“Prissy Holly”, CPT Lyndsay Lowery Accused Of Stolen Valor For Saying She Was Platoon Leader Of An Infantry Platoon


Cpt. Lowery In Iraq




Several days ago we began getting emails and wall posts after a Facebook page called Prissy Holly, posted the below to Facebook. It was in response to someone asking about her background in the Military, Prissy Holly is a pseudonym for Lindsay Lowery, who is now a journalist for Mad World News.






In the above post Lyndsay writes, and I quote “The unit I ended up deploying with, thought it would be a fun idea to put me in charge of an all-male Infantry unit, where I quickly adopted the mouth of a sailor, fitting in well with the Soldiers I was charged with leading. “

This one statement sent a lot of people on Facebook off the deep end, they began to call her a liar, telling her she couldn’t have been in charge of an Infantry Platoon because she is a female.  Things started spiraling fast, and everyone seemed to want a piece of it, one page went as far as to post that she couldn’t have been in charge of a platoon or a prison in Iraq, because she never deployed.

They looked her up on AKO and posted her AKO profile as proof of her never having been deployed.



These are the AKO snapshots they posted as “proof”.

10351755_365935856910649_2707425593586363592_n 10952574_365935920243976_7704054161258344983_n

This is the reason we tell people to know what you are talking about before you call someone out, first, an AKO profile must be updated by the Soldier. If the Soldier doesn’t go in and add deployments etc, it won’t be there.  The only thing that updates automatically on an AKO profile is rank as it is tied to your CAC card, so this is in no way proof that she never deployed.

So with all the bashing and calling this female out for Stolen Valor, we began looking into it and pulling records on the Cpt. As we were doing this, Lyndsey reached out to us and agreed to give whatever documentation we required to clear her name.

We also reached out to US Army HRC as we wanted to be sure we covered all angles so no questions would be left unanswered.

Below is the DD214 provided to us by Lyndsay and confirmed with our sources at HRC, Lyndsay was in the National Guard when she deployed, therefore this is the 214 from her deployment.



So we now know that Cpt. Lowery did deploy to Iraq, so the next question was she with an Infantry unit and was she the Platoon Leader of that unit. We got copies of her Mobilization orders as well as clarification from HRC as to whom she was with and what her position was.

She deployed with the 180th Infantry out of Oklahoma, in a statement from the U.S. Army HRC they said:

“She was assigned to B Company, 1st Battalion, 180th Infantry Regiment for mobilization purposes.  While in Iraq she was platoon leader with command and control of a personnel platoon conducting “In Lieu of Military Police” mission for the 400th Military Police Battalion’s Theater Internment Facility at Camp Bucca, Iraq.”



Here is a copy of her order showing she was assigned to this unit while deployed.


Mob-Change of Station Orders



So to put this to rest, yes she was the Platoon Leader for an Infantry unit while deployed to Iraq. Although they weren’t conducting Infantry duties,  she was in control of the internment facility at Camp Bucca which fell under the 400th MP Battalion.

Below is a letter we received from a retired Colonel that knows the Captain and that she was assigned to an Infantry unit.



HRC also says she did resign her commission on January of this year, soon after resigning she became a journalist for Mad World News. To some this may be hard to believe, but we have confirmed and re-confirmed that she was the PL for an Infantry unit while deployed to Iraq and was also in charge of the internment facility. We also verified her OER’s for this time period, and they also confirm the above.  From what we have read and seen, Cpt. Lowery has not embellished her service, nor has she lied about her assignments or commands.

We hope this clears the air concerning this Soldier and her achievements while in the military. We hope this will also teach some lessons that it’s not ok to go half cocked on someone when you don’t know all the details. This Soldier’s name was drug through the mud all over Facebook, and it turns out she was telling the truth the whole time.

We all need to be careful what we post on our Facebook pages, because people take it as the truth when as we can see from the above, it’s far from it.  This is the reason why we take our time and investigate everything before we ever post it to our Facebook page or website. This Soldier has now suffered unwarranted attacks for something she was telling the truth about.





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