Paul Schroeder Sentenced To 30 Days In Prison For Altering His DD214



Paul Schroeder, of Houston Texas, was indicted back in July for altering his DD214 and making himself a war hero. He also used the fake 214 to get a job as a PTSD Counselor as well as special tags from the state of Texas.

He altered it to say he had the following:

Bronze Star (3 separate awards)

Purple Heart (2 separate medals)

Meritorious Service Medal (2 awards)

Combat Infantryman’s Badge

The DD-214 also details several Special Forces qualifications and missions.

Here is the indictment :


According to

He presented the forged document to the Houston Police Department and used it to receive Silver Star license plates from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, said HPD Capt. Gregory Fremin.


Police turned the DD-214 over to FBI agents, who opened an investigation, Fremin said.


For years, Schroeder had portrayed himself as a highly decorated Special Forces sergeant first class who suffered from PTSD after serving in combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Central and South America. But Army records show that Schroeder really spent 10 years as a military policeman stationed in New York, Panama and Texas. He left the Army as a sergeant in February 2001, before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan even started.


After an investigation, it was found he was a Veteran, but served as an MP and never left the country for any type of combat.



But in my opinion the worst part of this story is that Schroeder played a high-profile role in Houston’s veteran community as the former director of counseling at PTSD Foundation of America, a local nonprofit. He mentored veterans suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder and led group therapy sessions at churches, community colleges and the Star of Hope Mission. He also lectured at the Houston Police Academy as part of a post-traumatic stress awareness program for officers and cadets.


But as of today he has been sentenced to 30 days in prison for “unlawfully possessing and exhibiting a certificate of discharge from the military, knowing the same to be forged, counterfeited, or falsely altered.” Which in my opinion is not enough since not only did he forge the document, but he hurt a lot of Veterans by trying to help with something he knows nothing about!

So a word to the wise to those of you that want to make some pen and ink changes to your DD214, it is illegal and you can be prosecuted!

Here is a link to the original story from when he was indicted:Former PTSD Advisor Charged With Bogus Records


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  1. kudos to the cops and legal system in TX for prosecuting him and not bending to the “it was his 1st amendment right” to be an a$$hat.

  2. He should have been made an example. Put him back on active duty and put him in the brig where he belongs. Make himwork at a VA Hospital, where he can see some real heros.

  3. So everyone with a forged DD214 can get prison time? Doesn’t poser here have a forged DD214? C’mon, lets do this. Especially that Trusty douche

  4. I am a veteran and an HPD officer. I actually talked to this idiot, it should have clicked when he didnt know what SOF-T was. Thanks to Captain Fremin of HPD (and a veteran) for outing this clown.

  5. I think people should know how and why this began. It first began with a Lt. Col suspecting he was a fake and together we did an investigation with a Chronicle reporter. We went to the Chief of Information Officer at the Dept. of Defense and got his military record, we worked with a special forces officer to research each item on his record. Nothing on his record matched to what he was saying. Then when we brought this to the attention of the PTSD Foundation, they said because he was so undercover, it would not show up on his record, then we called the military again and they said that is not true, the awards are not classified, so we then turned the record over to our contacts at HPD and they called Paul, he swore his was telling the truth, I called HPD back and said he is a lying scumbag so make him show you the military papers. HPD called him to the police station, gave him opportunity to tell the truth, he lied again and what he did not know is HPD had his true DD215, as soon as he walked out the door, HPD tuned it over to the FBI. So thanks to a collaborative effort we stopped him from raising money for a foundation that is not interested in the truth. God bless those that fight for our freedom and for those that want the truth to be told.

    • Uh, so this guy raises money for suffering vets and attempts to help them and you burn that all down? Well, aren’t you the boy scout!
      Just wondering, if this guy was such a criminal, why not forge a college transcript and get a job that nets more than a crappy paycheck and an apartment in a crap part of town?
      Just sayin’

  6. I worked with this ass in New Jersey. Should have known, but he was so into his character, it was hard to uncover. Glad he got a 1/10th of what he should have coming to him.

  7. I agree. First wife, second wife (or soon to be). Lost in his own mind…trying to be his father from what I could gather in my memories of him takling BS.

  8. @ BSH1776 – “So thanks to a collaborative effort we stopped him from raising money for a foundation that is not interested in the truth” ???? < — So you stopped him from raising money for veterans who suffer from PTSD? That's a moronic way of looking at it. While I agree this douche needed to be punished for forgery, bragging why you helped in punishing him is BS.

  9. Is it just me, or does it seem that many of us with military service are the most insecure, thin-skinned people I’ve ever seen? I mean, who cares?! Are “posers” really “stealing your cookies?”
    I mean, if some stranger, pretending to be something they’re not, is all it takes to “invalidate” your sacrifice, I have to question the value, you yourself, place on it!
    Seriously, sometimes our community sounds more like a bunch of Commie-loving liberals whining because somebody else got a bigger Welfare check then they did!
    Look; you served, it’s appreciated, move on.

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