Phantom Furry, Fake Grunt, Deserter and Fund Raiser Maestro Arturo “Art” MEDINA


“Give me honorable enemies rather than ambitious ones, and I’ll sleep more easily by night.” 

― George R.R. Martin

11DEC16, By Elias.

It was a normal weekend, I was driving to the feed store blasting 1987’s Predator soundtrack and received the following lead from our (extremely) swollen inbox.

“Select Reason For Email:
Investigation Inquiry

Possible Stolen Valor

      A man named Art MEDINA runs a so-called nonprofit organization called Field of Honor…. he claims he was in Alpha company 1st battalion 3rd marines, in 1st platoon 1st squad from 97-04. I was in Alpha 1/3 1st platoon 1st squad from 00-04….. This guy is an imposter. I’ve reached out to at least 15 of my brothers from 1/3 nobody knows this clown. He needs to be outed.”

Shortly thereafter another Marine hit me up, one I know personally. Marine bro was a hot little potato regarding a certain Mr. Art MEDINA. In my old life, this is something called multiple source corroboration. MEDINA rubbed him the wrong way during their conversation. MEDINA met him at an event and said a bunch of things that made my bud (a hardened multi-tour Marine Combat Vet) WTF, and cock his head confused dog style until he nearly stroked the F out.

Bro bit his tongue and white-knuckled through the last few minutes of MEDINA’s blither blather, then straight got on the hook with yours truly. My homie is a pretty calm dude, MEDINA got him Alex Jones mad, this was both impressive and upsetting, as my homie is not known for getting heated, over anything. This guy does not even hog the remote, he’s that cool. He asked me to check out MEDINA, so we did a little homework and boy oh boy, we found some gems.

Let’s start off with a quick video.

MEDINA claims he went in the Corps in 1997 via Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot (MCRD) San Diego, “Hollywood Marine”. MEDINA claims he then went to SOI (presumably SOI West) and then on to Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii to “The 1/3”. I’ve never heard of any Marine Grunt ever to speak of his unit as “The (X/Y)” EVER. You say it like; “I’m with 1/5”, or “I’m in 1/5”, or “Fucking 1/5 rah. Kill fucking bodies”. Devil is in the details MEDINA.

MEDINA claims he departed the Corps in 2004, and then goes on to discuss his time “In the Sandbox”. MEDINA talks about his time in Iraq, and his time in the Second Battle of Fallujah. MEDINA said he “doesn’t think about it too much”, MEDINA talks about his “Demons,” and his “Survivors Guilt”. Guilted so hard he appointed himself the “Military Liasion for the NFL Alumni,” whatever that is after some Golf Tournament or whatever.

Anyway, watch it, there’s some nice dry tears near the end, so for our more doe-eyed sensitive readers: TRIGGER WARNING!!!!!!!!!

That’s a ‘very cool story, bro. 

In 2015 MEDINA “founded” the “Field Of Honor Foundation”, a charitable foundation, you know…”for the vets.” MEDINA ventured out on a 565-mile track from San Francisco to Camp Pendleton, to raise funds to “Honor the families of Our Nation’s Fallen Heroes” and military, police, fire, and K9, and (insert any other reason to make you feel good) and throw money at it.




They actually made the walk, which is good, and yay!.. Got some local news to cover it!! Huzzah!

Man, “Field Of Honor” sounds like a great non-profit that I should donate to! Oh, IRS says differently:

Lots of people donated money. “Field of Honor” of course, also has/had a GoFundMe, imagine that:

(There’s always a “GoFundMe” page, insert profanity here, yet I digress.)

Since at least 2015, yet from an undetermined date, MEDINA was a turbo magnet for photo ops with significant military personalities:


General Joseph Francis Dunford Jr, United States Marine Corps. Sitting 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Dunford was the 36th Commandant of the Marine Corps.

SgtMaj Porterfield of MCRD San Diego.

MEDINA’s Caption: Capt Derek Herrea retirement ceremony, “Special Forces Battalion, Camp Pendleton.”

With the Commandant of the…USMC. UGH.


Finally, there’s the worse, real Trigger Warning, yes, for real:







We received more emails in the following weeks: 

      “Some of this you might have and some may not. I do know that he has connection to the Silverback Foundation also. However, I have confirmed charity he claims on the site he had was not accurate. He has stolen over $100,000. Is heavily engrained in Orange County California in city events and college ones with raising money for veterans but no one has a clue where it goes. I think he uses it all. 

The Forward March part of the foundation a guy named Nick Osuna was a part of (partner on it for a bit) that with him and I know he is SUPER pissed at him in relation to all this and might know ALOT more but don’t have the whole story there. His Instagram tag is @nicki_oso. Just In case you need or want to contact him. 

This guy though tried to get $40,000 out of me alone- saying whatever he thought he could get me to donate anything or share my story. I didn’t donate anything. I didn’t give him much attention after him asking for money the way he did over and over. Then when I realized my buddies fundraiser was for him I told him my suspicions and then he knows they raised several thousand at that alone if not more. Dude hasn’t talked to him since. I hope some of this helps.

I was hoping to hear back from IRS on me reporting him for fraud but I have not yet. I did initiate it with the go fund me, WordPress site he had and his so called charity.  Some have acted already and others are still looking into it.”

MEDINA and OSUNA, “Founders, Field Of Honor Foundation”.


The Busy Bee:

     There’s only one thing I’ve learned from doing this, and that is that everything comes out in the wash.

The more “exposure” MEDINA got, the MORE he turned heads, heads with intelligence, and appropriate skepticism:

      Finally, FOIA God smiled upon us:

      Arturo Juan MEDINA: USMC: DEC 85 to JUL 86. No MOS. 5 Months, USMC. National Defense Service Ribbon. Sharpshooter Badge. He is classified as a Deserter!

On August 19th of 1986, the United States Marine Corps marked Medina as Drop/DCLDES and he only returned in 1995 where he was subsequently discharged. MEDINA was discharged as a Private, despite wearing Cpl rank in some photos, and some articles inexplicably referring to him as SSgt.

His FOIA only credits him with 10 years, because he was a deserter from the USMC for almost ten years according to his chronological record of service.

Cpl SSgt Medina. HARDCORE.


     MEDINA, its the end of the road my man. See, I’m a real Marine, I’m an OIF and OEF Combat Veteran (Combat Action Ribbon / OIF). Most of my friends are also OIF/OEF Combat Vets with way more than my own three active duty pumps, with way bigger awards. See, I think being a Marine is cool enough. Once a Marine, always a Marine, there’s nothing you need to add. You added, and multiplied, yet we divided your lies and eviscerated them forever. Before this world, it is your turn to serve apologies to every single Marine you ever again encounter, if you dare, especially those who fought in, survived, or died in the 2nd Battle of Fallujah.

Our British brothers lost four, and 95 American warriors died during the Second Battle of Fallujah—code-named Operation Al-Fajr (Arabic: الفجر “The Dawn”)– AKA: Operation Phantom Fury. The battle took place from 07 November to 23 December 2004.

This is considered the highest point of conflict in Fallujah during the War in Iraq. It was led by the U.S. Marine Corps against the Iraqi insurgency stronghold in the city of Fallujah. The U.S. military called it, “some of the heaviest urban combat U.S. Marines have been involved in since the Battle of Huế City in Vietnam in 1968.”

Ninety-five Americans Killed in Action (KIA), and over 560 Wounded in Action (WIA). That is your debt

That is your debt MEDINA, to each REAL Marine: A debt of knelt humility, and apologies to the honor of each Marine you so foolishly molested.

You were NOT a 1/3 Grunt, you are NOT an OIF Veteran, you are a Deserter.

You picked the wrong community to attempt to exploit.

For information, and to honor him, there WAS a REAL Marine named Medina, assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines during the second Battle of Fallujah in 2004. His name is LCpl Brian Anthony Medina.


The Real LCpl Medina. KIA 12 November 2004, as result of enemy action in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. LCpl Medina was assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force, Marine Corps Base Hawaii.


Photo courtesy of the Medina Family



     “The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury” – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus

POSER; MR. ARTURO MEDINA, Sic Transit Gloria.


Semper Fidelis, –Elias.





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