “shit”. They never, ever talk about it, unless in the company of others that were there with them … and even then not unless they’ve had a few too many ..;-)

  3. That guy is awesome, not only did he have the gumption to say to the group of people that invited him to the meeting that he wasn’t going to be involved but he also did not swear at all on a video that 1 he talked about the whole thing and 2 was going on a public forum for others to see…my hat is off to the guy.

  4. From a sister to an actual former Special Forces Soldier, THANK YOU! My brother, and other Green Berets, worked too darn hard to earn that title, for some Jackwagon to take credit for it. That guy is such a douche canoe!

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