Paul Tillson, Busted For Stolen Valor In 2012, Pleads Guilty To Defrauding The VA


Paul Tillson

Paul Tillson


Newark New Jersey – Back in 2011, our friends over at Thisainthell busted Paul Tillson for Stolen Valor. He took photos at his wedding in his dress uniform wearing awards that he had never earned.

He was wearing a CIB with a Star which would mean he served in at least two conflicts as an 11B(Infantryman), but he put the badge on the wrong side of his uniform. He is also wearing a Purple Heart, and many other awards that he didn’t earn, I am surprised his uniform top hasn’t ripped from holding all the bling.

I am sure you will find a ton more wrong with his uniform, maybe even the Korean Service Medal, and all those marksmanship badges.



Thisainthell got his FOIA back soon after and it showed what he actually earned:










He did go to Kuwait during the Gulf War, but he never saw combat. In fact someone who served with him, said he faked an injury to come home early. He was serving as the unit clerk, in Kuwait.. I am guessing he got one massive paper cut! I guess this is where he thinks he earned one of his CIB’s as well, I mean those papers can really put up a fight.

Well it seems Tillson didn’t stop at placing these awards on his uniform, he also lied to the Department of Veterans Affairs about injuries he received in combat and they awarded him disability benefits based on these claims.

I am thinking that once Jonn over at thisainthell busted him for the lies, the VA became aware and launched an investigation. We have always said that Stolen Valor is usually just the tip of the iceberg, and Tillson is a perfect example.

Phil reached out to us today because he remembered the bust, and sent us the link with the DOJ release on this douchebag. Paul pled guilty to defrauding the Department of Veterans Affairs of over $150,000 in disability benefits over a 13-year period.

From July 1991 through January 1992, Tillson served as an administrative clerk in the U.S. Army in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. From November 2000 through July 2013, Tillson received $150,164 in disability benefits based on his claims of combat related injuries. Through an investigation by the Department of Veterans Affairs, it was determined that Tillson did not serve in a combat function or engage in combat during his tour of duty overseas, which commenced after cease-fire terms had been accepted by Iraq. Tillson also acknowledged that he falsified information related to his alleged combat stressors.

The charge of embezzlement of funds from the United States carries a maximum sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 or twice the gross gain or loss from the offense. Sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 16, 2015.


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