Philip Cassamassima and Dora Richards Arrested For Scamming Veterans



Rockledge Florida-  (Courtesy If its one thing that I despise just as much, if not more than someone posing as a Veteran, it is those that take advantage of Veterans and try to scam them.

Rockledge police said they uncovered a scheme that investigators believe was targeting military veterans.


Christopher Higginbotham is a school teacher and veteran who served in Afghanistan who was recently handed a business card with the name Philip Charles on the front.

“He told me he was a lawyer who litigates for veterans and benefits,” said Higginbotham.


But Rockledge police said Philip Charles was actually Philip Cassamassima, who is not a lawyer.


Investigators said Cassamassima posed as an attorney and used his partner in crime, Dora Richards, to pose as a nurse.

Higginbotham said the two promised to get him money for a military injury, but after he paid the pair a $1,000 fee, his wife became suspicious.


“(Richards) started talking medical issues and my wife being a nurse, a real nurse, called her on that,” said Higginbotham.


Police and prosecutors said Cassamassima has a long criminal history and was recently released from prison on grand theft and scheme to defraud charges.


Prosecutors said Cassamassima is also a high-risk sex offender, something that made the situation worse for Higginbothan, who has a 2-year-old son.


“I let my son on his lap and he’s touching him and telling him to call him Uncle Phil,” said Higginbotham.

Investigators arrested Cassamassima and Richards. Both will face charges in connection to the scheme, authorities said.


Thanks to the wife of the Veteran who was a registered Nurse who became suspicious after they began talking medical issues.

Police say Cassamassima had paperwork with other names and appointment times, indicating there are more victims of this scheme. Richards told police she started working for him about a month ago and was told to pretend to be a nurse for $50 per visit.

Court records show Cassamassima was booked on charges of scheme to defraud, impersonating an attorney, making false statements to obtain money and two counts of grand theft. Richards was booked on charges of scheme to defraud, impersonating a registered nurse, making false claims to obtain money and two counts of grand theft.

Well these two will have their mugshots posted on this site forever, so when anyone googles them it will show and hopefully they will never be able to take advantage of our Vets again.

Remember to always check out anyone that claims they can help you with something like this, as this is only one incident in which the perps were busted. I assure you, plenty of others are out to take advantage of our Veterans and their families.

Anyone who thinks they might’ve been taken advantage of by these people should call the Rockledge Police Department (321) 690-3988.

Here is a video interview with the Vet that busted them:


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4 comments on “Philip Cassamassima and Dora Richards Arrested For Scamming Veterans
  1. Wow, what a pair of lower than low lifes. Disgusted and busted. Keep their info up. God bless all of you serving and that have served. These two people were protected by your service and this is how the repay you?! 🙁 Not right at all.

  2. One of my fellow veteran friends encountered a man telling him he was a former Marine. Well he wasn’t as my Marine veteran friend got a letter fro the local recruiter stating this man never made it into the Marines. The man has a USMC tatoo and wears a hood hat that says Marines. The faker asked my friend for a loan and never paid him back. He used stories saying he had been to Afganistan as a combat soilder and his little boy to soften and set my friend up. The faker asked for a three thousand dollar loan , but my Marine friend thankfully could only come up with a one thousand dollar loan. Then my friend took him to a magistrate and was awarded four hundred of the thousand dollar loan and has never seen a dime of what’s owed. My Marine verteran friend is a very sick man who only gets SSI and nothing else. He has been to see a few lawyers but they all want one hundred and fifty dollars an hour. This has weighed heavily on the mind of my friend because as I said he is ill. He gets very excitable at times and does not do well with the VA Administration. What I am wondering now is this faker setting up a many old verterans as he can. Everyones hands seem tied as to how we can resolve this. I am open to suggestions.

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