Paul Schroeder Sentenced To 30 Days In Prison For Altering His DD214



Paul Schroeder, of Houston Texas, was indicted back in July for altering his DD214 and making himself a war hero. He also used the fake 214 to get a job as a PTSD Counselor as well as special tags from the state of Texas.

He altered it to say he had the following:

Bronze Star (3 separate awards)

Purple Heart (2 separate medals)

Meritorious Service Medal (2 awards)

Combat Infantryman’s Badge

The DD-214 also details several Special Forces qualifications and missions.

Here is the indictment :


According to

He presented the forged document to the Houston Police Department and used it to receive Silver Star license plates from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, said HPD Capt. Gregory Fremin.


Police turned the DD-214 over to FBI agents, who opened an investigation, Fremin said.


For years, Schroeder had portrayed himself as a highly decorated Special Forces sergeant first class who suffered from PTSD after serving in combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Central and South America. But Army records show that Schroeder really spent 10 years as a military policeman stationed in New York, Panama and Texas. He left the Army as a sergeant in February 2001, before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan even started.


After an investigation, it was found he was a Veteran, but served as an MP and never left the country for any type of combat.



But in my opinion the worst part of this story is that Schroeder played a high-profile role in Houston’s veteran community as the former director of counseling at PTSD Foundation of America, a local nonprofit. He mentored veterans suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder and led group therapy sessions at churches, community colleges and the Star of Hope Mission. He also lectured at the Houston Police Academy as part of a post-traumatic stress awareness program for officers and cadets.


But as of today he has been sentenced to 30 days in prison for “unlawfully possessing and exhibiting a certificate of discharge from the military, knowing the same to be forged, counterfeited, or falsely altered.” Which in my opinion is not enough since not only did he forge the document, but he hurt a lot of Veterans by trying to help with something he knows nothing about!

So a word to the wise to those of you that want to make some pen and ink changes to your DD214, it is illegal and you can be prosecuted!

Here is a link to the original story from when he was indicted:Former PTSD Advisor Charged With Bogus Records




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