“Prissy Holly”, CPT Lyndsay Lowery Accused Of Stolen Valor For Saying She Was Platoon Leader Of An Infantry Platoon


Cpt. Lowery In Iraq




Several days ago we began getting emails and wall posts after a Facebook page called Prissy Holly, posted the below to Facebook. It was in response to someone asking about her background in the Military, Prissy Holly is a pseudonym for Lindsay Lowery, who is now a journalist for Mad World News.






In the above post Lyndsay writes, and I quote “The unit I ended up deploying with, thought it would be a fun idea to put me in charge of an all-male Infantry unit, where I quickly adopted the mouth of a sailor, fitting in well with the Soldiers I was charged with leading. ”

This one statement sent a lot of people on Facebook off the deep end, they began to call her a liar, telling her she couldn’t have been in charge of an Infantry Platoon because she is a female.  Things started spiraling fast, and everyone seemed to want a piece of it, one page went as far as to post that she couldn’t have been in charge of a platoon or a prison in Iraq, because she never deployed.

They looked her up on AKO and posted her AKO profile as proof of her never having been deployed.



These are the AKO snapshots they posted as “proof”.

10351755_365935856910649_2707425593586363592_n 10952574_365935920243976_7704054161258344983_n

This is the reason we tell people to know what you are talking about before you call someone out, first, an AKO profile must be updated by the Soldier. If the Soldier doesn’t go in and add deployments etc, it won’t be there.  The only thing that updates automatically on an AKO profile is rank as it is tied to your CAC card, so this is in no way proof that she never deployed.

So with all the bashing and calling this female out for Stolen Valor, we began looking into it and pulling records on the Cpt. As we were doing this, Lyndsey reached out to us and agreed to give whatever documentation we required to clear her name.

We also reached out to US Army HRC as we wanted to be sure we covered all angles so no questions would be left unanswered.

Below is the DD214 provided to us by Lyndsay and confirmed with our sources at HRC, Lyndsay was in the National Guard when she deployed, therefore this is the 214 from her deployment.



So we now know that Cpt. Lowery did deploy to Iraq, so the next question was she with an Infantry unit and was she the Platoon Leader of that unit. We got copies of her Mobilization orders as well as clarification from HRC as to whom she was with and what her position was.

She deployed with the 180th Infantry out of Oklahoma, in a statement from the U.S. Army HRC they said:

“She was assigned to B Company, 1st Battalion, 180th Infantry Regiment for mobilization purposes.  While in Iraq she was platoon leader with command and control of a personnel platoon conducting “In Lieu of Military Police” mission for the 400th Military Police Battalion’s Theater Internment Facility at Camp Bucca, Iraq.”



Here is a copy of her order showing she was assigned to this unit while deployed.


Mob-Change of Station Orders



So to put this to rest, yes she was the Platoon Leader for an Infantry unit while deployed to Iraq. Although they weren’t conducting Infantry duties,  she was in control of the internment facility at Camp Bucca which fell under the 400th MP Battalion.

Below is a letter we received from a retired Colonel that knows the Captain and that she was assigned to an Infantry unit.



HRC also says she did resign her commission on January of this year, soon after resigning she became a journalist for Mad World News. To some this may be hard to believe, but we have confirmed and re-confirmed that she was the PL for an Infantry unit while deployed to Iraq and was also in charge of the internment facility. We also verified her OER’s for this time period, and they also confirm the above.  From what we have read and seen, Cpt. Lowery has not embellished her service, nor has she lied about her assignments or commands.

We hope this clears the air concerning this Soldier and her achievements while in the military. We hope this will also teach some lessons that it’s not ok to go half cocked on someone when you don’t know all the details. This Soldier’s name was drug through the mud all over Facebook, and it turns out she was telling the truth the whole time.

We all need to be careful what we post on our Facebook pages, because people take it as the truth when as we can see from the above, it’s far from it.  This is the reason why we take our time and investigate everything before we ever post it to our Facebook page or website. This Soldier has now suffered unwarranted attacks for something she was telling the truth about.



What are your thoughts?
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    • Maybe the award was still at Bde or Division awaiting approval when they redeployed and demobilized, remember she was attached to another unit; in my experience attached unit get treated like redheaded step children by their active higher HQ; the active unit (297th MI Bn) that I was attached to actually gave new body armor to active duty soldiers that never left FOB before giving armor to reserve and National guard soldiers that went outside the wire on a daily basis. Maybe the S-1 lost her award, no that never happens. Maybe the higher headquarters kicked it back or wanted it down graded because she was National Guard. the same MI unit want to give me a ARCOM while the two active E-7s team leaders were going to get Bronze Stars, even though my team and I did nearly twice as many interrogations; luckily my OMT stood up for me. It took 3rd bct 10th mountain three months to mail me the Bde commander’s coin after serving with them in general support role for nine months, he was on leave when I left FOB Shank. A CW2 that I knew and her team didn’t get their awards until six months after they got back. She had to file a complaint with the RC-South IG because the award were rewritten by the active duty male 1SG and down graded after she left.

  1. I was a Platoon Sergeant at that time with Delta Company. That whole mess was screwed up from the git-go. We were and still are 1st Bn, 279th Infantry. Shortly before Mobilization we were getting re-flagged to 1st Bn 180th Infantry. At that time Guard units were being mobilized and sent to Mobilization Stations and then given orders to fill taskings needed in theater. You may draw a standard Infantry mission, or you may draw a support or service support mission, or, worst of all, your entire Brigade or Battalion could be piece mealed out to units already in theater. And typically, as was the case with us, upon arriving at a Mob Site, you could get the order to completely reorganize and restructure your units and completely change your MTOE based on an “impending” deployment mission. Our line companies were sent to MP units. Bravo drew the worst mission of all. They were sent to the max security facility and had to guard detainees. The detainees liked to mix up urine and feces in their styrofoam cups and throw it on the guards. Likewise many of them knew exactly where the cameras were and would punch, kick, or assault the guards when the camera was oriented away. My company was restructured and sent to work outside of the Brigade. During this whole mess, the line companies were restructured to look like MP companies. Poorly thought out plan that produced horrible results. Females were moved into Rifle Platoons and many wound up in various leadership positions. I don’t know CPT Lowery personally, and only spoke to her when we wound up in the same Sexual Assault/Harrassment classes. During the train up I had other classes with her and several training rotations in which her unit was jointly training with my Delta Company. She was a tough lady and seemed to be a decent, level headed leader. She was physically fit, motivated, and made sound decisions. She wasn’t afraid to get in there and mix it up with the guys. And when she was in charge, she took charge. Like I said, I don’t know her personally but I can vouch that she was put in the Platoon Leader position for Bravo Company, even though we were not conducting standard Infantry missions.

    • You have a problem with “so much time and effort for one individual”? What if that individual were you? Or a family member or close friend? I can think of no better way to spend time than on a fellow individual human being.

    • There’s more than one way to steal valor. In this case hers was stolen by some well-intentioned but ignorant folks. The unfortunate thing is that this needed to happen to combat all of that time and effort that was spent to “expose” her in the first place.

  2. Excellent work. Well done. A minor editorial point. You wrote, “This Soldier’s name was drug through…”. I suggest ‘drug’ be replaced with ‘dragged’. I’m not a veteran but my wife is a retired TSgt who served in both Iraq wars. It is nice to see that you take the time to defend a veteran’s reputation.

  3. Holy… first of all Americans KNOW you are a HERO, as are the majority of the people who served. I’m a Marine who was in boot camp before most of the people in the service today were born. I’m sure that if we had Obama back then, well all I can say he would not have been the first to get FRAGED. Maybe then the leaders would put their right hand on their right cheek, their left hand on their left cheek and lift their heads out of their ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. William and all who still have a problem with this: Take a chill pill and grow up. Slander is a serious thing. If someone slandered you, you would want the same voice to clear your name. This kind of thing can affect you reputation for the rest of your life. I can’t believe how, even when the evidence is in. LET IT GO. FYI, an officer can be assigned to command a unit regardless of specialty. I saw an Air Defense major command a PSYOP company and an Infantry captain command a PSYOP detachment. They both did it well.

    MSG Doug, RET

  5. Iam shocked at the inexcusable witch hunt the morons put CPT Lowery through. How much time have they invested in thoughts about how to help save our country from it’s snowballing decline? Did they ever invest a little time in reading up on the president’s appaling credentials or his questionable use of power? I am a female and I proudly served America in the army in the 1970’s. My mother served in the army during World War II. My father, all of my uncles,my brother and his sons were in the army also. My relatives have served in europe, Iraq,Vietnam and all around the united states. We have knowm many commissioned and noncommissioned officers. They were all races, faiths and yes…male and females. How dare these morons think it is their responsibility to pick on CPT Lowery? Do they try to discredit men in uniform also? Thank God for all service personnel; men and women alike. We are in a fight against extremists who plan to take over our great nation. Why spend a second of effort trying to prove unfounded lies against a female in the military that stepped up and invested part of her life in defense of our country. Shame on all of those empty headed single minded morons. Captain Lowery, I thank and salute you for all of your service. I wish I could in person.

  6. How about suing these people for defamation of character. Most people learn to keep their mouths shut when they loose the money in their pockets.

  7. The stolen valor part probably stems from the fact that she’s trying to portray herself as having led soldiers in actual combat. Basically any officer can be put in temporary command in just about any situation. However by seeing the enclosed photo of herself with the rifle, she was obviously trying to portray herself as something more than what she actually was. Which was administrator in charge officer of a detainee canter. Once again , temporarily. But leading a unit in combat, please give me a break!.

    • Jack, what are you saying ? (i) “Portray herself as having led soldiers in actual combat.” ? She comes straight up and says “I was put in charge as the compound commander of…” No mention of combat. (ii) The photo ? A soldier with a weapon, a vehicle, and some dust. Don’t leave home without them.
      Conclusion: You exaggerate.

      • Hey Aussie, no disrespect to you or your opinions. The only reason I posted was that there were many red flags to her story, including her DD214 as well. Any admin officer worth her while could get ahold of their SRB any time they want, and insert anything they want. Exaggerate, sorry my friend, not today.

  8. There are sone subtle pieces of information that still lead me to believe that we have NOT gotten the whole story

    I offer these data points to why I believe this is a fake/forged document:

    OER (DD Form 67-9, MAR 2006)

    Page 1, front side
    -Part II is questionable with a Major as the Infantry Battalion Commander. A Command Select Leader (CSL) position, a Major wouldn’t be listed here
    – Part Vd shows that developmental tasks, DA Form 67-9-1a was NA; this is required for ALL CPTs and Lts

    Page 2; back side
    – Part Va; Satisfactory Performance. The Company Commander has just indicated to the Battalion Commander and a future promotion board that she is NOT ready. If its not far left and check in outstanding – its the kiss of death
    – No enumeration; no recommendation of potential for next job
    – Part Vd: No comments at all; one of two points t his makes – shoe doesn’t have any or the Rater doesn’t know who to write a decent OER (Im picking the former)
    -Part VI a, Part VIb: I question that best Qualified is checked – however there is no selection for Potential (Vib); its an incomplete OER- this leads me to believe that page 2 has been faked; you could argue that the front side shows Part II a,c,dshows electronic signatures of the rater, and senior rater – then there should be a boxed checked on the back page under potential – if this had been processed and she pulled it from her online file – there would be a sticker here showing the selection and the data of how many were rated.
    -The enumeration says she is in the upper 50%; that would NOT warrant or merit an Above Center Mass ACOM Or a Best Qualified.
    -Promote to Captain upon eligibility: this means due course; another kiss of death; Groom for Company Command: Deciphered means she needs more time
    -Part VIIZd: Future assignments: Company Commander, then Company XO and then Bn S1. Another reason that this is manufactured: not a normal progression to go from Command and then to XO; should be a recommendation to wotk in the S3 versus the S1

    DD214 (Service 2 Copy)
    -I would like her to post Member Copy 1 and redact her personal information (SSN etc) that would provide a better and true look at her military credit
    -As an officer and 1LT she would have information in block 14 saying she went to BOLC II (Basic Officer Leader Course) and then her Basic Branch Course (BOLC III)
    -This shows she did 1 hear as a Signal Corps officer and received no training
    The form she is using is outdated and incorrect; if she just got out in January 2015 – then she should have DD FORM 214, AUG 2009 …not DD FORM 214-AUTOMATED, FEB 2000

    My belief is that these are fake documents

      • I also see Bull86’s point on the OER and even pointed it out to people in my office and they agree. While I understand you confirmed this with HRC, why didn’t the SR rate her in part VII block b? I have showed this OER to numerous officers in my BN and we are all confused by it because not one of ours look like that. It could be as simple as a clerical error and it doesn’t much matter as the case is closed.

    • Hamilcar Barca (@Hannibull86) Her DD214 is from a mobilzation, it only shows training done during the period of active duty 20071019-20081024. Also she got out in Jan 15 form the USAR she would not get a DD214, she would have gotten a different form(not sure what it is for USAR but ARNG is a NGB22).

      • Bulldog / BOZF and Mike – I will admit Im not an expert on USAR, their forms etc. My only comment is to ask her to post a copy of the DA logged/registered version of her OER – redact the names and email addresses – but lets see the blackings and the DA generated sticker that authenticates the SR blocking.

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